Copyright 1980 by Ceanne Rusteen Carson


Channeled by Larry Ogan

Right Use of Will, for lack of better words, shall be described as a psychic channeling. Channeling is many things on many levels. It is placing yourself in a state of quiet and peacefulness and being able to hear the words of your higher self. It is also being open to the energy that is present in the Universe. It is being open to the universal consciousness that exists on all planes. Right Use of Will was received in this manner from spirit guides who look after this planet. The purpose that these guides serve is to help this planet in the coming of the New Age. Right Use of Will is a step that individuals can take in order for this planet to reach its highest possibilities. This channeling is subject to various levels of consciousness. Its truth comes from the highest spiritual plane on down to the physical existence. All these truths are valid and have lessons to teach. Right Use of Will is the next step in the evolutionary cycle of man.


I channeled the text. Any unclear wording was my limitation at the time. I could not always write it exactly as I received it. I am learning. Ceanne.


Unconditional love, obviously, means accepting everything and loving it without conditions. Feeling the unconditional love of the spirit has been thoroughly covered in many other teachings. Bringing body into willing alignment with the unconditional love of the spirit has only been demonstrated a few times.

The will is the body's truth. Bringing body into total accepting harmony with the spirit is what Right Use of Will has to offer. Right Use of Will means you can survive anything you want to survive. This means that cooperation between spirit and body is total and anything spirit sees the two (body and spirit) doing together, body willingly tries to do, and can do, if spirit takes the time to teach it. This also means unconditionally accepting whatever happens when body and spirit try something together. Instead of making judgments against this partnership, everything is accepted as valid and perfect for the moment in which it occurred, and looked at for what can be learned.

When body feels totally attuned to spirit, the ultimate control is with spirit, and body is able to accept this unconditionally because it has no reason to fear that its soul will abuse or disrespect it in any way. Will does not rise up and push spirit out unless spirit has first pushed the will down and held it down long enough to build the kind of pressure that can push back at the spirit when the will breaks loose. Responsibility is with your soul if there is an imbalance between soul and will. Illness and aging are some of the best indicators of imbalance. If there is any dis-ease, will and soul are at odds in some way. If there is a balance, only health and vitality are experienced. Health can be the permanent state of affairs if will is listened to and allowed to express. Suppressed will at first has suppressed symptoms. When will revolts, illness can result, for if repression is taking place, will often has to take strong action to unleash itself. If the situation is not rectified, illness only relieves the pressure temporarily. Aging comes from an ongoing imbalance.

Will is only able to accept soul unconditionally each moment that it feels unconditional love and acceptance, for free will means that moment by moment the soul and body continue in unconditional relationship or not. The drift from total harmony can be rectified by acceptance, forgiveness and renegotiation. Each undermining of the will interferes with clear action of the will.

Everyone reading this information has undermined their will in some way. Clearing this out is the way to realize that the will is not bad and not something to discipline, suppress, repress, or otherwise undermine. The will is as divine as anything else and only needs understanding and acceptance. This requires clearing old judgments against the will that have been operating to repress, suppress, discipline and doubt the role of the will. The role of the will is to attune the body to the soul's destiny path and keep body safe, healthy and alive in order to fulfill the soul's chosen destiny path.

Having free will is the way God gave us so that we would be able to choose our path and learn from the experiences we choose and thus evolve into a full understanding of why the creation is as it is, i.e., become companions of God in the fullest sense of the word. Learning by experience gives a deep understanding.

Learning by experience is the best understanding of what something is for you. Learning by watching others, or by empathizing with others means that you accept that their experience may be your experience, too. This may or may not be true. Free will allows each soul to evolve in its own way. Individuals have put conditions on this. Putting conditions limits growth, diminishes health and all other attributes of being human. Judgments are the way the limits (conditions) are placed.

God allows all of this because God is unconditionally unconditional, and He sees it as our process of learning to accept everything and not judge it. Free will is essential to an evolving soul. Body is in the physical plane and if body evolves in harmony with its soul, body can then learn to do what the soul sees as possible. Body appears to impede soul only if it has been judged as impeding soul. Body can actually do anything that soul takes time to teach it.

In Right Use of Will body is talking to spirit and spirit to body all the time and unconditionally. At present, body must operate within limits that the spirit has put on it (judgments against it). Anger, tears, sadness, regret and other feelings of not being accepted are the most likely result from this at some time. Will only reacts against what is unacceptable to it that spirit is forcing upon the will. Judgment by the will is emotional. It is the nature of the will to be reactive. Judgments by the spirit against the will (body's expression) means you are being conditional rather than unconditional toward being physical. If spirit and will are in harmony, the will does only what the spirit's destiny path calls for. Will only doubts spirit at times when spirit has not gotten will's unconditional consent to try something.

Very often the spirit can evaluate something as what it wants to do. Will more often accepts things gradually. The spirit can then become impatient and judge against the will and also against the physical plane; for example: things here are too slow. Only judgment makes this so. The physical plane vibrates at the right speed for the physical plane at this time. Spirit can accept that it wants to be in the physical plane and work with body until the body is able to do what spirit sees them doing together. Unconditional acceptance makes this process easier because acceptance allows maximum learning, while judgments impede learning by looking at the seeming shortcomings.

The form of making a judgment says that this is how it is - not just now, but in the future, too. Lost will results from any judgments against the will or the soul. This is because conditions the soul is holding on itself restrict its expression and it is the soul that activates the will. Restrictions means it can't activate its full potential. For example, judgment says you cannot jump off a cliff because you broke your legs trying. Judgment against body here is that body has been told it cannot do this. In these ways will is undermined. Soul may even get mad at body for this seeming limitation on its expression. Then if soul also judges against itself, it may judge that it can't do this while in a body. Then the person doesn't try anymore. A person who does not make judgments may not jump because of broken legs, but the space is left open in case he feels like trying again. And if he looks at it for what can be learned, he may see the way to step up his vibration and land more gently next time.

Lost will is the largest part of the reason why things are as they are on earth today. Unconditional acceptance of all as it is, however, is necessary to bring any improvement. No real change can amount to anything unless the situation is unconditionally accepted as it is now and then worked on from there. If will is not expressed, it means many impulses from the will to the solar plexus are being denied. Will does not evolve by having the soul detach from the feelings of the will. When the soul does this, the will is really held back and this is self-defeating because then the will falls even more behind the soul's level of evolvement and, if the gap continues to widen, the situation becomes more and more difficult to rectify.

