Right Use Of Will

by Ceanne DeRohan





If this book is for you, you’ll know when from these few introductory pages. Realize it is meant to trigger you and is not meant just to be a mental exercise. If this book is for you, it will bring forth emotional release. You need to allow this response without harming yourself or others. 


   The unconditional love of Spirit for everything that exists has been understood on Earth for quite some time.  This, in fact, has been called Divine Love. Now there is a need for another understanding on Earth: that of Divine Will. 


   Most people on Earth have made a separation between the Spirit and the Will.  They have felt their own will was not acceptable; that to love the way God loves, they must eliminate their own feelings and opinions and do what they have imagined is the Will of God. An understanding is needed here: the Will of God is not in opposition to the Will of the individual.


   Because of the separation that has been made in the consciousness of so many, the Will has been excluded for a long time from participating in the evolvement of the Spirit. A definite lag exists on Earth between the evolvement of the Spirit and the evolvement of the individual Will. It is now time for each Spirit to recognize, accept and evolve this other part of itself. Each Spirit is a part of the Divine Consciousness and each individual Will is part of the Divine Will. Each person must take responsibility for his complete being, and not for only a part of it.


   The Spirit must accept its own Will and evolve it in a loving way rather than a punitive, non-accepting or unloving one. The individual Will expresses itself as feelings. When the individual Will feels full loving acceptance of its own Spirit, it cannot fail to come into alignment with the Divine Will.


   God has given each individual part of His Consciousness with which to be aware of himself, and part of His Will with which to experience himself. Everyone now wishing to remain on Earth must accept the whole being, and discontinue the denial of the part of the self that experiences the Earth.


   Instead of denying your own will in favor of someone else, or in favor of what you imagine the Divine Will to be, it is necessary now to realize that denial of the individual Will has been a misunderstanding which has resulted in a split in the consciousness of individuals on Earth. The individual Will is not separate from the Divine Will anymore than the individual Spirit is separate from the Divine Spiritual Consciousness. You need to realize this thoroughly and profoundly.


   The insights presented in this book have been channeled from highest source, and have been practiced by those who received them, and have been found to work. The understandings in this book have been received from God in the first person.


   In the beginning, the channeler could not, like so many others on Earth, believe it was actually possible to hear from God, so God spoke through the form of his close companions, the Ancient Ones that serve the light. Many psychics are accustomed to hearing from guides, but few have acknowledged that they can actually hear directly from God in the first person.


   In the course of studying with the Ancient Ones, the channeler became receptive to Gods direct communication in the first person. God wants it to be known that he is open to and is willing to communicate directly to with any spirit on Earth who will open to receive Him. You need only to be receptive. When you are truly open, you will begin to experience a direct communication. Anything you need to know is then available because of the connection we all have with our Creator.


   You will need to open the consciousness of the Spirit and the feelings of the Will to receive him. The Will has long been misunderstood because the Spirit was seen to be the essence of the body, but the understanding is this: The Spirit inspires, the Will responds to inspiration, and together they experience in the body. Body is the manifestation of both Spirit and Will. The Spirit, in fact, has only polarized itself in order to experience. The Will is the magnetic polarity of the Spirit. 


   The splits in consciousness that have taken place on Earth have created a situation where the Will is felt to be disconnected from, and not even a useful part of the Spirit. However, Will and Spirit are the expanding limits of a connected whole. Polarities need to be realized as the evolving extensions of the same thing. 


   The Creation exists because it has both the spiritual essence which powers it and the magnetic polarity which opens the space to receive it. The same is true within each individual. The Spirit and the Will are not meant to be separate from each other in any individual anymore than the spiritual essence of God is meant to be separate from His Divine Will. Each Will is connected to the Divine Will, and each spirit is connected to the Divine Spiritual Essence; and so, everything is one. 


   The understanding you need now about how to evolve the Will quickly is, in short: express everything you feel, and do not stop expressing, emotionally and otherwise, until you have really finished. You must not impose this on others that do not want it, for just as it is not spiritual balance to deny yourself in favor of others, it is not spiritual balance to deny others in favor of yourself, either. Then, when you have cleared out, truly, all emotional charge any given situation triggers in you, you will have allowed release of old emotions that have accumulated when the free expression of the Will was denied. 


   Controlling rather than expressing the Will means you do not have acceptance for it. If you do not have acceptance for it, you are not loving it. If you are not loving it, you are denying it. When you deny, you do not have all of yourself with you, because you are not accepting all of yourself. If you do not have of all of yourself present with you in a loving acceptance, then you do not love yourself unconditionally. You cannot love anyone else unconditionally if you do not have all of yourself there to love them. Unconditional love exists when all of you is loving all of that which you love. 


