The Polarian age I


Teachings of the Sea Gods


The Adept and the Path


Valerie Bonwick


Jonathan Bigras



Man was intended to mold the mineral kingdom,

 To tend the garden world of Planet Earth and

 To shepherd his companions of the Animal Kingdom.



   There is no clear demarcation line to mark the boundary between the twilight of the near-immortality of the Ethereal man and the dawn of the Polarian Root Race, but it is probably marked by that precise moment, when an ethereal entity belonging to the race of man found himself for the first time, unable to extract himself from his dense form. Certainly the situation was not registered by him as anything more than a temporary inconvenience which he expected to return to normal without further problem and therefore, he felt neither warned nor alarmed by circumstance.


   The landmass traditionally assigned to the first race had been called Polaria for some time, but to not be misled into assigning Man territorial rights because of this. His ties to Polaria were primarily due to his affection for companions from parallel evolutions who already dwelt there.


   When researching the Akashic records of the earlier races it is important to recapture their attitude to their world as it was then. We may not be able to share completely in their way of thinking, triumph and the successes or suffer with them in their failures, it is far more likely that we will understand their temptations, but we must make the attempt.


   It was intended in the years to come however, that mankind would recover proof, buried deep under the ice though it may be now, of technically advanced expeditions mounted by highly cultured visitors who have periodically patrolled the Earth since the advent of man. They have left data, artifacts and records intentionally on the planet, so that the seeds of man may recover the heritage of his own history when the time is ripe.


Polarian Man


   It is natural that Questers should be interested in what early Man looked like, how he thought and his attitude towards his fellow creatures on the planet, but we must be careful in describing him and his reactions to the world around him. The average Polarian was a simple being, but not simple-minded, all the potential for his future intellectual expansion was already in place, although not as yet in use. He expressed unselfconsciousness innocence with a child like, but not childish enthusiasm for learning, learning which he had acquired effortlessly by using his powers of observation.


   Polarian Man had no need of sleep. He was active from dawn to dusk but he used the hours of repose from activity to recharge his vitality while his friends were sleeping and to absorb any fresh knowledge he had acquired since his last period of rest.


   In temperament, the early Polarian like Ethereal Man, was curious about life and inquisitive regarding the life patterns of other species of life on the planet. He was joyful and delighted from the beginning to join in any playfulness that presented itself. He was also fascinated by the work performed by his companions of the Deva Evolution, particularly those who had individualized on earlier worlds and he had learned positively and well from them.


   Originally the Polarians where androgynous in form and they remained so during the Polarian Age. The average Polarian was fully telepathic, to the point that he had no need of verbal speech, nor did he develop a formal language of this time. At first, Man was content to absorb new knowledge without question, the satisfaction that it brought him was enough in itself, but later on, his curiosity led him to become less of an observer and more of a participant and he began to experience sensations other than interest in the joy of being. Newly experienced emotions began to take precedence over those that had been previously explored, regardless of quality.




   Perhaps it was man’s effort to understand what he saw around him more clearly, that first led him to become so deeply involved with the problems of his companions on the physical plane, that he forgot to distance himself from the results of this empathic skills. By neglecting this preventive measure, their reactions became his and he experienced emotional response such as indignation, love and anxiety for the first time. Later on, he also registered the baser emotions of hate, lust and fear.


   The demarcation line between the ethereal and physical form was far less clear than now. Members of the animal kingdom for instance, although well adapted to dwell on the physical plane in a physical form, were far less solid in outward appearance and in bone structure than they were to become, later on in the Polarian age.


   This can be particularly misleading if you’re pursuing the study of fossil’s as related to a species first appearance on the planet, for more often than not, fossilized remains do not occur neatly in chronological order that the species first appeared on Earth, but rather in the order that they became solid enough to leave records of their presence in fossilized form.




