Putting on the Integrated Self
By Janet McClure channeling Vywamus
From The Book Prelude To Ascension
Light Technology Publishing
Pages 337-338

   As you close your eyes, use your inner sight to see a circle. Within this circle is a glowing crystal. Whatever color it is, the crystals glowing and as it glows, you recognize its radiant core. It is going to mirror back to you a picture, an image. We will not personify it; we will simply see a mirroring process coming back from the crystal. This image comes from the beautiful radiance represented by the crystal. The crystal begins to rotate and you are aware of this radiant energy being mirrored back to you. Sense that now and accept it. Listen quietly to the music being played and accept that radiance. Accept! That truly is all you have to do to be your integrated self. By accepting, you allow that radiance to shine in—but one must recognize that it is coming in. So sense that something is being reflected into you now, reflected from a radiant core, from a centered perspective of all that is.

   More and more that reflection comes in and it becomes clearer and clearer. You get a message from this radiating effect. It begins to be more and more specific. Take one of your spiritual hands and reach out to grasp this image. Grasp it so that you can actually get in touch with it in a very tangible way. Bring it in to you. You can place it in your Heart if you wish, or put it on your body as you would a body stocking, or color your skin with it. Really feel it, really get in touch with it, either in the Heart center or touching the skin or both. You can sense that there is more coming in. There is a constant stimulation coming in from this radiant core. You have stretched and you have accepted it. Note how stimulating it is. Sense every cell of your being accepting what has been mirrored to you. Relax into it; allow it; trust it. Allow the reality of it to be here. You must recognize the interaction-taking place.

   More and more energy comes in that you can put on. Accept it. It is not just a one-time process. It is a process that you choose to embody. More and more--all of the time--more and more energy comes in. You constantly put on more and more of the garment of energy. You are constantly reaching with your spiritual hand to grasp it. You are bringing it to you. It is being made available to you by this radiant core. You are bringing it into the physical plane.

   Now you might note what is happening in your Heart. There is radiance there, is there not? The radiance is going out and coming in. In our integrative self-technique, we are concerned with having you grasp from the physical level the spiritual perspective and to bring it in. The more you allow this, the more you will see your integrated self. The spiritual perspective is integrating; it is well balanced. We are not talking here about the spiritual body. We are talking about the Spiritual blueprint that contains the mental perspective and the emotional perspective that will fit into the physical structure. So there really is the whole spectrum of who you are and that you may grasp-- it is being mirrored to you from this radiant core.

   If you wish, take a deep breath once in awhile and release it, more and more letting go of what we might call " gathered resistance " to this acceptance. This is relaxation, and it is the key to acceptance and grasping of what we now term your integrated self. As you relax into it more and more, certain things begin to occur. There will be certainly stimulation of what perhaps needs to be released. Grasping more and more of the integrated self that can view and assist in this release can do this release. Keep breathing deeply and relax into this acceptance. Accept! Acceptance is the key!

   Some of you have not yet grasped--have not reached forward, actually grasped, and then put on--the integrated self. Perhaps one of the four bodies has not yet fully grasped what is possible on the physical plane. Perhaps one body has taken precedence, has interfered with the full acceptance. It may be that you just have not grasped enough of one particular body to balance out the quality of the integrated self. You might not have allowed yourself to understand the whole and bring it in and integrate it. By quietly accepting it, by making an effort yourself, by using your physical body, literally, as an affirmation of that integrated core, that integrated self, you open up the possibilities for integration.

   Open your eyes now and know that you are wearing that integrated perspective. As you once again become orientated to the physical plane, rise and move about as that integrated self. Some of you may feel like dancing and others may want to move quietly--but notice, which you feel. Can you feel that there has been a change in your physical process? There is a more balanced self. See that integrated self and you can say, " I greet you, integrated self! I greet you from the heart, and I am excited by this opportunity and I look forward to more opportunities to be with you. I will be with you and yet I know I am you. There will now be that multilevel perception that will allow me to be more and more integrated on the physical level. I have opened the door; I have grasped and  brought into physicality the part of me that is integrated--all parts together and understanding. I am now allowing that perspective on the physical plane. I am lovingly interestingly entering this relationship. I know that is why I am here. I am here to gain this balance this integrated perspective.

   There is nothing awesome in the concept of integration; it is the natural state, and I recognize that I am now at that perceptive point where this natural state becomes who I am on the physical plane. I am able now to move through any “stormy condition" that may appear on the Earth because I am that integrated self I know that " storms " will not affect me negatively; I will feel refreshed by the rain, for me it will be a blessing the I enjoy. I know that humanity also, in its totality, is refreshed by any seeming storm. I will accept this tumult serenely; knowing that what to others may appear to be turmoil is in reality a refreshing, cleansing experience. I welcome such an expression of Source as is seeks through me to experience everything. I know I will get into it and move with joy. I will move with the perception that it is fun. I will dance with joy because I am integrated. This is who I am. "

   Enjoy the integration; it is there for you now. It is who you are, and you can accept it on the physical plane. It does not require a great effort; it is the natural thing--the state of giving up. Greet now your integrated self. Dance with it; enjoy it exuberantly. It is on the physical level and the heart is expanding. I see in you a beautiful coming together so that each part of you can communicate with every other part, and it is a joyous thing. The movement is there; the balance is there; the joy is there; harmony is there. It is wonderful! It is a joyous affirmation of Sourceness. This is the cocreator level. It is a natural state where one welcomes an integrated perspective and uses it eternally. It does not fall off; it does not go away; it does not get out of balance--it stays there eternally.

