Meditation Exercise #1


   To begin try to use the same room for your meditations. The reason for this is to create a center for those energies that you use to be easily anchored in one area of the house. It also allows others to know that the space is used for specific purpose and will allow you more space or peace. Also if after using this place for a while check and see if it attracts others or whether they avoid it. It will become a source of energy (vortex) and others will subliminal respond to its presence.

    If you use incense or candles, use them in a neutral aspect to begin with until you become accustom to the procedure and the energy flow. The same is true for using crystals and other aids. Begin to build your own energetic foundations to know and become comfortable in them before moving on to additional aids. Also be assured that nothing will happen to you while you come and go in these sessions. You have many around you that guide and protect, so no fear.

   Use a chair that allows you to sit upright with support and comfort. In the beginning lay your hands in your lap  without interlocking your fingers in any fashion. Wear comfortable clothes that are loose and will maintain your normal body warmth.

   To begin your meditation breath slowly and moderately deeply through your nose and without pausing between the in breath and the out release the used breath slowly through your mouth. Do this three or four times until you readjust you breath sequence. Do this with your eyes closed.

   Now visualize with you eyes closed a door in front of you, a metal one with a small window in it. Through this window you see a well lighted staircase behind it. See your hand coming up and pushing the door open, as it opens you step through or over the threshold into the staircase. As you look around you see that there are stairs in front of you. You are gently urged to go up the stairs, to ascend them. As you go up the stairs to the next level there is a door that leads out of the stairwell look at the door and say gently another time perhaps, and continue up to the third level. When you come to that level stop in front of the door. You will notice that it is much like the one that you came through. You look through the window and see a hallway with many doors on either side. You smile because this is the hall you have been waiting for. 

   Again see your hand come up and push the door open and see yourself pass out of the staircase into the hall. Now as you begin to walk down the hall you notice that the lights have dimmed a little to show you that under one door you see a light coming out. You smile and wonder who is in there, and if perhaps they are waiting for you. As you approach the door see your hand reach out to grasp the knob, watch as you turn the handle and as the door opens light come flowing out. Again you cross through the door and you close it behind you. You notice that the room is furnished very nicely  and on the couch someone is sitting, waiting for you to arrive. They rise and come towards you and embraces you lovingly and warmly. You remember this being and you know it has been a while since you last spent time together. You together cross back and sit on the couch together and talk long and in-depth.

   As you awaken you are urged to come back and you agree to come often. You then rise and say good bye and go out through the door you came in by and continue down the hallway. You stop suddenly thinking which room was it? A voice comes in softly and tells you just remember to find the light and you will be at the right door. You smile knowingly and continue down the hallway to the stairwell through the door and down the three flights of stairs. As you pause in front of your door you think to yourself that it is good to find your back and then pass through the door. As you awaken stay still for a minute or two just to feel the lightness of being and know that it is there always waiting for you.


   If you don't come back down the hallway and just come out of the session you are in your own space and it is how you re enter this plane. Again allow yourself a few minutes to fully return and ground before going out into the normal routine. As a cautionary note, you will be sensitive to noise, other peoples presence, as well as temperatures. Come back slowly, and take your time.

In Peace


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