Restructuring The Cellular Level

Prelude to Ascension

Tools For Ascension

Janet McClure Channeling


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   We are going to talk for a while conceptually to help you subconsciously (this is the housing for your creativity) to begin to identify more precisely the new energy here that you can use in your life. And I think that can be exciting and another step for each of you, because I know that each one of you has certain goals, certain areas that you want to understand more clearly. And the locking in of this new blueprint, this new level on the Earth, can help you is you do it through yourself and your creativity. Then, of course, it helps the Earth overall.


   Quite often, several times in the history of your planet, the blueprint (which existed for the exact energy structure that the Divine Plan has produced) has been altered, has been changed. Why? Well, because of evolution. There is a clearer understanding on the Earth, and although you may look around the Earth and say to me, “Vywamus, I don’t know, it doesn’t look that much clearer to me, “I tell you it is. It is clearer. The fact that communication is taking place on levels where it couldn’t have even a year ago indicates that something has occurred. What has occurred is literally a new beginning for your interaction, for your Earth, for living your lives. I have said several times that you are on another planet since the Harmonic Convergence. It is not even the same Earth. It is even more important to recognize the opportunities that are here now.


   Now, let us go back a little and I will tell you what occurred. There was a… let us call it a test marketing. There was a change in the year 1900 when this new blueprinting system was tested. Many of you were here, not necessarily in this body (some of you in another one), but your creativity was here in the year 1900. In that year there was what I might call a pregnant pause in the energy of your planet. It was almost as if there was a pause that led to what we might call hope. Hope that perhaps humanity would avoid some of what did occur later on, some of the wars. And in 1900 the hierarchy of your planet, in connection with other levels--certainly the solar level and certainly the galactic core level—said, “We’ll try it out. We’ll see when we put this new energy system in how humanity does with it.” So in the year 1900 it was laid in.


   Now, the cosmic plan is open-ended; do you realize that? It really is experimental. Isn’t that interesting? The Creator is learning new things all the time, so there isn’t a fixed system that has a particular point that it wants to reach at a particular time, although we make projections and say that the probabilities are that by the year 2000, for example, certain things will have of occurred. But there is experimentation, not in the negative sense. (Some of you have a little bit of programming in that area because you may have been on a spaceship where they try to see what made you check in and didn’t feel very good.) The point is that this experimentation is saying to you, “Now, how much can you recognize of your own strengths, and how much can you recognize of your own unlimitedness? “


   So the Divine Blueprint was laid in the year 1900. Now, I would have to talk to each one of you individually to tell you how you did with it, both the point is that you have memories of it. Right now in this room, the Angelic Kingdom is lighting up the energy as it was in the year 1900. I think it might be interesting for you to begin to feel that.


   If you can, try to sense it in the head area and in the third eye area. Sense it almost like a stream of sparks that make contact and become liquid, dripping through the physical structure. Some of you may be able to feel this, and some may simply feel a little bit of warmth, a little bit of movement in certain areas.  We are laying in more and more of this right now so as you have a glimpse of the way it was done in the year 1900. Why? Because I want you to see the difference between what was laid in then and what is available know. The wattage is stronger now. There is more current in it now, but the revision of the Divine Blueprint began then.


   Now, let us say that you begin a business, and you have certain ideas that you would like to create. You know how it is when you start by yourself; pretty soon you can’t do everything yourself, so then you begin to hire people to assist you. Now, as you hire them you begin to turn over to them some responsibilities. (at least if you are wise you do, otherwise you’re going to get buried in a lot of detail that you cannot handle.) Pretty soon the creative idea that you begin with begins to expand. Why? Because others add their creativity to it, and the original plan that you had probably becomes modified a little bit. The other peoples input begins to create may be in the same general area, “but why don’t we try this and why don’t we try that ?“ So if you are a wise businessman, you accept the creative ideas of others if they seemed to fit in with what you’re doing, and you expand and perhaps expand and expand.


   You know, my friends, I was in business when I was on the physical level. I enjoyed business and I was good at it. Why? Because I allowed other people to add their creativity to mine, and we expanded a great deal because of that. The point is, we could look at the Divine Plan given to us by the Creator as an exercise that is similar to a business. We couldn’t exactly say it is a business, although perhaps its business is transformation, is evolution. The Source gives all of us equal responsibility in this plan, and begins to change and grow and be modified by the creative input that you and all of your friends bring it. That is why the plan is not fixed. That is why it is not set in stone, you could say. It is open for change.


   Change is one of the things that is perhaps most important for you to learn to handle. Well, you have heard it before: the only constant that exists is change. Perhaps this change right now is in terms of bringing in the Divine Blueprint that is a little different than it was. It’s been modified, its grown. It has a great deal of electrical content. The reason is that each of your personalities is allowing much more of your Soul content to come through than before.  Thus this electrical energy has much more of home in your physical structure than perhaps in your last few lives. So in 1900 it was not electrical, and some of you didn’t pay much attention to it.


   I would like to show you the difference. See how much you can get in touch with. We laid in the blueprint in 1900; the wattage of that same blueprint is going to be turned up right now. We are doing it now; I want you to feel the differences. It’s being updated by 89 years—updated in the amount of progress or evolution that each one of you has made, and there’s a lot of progress or evolution that you have all made since that time.


   There is, then, a sorting out processes going on within you. Let’s say that some of you have been standing under a tree and lightning struck that tree. Guess what? In the subconscious there may be some fear of this electrical energy: “you know when I get a lot of that it shocks the physical and that’s very difficult. It hurts and perhaps it destroys the structure.  “There may be memories of that.


   I always try to bring people the areas of difficulty in a particular area. So if it is alright with you, I am going to give the three major categories. Believe me; it is interesting to note that in this whole audience there are only three categories of electrical areas. I like to tell each one of you which category fit into; I think that will be interesting for you. First, we have those who stood under a tree and electrical flow was there and perhaps they lost the structure. At least they were burned by it. The tree syndrome, we call it, the electrical syndrome.


   Then long ago some of you (there’s a group here together tonight, it is kind of interesting) were on another planet together as slaves, my friends; and if you didn’t behave you were beaten with an electrical whip. So there are a number of you who have this electrical-whip syndrome related to this electrical energy.


   Now, the third one is rather interesting. In Egypt, many of you (I think you know this) had very powerful lives with priests and priestesses. Some of you took initiations in Egypt, and in one period you were put in a kind of sarcophagus and it was plugged in with crystal and power—and sometimes the crystals shorted out. Now, if they did that too extensively, sometimes you got a nice shock out of it, but sometimes the physical structure didn’t survive.


   You all fit into categories. Now, why am I going into this? I feel that the most important thing you are dealing with is accepting this Divine Blueprint, which is extremely electrical in nature. These experiences have caused perhaps just a little resistance within all of you. What can you do about it? Well, I am suggesting that, whatever category I give you, you go back and change the experience. Go back and take out the experience that occurred there.


   One thing that I discovered and I think it is important, is that you change gradually. In other words, change it in steps. Take perhaps three sessions to change it. For example, if you were hit by lightning and you didn’t survive, then perhaps you could survive in the first and, although still happened. In the second step, it may have struck nearby but if you are in the third step perhaps it did not happen and all.


   Why in steps? Because if you go back and you try to change it all up once, your subconscious doesn’t recognize that it was the same experience. It says, “Well, that was interesting; I am glad we didn’t have that experience. “ It doesn’t see the connection with what is stored there from the past life. So learn to make these changes, because you are in the process of sorting out what ever limits you.



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