If a wide divergence continues to exist between soul and will, soul can become angry at will and see it as holding soul back. Actually, soul has not allowed and/or helped will to evolve with it. Will, on the other hand, can also become angry at the soul, feeling that the soul is not accepting the will and not allowing evolvement of physical expression of the soul's purpose. The expression in physical plane is soul and will together. Will expresses with feelings and feelings are as divine as divine as anything else. Denying feelings is denying part of what it is to be a soul in physical embodiment. All feelings are love and joy if both the soul and the will unconditionally accept experiences. Will evolves this way. All pain, anger and so-called negative feelings are the will revolting when the pressure of being denied becomes greater than the soul's attention on holding down (overriding) the will.

When will breaks loose it feels angry and tearful at being held down and denied by the soul. Negativity has the divine functions of receptivity, attraction, magnetic balance and is the Mother Principle. It becomes destructive only when it feels it's being severely threatened. In this sense will is reactive and spirit is the one that can determine the state of balance or imbalance between the two. The soul is the initiator, will the receiver of all that the two wish to do together in a physical existence. Feeling the will to be a negative force is a correct assumption, and working with this as part of the divine evolvement is presently the area of greatest confusion on this particular planet.

Negative does not necessarily equal bad. Evolving does not have to be so painful and full of struggle and turmoil. In the plane of the spirit and the soul, all is a positive charge - to manifest, the soul must polarize so that there is also a negative charge. Negative forces are the balancing polarity to the positive charge of the soul in manifestation. The negative charge of the will energy only resists the positive charge of spiritual energy if there has been an overriding by spiritual energy - then will may feel it has to test or resist soul rather than allowing it to rush ahead and do what the soul has only as yet imagined it can do in the physical. Taking time to practice with the body allows these plans to actually manifest without will feeling it needs to resist. Until unconditional acceptance of the will allows the will unconditional expression, health, vitality, and agelessness will elude us.

We will see ourselves as running down. Understanding Right Use of Will allows all these accepted (so-called) captivities of being physical to drop away and physical need no longer be considered a prison or a plane that feels cut off from any other planes. Right Use of Will means you can't be put in prison or sent to war or made to do anything you don't want to do because you are fully able to move out of harm's way according to your own particular style.

Physical is a plane of existence are all others. Soul comes and goes through all other planes. Only illusion keeps people believing physical plane only releases through death. A few people travel out of physical while asleep, even fewer while awake; allowing will, i.e., body, to accompany is accomplished by even fewer. Having left the will behind for so long, the accepted attitude here on earth has become that the body cannot accompany. Body can fly with soul; body can move through the planes. Body in harmony with the soul can fly. The reason only failure has resulted when children try to fly is that they are remembering that they could fly but they are also doubting as a result of their own judgments that they are already carrying and which have placed them in a society which also has attitudes against the will. The double must accompany the body for it to fly in the physical plane and physical body does not leave physical plane if there are judgments against the body, the physical plane and/or coming and going. Body can do anything soul takes time to teach it.

Carlos Casteneda took his body with him when he flew in his sorcery training but he was so conditioned to accept society's attitude on this that he seemed unable to accept his actual experience instead. The way to overcome this conditioning is to practice Right Use of Will every day and allow will a little more space to experiment every day. Then will will gradually recover its heritage, which is lost at present and wants to be recovered. Will no more wants to be a prisoner than soul does.

Lost will equals lost unconditional love, also, because a soul that is in physical existence is not truly unconditional unless it is fully accepting body and the physical plane. To be fully accepting body means that body is vital, strong , healthy, active and full of feelings that are easily expressed and not locked in.

To be truly unconditional in the physical plane is the only way out that doesn't require returning, but allows choice instead. Soul and body are the partners here in physical plane and must accept one another unconditionally in order to fulfill the potential of the physical plane existence.  When that potential is fulfilled then the physical plane is not experienced as separate from any other plane and is not a prison.  It is accepted as being as divine as any other plane and can be experienced when soul wants to experience it and not because it is bound by karma.  And in experiencing the physical plane this way, coming and going is not only by means of birth and death but can be done by understanding the way to bring vibrations up and down in speed. Thus body becomes physical or any other vibratory rate that any particular plane calls for.  The so-called etheric double is the power for being able to do this and Right Use of Will, if practiced impeccably, allows the etheric double to be fully present with the physical body and the soul so that the gap between soul and body is filled by the energy that belongs there and which most people have banished with judgments so that it returns only occasionally and is usually labeled as "astral travel."

Lost powers are not Right Use of Will's experience. Right Use of Will only improves and refines the powers that it works with. Doubt, fear and the resulting judgments against will (the body's expression) are the reasons for lost powers. Love accepts anything that will and soul want to try. Soul only expresses an idea in physical reality if will is accepting of it and willing to express it and if soul in return trusts will enough to allow it to express.

Present Conditioning Toward the Will

Will power rightly used does not hurt anyone. Instead, it helps change the so-called negative (only they aren't bad) forces into the positive situations that behavior determines. The will of each person must be respected and no tbe controlled or broken.

Since society conditions so much into "shoulds" and "musts," (undermining the expression of free will), breaking this spell may take many accepting people letting people, including children, recover Right Use of Will by trying out behavior. Will allows learning from consequences of action. Physical body learns by experience. Caging will opens the door to anger and then anger rather than understanding, takes the lead in actions. To release the built up emotional charge will must be turned loose to learn whatever it needs to learn, expressing however it needs to express. In this light it can be seen that free will does not destroy everything as society fears. Actually, repressed will using anger to escape repression and gain expression is what can be potentially destructive. Society presently fears the revolt of repressed will, while thinking that the will is to be feared.

Free will, when attuned, takes the lead in behaving appropriately so that if quiet is called for, quiet there is; if action is called for, action there is. Anger and tears need releasing to bring emotions into the present letting go of the charge held from the past. Try not to act out anger on one another unless all the participants accept this. Once the old emotional charge has been cleared, try allowing will to express by never doing anything unless you want to, no matter how crazy this seems. This carries the potential of some wonderful theater and will show you what body has to contribute to survival. For, literally, besides expressing soul, body is meant to keep itself alive and well so that soul can express through it.

The spiritual heart is a balance between soul and will so that soul can successfully live in body. Willing the situation to be different will not work. This puts the person in the position of going against himself and others. Releasing anger allows the situation to change. This could use immediate attention as will sends messages to the solar plexus all the time. If these are ignored, will is being suppressed and the messages back up.

Tuning to letting the body protect the soul in every situation can take some time and practice since situations on earth have so battered down the will that sensitive people have almost believed that the will is bad. Many people are no longer even sure what body is saying since soul and body in most cases have been at odds for so long.

Strict rules for children take the will in the wrong direction. Most schools undermine the will, especially compulsory attendance. It's best if children go only when they want to. Try protecting children from danger and criticism and then letting them behave in any way that they see fit. In other words, turn yourselves loose and turn your kids loose.

