The Origins of the Races of Man II


Teachings of the Sea Gods


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 Valerie Bonwick


 Jonathan Bigras



The Advent of Ethereal Man



-and Man was seeded on the planet.

Instinct and intelligence,

 Held in balance by knowingness.

 Soul-forms clad in robes of Light.


   Upon their awakening from Pralaya, (SKt. A period of rest or sleep between planetary incarnations.) a virgin world awaited those entities who form the nucleus of Earth’s first race of man. They had been summoned out of their sleep to experience and explore the planets expanding realms of consciousness. The goals allotted to them were intended to enhance their understanding, to expand there awareness and to intensify the quality of their near-perfect being to a more fully-consciousness. It was intended that in doing so they would develop a potentially perfect evolution which would far excel that of citizens of any worlds in the cosmos that had thus far been settled, colonized or conquered. The history of the evolution of the races of Man concern both Man’s triumphs and his failures in the pursuit of those goals.


   Wise Ones from many cosmic cultures collaborated to oversee the seeding of this new world with the entities who were chosen to form the nucleus of the first race, but to spearhead the project which was approached both as a sacred trust and soundly based upon scientific principle, the Wise Ones of Venus were chosen by the appointed assembly to serve as its leaders.


   Drawn from various and different races from across the heavens, the first entities to be seeded on planet Earth were chosen for their innocence. Having been cleansed of any remaining impediment dross during their suspension in pralaya, they represented the best of their kind, whom it was decided would not only benefit from the first-born experience, but could also contribute greatly to the quality of that experience in the fulfillment of that goal which is called the Divine Plan. Thus the first race of Man was seeded and the great experiment begun.


Lords of the Rays


   All entities began life anew on Earth as sparks of Divine Being and were energized and individualized further by seven vortices or chakras (Sanskrit. Literally, “wheel.“ Some authorities translate chakras as “wheels of fire“which they are not, until they are awakened and rotating.) Within their own being. The centers serve as receivers and transmitters of power from the Lords of the Rays who receive, step down and relay the energy of the Rays which is transmitted by the Greater Seven. The Greater Seven embody and direct currents of energy involving life-force, without which Man could not survive, yet neither can his physique withstand such intense concentrations of energies unless it is first channeled through the receptive awareness and moderated transmission of the Lords of the Rays. The Greater Seven also personify influences which serve Man’s evolutionary goals and in so doing, further the Divine Plan. The Plan includes original ideology related to the race of Man and to which mankind’s present evolutionary pattern approximates as close as possible. 


   The earliest members of the planets first race appeared as radiant shimmering forms of light which was tinted by rays of color expressing their personal quality traits. Their forms as yet, were untainted by dross and not hidden by flesh.




   The whole planet was a garden waiting in preparation for the coming of Man, unsullied and undefiled, it supported more species of life than any other inhabited world in the heavens and provided greater opportunity to express Divinity than had ever before been made possible. The “Garden of Eden “might just as well have been called the “ Garden of Earth.“ “Eden “is probably the closest sounding version of the name used for our home-planet by the Wise Ones. Eden’s tranquil landscapes and the exciting beauty of its more dramatic regions provided a harmless environment of unsurpassed beauty for all living beings.


   Numerous species of the Plant and Animal kingdoms were brought from other worlds expressing different atmospheres and environments from ours and especially adapted to thrive in the conditions which then prevailed on Earth. We would like to emphasize that it would be as well that none of us, you or we, lose sight of the fact that such a wealth of opportunity is always balanced by a burden of responsibility which cannot be avoided.


   In essence, the Garden of Eden was also a state of mind reflected onto the material plane.  Perhaps in the years that lie ahead, as Man’s mind approaches at-one-ment with Divine Mind, he will judge his expression of worldly success according to how close he can come to restoring the planet to a garden. When you remove the hyphens which divide the word “at-one-meant“ you are left with the significant term, “atonement.“


Mankind’s Elusive Ancestor


   You will find no bones or artifacts of Ethereal Man to please those among you who rely upon material proofs alone, but this should not be a source of frustration to you. It is a very good reason for you to develop your own gift of seership so that you can verify personally the information which we share with you now.


   Ethereal Man was exactly what is implied by the title, man dwelling on the physical plane and expressing himself as life-forms composed of etheric matter. The records tell us that: “In those inevitable far off days, Man did not burn and he could not drown. He had no need of solid food for he drew in his vitality from the atmosphere and could travel effortlessly by mindpower, directed by wish-fulfillment alone.“


Thus it was in the Beginning.


