Programming Your Subconscious Mind


 Sit quietly, comfortably.  Close your eyes and calm all your inner voices, requesting that they stand quietly  assisting you while there is work to be accomplished. 


Call now upon your mind to show you his chambers and asked that he accompany you while requesting that the others to wait for your return. 


When you are in the minds chambers request that he show you the door to his other lives and remembering. As he shows you the door and opens it for you, ask that he accompany you to the Lake of knowing. 


As you reach the lake, kneel at its edge and look onto the mirrored surface. As you look who do you see? Remember the face as it appears  to you. Ask him for his name. As you continue to return to this place both of you will become at ease with each other and trust the bond you are now creating.


Ask that it accept a change in expressing and remembering. Holdout in your hand a piece of white parchment, begin writing on the parchment what you desire to change or  to become. See the words appearing in gold letters on the parchment as you recite the entire message. Read the message out loud if you can. 


Fold full the parchment in half then half again.  Then gently slip the parchment into the water and watch as it moves away from you and under the water deeper still. watch as it begins to glow  as a Golden White Light under the water as it moves away and travels further out into the water. 


As it reaches the center of the lake see a luminous gold \ silver \ white ray of light come down from above and touch your note.  As the beam of light makes contact, there's a ball of light that flashes brightly  absorbing the note and lighting the entire lake with its light energy and then is gone. 


Turn to your mind and ask  that it to return with you to rejoin the others.  When you return  thank the others for their patience and understanding. 

Now as you begin to return, look behind you and see all your bodies and aspects as they smile and ask that you return to be with them often. Your Heart fills with joy as they connect with you as you open your eyes and return to this plane of life knowing you are never far away and that they are always there. 


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