Right Use of Will As a Healing Power

 For Yourself and the Earth




   Remedial medicine is not really healing; it is the suppressing, neutralizing  or banishing of symptoms. Consciousness originates every imbalance that manifests in the Body. Only seeking and healing the cause in the consciousness will produce true healing. Symptoms will help you find their cause and should really only be relieved if you feel you must have a rest from seeking the cause. Symptomatic relief generally only puts off acceptance of the teaching that symptoms have to give you.


   Body does not just “get sick,” contrary to popular opinion. Disease does not just travel from person to person and germs do not spread disease. Modern science has been spending a lot of time and money tracking down the cause of disease but has limited the search so far to studying only the symptomatic result of spiritual imbalance. The fact of the matter is that even though it was judged against as unscientific because it could not be explained, disease organisms are always present and arise when the body is making an attempt to clear imbalance it can no longer hold. Disease organisms are actually a part of the Body that is always ready to clear it of any invasion that is life threatening. Any other way of seeing them is only denying a part of your self. The need for this sort of clearance always warns you first with a feeling of getting sick.  If you release everything that is present in this sick feeling, you do not need to get sick. Most people have a habit pattern of ignoring this warning and also of suppressing symptoms until the body is holding so much that symptoms are then only the tip of the iceberg of undermined Will.


   The feelings need unconditional acceptance and sincere expression is part of the feelings, expression must all so be given unconditional acceptance. Mentalizing feelings by talking about them is not the way I want this expression to take place. The more you express from the Body in Body’s way of expressing with movement and sound, the more you will clear out of Body before it must manifest illness as an attempt to clear itself. 


   Aging indicates that the body is not being allowed to clear itself and nourish those places with My light. Death means that Body has no other recourse because it cannot hold anymore. When the Body dies it cannot clear itself. If it has any hope of clearing itself, it must participate in reincarnation. The way the Body has been handling this problem has been to bring forward only some of its need to clear it any one time. In terms of reincarnation, this means that people have been reincarnating with only part of themselves. See that increasing the holding pattern in the part that you have with you now is really imperiling your ability to clear at all. This pattern of increasing personal denial along with the denial of the Earth itself is why I must now intervene. 


   If you feel like you’re holding too much to risk clearing yourself by starting with what is and this book, I suggest that you trust your own feelings here. Remember that even small releases will help you and if it is really too much for you, appeal to Me to bring you another way to heal yourself. I am helping everyone and those that have intent to heal themselves now will receive help from me.  


   The use of drugs to heal yourself, including all the currently popular consciousness-altering drugs, is not being suggested by Me because there is risk involved that you will then have to reclaim your personal power from the drugs. This might even mean going over all the steps again without the drugs. 


   When you have cleared enough of what you have present with you, you are going to need to reclaim the rest of you. This is the part of you that has not expressed itself yet in your personal life because this denied part had to wait until you could accept it before it could come forward for clearance. 


   The actual surrender to your own Will is important but this does not mean that the Will is supposed to control you. You must not deny anything in yourself. The Spirit and the Will must balance in the Heart. The Will is needing to respond to everything the Spirit has to suggest. If the Will is not wanting to accept something from Spirit, the Spirit needs to give the Will as much understanding about this as the Will can accept. If the Will still cannot align with the Spirit on something, the Spirit has to realize that it is not the right time. Judgment is not to be made that something cannot happen because the Will cannot do it yet. 


   Spirit forcing Will to do things before it was ready created the original imbalance. When the Will then could not accept experience it was having, the Spirit did not accept this pain from the Will. The Will then had to hold it in the body until the Spirit would accept it. The Spirit has to accept this pain sooner or later because it was causal here. The Will is only supposed to respond, but overpowered Will often gets manipulative in an effort to protect itself. The overpowering of the Will has prevented it from feeling enough trust in the Spirit to surrender to it. Surrender means you have unconditional acceptance. This is never achieved in any real way by overpowering something until it has to surrender. Neither Will nor Spirit is to be overpowered and nothing is to be denied. When Spirit and Will both have unconditional acceptance of each other, each can fulfill its role. The Heart then receives this balanced flow of loving energy and Body can manifest it freely. 


   Once you have begun the healing process that leads to alignment of the Spirit and the Will within you as an individual, you will find that your outer reality is going to change in accordance with this. Once you have stopped denying yourself, you need to stop denying outer reality too. This is not to say these should rush out and begin remodeling the Earth, but in fact your own increasing power to transform and heal yourself is going to help transform and heal the Earth.  You need to assist Me here because is it is part of taking responsibility for your own home planet.