   Now many people have thought they were evolving into unconditional love on Earth, but they have forgotten that they must accept all themselves first. There is no way around it. If you do not totally accept yourself first, you cannot totally open to anything else.


   The understanding needed next is: when anything is denied and not accepted by the individual to which it belongs, then this part of the individual is placed outside of his love. In putting something outside of love, you have fed another reality that has troubled the Earth for a long time. Because of its negative polarity, most people have attributed the Will to the devil and darkness. Everything-has been assumed to be the trouble on Earth. You need to realize this is not true.


   Darkness is the part of Creation which receives the Light. Where you will not open to receive this Light, you have denial. Denial does not allow the Light in.  This has to be resolved on Earth. The problem with free expression of the Will on Earth right now is that it has been denied for so long that its attempt to express itself looks out of balance, and they are.


   In healing your Will, you must allow it to tell you how upset it has become. The understanding needed is: in hearing from your will unconditionally, you have taken the step of accepting it, wherever it is. You must accept it in order to evolve it. You cannot beat into the appropriate shape. It must be accepted as it is and then evolved.


   The need to evolve the Will on Earth right now is great. The Earth herself is going to evolve by clearing off of herself and out of herself everything that has not been loving to her and. Just as she is doing it, all those that want to remain on Earth must clear out of themselves everything that has not been loving. Denial of the unloving energy will not clear it. You cannot just mentally insist that you are unconditionally loving. You must really be there. That means all levels of your being must be there. You must accept all of yourself unconditionally, bringing all the parts of yourself within loving acceptance and allowing them to evolve. 


   This understanding is needed now because the Earth has decided to stop accepting denial of herself. If any individual living on Earth is denying self, it will be denying others, too. No one who wants to continue on the path of self denial or denying others (no Spirit that wants to continue on the path of imbalance, in other words) can remain on Earth. Earth has been imbalanced to the point of feeling her life is threatened, and no more imbalance is going to be tolerated by her.


   It is not a loving, nurturing, life giving policy for individual Spirit to be living in the state of imbalance; but in saying this a threat is not meant. Threat is felt to be there only if the person reading this is pressuring himself to continue denying things. Otherwise, the information is welcomed as a release from the path of separation and struggle that has been beleaguered Earth ever since the beginning. Yes, the major spiritual misunderstandings on Earth have been there from the very beginning.


   You need to realize another thing: many spiritual teachers have tried to give the true teaching to Earth, and power seeking individuals have eliminated these teachings from the public domain. Instead of wanting people to realize they could free themselves, these individuals have wanted people to feel it was very difficult struggle and that they must have teachers.


   In fact, in reading this book and in trying out the understandings given here, you need to accept responsibility for yourselves and not try to find someone to teach you this; unless you have done as much as the book has to offer you, and  you still have strong direction from your own Spirit and Will that you must seek out the people that have channeled this book. Otherwise, it is not necessary to have a teacher to practice Right Use of Will. You can really do this yourself; it will empower the will to do it.


   You need to realize that emotional release is only part of what is needed. The rest is that understanding must enter in where denial was before; that acceptance must take the place of non-acceptance; that openness must come where you are closed. If you have open acceptance, you will receive a understandings without fail. If you have frustration and feel you cannot get the understandings you need, you have not released enough emotionally.


   When you release, you must not hurt anyone else or yourself to any extent.  This is mentioned because many Spirits on Earth can do group release if they have complete understanding of what is happening there, and allow themselves to reenact situations they have to reenact to be able to trigger themselves to release. This release technique has to have definite lines drawn according to what the participants feel is necessary. Only do what is needed to trigger the emotional release which will relieve the person; to not cause additional pain. 


   In fact, if direct harm is not necessary, but someone may require triggering by another person acting as though he is going to do harm. This is because so many people on Earth have received harm at the hands of others and have not yet released or expressed the pain of this. You need to realize something about denial now: denial does not allow the release back out of what has been taken in. 


   If you take in and do not release back out, your receptive centers get filled up, and they can no longer receive clearly, and finally, if not at all. This is the main reason why most people on Earth do not hear the Divine Impulses at present.