   Gradually, as time went by, Man acquired a more sophisticated understanding of the range of emotions expressed by various members of the Animal Kingdom.  He related to particular animal species in order to experience empathically the characteristic traits for which they were noted and to appreciate more efficiently the variety of emotions that he observed around him, he drew closer to the physical plane. Eventually he became proficient at “holding“ an assumed shape which he had chosen to bring into being temporarily, by directing his creative power which was in turn, activated by his desire.


   When Man created a desire form he was not limited to copying the physical characteristics of his favorite Deva or animal companions, he was also capable as he achieved a greater proficiency, of creating a desire form that was modeled upon the appearance of Extra Terrestrials who visited the planet to monitor his progress.


   He soon became accustomed to assuming a physical representation of his choice and unfortunately, very often chose to retain it beyond the length of time during which he could discard his desire-form with ease. In this way he acquired habits, the results of which were far beyond his comprehension and at that time and would be a cause of tragedy in the future.




   You might well ask the question, “was Ethereal Man immortal prior to entrapment in a physical form? “


   That question was still in obeyance during the Polarian Age, because the outcome was dependent upon the evolutionary path which was yet to be trodden by Man himself.


   We are each one of us immortal in so far as the eternal spark within us is concerned, but “immortality “ as it is defined in the human mind seems to be determined first, by continuity of consciousness and second, by the immutability of a flash. 


   Early Ethereal Man was not subject to the second qualification until he himself acquired a dense physical form much later on, therefore, that particular requirement did not apply. But true immortality, which also involves continuity of consciousness was then and is now, still in the process of being won. It will not be beyond mankind’s reach until planet Earth rests from her labors and the last of her children who have not graduated off planet, slipped into pralaya.


   The Polarians near-immortality was subject to their individual frequency of vibration in their chosen field of expression. In mimicking the lower life forms of life around them on the physical plane, they lowered their vibration and became subject to a drain on their creative energy. Yet, until their surrender to the downward pull of two new chakras, which manifested within their form in response to their involvement with lower vibration over a prolonged period of time, they had always been able to re-energize themselves by withdrawing temporarily from interaction with sentient forms of life possessing only limited life spans and revitalize themselves by focusing their concentration upon an increased intake of prana. (Sanskrit.  Usually translated as “principal of vitality,“ the Dagon term translates as “breath of life.“) When, in rare instances they failed to replenish their vitality, they were in danger of “fading“ into nothingness, leaving only that original spark of Being which then returned to Pralaya.


   Immortality? Of course Man is immortal, but originally, out of all living creatures on the planet, he alone had possessed an enviable near-immortality on the plane upon which he was seeded, without the interruption of so-called “ death.“


   Death was not then and need not be now, in natural law. Death as we know it, is the result of the man made accident of decision which, under specific conditions is reversible.




   The seven chakras within his form not only provided Ethereal Man with vitalizing energies which contributed to the unified well-being of the individual, each chakra also stabilized and initiated specific states of consciousness when it was awakened.


   Altogether, the chakras also provided a tool by which the further individualization of Man was accomplished. The resulting aura of light which was emitted in rays encircling the individual, was in its turn, colored or discolored as a case the might be, by the quality of the reaction experienced and the response expressed by that entity to events taking place in his life-pattern, just as today, in the same way, it provides a visual measure of an individual’s progress on the path to those who possess inner vision. 


   The chakras not only provided Man with incoming vitality, they nourished and supported him as an ethereal being dwelling on the physical plane. Literally, he was at that time in the world, yet not of it. 


Development of Two Lower Chakras


   It was when Man expressed desire to acquire sensory experience that was of lower vibration on the evolutionary scale than his own if that time, that an eighth chakra near the spleen was developed. His new chakra which was a response mechanism, it served to separate that specific energy from incoming vitality which is needed to project his form into a more material vibration, responding to his creative thought.


