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   My friends, this is the thirteenth lesson in our series. And perhaps we will discuss something a little different: exploring the various dimensions. Have you ever discussed or thought about dimensions? What are they, my friends? What is a dimension? Think about it.  It is a specific in a vibratory pattern, for one thing--a specific vibration within the whole. And why is it that from a physical state, here on Earth, we are aware only of the third dimension? It is because of the very nature of the dimensions themselves: They are a type of perception that is specific in nature, and you cannot see into another when you are held within, for example the third dimension. A barrier exists there that does not allow you to see beyond the specific one in which you stand. Now, this is as true within the other levels of existence as it is on the physical plane, the difference being that you know how, on the other levels, to enter various other dimensional experiences. You, here on physical Earth, do not. But if you did, what would you find? First of all you would find that there are parallel Earths-that there are other Earths very similar to yours except that they lie within a different dimension( a different focus, a different "specific" as far as the kind of energy, the focus of energy, is concerned).


   To understand why this is true, consider standing under a spotlight on a stage. It is lit up where you are. You are standing there in the light and if you attempt to look out beyond the focused spot in which you're standing, it is dark out there and you can't see beyond. Now, you may be able to make out the general outline of what is there, but you cannot see any specifics. And that is also true as you stand here "spotlighted" in the third dimension. You can get a hint of what is out there, but you can't get any specifics.


   What do I mean by a "hint"? Well, there are indications of what exists in other dimensions. There are several such indications: There are items, physical items that make their way through the barrier of this dimension and thus come suddenly into this dimensional experience (much to the surprise of those who are in the vicinity, sometimes). Also, there are specific points where you may enter the other dimension (sometimes very much to your surprise, my friend). Why is this? Well, in this other dimension the Earth will be experienced in a very similar but not exactly the same pattern, and the evolution for those who exist there may be somewhat different. There may be specific basic differences that cause them, for example, to evolve without the wheel (which for you was a basic concept, was it not?) or to evolve without the combustible engine. There may be other differences that cause the evolution to be somewhat different. But the Earth itself would look very similar and the people would be similar. So if you enter such a new dimensional experience by accident, you become rather confused, not recognizing the Earth but almost recognizing it. This is really more confusing than if everything were completely different--at least then you would know you were somewhere else. But sometimes, when going from one dimension to another, you become disorientated. You don't recognize that you have gone into this new dimension. Now, it is much easier to find your way in than to find your way back, so perhaps you must continue your existence there within that physical structure, not being able to get back again. The other dimension will be receptive to you, but of course your friends and relatives and those who are familiar will not be there.


   Now, what would happen if you, in this new dimension, would stumble into still another one? Well, my friends, the same thing would occur. It would be similar but not quite the same. Is there a limit to these dimensions? Well, it depends upon your interpretation of dimensions; if you define it as an entire spectrum of existence, then it has unlimited potentials and possibilities.  If you define it as the one through which physical existence is currently operating, then we can say that there are nine dimensional experiences. Even then, not everyone is part of the physical, but the physical in a certain sense partakes of all nine dimensions. The first two, however, are for a less evolved type of experience, and you would not find there an Earth such as we now know it. You could find one at the fourth, the fifth and the six dimensions, in a sense. But if you go beyond that, you really unlock another type of dimensional experience that leads you to the unlimited possibility area. In other words, it gets you beyond physical existence as we know it. Now, if you were to go from one to one another gradually, you would not recognize that you're getting into a finer vibration, if you will (a little finer, perhaps, in each higher dimension). But if you were suddenly to go from the third to the sixth dimension, you would note, quite dramatically that the Earth you viewed was different, was perhaps more evolved, or least quite a bit different from your third dimensional world. 


   The dimensions are rather interesting to study, and we are just getting started on them. I will say to you that they are a little confusing, because they have been given from different points of view at different times by different teachers. I am giving you the complete picture of dimensions, including physical dimensions. And in a sense, this is a different focus than is usually given. Usually, when they talk of dimensions they maintain a package of about nine, and the third dimension is the physical dimension, the others being progressively less. But I am dividing all of existence into several main categories here and saying that the dimensions are contained within the whole of existence and that the physical, in various forms, is upon the third, the fourth, and the fifth and the six dimensions. Thus, you could really, if you knew the key and how to do it, go from one to the other and still remain within your physical structure.


   If we enlarged our look at existence and said that you are able to function in your astral body, you could go to four more. And in your mental body, you could go through four more. But in your spiritual body the dimensions would be unlimited. They would extend  "forever", truly, as existence grows it becomes greater. Why is this? Because it is in the spiritual area, the basic area of creation, that the extensions are usually made. Now, reflected from this basic area, the extensions can be made into physical existence of various dimensional frequencies.  But the basic area of expanding is always on the spiritual level first, then reflected, as I said, one by one, into the other levels of existence.


   Why are the various dimensional experiences present? They are, of course, for the purpose of more learning. But they also divide consciousness and types of consciousness for specific experiences. In other words, on the physical Earth as you know it now, your soul is experiencing. You are extension of your soul. And what is it learning now, here on Earth? Well, the world lesson in this age is to develop the mental body. And that goes on right now in the third dimension. But what of the fourth dimension-what are they working on? There is a different type of world lesson going on at this time. Thus, a soul may experience in another dimensional experience in order to learn and grow in a different way, or develop a different aspect you see. Also, the soul may be sent to serve in another dimension( often at the same time) for its service and its learning. This just means that existence is more complicated and yet more simple than we first perceived-that the dimensions, my friends, add more depth to our learning possibilities, make potentially more experiences available to us. There are uncounted numbers of evolving consciousnesses connected with the Earth. And, part of those that have learned and gone beyond and left the Earth already, have done so through another dimensional experience.