Mastery of Right Use of Will insures survival of situations that are bound up in undermining the will. When all else fails, fear activates lost will. Fear, blame and anger are all activated here, but fear is what forces the action. This is why war is so often the destiny path of lost will. If you are conscious of what's happening and make your choices, it feels right to you; if you are unconscious and therefore bound to things, you know not why, it may not feel good. Will speaks body's truth and when attuned, harmonizes very well with soul's destiny path.

Taking love away from someone (i.e., making your love conditional) is undermining the will. No one who undermines another's will is practicing Right Use of Will. Love is the way of free will and truly free will then allow freedom and some seeming indulgences. They are not really indulgences though. They are will seeing body's needs and then soul allowing these needs to be taken care of. Taking care of needs is love's way. It is not love's way to deny body's needs and pretend that the situation is different or that it should be different. Accept your situation as it is. Then, if soul sees a better way and if it is better for body, body will accept it. If body is afraid of change, educate it about the change so it can try the new way without fighting the soul. Body fear means it has been dominated by the soul and has not liked the results.

Judgments interfere with will's ability to function according to the true needs of the body. Almost everyone on the planet today is carrying judgments. Judgments are the reason that body dies. Understand that soul can still decide to withdraw and body would then die, but if there are no judgments, body does not need to run down and die. It can live here as long as soul and body want to. Also, soul does not need to withdraw, it can choose to take body with it.

To verbalize without judging, everything is accepted as it is as the perfect present and potential growth as a possible/probable future, not as what should be in the present. Judgment accepts the idea that things aren't perfect as they are, this makes change harder because acceptance is what a thing seeks before it can change easily. When something feels judged against, it wants to defend itself.

Many judgments are made in a moment's emotions and then, if not forgiven, these judgments hang around affecting all situations in this area. If understanding has returned and/or even increased since the judgment was made, the judgment still takes awhile to dissolve and thus affects consciousness until it does dissolve. Understanding as to why this is so: judgments are thought forms attached to the thinker. Each time the judgment is made again, the thought form intensifies and judgments are often made again whenever we meet similar situations. Judgments are a conditioning we carry with us that brings a past attitude to a present situation and in doing so, the present is affected and so not given full possibility to be what it is, but is seen according to what we have conditioned ourselves to expect. Karma is conditioning is judgment.

A judgment is "not understanding" and allows that energy to act accordingly: without understanding. Thus the energy bound up in a judgment is not free and is unable to understand when understanding returns. Understanding cannot easily return to energy that "can't understand." Accepting even the judgment as right for the moment, and a contributor to the growth that has now allowed it to be outgrown, allows a judgment to be released with love and understanding (i.e., transmuted to light and wisdom). Most judgments are about ourselves; some are about others, events or the world.

Understanding Right Use of Will goes with releasing judgments so that body is in the now and fully nourished with the light. Then soul may still want to withdraw from body, or body from soul, but it becomes a choice, consciously made and not the only path available.

Anyone who wants to learn Right Use of Will can do so by practicing on everything that comes along, then all is a challenge and an opportunity. Many on the warrior's path understand that body is the home of soul in the physical and are aware of the will. Many, however, accept their judgments as who they are. This means they are bound to their behavior patterns. For example: I am not a good swimmer. Whereas understanding allows behavior to change any time the warrior wants it to. Observation of behavior would be something like: `There is more I could do with my swimming. The warrior, being certain within, does not go up or down according to what happens around him. Lopsided reasoning accepts this mentally without actually practicing it.

When this happens, mind has a reality that body isn't participating in and then the two are not in alignment. When this goes on for any length of time, body can get the idea that it's not capable of keeping up with the mind, when actually the mind is only indulging itself in a separate reality from the body and not educating the body in this reality. Judging flesh as weak is a common way of doing this ("spirit is willing, but flesh is weak," etc.)

Some warriors are successful in closing the mind-body gap by teaching body later after mind has explored possibilities. Some have been distracted by their mind until they let their mind run everything, deciding for body what body's experience will be. Accepting body fully means allowing it to tryout and experience what mind is working with in order to understand what works for a particular warrior. Body learns by acting out and experiencing. More often than not each warrior has his own particular way of doing things. This opens the way to accepting that each path is as divine as each other path and only Right Use of Will (i.e., free will) really allows each to develop practice and master his own way.

Judgment is the only "sin;" all is opportunity to learn; only judgment decides otherwise. Even if reality doesn't seem allowing of this will can still try to express, creating more space in the trying. Soul, balanced with Right Use of Will, is opening to the highest possibility of being a human.

Judgments (karma) are not the only reason people become physical. However, if there are judgments, love is conditional. If love is conditional, that person is bound to the physical plane. Freedom to be physical or not comes when love for the physical plane is unconditional. Judgments made in the physical plane maybe released in other planes (between lives, etc.), but releasing them in the physical plane where they were made is the most powerful.

Lost energy, lost love, lost power, lost anything is the result of judgments. What was lost returns when you forgive yourself and others for judgments made. This does not mean forgiving yourself for the behavior, it means accepting the behavior and forgiving yourself for not having accepted it before because of whatever reason your judgment placed on it. More often than not judgments are made and then forgotten until the situation comes up again to give the person the opportunity to see the understanding he was missing before. If, instead of understanding, the person judges again, then the judgment becomes stronger, the thought form more vitalized, the energy more locked into that pattern of perception.

If a person does repeat judgments, then he also repeats the experiences involved with those judgments. Finally, an experience will bring the understanding needed to release the judgment. In the physical plane, as it is now on earth, however, people often don't release the old judgment when the understanding comes. Then the judgment continues to hang around with the understanding and a person can feel mixed - sometimes understanding, sometimes not. Understanding a judgment is still not releasing it - actually releasing it allows understanding to fully take its place. Judgments are not necessary steps on the way to understanding. Observation and evaluation, learning and experiencing, can all take place without judgments. Judgments are outside of time. Judgments exist after the situation in which they were made no longer exists and yet they continue to limit your possibilities.

Most judgments are made when experience confuses the person's sense of understanding and the person feels the need to make sense of the situation. Judgments do label and structure the situation and control the energy. But then they also lock the energy up into the patterns the judgments have created. In this way a feeling of not enough understanding, control, etc. is compensated for by clamping down with judgments that bring too much rigidity and control. And so the pendulum of karma swings until the balance is found

Judgment release must be real and deeply felt, not just lip service or intellectual understanding. Love is the way to release judgments. Specifically, with love and understanding forgive yourself for judging. Judgments are conditions that the person places on whatever the judgment is held against. Unconditional love doesn't judge. Whatever is judged against then, is by the nature of judgment unacceptable.  If it were acceptable at the time the judgment is made, then the judgment would not be made.

The action of judgment making is to stop the situation from changing. That is why understanding the nature of judgments makes it easy to release them. Why keep something with you that you didn't like in the first place? A judgment sets you up to repeat situations until understanding is gained. A judgment says something is such and such. The label impedes change and the more it is repeated, the more it conditions you. For example, "water is frightening," is a judgment; the actual truth is "I almost drowned once and was frightened at that time."

