Brian Gratten
from Mahatma I&II


   Patterns are collections of beliefs and conclusions they are grouped in the subconscious by area or topic. It is possible to tune into your own Soul and begin to find and remove your own patterns. Invoke the Soul, look to an area that you would like to work on, and accept the impressions, you receive. Do this with a tape recorder, then remove the Patterns one at a time, using the following technique. By doing this, you are channeling your own Soul.

   The Tibetan foundation has prepared several booklets of generic patterns common to most people. These can be used to clear the belief system to a great degree in areas such as abundance, relationships, Ego/Personality, will, choice, etc. these patterns have been observed by the discarnate Teachers and Channeled for the purpose of mass removal. As the patterns are removed on a personal level, they are also being released from the mass consciousness of humanity and of the Earth itself.  


The Golden Tube

 1.   Sit comfortably with both feet firmly on the ground. Visualize the Golden tube of light surrounding you and extending from the heart of the Earth all the way up to the Source of all that is. Within this tube, visualize a blue triangle. At the top of the triangle is the " topic " of the pattern.

  2.  Beneath the triangle are the specific beliefs to be removed. Visualize if you can, or just know that the words of the pattern are printed beneath the triangle.  

 3.   Activate the pattern by seeing a blue light in the middle of the triangle, and begin to spend it in a clockwise motion.  

  4.   Now take a deep breath mentally and turn on a switch. In a flash of light, see a gigantic vacuum pump lift the whole triangle up the Golden tube to the brilliant White Light of the Source.

  5.   Feel the pattern being pulled out of you and out of the Earth simultaneously, flowing up to the Source, being purified in the brilliant light and then flowing back down the tube, through you and into the Earth.  



   It is important to complete the process, by having the energy flow back to you and into the Earth. It is after all, that energy being released, and now it can be used for your own creative purposes.  

    When working with groups of Patterns, whether on a tape or writing them down, it is important to remove them one at a time. Do not read them without removing them, where they will only become activated and you will have to deal with that energy or mood.



Pattern Removal Exercise

   We want to give you some affirmations to help to clear this area.  

 1.   We ask that you slide the following words (rather like a fortune-cookie strip) into an electrical blue lake. See them submerging into the lake.  

 2.   Then, see a golden light shining on the lake. As you do, the words are absorbed into it. They are integrated into it. Then from the lake, there is an effect, a clearing. The whole area is clearer, like a splash into every cell of your physical body, like a cleansing from a clearer perspective of the cells.  

 3.   As this occurs, allow yourself to begin to form a spiral of the electrical blue energy, starting at your feet and having it flow upward around your physical body until it passes your head. Let this go beyond the mental body--you do not have to intellectualize it.



   The lake represents the subconscious mind, and the color that we give the lake represents a particular aspect of the subconscious mind or your creativity. As the affirmation enters the lake, it enters the aspect of the subconscious and begins to energize it. It begins to create an opening, or adds energy to an existing opening. The golden light shining on the lake begins the process of integrating that affirmation into the subconsciousness. Then there is a response, which we ask you to see going into your cellular level.



                               Examples of Affirmations

   I allow the stimulation of my creativity without invoking an unknown stress that seeks to distort the process, now.

   I know that the Co-Creator level will not enclose me within a limited space where my unknown potential is too difficult to affect without burning, now.  

   I know that I will not be punished by this effort to bring from me that which I AM, now.  

   The electrical system/ theflow system is not being impacted through this communication, now.

   You may wish to hold a crystal while doing these affirmations, either one in each hand, or one that you hold onto with both hands. Crystals remind your emotional body that you are supported in the process.

   Doing an affirmation just once will slightly change the subconscious. As you allow that change--which you see as the response--going into the cells, it will help physical body step by step. That is one reason why this process is so important; in other words, each time you put an affirmation into the lake, the subconscious is cleared all, which helps the cellular level of the physical body as well as the balancing of polarities.



                                    Clearing   Vortex

    This technique is very effective in clearing the energy field, or aura, which surrounds the physical body, and can be done many times during the day--before meditation, before sleep, after contact with other people, whenever the emotions are stirred up. Also helps to connect one with the soul level or other higher consciousness.

 1.  Visualize a whirlwind of energy rotating in a clockwise motion, starting with the tip of the vortex about 6 to 7 ft. above your head.  

 2.  Invoke the energy from your higher consciousness by saying the Soul Invocation (out allowed, if possible).

I AM the Soul

    I AM the Light Divine

    I AM Love

    I AM Will

    I AM Fixed Design.


 3.  Allow the vortex to come down through you in into the ground, about 20 to 30 ft. underground, were it disappears. (The size, color, and speed of the vortex will probably be different at times. Just allow it to be as it appears).  

 4. Continue with another vortex, starting at the top, moving down into the ground, and disappearing. You may have several going at once, thus creating a spiraling column of light. Do this for five to eight minutes.  

    The soul invocation may be used silently or verbally throughout.  

   This exercise may be done either sitting or standing, eyes open or closed, in public (silently) or in private. If you feel emotionally activated, this technique will help to release the Programming held in that thought form for creative use. It also serves to ground the system and to open the channel.  


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