   The hierarchic government and Sanat Kumara deal with the Earth on all its dimensional experiences. We get involved with all of them. That does not mean that we have evolved completely through all of them. It means that at the soul level, which most of us exist in and operate from, we may enter any these dimensions that we wish. And thus we teach in all of these experiences at once.


   Sanat Kumara is growing and changing and becoming, and thus on each dimension an important initiation period is approaching. But my friends, it isn't always the same one, and the perceptions of it is different. He perceives existence from a different focus, perhaps, if you view it from a different dimension, and that's kind interesting. Sanat Kumara is able while focused in Shamballa, to clearly perceive all of the dimensions, and if you are focused in a specific dimension, you view Sanat Kumara a certain way. It may not be, and is not, the same as he is viewed from another( adjoining) dimension, perhaps. You know, if you are an esoteric student, that he is the one who leads the spiritual effort for the Earth. But you may get, from a different focus, a completely different understanding of him. It is kind of interesting. It gives four specific points of view from which to view the hierarchy and Sanat Kumara.  That number four (a square, a foundation) also fits very well with the physical experience of which these four dimensions here partake.


   Now, of course, I have just briefly summarized this and just begun to discuss it with you, but it means that you must begin to enlarge your perspective of what is, even on the physical level--that now you can see that there are four Earths evolving and growing and becoming, each one giving those who exist upon it the ability to learn and to grow from, and as we have said, a specific focus. This focus is necessary; it allows you to understand precisely. That doesn't mean that you need not go beyond it eventually; of course you must. You must seek to understand from wholeness rather than a specific focus. But the way to understand wholeness is to experience many different focuses and then blend them altogether. That is the purpose of the dimensions: They allow many specific focuses that are almost, but not quite, the same. Generally, they are not meant to be partaken of at the same time, and your soul is focused mainly in the third dimensional experience. But there may be occasions when it enters another dimensional experience and focuses on that Earth, as I said earlier, for a specific learning experience.


   Now, what happens when all of these souls begin to merge--when the merging takes place, and there are so many souls upon on soul level? Doesn't that "clog up" the system? Not at all.  There is no limitation. And because the spiritual plane is certainly under divine order, you could say, it all fits in very well. The souls that finish from the various dimensions and move beyond physical existence simply move into another area for their learning experience. Some may stay near the Earth to aid it but most do not. There is all of a room that is necessary, that is desired, in existence; it is ever expanding, ever becoming. It is never crowded. We all fit their very well. 


   The dimensions, then, give all of these magnificent (and I'm saying that very carefully) evolving consciousnesses the opportunities to grow and evolve and understand Divinity. They are, then, looking at divinity from every conceivable focus. That's what Dimensions are for, my friends.


   We have talked about the physical being in four different dimensions, and we must qualify that now by saying that the sixth dimension is also the gateway or the corridor to the next four dimensions--and that includes its own. That's four, you see: six, seven, eight, and nine. And what do I mean by that? Well, I would like to say this very carefully, and then enlarge it. This "corridor", this dimension for moving about, allows you, when it experiencing it, to see much more clearly into the whole. You can, then, begin to travel, to move toward that wholeness while you are experiencing a type of physical existence. It is not quite the same vibration as the third dimension. No, it is much finer. It is, you could say, the finest of the physical dimensions, and leads, when you experience it, to the seventh. Now, on the seventh dimension we began a much broader type of experience, and this broader experience, specifically, allows one to encounter other types of existence. Think about that.


   Here on the Earth, in the third dimension, you meet, pretty much, beings such as yourself. Now, if you are quite psychic, you may be able to see to the astral plane, but that is truly still part of this dimensional experience. On the seventh dimension, however, you can begin to see the eighth and the ninth and then get in touch with the beginning of the unlimited quantity that I discussed earlier.


   How is that possible? Well, the finest of the vibration begins to break down the barrier, and it is just the beginning. Remember, we have said the sixth is the corridor leading to the seventh, and the seventh can see into the eighth somewhat; the eighth sees quite well into the ninth; and the ninth begins to see down that endless corridor of dimensional possibilities that is always expanding.


   Now, this has not been taught much on the Earth. There are few cases in which it has been. But the unlimited quality of existence is important to understand, and the ninth dimension begins that unlimitedness. Now, let us suppose you are in the ninth dimension and you are looking down that endless corridor. What do you see? Well, what you would see would be a finer and finer vibration of whatever you are experiencing. And it would seem to be mirrored there forever, but becoming more etheric as it progressed. It is probably not appropriate to view it in that manner. It could make you rather dizzy--I've done it and it is a little disorientating. But you can begin by viewing it, to conceptualize the true size of existence that it extends forever--and you get a glimpse of this "forever" from the ninth dimension.


   Dimensional viewing as we call it can be done, but one must be prepared for the enormity of seeing it truly as it exists, now. It is important to recognize that dimensional experience is a part of existence. And it is, again, just a specific focus within which to experience. It adds layers to experience and enables greater perception of the whole-to look, then, through the different levels, the different dimensions when you view existence from the spiritual plane.


   Thank you, my friends. This is but a sample of our dimensional work, and I promise you that we are going to be talking about it more and more. My love to you now.


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