   Well, that was wonderful! But you wonder if you can keep this knowing and feeling with you. I say this: It is sometimes valuable to pretend that the condition that you want is already there. During our Meditation, you are doing more the pretending, I assure you. Children often pretend, do they not? They go into a state that is desired with so much trust that it becomes a reality for them, and if you trustingly pretend, you can reinstate the feeling of your integrated self. This reinforces its reality for you.

Exercises for the Integrated Self


   Now  I want to give you several techniques that will be valuable when you need to use them. As you work with these exercises, I am sure you will begin to glimpse for yourself what a cocreator does. These exercises are actually the ones we use for those of you approaching the cocreator level. If you are not yet quite at that point of close approach, this is a look ahead from which you can absorb all that you are ready for.


Exercise one

   I would like to have you imagine a circle--is circle as large as this room will contain. Move yourself physically into the center of the circle. The circle appears as a beautiful blue energy that is literally pulsing. Stay in touch with that circle until you sense its pulsing, its rhythm, its breath. You might want to set up a beat by clapping your hands or tapping your foot. Each of you will get a slightly different beat. The beat of the cosmic heart will be established through this. The circle represents the pulsing rhythm of the cosmos. You sit there and you established that rhythm--what ever is right for you. Get in touch with that rhythm--your rhythm.

   As that rhythm is established, something very interesting happens. Into the beautiful blue circle, several other colors begin to appear, until the blue becomes like a framework around the edge of the circle. Pink may enter the blue, or some orange or green or violet, and there will be iridescence. Eventually you will see a circle of rainbow colors that begins to move. Probably the circle will also begin to move in a counterclockwise direction; there is a going back to what has already come forward, so the counter-clockwise motions symbolize a return trip. Now, this is a moving meditation exercise. If your eyes are closed you may become physically dizzy, so keep your eyes open. You can focus on a point or on the center of the circle. What you are going to sense will come through your peripheral vision. I want you to note the circle so you are seeingness will be enhanced. You are even going to use the third eye of your knowingness to see behind you. You are really seeing that circle at all of its points as it moves. It will go as rapidly as you allow to go. Remember to keep your focus to prevent dizziness.

   You are centered within that circle, and the idea is to sense that its movement is the integrative process of the life force, which circles because you have created it from a centered space. You can sense a flow of energy connecting you to the circle, but I do not think that is necessary. I would say that what you begin to sense as the circle moves is a developing structure--not a structure that is rigid--and you will find that the circle expands. As the momentum of it grows, it will radiate out until you find yourself at the center of a circle that takes in the city, the state, and so on to the universal level.

   The goal here is not to lose any part of your circle. In its expansion you may find places that are not filling out gaps, so speak. If this happens, turn the momentum back until the circle is filled in evenly again. You must, through the expansion, remain in touch with all that moves within the circle. Do not allow areas to disappear or to become too tenuous to sense. See it expand into infinity, but be sure you keep a focus. The synchronicity is focusing on your individuality while you focus on the expanding creativity that you have allowed to come to you. It is the wholeness, the integration of wholeness that we are addressing. Continue with it until it works for you.

Exercise  Two

   For this one you are going to put on a fresh pair of shoes. You might even want to get a pair of soft, comfortable slippers and keep them just for this special use. You will slip on your slippers—they are integrative slippers, meaning they are rather like rainbows. You can use what ever you have, but I want you to feel very special about these rainbow slippers. They become very special as you endow them with an energy that will almost make them seem winged. Remember, in mythology, Mercury had wings on his feet, did he not? It is that sort of image I would like you to sense. The winged slippers give you a very lofty perspective. By wearing them, you begin to make a flying contact with whatever area you choose. You can be very physical about this, but remember that we are also talking about a much fuller and more integrated perspective. Whatever you touch into physicality will be a light that illumines all perspectives, so if you touch into a physical location in the particular way I'm telling you to do, there will be a resounding principle of creation which you will want to perceive as much of as you can. This is an exercise used by developing cocreators who have had quite a lot of experience on the physical level.

   Now, not only do you have winged slippers, but you are able to become a " giant " in physical existence. You go forth with your steps cushioned by light. Your steps do not crush. Cocreators have such a cushion of light, and that light magnifies as they step. It radiates; it lights up a specific area upon which they focus their attention. These are the cocreators who are actively engaged in creating your existence right now. They are actively involved in this cosmic day.