   Instead of denying how you feel about what is happening on Earth, realize that this denial is a way in which power is being given to the very ones denying free Will on Earth. The fact that dissidents have been arrested and effective actions to curtail the overriding of the Earth and of Free Will have so far met with so much denial is no reason to believe it will continue to be that way. If denial ends in the ones wishing to protect themselves and the Earth from being overridden, the power is then sufficient to stop it. 


   The way to protect yourself and the Earth does not require doing anything you do not want to do either. You need only to express the feelings you have about what is happening on Earth to me and to the people with whom you have a feeling of trust. If this is what you feel you can do, this is fine and will be effective. Do not underestimate the power of this expression either.  The alignment you have when you express yourself determines the power your expression will have. To be able to ask me for something and be in alignment, you need to know  what all of you wants. 


   If, from a space of partial alignment you ask Me, for example, to heal the Earth, I will respond to that request anyway because it is for the highest good of the Earth. You need to realize that I must do this at the right time and in the way in which I need to do it. And if you ask Me, for example, to heal you and the Earth right now, I must also do this at the right time and in the way in which it needs to be done. It may appear that I am not answering these requests if there’s a time lag, but if you have denial of part of yourself, you are not in touch with what you could be holding back the immediate response and instantaneous healing. I must heal you in the way that is appropriate for you. The denial in many people is sufficient to magnetically repel from the self the very things the conscious part wants to draw. What is denied is not accepted by the conscious self and is pushed away from the consciousness. This denied part still has attractive power and you need to know what it is doing. 


   To heal yourself and the Earth, an end to denial is needed so that you have an alignment about what healing is for you and the Earth. If part of you wants Me to heal you and the Earth and you hold in denial of part that is furious at Me for not doing this already, for example, this denied part cannot accept my help because it does not believe I am giving it. I cannot heal part of you if it means lifting you away from your denial. Then you are not healed. I cannot lift you away from a part of yourself because you must take responsibility for all of yourself. When you have denial present, I heal you in the way I can heal you, which is to bring experiences to help you recognize your own denial. 


   Understand that to heal the Earth you need to heal yourself first. In ending your own denial, you can tell me everything you like and you don’t like about reality you live in and also how you want your reality to be. Then you have alignment with your right place and it can attracted to you. When you have denial that does not want the same thing you do, I cannot answer one part of you without seeming to deny the other part of you. Since I will not deny anything, I have solved this problem by giving everyone what is needed. Many people have then thought that they could not have what they wanted but only what they needed. The fact of the matter is that what you want and what you need are the same thing when you have alignment initially with your own intent to heal and then with all of yourself. 


   Denial of me has been involved here too.  So many people have thought that I Am the God they think I am rather than the God I Am that they have often limited My help to the ways in which they could imagine My help. Very often I am right there and people do not recognize Me. You have the power to limit my presence in your own life but you do not have the power to limit Me. Along with aligning your own Spirit and Will, you need to align with Me. To do this you must release all your judgments of what I Am and what I Am not. All feelings that empower these judgments need release too. 


   When you have aligned in this way, you can ask Me to help you and the Earth. You can ask Me to return the Earth to its full beauty and ease of living. You can ask Me to help you understand everything on Earth and the needs of each thing. You can ask me what the right place is for everything. When you have personal denial, all of you cannot participate in this process of creating your own reality. When denial is present, no matter what part of you I satisfied, I appear to be denying another part of you. 


   When you have alignment, you have agreement about what you want. This agreement allows it to happen if you have responded to this agreement with desire because nothing in your energy field is in contradiction and your desire is attracting it to you. The desire is the response of your Will that attracts the things you want. When desire is aligned with the Spirit, there is no problem. 


   The Spirit needs to inspire and guide, and the Will needs to respond and thus select. The response of everyone’s Will is mostly missing right now and I have seen that denial is why the Will has not been responding. Clearing this denial is going to allow true feelings to merge and true feelings can tell Me and you how they would like your reality to be. I do not want to deny anything and I won’t, but you have the power to deny yourself. I have the power to make sure that everyone has what they need and want without denying anyone or anything in favor of another. I Am asking that denial be ended so you can recognize and accept what I give you.  This recognition needs to be in all parts of you, not just the part wants to tell me that you already know this. 


   Healing the Earth is something that comes along with healing yourself more than you can realize in advance of the experience. You need only began where you are and let it happen.  While it is happening, tell Me everything you have in your consciousness and everything you want to have and be willing to allow yourself to take the path that leads to it. 



Right Use of Will,

Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body

Ceanne DeRohan

Four Winds Publishing



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