   We would like to share with you an account of the root races, attempting to relive in part the history of our mutual ancestors, yours and ours. As Man’s history unfolds, it is a chronicle in truth of the triumphs and disappointments experienced in stabilizing the race of Man on Earth. In reviewing mankind’s history, we also share in some small measure the traumatic changes experienced by the planet. This reinforces our realization that the advent of Man was no accident, preparations were painstaking. Consider for instance:






Guide Maps


   As we delve more deeply into the foundation underlying Man’s evolutionary pattern of progression, we must realize that although not obvious at first, Man has been blessed with opportunity after opportunity to achieve his goals and has never lacked support from those who can help him in times of despair.


   Mans first retrogressive step, unhappily his own, was one that has taken millions of years from which to recover, but this map to guide you, you will be able to trace from whence you have come and study the reasons for your long journey. You may also evaluate where you stand at this moment in time as a result of your past, then it becomes possible for you to plan where your future evolutionary path will lead you. The sooner you realize that you are not helpless and that you possess considerable control over your own future, the better.


   Thus far, since the initial relinquishment of near immortality on the physical plane, which had once been Man’s heritage until acquiring a dense form, your evolutionary track has survived the cataclysm which ended the Polarian Age, endured the vicissitudes of the Hyborean Age which followed it, experienced the expansion and corruption of the Lemurian Age and the rise and fall of the Atlantean age. Although the Atlantean continent was lost, enough of her material past will re-emerge during this present age to reveal factual proof of her cultural genius, as well as evidence of the ages which preceded her rise to Empire.


   The past two hundred years have already witnessed the virtual rediscovery of Babylon and a re-emergence of interest in Assyria and Egypt. Troy has been translated from myth to fact and the Atlantean outpost of ancient Crete excavated. More recently, curiously modern civilizations on the Indus River which reached back 5000 years or more have been discovered. There are also fresh finds in ancient Nubia and speculation regarding the “empty Quarter“ and so there should be. New found appreciation for the engineering masterpieces of Central and South America is also growing apace, as modern man’s technical skills advance sufficiently to enable, competent analysis of such genius, providing serious food for thought. In reviewing such ancient cultures, one is tempted to repeat the words of the Old Testament, reflecting upon, “how are the mighty fallen“ and in speculating upon “their fall,“ investigate why they fell?




The initial evolutionary goal for the first race of Man had been to register consciousness, positive empathy with all sentient beings. Besides serving him as a learning tool, Man’s empathic skills were to have provided him with a safety valve which was intended to remain in place during the awakening of his intellect and to protect him from the shadow of arrogance. These empathic skills were to have been used as a positive tool with which to acquire greater knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world’s various life-forms, but they were intended to have been used as a means to an end, not an end in themselves.


Continuity of Understanding


   Each evolutionary effort that involves a major root race also results in a series of subraces which evolve from within the parent race. Gradually, by intensifying various racial qualities and characteristics that are further emphasized by differing environmental backgrounds, a much broader range of opportunities become available within which Man can evolve with ease.


   Coinciding with the end of each foregoing Age, a new root race was founded and spearheaded by the most promising of the Subraces from the previous Age.  This has provided a thread of continuity in Man’s genealogical records. Access to these records of mankind’s initiatory tests point the way for you, the Quester. realize that by understanding their challenges, it becomes easier for you to overcome parallel tests as they appear in your personal life, albeit on a smaller scale. By being warned beforehand of difficulties and learning from your ancestors experiences, it is possible to compare and evaluate your own opportunities and avoid their pitfalls, which you do not wish and you do not need to repeat. You are thereby enabled to direct the path that you wish your own future to take.


   The ladder Path is intended to strengthen your self-reliance as you progress towards your goals; therefore the Elders have chosen to impart the training that follows, in a form that is suitable for you to supervise your own efforts, monitor your own reactions and evaluate your own progress, enabling you to:



Account of a Mahadeva


   I would like to share with you a first hand account of a Mahadeva, seen by a large group of people who were strangers to each other. The following incident took place in the spring of 1963 when I was driving with my family through the wild flower country north of Los Angeles. We took the road to Gorman through the Antelope Valley; it was mid-afternoon with a cloudless deep azure-blue sky overhead. Midway between Palmdale and Gorman we were surprised to see a long line of cars parked at the side of the road with their passengers standing quietly beside them


   Everyone was gazing up at the sky with rapt attention and we parked our car and joined them. Looking up, we saw an impressive Being, poised with his arms outstretched and his palms down, blessing the fields of golden poppies (Eschscholzia Californica). He was of sepia complexion, with an aquiline profile and wearing a headdress of many colored feathers. His sleeves which widened at the wrist were decorated with bands of embroidery. The various colors were quite positive and distinct, some of which are not normally found in any sky, with the detail of line as clear as if it had been etched.


   We had a trusty camera with us that was in perfect working order and which we had been using all day, but when we attempted to take a photograph of the Mahadeva there was a loud sound of something breaking inside the camera when the shutter clicked. When the film was developed, that particular frame of film was blank. V. B.


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