   Gradually, Man’s form became increasingly dense and although his new center of consciousness, the splenic chakra, granted him greater variety of creative choices on the physical plane, it failed to provide him with sufficient physical drive to gratify those choices further, therefore, in response to that need, a ninth chakra near the bottom of the spine developed. Later on, this last center of consciousness, called the Root Chakra, provided the means by which procreation could take place in response to the initiatory impulse generated by the Splenic Chakra. 


   As man developed his two lower chakras, they drained vitality from his higher centers of consciousness. First, the highest Chakra, that which our people call the Pinnacle became dormant, then the next highest chakra of which we call the Chalice became dormant also and very gradually, they atrophied.


   It is such a long journey through time since humankind enjoyed the beneficence of the two highest chakras, that their names have all but disappeared even from the Vedic literature, although they and their potential functions are intuitively sensed by some yogis. Their location in the physical-etheric body of modern man is to be found at mid-aura and the edge of Man’s aura, doubled in its radius by the greater radiance of the Pinnacle Vortex. There they remain and wait for each Quester to restore and reawaken, a goal which is not as impossible to achieve as it sounds.


   The width of the aura from the outline of the Questors physical form to the band of light initiated by the reawakening of the chalice vortex, is matched by the width of the radiance from the Chalice to the Pinnacle Vortex at the edge of the aura, thus the Chalice is well named the mid-aura chakra. We speak of the edge of the aura, but in reality, it is but the visible edge beyond which, the aura is perceived only as a blinding brightness while one is still resident on the physical plane.


   By the end of the Polarian Age, it was becoming apparent to those who were monitoring the process of the race that a major testing period lay ahead in response to the changes in man’s own state of being. For man to regain his control over self or self-control, he would need to free himself of attachment to his own creative excesses’. Had he succeeded in doing so, he would have achieved in all important expansion of consciousness, intensified his awareness and acquired a more comprehensive clarity of purpose. This, as we know, man failed to do, although the more responsible Polarians had intended to do so. Unfortunately they were too late to put their intent into practice before disaster struck the planet.




   Another heavenly body passing too close to planet Earth induced the first great catastrophe to affect man since his arrival on the planet. Land and oceans change places caused mass slaughter upon the physical plane. Although little material proof of Polarian Man’s still delicate physique is to be found among the debris which remains even now as evidence of such a mighty cataclysms, eventually no doubt will remain in the minds of either scientists or true Seers that Man was already present on the Earth during that period in time which humankind calls the end of the age of dinosaurs, but our people recognize as the end of the Polarian age


   The majority of Polarians have by this time become firmly entrapped in there assumed forms which had gradually become more dense since Ethereal Man’s descent from spirit into matter. Natural disturbances of great magnitude on the planet had not affected man previously and if the Polarians had not “put on flesh,“ they would have avoided becoming subject to the limitations of the physical plane during this tragedy also. In spite of experiencing grief and sympathy for other life-forms, they would have remained impervious to the vicissitudes that beset the rest of the planet, but undue attachment to their own physical “envelopes“changed the code of natural laws under which they lived. When they experienced forceful eviction from their self created forms, they were in a similar predicament to displaced persons who suffer from a complete loss of direction and possessed no knowledge of historical precedent to guide them.


   The Natural Laws are patterns which were set into motion by the creative aspect of the Divine Intelligence, which man either works with to his benefit or against to his eventual detriment. The laws persist even until the end of time, as man understands the concept.


Face-to-Face with Mortality


   Unfortunately, in his preoccupation with form, Man’s awareness of the impending danger was blurred at best. He failed to register or boring signs of heralded the oncoming tragedy of entrapment until it was upon him. In his failure to control his empathic sense, he ended by being controlled by it. He had traversed a retrogressive road which led him from the role passive observer on the physical plane, to that of active participant and eventually to that of victim.


   Tragically, adding to the loss of their two highest chakras, the vitality of the original five chakras that remained also suffered from depletion in response to man’s lower rate of vibration. This was a contributing factor to the Polarians coming face to face for the first time with their own mortality.