   As you step, be aware that you are intensifying the light in a particular area. One learns as one is personally involved in taking these steps. As you step as a co creator, pay attention! You want to start very slowly. Place your foot in whatever space you are using, whatever environment you would like to step within. Have you wanted to step into a jungle with all its teeming life--past or present? Or perhaps you would like to step back into Egypt, as you once knew it. This step is through time, so it comes into contact with physicality, it goes right to the beginning--the base of all that ever was upon Earth. You can literally be aware of any level of time and space that you choose through this technique. It is going back to the core, into the eternal-now concept.

   Let us become specific. Let us say we have selected Egypt. This can be as simple or as profound an experience as you want it to be. You can see, as you begin to step, all civilizations in all time sequences. You may see it as a moving panorama. You can stop it and stay within a particular time and space. Perhaps you would like to step out into the period in which the pyramids were built and Egyptian civilization was at its height. Take one step and see what occurs and where you are. Where is the Nile in relation to where you are? Where are the Pyramids? In what direction do they lie? As you look all this, you begin to sense an energy stimulation. Note what has happened in the surrounding area as you put your foot out and stopped there. You stepped there as light. What has occurred because you stepped there as light?

    You will find that when a cocreator focuses a light into an area, there is a great deal of positive and beneficial radiation and the making available and igniting of potentiality. So as you step, pause--stay right there so you can get a sense of what is occurring. Now, as you do this, you get the beneficial effect also. This is an actual experience where the cocreator level makes available the energy for you to do the stepping as a cocreator. The cooperative effort of the cocreator level comes into play and you actually create an effect that you might think you are imagining. It is a reality that can be as real as you allow it to be.

   You have stepped and then stood still, and you are going to note several things. First of all, the scene changes, civilizations rise and fall, and you get an accelerated glimpse of what we see on we observe the planet. There is a movement; a building rises and then is gone. You sense the literal effect of the stepping process. You might not have known that when a cocreator steps, civilizations rise and die away. It is an emphasis of the energy, the ebb and flow, the beat or rhythm, which I am addressing here. Egypt, with its time flow of regeneration and de- generation, is a good example. It was what it was, because a particular cocreator put emphasis into it.

    You will note that Egypt was a little out of context with your planet’s history. The cocreator created the energy emphasis that allowed the civilization that arose and also allowed those of you who were there at the time to get in touch with the power you have for your use when you are at the cocreator level. Some of you came closer to that power then than you have ever been since. We are planning another step, another emphasis; I think it will begin around the year 2010 and it will stir up a lot of potential. Again, it is not destructive; it creates a radiating emphasis that can be then accepted. This is what cocreators do. Wherever they step, there is a Spiritual emphasis that occurs. It is an emphasis of integration, of potentiality, of what the creative principles are, of love, of trust, of acceptance. It emphasizes every existing quality in a most positive sense. Of course, all of you choose how you use these qualities.

    In ancient Egypt, there were those who were able to use the radiance and those who were not. There will always be those not yet spiritually mature enough to recognize an opportunity, who tend to feel fated to experience something less than the full potential of what is available. You might, as you step, look at this polarity, which is in the fullest sense is a balancing. Where you step, there is an energy flow that needs balancing, and the emphasis is connecting very high into the Spiritual concept. There was in Egypt a dynamic that was in great need of a balancing factor, so the cocreator light acted to stabilize it. There are always those who can accept the increased emphasis and those who cannot--a polarity.

   It is interesting, then, to stop and see what radiation creates in your own universe, in terms of physicality. How does it affect your body? Know that these are more than exercises. They will bring into your life a change.

   Now the final part of this---after you have experienced as much you choose--is a circling of the perimeter of all you created. This stepping around the circle unites and brings in a unified perspective of all that has gone before. Do this stepping around the circle physically. Get the movement going so that it says it to you that you have indeed moved full-circle. You are allowing now what you have seen, have realized, about this exercise, and it has become of part of your life as you complete the circle.

   I want it clearly understood that this exercise can be done on many levels; therefore I want to emphasize this by enumerating and explaining seven steps, which can be used progressively:


  1. Stepping and recognizing that the light emphasis is there.
  2. By stepping, you have stopped the level of change in an environment. What effect have you made upon one particular time sequence? See it.
  3. Release and allow evolution to take place within this time sequence and see what an effect you had on it.
  4. Begin to notice that there are responses in your physical body from your stepping.
  5. Be aware that at the beginning level all of this fits together beyond any sequencing--moving into the eternal now.
  6. Observe the radiant effect from your stepping that opens up the core area. (This is perhaps beyond your perception yet, but it can be learned.) See directly into the core of the radiation as you might look into an atom of which you are a part, and see and understand all of the activity that occurs as you make choices that create a chain reaction in the atom.
  7. Know that you have the ability to transcend and yet to use physicality as a uniting factor. You see all possibilities and then release yourself to experience that ideal level.


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