Opening to Expanded Perceptions in Consciousness


   We shall now continue the series by bringing into consideration the process of going into new states of awareness, of bringing into consciousness new perceptions.


   This is a breaking ground process, if you will, and brings with it, in the beginning, the realization that here is something unfamiliar and perhaps destabilizing. Know that this merge of spirit and matter cannot be comprehended through the logical process and therefore it requires an extremely fine balance and the willingness to accept this unfamiliar representation. One must continue to function within the physical structure and utilize the mental equipment (the brain and nervous system) and the senses, which receive the input. Senses are accustomed to receiving in a certain manner and must now become sensitized to a point where the spiritual input is recognized. (The physical, in a sense, is allowing the spiritual input to come into being and to express in this "vehicle"). The individual seems to be reaching into spiritual ground with the spiritual property itself. The development of the spiritual vibration within has, up to this time, been developing within the physical structure (which knows not that it is reaching for the spiritual counterpart).


   The spiritual body has been nourished and encouraged an allowed to develop until it has reached a measure of maturity where it can now reach out into the unfamiliar areas of spiritual beingness. Spirit responds to the spirit "within", and the "bridge" is completed, allowing the communication to flow freely. There can now began an interchange, for the lines of communication have been established within the individual. Spirit responds in an ever greater manner, and the contact becomes more familiar.


   Spirit is able to utilize the physical entity. It enters and becomes a benign influence in the life of the individual. It is as if a part of him were being recognized, and he allows the transformation to take place-seeking always to make the spiritual contact more binding, more complete, more at one. This, my friends, is the purpose of being: to make this contact with the spiritual essence of one's self, to grow and reach out to the point where one realizes the extent of his beingness. Reaching out, the unfamiliar becomes familiar and dear. He recognizes the totality of his being and grows ever greater as he seeks and allows this expansion to take place. The connection has been made, the merging has been accomplished, and now,, the expansiveness begins.


   At first this too is difficult to recognize in totality, and one reaches out and expands, and reaches out and expands, until he becomes, in his awareness, totality itself. He becomes the wholeness which he has been seeking. The completion has taken place, and now the physical being demonstrates the spirituality within (the spirituality within now generating an impetus). The old ways-the confining, limiting concepts-have dropped away to allow room for this new, indwelling spiritual expression. Now the old limiting concepts must, and do, give away to the all encompassing spiritual oneness.


   The truth of his being is known, and demonstrate in all areas of action, all areas of thought, all areas of performance. Once more has the spiritual transformation taken place, and the Spirit is now the prime mover in the individual's life-spirit, ever wishing to serve the Creator completely, in line with the divine will. This impetus to serve now becomes the undeniable motivation of the transformed physical entity. The union with the spiritual self must express itself in serving the Creator, and the individual allows the Spirit to become the motivating factor of his existence.


   He has, at this point, allowed self to move with divine will. His will is aligned with the will of the Creator, and he permits this to flower in every aspect of his being. He becomes a receptacle and a conveyer of the spirit within, and the spirit within exerts its influence on those who come into contact with the spiritualized being. Filled with humility at the developments that have taken place within him, he acknowledges that it is now divinity, and not the ego, that is the attracting and influencing power, shall we say. The magnetic quality continues to grow as the dedication of self and the spiritual growth continues to take place. The influence of this magnetized spiritualized individual cannot be denied. He is now able to be of greater and greater assistance in usefulness to the Creator through his physical position. As he serves and as he gives, this ability grows quickly, and he can thus serve in an ever expanding way.


   My friends, is it not exciting to recognize the spiritual potential and usefulness within? Strive always to make this into your own personal realization. Look diligently at removing all that stands in the way of this culmination of your desires. Learn to become ever more aware of that which interferes with this goal. See in self those areas that are blocking your fullest expression. Use any method to bring the subconscious into alignment with your new spiritual aspirations. Instruct the subconscious that it is to remove the hindering blocks-that it truly can serve in an expanded, clear fashion also.


   Realize that the subconscious wishes to comply with its Masters (shall we say) direction. We can refer to the conscious mind as the master of the subconscious, just as we can refer to the higher self, or Soul body as the master of the physical expression. Thus we see there is always a hierarchy within self and within the cosmos-the entire cosmos being governed by this principle of a higher governing consciousness. 


   The cosmic plan, my friends, is evolution! There's always progression into something finer, something greater, something more in line with a greater quality.  The need to express at the higher level, thus, is a divine need within all exists! All that exists strives to become greater, for that is the will of the creature itself! Recognize, then, the urges to become greater as coming from the will of the Creator-the will to move forward, to become greater and to express in a greater and greater manner.


   The fullness of the Creator is unlimited, my friends. Is this not an exciting prospect! The Creator is complete. The Creator is allness and that is ever-expanding. Let your mind move into this concept, and let this concept itself expand consciousness.  Let your consciousness move into allness. Let your consciousness become that which it is. Be allness, now, my friends. Know that you are limitless-that your potentialities are limitless-and move forward now and express your potentialities in greater and greater fashion. 


Expand, my friends. Expand.


Pages 111-113

Prelude to Ascension

Tools for Transformation

Janet McClure


Vywamus and others

Published by

Light Technology Publishing

Flagstaff Arizona. 86001



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