   Most members of the Polarian race found themselves ejected violently from their physical forms and suffering from shock, they became involuntary, disembodied entities. Unable to disengage themselves voluntarily from their dense forms, they were lost in the blind panic and pain that engulfed their fellow creatures and were swept along in the tragic exodus from the physical plane.


Man and Angel at the Crossroads


   Although the majority of the race of Man found their way with the help of the Wise Ones onto the newly manifested astral plane of that time, other groups took distinctly different evolutionary paths and the initial divisions between what is now the Spirit realm, the evolution of Angels and members of the race of Man who adapted to expressing themselves in dense life-forms, came into being.


   Most entities belonging to a relatively evolved subrace of the Polarian Root Race survived on the physical plane. Although they had also become somewhat entrapped by their self-created dense forms, they had made substantial progress in their understanding of life-expression. They had begun to comprehend to a greater extent the need for detachment than most of mankind. Because they remained able to disassociate themselves empathically from the carnage that resulted from the cataclysm, this small, brave group of Polarians continued on to form the nucleus of the next root race.


   The above does not imply that no other Polarian groups survived on the planet, in fact many small groups continued to live in isolated pockets for quite some time, expressing themselves as Ethereal Man entrapped, unfortunately and sometimes painfully, in primitive life forms.


   All Polarians learned at great cost to themselves, that a desire-form created as a temporary diversion or even as a learning tool which cannot be dissolved at will by its creator, eventually acquires its own needs and demands which its creator will end by serving, whether out of choice or not.


   The above is a disturbing fact that any self seeking practitioners of black magic has discovered to his or her own cost throughout the history of mankind.


   The planetary crisis increase the ever widening gap between the majority of the Polarian Root Race and the minority representing Ethereal Man whom mankind reveres today as the Angels.


   The Angels refrained from descending into matter and by their own self restraint, imposed by choice, they retained control of their racial state of pure being in remained on the evolutionary path which is had been planned for the race of Man.


   In escaping subjection to the downward pull of the two lowest chakras which they neither developed nor required, the Angels retained the creativity of the two highest chakras. Although out of necessity, their path has deviated somewhat from the course which had been charted for it prior to Man’s preoccupation with form and the physical plane, they have continued to progress in an ever-ascending spiral. It is significant that although they have continued to progress spiritually as a parallel evolution to mankind, the Angels have never ceased in their efforts to ease Man’s path.


Sacrifice of the Wise Ones


   The Wise Ones who oversaw the seeding of the race of man did not abandon their “spiritual children“during their suffering. They did all that was possible to comfort those who been forcibly separated from their dense forms during the planets agony, guiding them to healing on the astral plane.


   Until that time, the Wise Ones had always returned to their own worlds in between caring for their “children,“ but through their great sacrifice, that pattern was to change.


   The astral plane was formed in response to the urgency of the need that arose and still arises whenever mankind leaves the physical plane tragically en masse. Therefore, in sacrifice, the Wise Ones decided to remain with the planet to assist and oversee the smooth return of man from matter to spirit whenever necessary, protected within the blessing of their auric signature.


   The untimely end of the Polarians age resulted in a further decision by the Wise Ones which marked a monumental turning point in the history of the world and its inhabitants. When they saw that the majority of the race of man had unknowingly relinquished near-immortality, they determined that it was necessary, in order for Man to reach his evolutionary goals, which now assumed even greater importance, to establish a planetary center of power on Earth. This center would include a storehouse of energy and be a repository of wisdom, from which Man as he progressed, could draw on for support and from which place; the Wise Ones would come out into the world from time to time to renew Man’s faith in the midst of this despair. To that end, Shamballa was dedicated.




