Realization Techniques




1.  Approaching the realization process: how does it become evident what components should be put together now?


2. Allowing self to view specifics, comprehensively and knowing that each specific has an integral part within the whole concept is being viewed.


3. Seeing the whole through a specific:

   A. Emotional response

   B. Conceptual response

   C. Integrated response

   D. Buried response

   E.  Non involvement (that becomes a response)


4. Using a trigger as a key to stimulating the complete view of the conceptual area in order to bridge the gap. 


5. Penetrating the illusion as the focus into a specific area is encompassingly encountered.


6. Reaching deeply through the lighted up process in to self stimulated in presently experienced point of evolution touching the connection called a realization.  


7. Alternative means of realizations:

  A. Physical stimulation through the physical experience that activates the accessibility of the contact point

  B. Visual techniques that can be used symbolically

  C. Conceptual stretching that in large is the target area of

  D. Light enhancement that invokes light of availability in this encompassing corresponding

  E. energy techniques that activate to enhance awareness enhancement

  F. interaction with others; communication

  G Heart chakra exercise


8. The viewing the ideal and allowing it to invoke the realization

 A. Color

 B. music

 C. physical interaction with the various Earth kingdoms

 D. Hierarchic interaction that creates availability


9. Perceiving the blending process that brings forth the realization; also other techniques that activates all the specifics.


10. Achieving the goal of realization that alternately results in this soul-submerged state.

 A. techniques

 b. Light enhancement

 C. heart to chakra exercise

 D. invocation

 E. Service lands that creates the realized state





 Prelude to Ascension

Janet McClure

Channeling Vywamus and others

Light Technology Publishing

Page 481  


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