People have thought that God was judgmental and/or that karma was punishment and/or having to pay up for sins or debts. Judgment is the "sin" or "debt," and all your karma (your personal judgments) are with yourself. Judgments are conditioning to see things a certain way. Judgments equals karma equals conditioning. God allows everything. People have judged by not thoroughly understanding situations and then have made laws based on judgments - laws based on the idea that the nature of man must be controlled. Actually, no one can harm another person unless their judgments mesh. If a so-called criminal victimizes a so-called victim, the fastest way to resolve this problem would be if both accepted their responsibility in the situation, and found, understood and released the judgments that created the situation.

Since, at present, society is some ways from doing this, a big step would be to release the judgments you are aware of by converting that energy to understanding, wisdom and love; then accepting situations that come to you as coming to give you an opportunity to gain understanding. This is how it all becomes a challenge. Then judgments carried within these situations can be released and understanding and love is what you have instead. The more judgments you release, the more consciously you direct your life from love, creativity and abundance.

If you know what you want, releasing the judgments that keep you from it will allow you what you want. This is because God is love, God is abundance. When judgments are released, understanding and love come in their place. Judgments separate us from God. When we accept and love all of ourself, then our abundance, our wisdom, all the attributes of love grow, as love is always evolving and expanding. Only judgments place someone, to whatever extent they have judged, outside of the abundance and love of God. In other words, misunderstanding, locked into judgments makes a shadow, a veil that gives a person an illusion of being separate from God. Literally, judgments shutout light.

To practice these things it is necessary to give up the idea that it is hard to do. It is much easier than carrying judgments and the resulting body tension. It takes some practice to do what is only intellectually understood now, but the practice is fun, especially if the judgments in the way of success are released.

In Right Use of Will, feelings are the expression of will and soul joining together in the heart. Feelings are the expression of will's response to the presence of the soul. Soul activates a response from will, i.e., feelings. Soul realizes a situation's possibilities. When the two are in alignment, the person feels like doing what soul sees as the highest possibility in a given situation. When the two are not in alignment, the soul sees the possibilities and the will doesn't want to try them for some reason. Judgments are those reasons. The person also may not see the possibilities because a lot of judgments can also shut the soul out of conscious expression. Then soul really has a very limited opportunity to try things. To make a long story short, these limitations are not accepted indefinitely. If there is a deadlock, death results. Physical death is really body and soul taking a break from each other until something changes to make a new try possible. Half of the cards belong to the will and half to the soul. Balance is finally necessary instead of dominance by one or another.

Right Use of Will can be achieved by following the outline given without trying... for Right Use of Will doesn't come from trying but from allowing. Allow will to express whatever it needs to express to clear old feelings and come into alignment with soul. Soul expresses if it's given a chance and will comes into alignment with this if it is not suppressed. Release of judgments is central to this. Giving yourself the space you need to try whatever you can is practicing Right Use of Will. Don't judge it beforehand. Try it. If the experience doesn't bring you all of what you need, learn from it and try again.

"Well, what about people who want to try things that pollute and/or harm others?" If no one knows that these things can be harmful in advance of experience, then Right Use of Will learns by experiencing it. If some people do know this, then they can place themselves into positions where they can teach this without suffocating others' opportunity to learn. Everyone is trying to learn even when it doesn't look like it. Remember, judgments being carried can adversely affect this process. Now, if the person who could teach is busy judging against his own power to teach instead or busy judging against other people's receptivity instead, perhaps because of past frustrations, then it is easy to see how judgments complicate the learning process and the easy fulfillment of the destiny path.

Judgments make things stand still or repeat until the judgment is lifted. Open space gives room for change. See situations as changing no matter what. Do what you can to assist change and growth and always accept the situation as it is. Right Use of Will always finds the balance between the physical reality and the spiritual ideal. There is not another way that really works. Other ways run down one or the other aspects of humans until death finally results.

In the physical plane love evolves by expressing. Right Use of Will involves a person's unconditional acceptance of all things, changing those he can by encouraging growth. Judgments give situations the aspect of a prison as things locked into judgments can't change. Love is always growing, that is its nature.

Body needs to be allowed to do all it can to protect soul unconditionally, including all it can to be strong and healthy without the body taking over. The balance point here is to do what you can without letting care for the body keep you from fulfilling aims of the soul. Most people try to enslave soul and body to one another. The enslavement is accomplished by placing conditions (judgments). Soul is free, growing love, and it can't express well if it is all up locked up by conditions. Judgments reduce the amount of light nourishing the body, and so, no matter what physical things you do to nourish, body depletes its light and dies. If soul can really live in body, light and physical forms of light (food, water, etc.) nourish and you live long, strong, not even needing a lot of sleep.

The way to be free of judgments is to feel unconditional loving acceptance for whatever is happening and always see it as changing, growing and learning. Always seeing everything as growing opens space for this to happen; problems can then become challenges.  Love is served thus.

Focusing the will in total acceptance is different from pretending to accept while actually denying the situation. Denying that you are ill and continuing instead to carry on is not Right Use of Will. Insisting, for example, that you don't have an ulcer is not Right Use of Will. Accepting the situation and the conditions in your own consciousness that created the ulcer is the first step. Then when body accepts that the soul is understanding and changing the consciousness that created the ulcer, the will can totally focus on healing the ulcer. To do this you see the stomach as complete and perfectly together again, without faltering, wavering or doubting. If you want to heal very quickly, attention of will will not lapse until the ulcer is healed. Placing this much awareness with your stomach means it is very unlikely that you'll ignore it again; if you do, forgive yourself and go on. Living daily in the Right Use of Will makes this easier to accomplish; however, no Right Use of Will goes unrewarded. Someone who does not ordinarily practice Right Use of Will can begin at any time. For example, if the will really wants to heal quickly, it will stay focused until it has accomplished this.

As we are now, sudden responses of Right Use of Will (without thinking about it) in situations of extreme emergency are often easier since the emergency temporarily overrides existing judgments. Example: jumping a high fence you couldn't ordinarily jump to escape a car coming at you. If the will can take over in extreme situations, giving it room to express every day prepares us to accept more and more of what Right Use of Will has to offer us. The gift Right Use of Will has to offer at any time is the feeling of physical vitality and complete preparedness to handle whatever comes up. Attuned will acting all the time does not exhaust us the way a suppressed will action can by having to so forcefully override judgments and utilize an out-of-shape body. Allowing that today's mastery prepares for tomorrow's challenge is the infinite evolving of the soul.