   Another fear present here on Earth is the fear that so many have said they were receiving Divine Impulses and have actually done harmful things. You need to realize that they have not heard from God if they are directed by anyone else. You need to realize another thing, too: In doing it, Divine Wisdom has prevailed. No one has been allowed to harm anyone that did not have a need to experience in it to learn what they needed to learn. One of the empowering factors in these understandings is that you can release yourself intentionally by allowing free expression. This, then, eliminates the need for any harmful situation to come to you from outer reality.


   This is an understanding that is very necessary now on Earth. People have thought that Karma brings a balance of payments. You need to realize that karma is not that simplistic.  Karma is meant to bring you into balance this is true, but not by bringing one experience as a payment for another in the past. Karma brings balance by attracting the experiences you need in order to learn what you do not yet know. This is true; but how are these experiences drawn to you?


   Without Will, the Spirit has no selection process. The Will polarity is your individual and magnetic energy field and draws the experiences of you are going to have. So, if you hold something in your will which is not allowed free movement or free expression, but which is denied, you will then draw a reflection of this to yourself. Even if denied, it is still there in your magnetic energy field, disconnected from conscious awareness of. 


   You need to realize, then, that in triggering yourself and releasing denial from your own energy field, you will no longer need to draw it to yourself any unpleasantness. Unpleasantness is not sent from God as a punishment for misdeeds. Unpleasantness is only drawn in response to what has been denied or judged against. The denial is what gives the experience it is unpleasant qualities. 


   You need to realize another thing here; you can still take the path of letting experience come to you from without and balance yourself in that way. If you want to, in fact, you can even call for the karmic experiences necessary so that you can be triggered to release your own denial. Pleasant experiences will still happen, we are just addressing unpleasant ones right now. You can create even more pleasant experiences and better ones when you have lessoned or eliminated denial. In coming to you, drawn by the denial, unpleasant experiences have not come to punish. They have come to point out that you have the denial. There are drawn to you in an attempt to release the energy that is being held there outside of acceptance.


   The energy locked up in denial does not want to be held outside of the nourishment of the Light. The denial wants to draw something to itself that will release it. The intensity needed to trigger you will exactly equal the intensity of your denial. You can release what you have held and denied by your own collation. This is felt to be, by the Source of these understandings, the easiest path now available for individuals that would like to shield themselves on Earth.  You need to try before you judge it.


   When something comes from outside, and you do not know is coming, it is just because you’re disconnected from it. By shifting the power from the state of externalized disconnection to internalized conscious acceptance, you could always know what is going to happen. You might not have complete detail because you might have the kind of Will that likes surprises, but you will know it will be pleasant. This can give great peace to everyone.


   Another understanding you need is: clearing out the Will is going to call for release of the limitations you placed on yourself that have not allowed the energy to release and express previously. These limitations can be called denials, judgments, misunderstandings, conditions on the acceptance of the self, or what ever you want to call them. The fastest way to dissolve them is to give them a formal release. You can say what ever you want to say as long as you say it out loud and say and you now forgive yourself, or no longer believe these things, or now give release to them, or whatever wording that carries the intent of release for you. 


   In mentioning the necessity of giving a formal release out loud, it is also necessary to bring this forward: In doing emotional release, sound is very important. This creation is based on vibration. Sound is vibration. To release something and vibrate it away from you if you do not want it, or get it moving so it will evolve into something you do want to have with you, you need to use sound and even body movement that will vibrate your physical being.  You need to do whatever the feelings suggest to you. 


   If you have a lot of blockage, you might need to start by making any sound you can make and doing anything you can do. If you do this in enough into each situation, you will loosen your self up and reach what is called ignition. Ignition is the point where the release takes you over temporarily and directs you to do exactly what you need to do. You need not control it in anyway except to make sure you do not really hurt anyone.


   You need also to accept the sometimes injury in a minor way may take place. If your body has been really blocked and has received a lot of physical harm, it may need the feeling that it is going to receive harm again in order to trigger the deeply held and controlled pain. Let the Will guide this rather than imposing a technique.


   Another understanding you need is that you might have to start with judgment release so that held energy can start moving. Follow this with the release of emotions; and then, understandings will come. Release, if you reach ignition, will bring understandings. You need only practice this to find out what it has to teach you. You will heal yourself and the Earth changes will not be difficult for you to survive.


   I am not going to quote, in this introduction, what I have received directly from God in the first person, which he has indicated he wants quoted here. 


“I have been impelled to channel Right Use of Will to Earth at this time because the beings there have not been expressing freely enough to adequately vibrate their space and hold it open for themselves. My created beings on Earth have been experiencing their reality as seeming to close in on them, and their power and seeming to be insufficient to meet the situation facing Earth now. You need to realize it is not true; denial of the Will has made it that way. You must now start reversing the situation. It is that going to be easy at first, but it will become easier the longer you work on it.


