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   The following are excerpts from Ceanne DeRohan’s “ Right Use of Will” series. I have come to believe that all that has unraveled in the last twenty years since the first book was released has borne witness to the truth found in these pages. The answers to mankind’s quest for spiritual as well as physical evolution lies not out in the phenomenal world but inside his own being.

   As we look out at our world of human drama we find only others much like ourselves struggling to find a way out of something that we don’t like and feel helpless with, in all attempts at changing it or evening avoiding it. The urgency is building; time seems to be folding on itself and no matter how fast we travel or how much we deny what we see, it returns to us as quickly as it is released. Indeed, a shift is taking place and as we gather ALL that, we believe we are. We must begin to understand all the living sentient entities that we share consciousness through as well as with. That we are the conductor in a symphony that we mistakenly misconstrue as a one time sense of life reality is really so much more and that we have come to the well so many more times than we are willing to admit, contributes to the mystery of our own uniqueness.

   Please open yourselves to see how each of the threads we may find here, apply to all of our own personal aspects and how they interact within themselves and how we sense or hear all that goes on with all of the voices that reflect the true us. As we are suppose to have four sentient bodies, we live, think as well as feel through (mental, emotional, spirit, physical) can you discern the different voices that belong to you from those that are there to help as well as guide you from other places and those of the different versions of what are called our higher selves. At first thought it is confusing going from one you to nine of you all being organized by something that is only partial of your soul essence but what is considered your personality. (Not your brain)

A great sorting needs to be done to understand even the simplest of tasks let alone begin to function interactively inter-dimensionally as a true creator God child aspiring to take their place among the stars and the dimensions too. To quote the father principle “The potential is incredible”, through the mother principle we experience the feeling and the attraction of the experience. The Ego shows how we hold the self in the esteem of conveying the connection of the me to you. The will, the receiver of magnetic energy the dispenser of orgasmic fulfillment.

   We then have the heart; with its story of unification, the melding of the divine feminine and that of the Father spirit or ghost, as some believe it to be. As above so Below. Upwards we look to see the Soul and that of the personality. Forever the Mother and the Father in newer higher revelations of the promise we are to realize.


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