Right Use of Will in the Chakras is the Mystical Marriage

The first chakra is the basic physical energy. The body is not strong if itis not well nourished by the basic and vital, physical energy. This is Right Use of Will's basic beginning as Right Use of Will situated in the first chakra is the allowing of the soul to infuse the entire body. When magnetic earth energy meets spiritual energy unconditionally in the first chakra, it glows bright red. The red physical vitality will rise up through the chakras as the spiritual energy will flow down through the chakras when soul and will are balanced. Feeling the practice of Right Use of Will in the first chakra means the person is strong, vital and warm blooded. Will is the personal expression of magnetic energy joining with the spiritual energy of a particular soul.

This vital energy then rises to the second chakra as pure will power. In the first chakra it is pure survival, in the second chakra the will begins to see ways to insure survival. The second chakra interprets situations as positive or negative and how strongly so.  The second chakra feels the situation and its will to meet it continues to rise to the third chakra. Right Use of Will in the third chakra means that this chakra receives the information of basic and vital energy (first chakra) wanting to survive (second chakra)and differentiates it into messages to the body about how it needs to function to survive.

Third chakra solar plexus says things like eat now, sleep now, go at what you're doing carefully, etc. It is interpreting the input body is getting and giving and sending messages to body about what to do. Solar plexus receives stimuli from the will, differentiates and sends in an automatic manner the appropriate nerve signal to the body to regulate it harmoniously. Right Use of Will in this means a strong, vital body knowing if a situation is positive or negative for it and responding in a well directed and appropriate way to whatever set of stimuli in whatever situation it finds itself. We are all doing this to a certain extent as we are alive in the physical. Allowing this process more freedom to evolve is what Right Use of Will is about.

Feats such as speed, incredible jumps, etc., will happen automatically when called for if there are no judgments against Right Use of Will. The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus were feats' of Right Use of Will chosen by that personality. Some other feats of Right Use of Will are flying, going along with a harmful situation and then pushing the harm or injury back out of the body, walking on hot coals or lying on beds of nails. The feats of Right Use of Will are often widely publicized as incredible, but actually they were and can be again the natural response of the body if circumstances call for such a response. The solar plexus is the center of these actions.

Fear of the feats of Right Use of Will also can keep the person from allowing the will to act. Letting go of judgments against the will is the way to let go of the fear of Right Use of Will. Fear of an actual situation can activate the will to do what is called for at that moment. Fear of allowing this is a fear that comes in response to judgments. Lost will that does not respond to fear of a situation is carrying so many judgments that it is as good as dead. Each time the response of the will is doubted or feared the will center receives that message. This overrides and suppresses the will. If the will is then going to be able to act strongly enough to override the fear and doubt, it calls for more and more will energy. It is possible to strengthen the will in this way, but more often the will is exhausted this way. Anger and tears result and if it is really extreme, even catatonia can result.

By lifting will into the heart chakra, will can really feel the unconditional love that soul has for will. When will feels unconditional love then will is able to unconditionally accept soul. Then the two work in total harmony and trust.

Will rises into the heart if will trusts soul enough to meet it there and soul also allows this. If soul pushes will down, overriding it (judgments),then will can't rise into the heart. Will rises into the heart in exact response to soul's acceptance of this. Acceptance nourishes trust. Therefore, only unconditional acceptance of the will allows all of the will energy to reach the higher chakras. Love in the heart needs the will to be warm and human. Love that is very attached and/or manipulative and/or selfish is will receiving soul in the solar plexus and not being allowed into the heart. Soul love alone in the heart can feel too cool and detached from humanness. When this separation is experienced, then love is experienced as detached at times and attached at times so that no matter what is happening, one or the other, heart or solar plexus, is dissatisfied. And the person, attempting balance, shifts back and forth and can get the idea that solar plexus is to be denied. When will and soul join in the heart love is constant and neither too attached or detached, or too selfish or self-denying. A balanced heart with soul and will, spiritual and magnetic energy, is able to accept everything as love and together will and soul can choose where they feel most at home among all things.

Unconditional love is not in the soul only. Will must unconditionally accept this or body does not experience soul's truth. When will and soul are balancing in the heart, questions are to improve understanding and cooperation. Love is giving and receiving.

Allowing will into the throat center (fifth chakra) means not only speaking, it is the expression center. Right Use of Will means that whenever expression is called for, the person creatively and appropriately expresses himself. This has usually been thought to be confined to artists, actors, etc. Right Use of Will brings out creative expression in everyone. Right Use of Will here also means listening to others. Listening and expressing come into an appropriate balance.

Right Use of Will in the Third Eye center (sixth chakra) brings acceptance of creative expression in everyone. Will accepts the seeing of the soul. If both are unconditional, visual information is received unconditionally and this produces deep understanding. The more unconditional the sixth center is to both soul and will, the more can be seen and the more clearly it is seen, unbounded by any restrictions including time and space. The presence of the will allows body to accept and understand the perceptions of the higher centers. Soul can override here and force its vision on the body, but then body does not fully accept and understand and so doesn't fully participate, but instead reacts. Reacting runs it down. Allowing the will freedom of expression also allows the soul freedom of expression. The unconditional acceptance of both, once again, produces the fullest and freest flow of energy.

The Third Eye can see and understand all there is in creation and the crown chakra can hear and understand all there is in creation. Right Use of Will in the crown chakra means that that center accepts all that the soul wants to communicate to the person. The person is aware at all times of all that the soul wants to communicate and the presence of the will means that the body is able to respond consciously to the presence of the soul. Unconditional presence of the soul and the will in the crown chakra means that soul communicates everything it wants to express and body is willing to accept all of it. Lost will in the crown chakra means that body doesn't want to hear from soul because it has lost faith and trust in soul's treatment of body. The crown chakra also receives spiritual energy and if it is blocked, the person is cut off from the source and can not replenish the light he was born with. Will energy opens this chakra to receive the light.

Responsibility for imbalance in any chakra belongs to the soul as it is soul that puts forth the impulse which body accepts. Even in the first chakra it is soul that ignites the vital energy either wholeheartedly or less than that, by how unconditionally it wants to come dwell in physical body. i.e., join with the magnetic energy of the physical plane. Only if soul does not accept and respect the body does the will revolt. When a question from the will comes, don't question it as to whether it is lost will revolting or loving will expressing, just allow it and express it any way it is urging you to express. If spoken word is not enough, act out the impulse, for only by beginning with total acceptance of where we are now can we evolve the will.

Right Use of Will Between People

Accepting your own will can be difficult at the talking level, but at the feeling level it feels better than any other approach and will wants to feel good. Joy at accepting love is the natural state of the will unconditionally accepted by soul and soul by will. Between people free will must also be accepted unconditionally. To do this requires accepting your own will unconditionally first and then it is very easy to accept the free will of others.