   The Wise Ones—Lords of Shamballa also decided at that time, to establish seven smaller centers to serve the planet as Power Houses of Transmutation. Advanced Initiates, Magi from off-planet came to the aid of Shamballa by volunteering to man these outposts. They contributed their expertise in cleansing the world of the vibrations of panic and terror which continued to cling to the physical plane after the cataclysm, for this fear was inhibitive to the further evolution of Man, paralyzing his confidence in himself and jeopardizing his future.


Polarian Legacy


   In the latter days of the Polarian Age, the evolutionary goal, as registered by the minority of entities who expressed a more mature sense of awareness, evolved into an attempt to influence the race as a whole, to reinstate full positivity to the Solar Plexus Chakra by restoring to it that vitality which a been drawn down into the two lower chakras, but this effort to not reach fruition before the majority of the root race was lost. It was this minority who continued on their own path of awareness and in so doing, established the parallel evolution of Angels.


   Man’s day of opportunity, in which he was intended to evolve through expansions of awareness, occurred naturally with empathic sharing of experience and conscious interaction with all creatures on the planet.


   The pitfall the man encountered was his own non-objective attachment to the physical plane which led to his entrapment within a dense physical form. The Polarians, because of their inexperience had not yet perfected the technique of clearing their consciousness of any remaining dross when returning to their normal state of awareness. Negative vibrations begin to cling to their consciousness unbidden, with which they began to empathize on their own account. To empathize successfully does not demand that one must identify with the subject of one’s empathic attention by reducing one’s consciousness to total submission, because to do so, jeopardize is one’s own sense of identity.


   The outcome was that except for a few small groups, the majority of the Polarian Root Race perished as a result of fear induced by attachment. This fear was intensified by empathic attachment to their fellow creatures and their entrapment in their self-created-forms. Remember, until Ethereal Man’s “descent into matter“they had never experienced harm, betrayal or any of the negative characteristics which even now cause so much misery.


   Unfortunately, like mankind of today, the Polarians were always fascinated by the unknown. They even developed attachment to situations which could only lead to a weakening of their spiritual awareness and loss of their emotional freedom and increased physical deterioration.


   Perhaps it is that Mans first preoccupation with a creative force that he had had difficulty in controlling the during the Polarians age, is again being pursued in this far less naïve Age. If that is so, then there’s much to learn from the experience of our mutual ancestors. For although the first attempt to establish a perfect race of Man on Earth may have foundered, the Polarians have left us all legacy in the history of their shared experience which remains safe in the archives a Shamballa and is still available to those of us who read the akashic records.


Technique of adaptability


   The fact that Man learned too late and to his own detriment that by employing empathic skills to adapt himself to a chosen situation, he could encounter a grave obstacles in reversing that adaptation at will, does not invalidate the value of adaptability as a learning skill, one that mankind acquired and which remains a skill that we should examine in a more positive light as an advantage at this time.


   Early Man’s descent into matter was not then and is not now, an irreversible equation, although the crisis of the sudden end of his world as he knew it, imposed insuperable obstacles to him recovering his former freedom at that time. The tool of adaptability however, has never really been exploited to its full potential.


   It is time to consider seriously that if it was by employing an empathic technique of adaptability to descend into matter that Man acquired a physical body, it is also possible that it is a formula which may not only be reversed, but is one that can contribute to attaining and experiencing many degrees of awareness and levels of consciousness in between.


   It will take practice, but it is time to cast off the ideology of limitation, which is so often imposed upon your consciousness from without when you dwell on the physical plane. You must regain the realization that you have the power to adapt yourself as you wish. For you to become the person you aspire to be is completely within your control, for in truth, the number of footholds on the path you seek to tread is increasing in proportion to the number of steps that you need to tread, in order to reach your goal.


   To that end, compare the goals, day of opportunity, pitfall and outcome of each root race and turn, as they are expressed in your personal life, as related to your environment and as applied to the world in general.


   Study, compare, assess and then modify your life advantageously where and when you can. Ally yourself with the planets spiritual evolution, for the planet also evolves as it expresses the deity’s purpose.





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