   “You also need to know that I am now decisive on several points where I was open to allowing Spirits to transgress earlier. When I allowed the transgression, it was because I saw that these limits could not be accepted at the time I gave them without experience to enable the understanding of them. My limits are only balance points which provide the most freedom for everyone without eclipsing anyone. These balance points maintain Spirits and the Creation in which they live.


   “You have, on Earth, overstepped the balance points to the maximum I will allow. I must now intervene. You will now see me taking action on Earth. I will bring the Earth changes down, and I am going to remove all Spirits that have not dedicated their entire beings to coming into harmony with my principles and with the Earth’s path of evolvement at this time.


   “I have recently made some new decrees that will help solve some of the problems you have been faced with on Earth. They are: No one can take Light overtly or covertly from anyone else anymore. All Spirits must recognize Me and come to Me for their Light. No Spirits can deny Me and take my Light under-handedly from others. In hearing this decree, you must not think you are not involved if you accept Me as God and worship Me. You must realize that any place within yourself the you have denied is not going to get any more Light in any way except by yourself bringing it within your own acceptance and finding it acceptable to Me.


   “Now, in physical body, the reality of this one thing and one thing only: No one can survive anymore in My Creation unless they accept Me openly in some form. I am flexible here. I have many ways to come to a Spirit. I will adjust Myself infinitely, but I will no longer tolerate complete denial any place in My Creation.  This means that no one can survive what is happening now in any place in Creation unless they open to directly receive My Light.


   “I am not being unloving or unmerciful here. I have realized that if I am unlimited, which I am, I will not accept Spirits limiting Me to the extent of being in my Creation and refusing to allow Me to be there with them. I have only sent this to give you the opportunity to reverse your own denials, and not to be attacked for what is not being said here. I have many understandings to give on why I have made this decree, but they are not appropriate to give right now. 


   “Another decree I have made is: I have no further tolerance for any Spirits giving pain to others that do not overtly agree to receive it. There has been such a thing as overriding Free Will in the experience of My created Spirits. I have allowed it only long enough for these Spirits to see why the Will is so necessary. Now I have discerned that there has been enough experience. No one can override another’s Will anymore, period. This has to be understood. Freewill between people means that you have the freedom to do whatever you want but that you no longer have the freedom to make anyone else function within your own limits. You only have the power to make them take it away from you or to take yourself away from them. There is no power anymore to stop anyone from experiencing themselves the way they want to experience themselves.”


   I have only quoted what I’ve been directed to include here. There is another decree that God has also made. It appears later in this book because he is needing to prepare people’s understandings in order to receive it.


   Now, in closing this introduction, it has been given to me to say this: In accepting these understandings, you only need to try them out. You only need to stop judging them and allow them to be in process, and you will find that they work for you and everyone else that is ready to try them.


   Some on Earth have not yet had enough experience to try them, so do not force these ideas on anyone. Just take them in if they are for you. God is going to mercifully remove the ones that need more experience before they can accept certain understandings and place them on planets that can accept their need for more experience.


   You need to also realize, in studying this book, that you have to connect to the spirit of the message, and not pick over the wording and not to make judgments of what has been left out. If there seems to be a gap that you cannot readily fill in with your logical, sequential thinking, you need to remain open and trust that it will be given to you when you have the readiness to receive it.


   You need to realize that many things that are available to you through direct communication with God have to be withheld from the public domain until the public domain has more open acceptance. This is necessary also in order to protect and ensure that the ones practicing these teachings are not overloaded since at the present the mind is much more capable of quickly receiving these understandings than is the will.


   If you now temporarily stop the mental acquisition of this writing and give it time to sink into your feelings, you are definitely going to have a response. If you do not have response to this, either you have lost your Will or you are not connecting to it. If your feelings do not respond to this, you need to find out what is really happening with yourself.


   Some people have disconnected so much that they actually have to search out and find their missing Will. It is not impossible to do this. You can start calling for it, if it is not present with you, and draw it back to you.  Acceptance is the key once again.


   You must make a place for your Will. In fact if you feel you have no feelings with which to respond to this, you have a strong indication that you might need to suspect complete disconnection from your own Will. 


   If you are responding, let it happen and to not assume you have all the understandings needed. Allow your response and seek more understandings. 


   I now invite you to read, when you’re ready, the rest of this book.


Right Use of Will

Received by Ceanne DeRohan

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