At the present time the attitude toward free will is only tolerant of the barest essentials required to keep the soul interested in being physical at all. This is because of the judgments individuals hold against their own body and expression, i.e., their own will collectively becomes the view societies hold. Living with lost will can become an unbearable situation to anyone who will not allow their own will to be undermined. Opening the will center and allowing it to express can be a difficult thing to do around people who don't understand what you are trying to do; but accepting unconditionally the situation as it is on earth at this time is the necessary starting point and accepting your body unconditionally just as it is at present is the necessary starting point.

Then, allow the will to express a little more each day. Allowing the will gradually to return to Right Use of Will puts the color back into daily life and personal relationships between people. Refusal to accept one another and attempts to imprison others to what we can handle can create paranoid, conformist behavior. Have faith that as you open to your will you will also be able to open your heart to accepting the people around you unconditionally and judgments will be replaced by acceptance and encouragement for what you and the people around you want to try.

What is right for one person is not necessarily right for another trust yourself. Opening to unconditional acceptance and love is the way to no longer take the path of death, disease and disablement that lost will leads to. Happiness and abundance and all attributes of giving and receiving are fully operative when unconditional. People can then grow in harmony freedom and understanding.

What if expressing yourself honestly might hurt the feelings of someone else?

Judging what someone else needs is not allowing them to learn for themselves what they need and how to take care of themselves in terms of those needs. Will needs to be free to develop itself. Keeping will imprisoned and denied in favor of what others want from you and what you want from then (expectations) gives lost will an even more difficult time and ultimately does not work. Judgments against allowing your expression tend to also deny other people their expression. Start where you are and trust that the people around you are there because you all have similar judgments to work out. If not ,you may want to change friends.

If you are worried about hurting someone, you are saying that you know what's good for them. No one really knows what is for someone else's highest good, except allowing them the freedom to learn for themselves. If someone says that something is too painful and they don't want you to do it, then you must decide which is more important, their opinion or your need. Feeling conditions on your expression is not pleasant and that's why it is for the highest good to allow everyone freedom to learn.

No one likes to be told that they can't do what they want to do. Feeling a restriction gives a feeling of a prison. The physical plane feels like prison because so many people have accepted so many restrictions. The kindest thing you can do is to release restrictions from yourself and those around your. Do only what you want to do. Right Use of Will does not harm people, the restrictions do. Accepting this is presently difficult because conditioning has been strong that the reverse is true. Accepting Right Use of Will though means that you are accepting the way it is - and that is accepting unconditional love and acceptance is God's way. People are evolving toward this. The soul is the love and the acceptance is the Right Use of Will. These two together are balanced expression, neither too detached nor too selfish.

What if you're in a group and there's not an agreement of what to do?

In forming a group, it's helpful to take similarities and differences into account. Are the similarities enough to allow assimilating the differences without pressure? If pressure is used, an eruption often results. The will of each person must be accepted and respected. To work together and agree unconditionally, all the agreements can accept one another easily as the common ground. The disagreements can be accepted as the areas of individuality. If everyone is allowed and accepted, the most space possible can then be made for all the viewpoints. This is much facilitated if everything is seen as open to growth and change rather than immovably locked into judgments. If my idea of how to do it and your idea of how to do it are both fluid, then agreement is more easily reached than if there is a rigid standoff.

Unconditionally accepting everyone's feelings is the only way without building the problems we see on earth today. Practically, this means that no one should tell another what to do or not do. Offer advice only and leave everyone freedom to do as he feel she must. If a person is doing what others in the group cannot accept unconditionally then the person doing those things probably needs to do them somewhere else. Compromise of course is possible, too, if it's willing compromise. If majority must rule at times, leave openings for minority's needs to express, perhaps at another time or elsewhere. If agreement cannot be reached between members of the group on certain things and there is still reason to continue being a group, then the dissident elements need to see that they can accept the group's idea where they are on common ground with their own, and leave the group when they want to do what the rest of the group does not at present accept. See the situation, however, as growing and learning. You are not denying free will unless you force on yourself or another a situation that you or they are unable to accept. No one's freewill expression should deny the free will of anyone else; no one's choices should be such as to disallow the choices of others; that is not Right Use of Will.

What if someone says that their expression of will wants to physically harm you?

Lost will accepts fighting only if it feels that fighting will help it to recover. It is not the practice of Right Use of Will if you allow your body to be harmed without body agreeing to it. If you find yourself threatened, judgments created this. No one can harm another unless their judgments mesh. So then what do you do? Whatever your will urges you to do in relationship to the threat. If a lost will cannot insist on your safety, then it experiences the results of soul overriding it with judgments.

Wanting to harm another person comes from undermining the will until anger is so great that it breaks down the controls that are holding back will's expression. If anger acts our on another, it is a person that represents what you are denying yourself. The recipient of this violence could have a number of different judgments against his own power and/or self-worth that make escape impossible. Judgments that the person has done something that deserves punishment, or that he has no power and is therefore victimized, etc. The situation of the will not expressing until extreme anger can often bring later regrets. Very often people even feel that they were not themselves when they acted in such anger. This is because a lot of suppression keeps the will so estranged from the everyday consciousness of the person that when it expresses, it really does feel like a stranger that comes out on the force of extreme anger. If it doesn't need that force to break loose, it does not need to be regrettable

Any attempt to express the will is a step in the right direction. Even violence has something to offer; at least it lets us know how much we are suppressing. The anger is really at ourselves anyway. Aiming it at someone else is a way we are able to see the reflection of what we are externalizing (placing beyond ourselves by holding judgments against parts of ourselves - being conditional). The way another person angers us is if we become convinced that they are more powerful (a threat) in some way than we are. As we see it, they are allowing themselves what we are not allowed or are not allowing us what we want by some action of theirs. Actually, none of this can happen unless we allow. If we are angry, chances are we are not allowing it by agreement but are allowing it through judgments we hold that are limiting ourselves. In other words, we are holding ourselves back. Feelings of hatred are always from judgments that we hold on ourselves. Reality as we see it then reflects our judgments to us until we learn to see through them. If allowed to, will can tell us who could harm us and who could help us before they act.

Have faith in the process and allow your process to teach you what you need to know. It is not always necessary to understand what is being experienced. Sometimes it is only necessary to accept it. Will does not begin with understanding, but learns by accepting an experience and learning from it. This is Right Use of Will in the process of evolving. Will not only wants to express the present, but tries to get there by trying to shove out old messages whenever it meets a situation that is similar to an unfinished one. When will tries to express, don't cross examine. Is this selfish will revolting? Is this balanced will? Is this okay or not? Just allow the will to clear itself. Help it.

