The Origin of the Races of Man I


Teachings of the Sea Gods


The Adept and the Path


Valerie Bonwick and Jonathan Bigras



“Deity oversaw the birth pangs of the planet

And nursing it through a smooth resumption of Life flow,

Initiated thus the world in wait”



   The above lines are borrowed from the earliest of the manuscript’s surviving from our distant past. In our archives, we hold in our possession records which not only predate the establishment of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, but also present the earliest accounts of the seeding of Man on the planet and the origin of the various races of Man. These rare records were extensively researched by generations of our Elders and Historians long before the Atlantean empire was at the peak of her culture, their exploration was resumed after the fall of Atlantis and consolidation of the results of their research continues even today. The history and traditions which we share with you now are not based upon facts, they are fact.


   It is over a billion years since the initiatory life flow of ushering in the advent of Man was first released upon the planet called Earth. During that long period of time, due to various reasons, Man has suffered from major periods of memory loss impoverishing him of the knowledge gained from past experience. Nevertheless, like a victim of amnesia, the fact that Man may remember little before a given day or date does not imply that he did not exist before the return of his memory.


   Fortunately, the planets Indwelling Lifeflow continues to circulate in spite of the world’s vicissitudes, which ensures the return of memory and the reclamation of man’s history to an Adept who practices continuity of consciousness.


   We are discussing immense periods of time, which one cannot help but trade in judiciously to some extent when attempting to compress the account of millions of years into a few short paragraphs


   Nevertheless, those early ancestors of present-day Man, subrace following subrace, were not troubled by philosophizing about the concept of “time.“ They, unlike the men of today, were not in commercial competition with one another nor subrace in competition with subrace, their longevity approached near immortality. Therefore, time was of little practical importance to them.


   The names which we have decided to use when we refer to the root races and to geographical locations are those with which most readers are already familiar. They are not the names which are used by our own people or the names which those peoples called themselves. Until well into the Lemurian Age, the name by which most of the races of man referred to themselves was same as that used by various American Indian cultures such as the Navajo who called and continued to call themselves “Dinah-The People,` and their territory, “Dinetah--The Land of the People.“


Necessity of Records


   You may wonder why our people go to so much effort to research, and reclaim from antiquity records of races so far removed in time from our own? One reason is because this knowledge is essential to a more perfect understanding of Man’s psychological makeup, both yours and ours. When gaps in racial memory exist, the result is often expressed as a subconscious lack of confidence in the future which is sometimes reflected back as a lack of stability in the present. If this is not excised, it can lead to a defeatist, self-fulfilling prophecy of loss even in the most seemingly positive of futures.


   In studying the path of descent that leads from ancestral Man to the present generation of his descendants, we uncover and rediscover essential factors of importance which have determined mankind’s history. This will help you to understand and clarify questions regarding any personal karmic balance which may remain from your previous incarnations. Have you considered that when it becomes possible for you to retrace your personal path of descent back to its initial impulse on the planet Earth and you examine the recorded tracks of your previous sojourns on the physical plane, you might find it not impossible that you have incarnated before as your own ancestor?


   The initiatory tests undertaken by either man or woman as a microcosm, closely parallel the major tests undergone by the macrocosmic root races. If you learn from their failures as well as from their successes, it will become possible for you to overcome those same challenges with greater ease when they appear in your own life-pattern.


Arrival of the Mahadevas


   When the planet had recovered its equilibrium following its reception of lifeflow, a call was sounded forth by the Indwelling Deity signifying readiness to begin the great experiment. Throughout the heavens the call was heard and in response the work began.


   In answer to the summoning call of the Indwelling Deity, the denizens of the Deva Evolution were the first to arrive on Earth. Guided by the Mahadevas (SKt. “Great Lords or Shining Ones.”), they arrived in stages according to the needs of the planet. The Devas who were to direct the Nature Spirits of Earth and Fire arrived together, following closely by the Devas who would work with the Spirits of Air and Water and between them, they performed the basic tasks of transformation. For although the Spirits embodying Earth, fire, air and water were already present in the embryo, their life-enhancing qualities when initiated by the Indwelling Deity were tamed into a stage of equilibrium by the meditation of the Devas.


   The names by which the Mahadevas were known at that dim and distant time are remarkably like those which have survived in the Sanskrit tongue, therefore I will include them here.


   The Mahadeva Indra, Lord of the Ether of Space maintained liaison between the worlds that the Deva Lords had left and our own world which was in the process of transformation. The Mahadeva Kshiti was in charge of Earth, the Mahadeva Agni was in charge of fire, the Mahadeva Pavana was in charge of air and the Mahadeva Varuna was in charge of water.


Later on, when the seeds of plant life from far-flung world’s were transported to planet Earth, the Devas who were to nurture the plant kingdom accompanied their charges and poured their own life force into this new home world which they were to serve as custodians.


   Expressing continuity of consciousness, but not perhaps as you and we understand it, the Devas perform the tasks within an unerring skill born of practiced perfection that has given substance to the myth that they lack intelligence. We are well aware that it has been suggested by some Human sensitives that the Devas as work unthinkingly and motivated by instinct to nurture and tend the nature kingdom but this evaluation represents an erroneous judgment which is born of ignorance. They are no more unconscious of what they are doing than any Humans might be when performing a ritual that requires intense concentration.


   Therefore, when man first awakened on the planet, he was neither lonely nor alone, Devas of all ranks of seniority who were members of an older race of being, were already awaiting him in welcome. Having already individualized positively on other worlds before coming to Earth, the Devas had been chosen and they themselves chose to provide liaison between Man and all other life—forms on the planet. Some members of the Deva evolution were already expressing in etheric substance the appearance that Man would resemble later on when his own form became more dense, for the design of Man’s physique, both yours and ours, is based upon that of beings who were already residing elsewhere in the cosmos at that time.


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