Expressing will lets it know that it's accepted. If will is accepted, it lifts more easily into the heart and there is warmth. The heat does not feel as intense as when it's held down in the solar plexus. Will having a real role in anyone's life depends upon acceptance. Lost will feels unaccepted and unacceptable. It holds back then, for fear of judgment and rejection. Then the person feels frustrated at not being able to express himself and can feel powerless. The ideal way is to be unconditional with yourself and with everyone else. Until this is possible, allowing yourself to be honest about what you accept and don't accept is allowing will to express and learn. Continuing to lift judgments at the same time moves you toward unconditionality.

What if someone wants to steal something without judging it? If an unconditional desire to have something exists, then the person will have that thing and there is no need to steal. Therefore, it is impossible to steal without judgments. The judgments may have been made long ago to create the scarcity that produces the stealing. There is abundance for everyone in creation; people's judgments have created scarcity.

At times it seems easy to get angry with others, the Universe, even God. Where's mine? Why don't I get what I want? It's not fair! Really, this is reluctance to take responsibility for being co-creators in that we create our own reality. God is allowing us to come to a place of unconditionality with ourselves - a place where we are at peace no matter what the feedback may seem to be - a place where we aren't judging, no matter what's going on.

How, then, did will originally get undermined?

The old story of original sin is the story of the will being undermined. Right Use of Will was undermined by allowing questions to become opinions and expectations. Comparing between people can be very dangerous and in those times became judgments of how it should be and the idea crept in that things weren't totally acceptable and perfect as is and totally free to change, also.

Undermining the will was a reaction to noticing differences among people. Another approach was not possible at that rime because of the way each person saw things then. The race was new and not very experienced on Earth when this happened. Understanding will at that time was not yet the experience - only acceptance of the will was the experience then. The race did not understand what was involved - what would happen when differences took the form of preferences instead of all differences increasing the spice of life. Weapons came after the will was undermined because no one was interested in undermining another's will until there was anger about one's own will being undermined.

Right Use of Will now means a return to free will with the understanding that the experience of lost will has given us.

Right Use of Will and Discipline

Opinions that there is a need for discipline are based on observations of undermined will. A will which is not undermined does not need discipline. A will which is undermined does not need discipline unless it has become so confused that it needs help in organizing its recovery, or is acting our old emotional charges on people who do not want to accept them or is trying to take over as a compensation to being held down.

Accept the fact, however, that almost no one on Earth today is coming from a fully attuned will, and so situations need to be accepted as they are. What is workable now is what will be acted out. People are not required to experience another person's will expression. We all have our own free will and can ask the person to act out somewhere else or remove ourselves. Psychologists call this time out. If, at times, discipline is what feels right to the people involved, then discipline is what will be acted out. This is because undermined will trying to come into balance can be misunderstood and also can appear to be at times intolerable to others. The action of discipline should not carry the idea that the will's action is wrong or that one person is right and the other wrong. But that more space is needed at this time to allow all the people involved a chance to have their expression. Overpowering may not be accepted easily. If someone is overpowering another and the response to this is discipline, the discipline should not be overpowering either.

The specifics are different with everybody, but an understanding of unconditional acceptance of everything more than likely will make discipline a thing of the past. Seeing these expressions that were thought to need discipline as the will trying to come into alignment and recover its joy aids the acceptance and assistance of this process. Working with no blame, no right or wrong, no judgments, and moving thus toward expanding will's accepted expression will bring things into harmony again.

An approach other than discipline is modifying behavior with rewards. Psychologists call this positive reinforcement. Then the will feels accepted. The reward might only need to be the good feeling that comes from acceptance and encouragement. It may be more. Will can be educated to accept that something which seems unpleasant now can bring pleasant results later. Acceptance is easier if feelings aren't denied. If will needs to complain, for example, allow it to.

When one person takes the role of disciplining another in away that looks like a right and wrong judgment has been made, it can anger the will further which then backfires, usually, somehow, sometime ,somewhere. If the one disciplining takes responsibility for their part in the creation of what is happening, then balance is brought to the situation. Always, all the participants in any situation have had some part in creating that situation. An example is wanting to stop your child from disruptive behavior that is demanding your attention. As the parent, did you help create this by not giving them any real attention until you had to because of the disruptive form it is now taking? Allowing expression of feelings does not mean that the will will take over and control everything, it only means that the will is being accepted and allowed its role.

Judgment Release

Will can accept a teaching and feel no reservations with it if a variety of experiences can allow will to make some choices and thereby feel it has agreed with soul freely about what to do and the way to do it. A way to give judgments to the light is to allow yourself a choice. There are a number of ways to release judgments.

Very likely, will will want to act our old emotional charges and soul will not. If soul really can't allow will to act our old charges, will could be offered an exchange. If will agrees to dissolve old charges, soul agrees then to allow all messages from the will. From now on, then, these will be accepted and given some form of expression. To do this, you really need to be able to accept that your will is capable of doing this and that you are going to listen to it from now on. Then allow it to happen by giving all judgments against this to the light. To see and accept feelings of the will and vision of the soul as equal partners is a good way to begin a practice of Right Use of Will.

Judgment release can also be done by seeing the judgments that you make daily and forgiving them and asking that all similar judgments made in the past also be released. Actually say, "I forgive myself for judging that..." This can be done very simply as a conversation with yourself or in meditation, prayer, affirmation. Visualization, sending of love and light into the judgment, whatever works for you.

Another way to release judgments is to learn to think, talk and acta ccording to what is really happening now, avoiding general labels and statements that are unlimited time wise. This is a way to just stop judging and accept everything as a growing, changing, learning experience. Then old judgments will in time dissolve because the thought form isn't being fed anymore judgmental energy - but only light instead. Actually releasing, however, speeds this up.

It aids release when judgments are first accepted as the truth for the time they were made and their teaching accepted. When the teaching is accepted and understood, you no longer need that judgment or that lesson repeated. For example: A judgment - My Right Use of Will makes other people angry. You don't forgive yourself fordoing something that made others angry. You forgive yourself for forming a rigid opinion against yourself. The observation relevant to the situation may be, "Some people got angry at me yesterday when I..."

Asking for and trying for whatever you want and always accepting what ever comes is another way of looking at Right Use of Will. Praying for the highest possibility within the Divine Plan opens the space for that to be fulfilled. Then accept what comes. Some people do this by asking God for whatever they want and accepting whatever comes as right for them at that time.

Aura balancing based on the Law of Original Creation and the Law of Self-forgiveness also releases judgments and can help find judgments that you may not be aware of.

Soul and will can apologize to each other and forgive each other and forgive themselves and then accept everything as it is and go on from there as another approach to judgment release.

Lost understanding is at the basis of judgments. If an experience succeeds in distracting a soul from its own truth, then judgments can result. If lost understanding is not productive, then what follows is a search for the understanding that seemed lost. Most people search by repeating scenes similar to the ones where they feel they lost it. This is karma/conditioning/judgments drawing you to repeat performances until you finally "get it."

Total acceptance and understanding must accompany the forgiveness to totally dissolve the judgment. If forgiveness isn't total at first, you may partially release. Sometimes we release and then judge again. Accept this also and keep working with it.

About the Double

Many people only travel astrally, so they call the double the astral body. It can move through more planes than that, though. The double is not strictly physical in the sense that the body is. Keep owning more and more of yourself and the double will come naturally, so to speak, for allowing yourself what is really yours is only natural.

The quickest way lost powers can return is not by practice alone, but by releasing judgments that hold parts of yourself away and then practicing to renew the returned skills that have become rusted by disuse. Judgments affect the physical appearance and can keep the double away. Right Use of Will allows the double to align with the physical and with the destiny path. If you are already able to travel without your body it is only judgments that keep physical from accompanying. Judgments keep matter physical more than it would otherwise be and the physical plane has actually become more dense than it originally was. When we originally touched into the physical plane, we ate only fruit when we first are, as we weren't as dense as we are now.

Soul and body can experience much together in the physical plane. Then soul may want to show body another plane. Soul speeds the vibratory rate of body with the double's help and takes it into another plane. Body looks just as it looked in the physical plane except that it is vibrating faster and therefore seems less dense. This vibration can continue to speed up until you are able to experience every plane. The double must accompany body to empower it to do these things. The double returns on a full time basis when it sees that the personality can accept it. Personality is soul and will expressing together. If you accept your double unconditionally and are not afraid of its power, then your double will be able to practice keeping body with it instead of leaving body behind.

The double is also called the etheric double. Planes are interlocking spheres of different vibratory rates. As a person becomes aligned within himself (with these different vibratory rates) the spheres open to him. In understanding the balance of Right Use of Will with the soul energy, you will see that it is impossible to enter the spiritual plane holding judgments. Lost understanding is at the basis of judgments. Accepting only some planes is like a judgment against the planes not accepted. It is not so important what plane the truth comes from as it is to see that the truth in each plane is perfect for that plane and can be understood in that way.

The Planes


NAGUAL + Spirit


TONAL - Etheric





Love is unconditional on all planes. Total recognition of this is, at present, in the plane of the soul and spirit.

Possible Prayer, Meditation or Affirmation to your Double

Roving Double of Mine, hear my call at this time and return to take your place, seeing that the Power in my Physical Being is now enough to have you present with me. If you are not ready to come yet, Prepare to come to me as soon as possible. In order for us to open to one another again, I am preparing myself and ask that you prepare yourself. Please join me at the first opportunity, entering me only if I am prepared. If I am not prepared the first time you come to enter me, please stay nearby, entering my dreams and reaching me with what I need to know to fully accept my Double. I will accept my Double's teachings openly and become ready to reunite fully with my Double at whatever time my Double sees that I am ready. It is possible that I will be ready right away. Amen


The use of drugs is not good or bad in itself, it is the way they are used. If they add to your energy, they can be helpful. If they drain your energy, they are likely to not be helpful. In other words, the person needs to be in control of the drugs rather than the drugs being in control of the person. Small amounts of drugs are not particularly harmful. Abuse of drugs puts holes in the aura, then, among other things, it can be very hard to keep etheric energy from leaking away and consequently very hard to get anything done. Most people at this time do not easily heal the damage. Abuse of alcohol damages the aura also.

Drugs do not necessarily upstage psychic powers, but they can tend to create an illusion of dependence upon the drugs which places the power with the drug rather than the person. Some people fall for this to the extent that they are unable to be unstoned. Some take drugs to get high at times and some take them to learn. Some take the way that opens their understanding more and some don't.

You take the path of life when you understand what your habits' places are in your consciousness and you open yourself to the path of survival when you have control of all of your habits. You take the path of life when you are controlled by nothing except your own will connected to your own soul in your heart. This applies to all habits, not only drugs.

Will attunement is the way taught by Don Juan. He opposes use of drugs unless the person is so conditioned by society that he is unable to break the spell otherwise. He does not oppose when drugs are necessary and of course, this is just his opinion.

Marijuana undermines the will. Physiologically it affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. These are will messages. Knowing your own balance will tell you whether your will needs marijuana or not. Marijuana is no different than any other teacher in that good teachers open doorways to the student and then test the student by trying to trick him into thinking that the student can't do this without the teacher.

The true warrior knows there can be a price paid for using drugs. The true warrior must get the power without getting trapped by whatever he seeks to get the power from, and then not be trapped by the power, remembering that it is not the warrior's power only, but that the Creator is the source.

Don Juan also speaks about habits. You may want to read the books again, realizing that the Nagual is also God and that to avoid selfishness and seeming purposelessness, will is raised to the heart and balanced there with the God connection thus making the warrior also the Magician in Tarot terms, the connection between Heaven and Earth. Right Use of Will being the body's truth, will power in the second chakra rises to the third or solar plexus where the energy is differentiated into various messages relevant to the body, then body's truth rises into the heart to balance with soul's truth.

Questions and Answers

Where does mind fit into right use of will? Mind comes into balance when feelings (will's expression) are allowed to balance with it.

Where does ego fit in? Ego is the personality level of the soul and will expression. The ego operates to protect the person's present level of ability to accept things and express things. Ego is as divine as anything else. There is no problem with ego if it sees itself as expanding in relationship to the person's growth. Ego then realizes its creative potential.

What if Right Use of Will creates emotional turmoil in my life? It may seem to do that at first as it speeds up your process of allowing feelings and emotions to come into balance. Take it at your own speed, and trust that balance does come.

Could we have more examples of judgments?


You always make a mess. I can't stand it. You never pick up after yourself.


I feel angry about this mess right now and I don't feel like picking it up. I would like you to do it.

J: I never put myself first. Other people always put themselves ahead of me.

L: I need to see that I am equal with everyone else.

J: Our last argument was just the same as this one. Let's not talk about it.

L: I feel the same right now as I did last argument. What can we do toward solving this?

J: I can't dance. I don't visualize, etc.

L: So far I haven't danced. I haven't been allowing my visualizations up to now.

J: I'm not musical.             

L: I haven't expressed musically yet this life.

J: When feelings are expressed, the response is negative. Only reasonableness is accepted by people.

L: So far, it seems the people I am with prefer reason to feelings. I want to try both.

Whatever words are comfortable to you are your words. The principle is to be aware of the reality you are creating for yourself with your thoughts and words. Is it open or is it imprisoned to preformed ideas and images?

What about pollution, radioactivity, things that seem way beyond us?

The practice of Right Use of Will allows the body to attune to protecting itself. It will know its own truth without needing to wait to be told. It will also speed up your vibratory rate so that these things are less and less harmful to you. This will be covered more fully in Sequel to Right Use of Will; it is first necessary to begin the practice of Right Use of Will if it is right for you. Then more information will be given.

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