Session 49



   Your new friend can be called Mareth, M-a-r-e-t-h, which is the name most suitable for his entity. You realize that such names are translations, as indeed all of this material is a translation of realities into conceptual patterns, and from conceptual patterns into words. It is with the words, of course, that necessary distortions must occur.


   If the material is to be understood by the ego, then it must be translated in the beginning into terms which the ego is competent to handle, unfortunately. Inner data, which will be and is being received, will be valid, and vivid, and will exist beyond any doubt. We shall set up plans so that any experiences will be documented.


   Nevertheless a freedom from the ego must be permitted to some extent, so that the inner self can most freely operate. I have spoken of tests and experiments that can be conducted, and which will yield physical results that will be ultimately accepted.


   I have also said that space travel, so-called, will of necessity deviate from the present concern with vehicles. It will be discovered that the inner senses represent your only long-lasting method of such travel.


   When it is understood that space and time are both camouflages, and that your cause and effect theory is a result of a continuity theory that no longer makes sense, then your scientists will recognize the impossibility of trying to decipher basic reality with camouflage instruments, and vehicles, that of themselves produce distortive theories, and only serve to probe further into camouflage patterns.


   The experiments will be many. Hypnotism, as I have mentioned, will be a basic tool in the beginning. Hypnotism, you see, is not a camouflage tool, but a psychological tool which is therefore uncamouflaged, and relatively undistorted.


   Hypnotism will be necessary, however, only for a time, and only to induce the light trance state. In light trance state, the inner self is free from the camouflage nature of your plane, and the truly humorous aspect of this: Only by freeing yourself from your own camouflage universe can you see it clearly, understand it for what it is, and actually learn to use it for mankind's best advantage.


   When tests are conducted, and this will take a while, but when tests are conducted in laboratories, using the trance, the controlled and disciplined trance, as a tool and an instrument, then very quickly with you be able to delve beneath personal subconscious material to other layers.


   We have spoken of these other layers. For the edification of our esteemed visitors, I will quickly mention them. Beneath personal subconscious material you will find data, free, dealing with racial memories which will be of great benefit to psychologists and sociologists. Beneath this you will find material that is concerned with the beginning of the species as a whole; and beneath this, and connected to it by the emotions, you will come to the boundaries of the inner self.


   When tests are conducted, the inner self can be reached without too much difficulty. The methods to be used here are already familiar to you, Joseph, and to Ruburt.


   (For emphasis Jane knocked on table top. All through this material she spoke with much emphasis and used many gestures.)


   When this material begins to tally, when under trance many of the same answers are received, when it is discovered that the knowledge of the basic universe is contained within the living individual, and when there is no doubt that the solutions given are the same, then and only then will you begin to solve the problems that are there before you.


   The light trance, again, is necessary only for a time, and theoretically is not necessary at all. The only necessity here is that to permit yourself not to displace the ego, but more, to enable yourself to look within and past the ego.


   There are few more points here, merely connective material, that I want to make before going further into a discussion of experiments that should, and will, be tried.


   I suggest that you take a break; and one of these nights I will break you all up, but we shall certainly save pieces. Perhaps between us we can all put them together again, in a most splendid fashion.


Break at 9:55. Jane was fully dissociated. Jane resumed at a slower pace at 10:05.


I have explained to you how the inner self is connected to the present personality, and how the emotions at your end change through the layers of the subconscious, begin in your plane as parts of the personality, and is part of your force field, and then are transformed and become the inner-sense connective that connects the outer ego to the inner self.


   I have also explained how energy is transformed, and changes, adapting itself to the particular camouflage pattern of any given plane. Now in these tests you will reach the inner self. The results will be, then, valid in physical terms. The emotions are the outer extensions of the inner senses, and it is therefore through the intuitions and traveling, the traveling of the pathways of the emotions, that you will come in contact with the inner self, and therefore be able to carry back this information in the same manner.


   Your visitors are not as yet acquainted with the inner ego, and I suggest that you fill them in. The point to remember here is that the results from the tests will be so valid that they will not be overlooked, and yet their validity will be different in quality. You remember what I have said about psychological experience.  Psychological experience has no reality in space or time.


   If you trusted only your so-called scientific method, then you would not admit that you have ever even had a psychological experience, since it takes up no space and exists independently of time. Nevertheless, no one will argue that the psychological experience has no validity. A psychological experience is so valid that it can change the course, not only of one life, but of many.


   Therefore, the proof in our experiments will be valid in the terms that psychological experience is valid; and more, because by its results it will make itself known. In space travel for example, you are not going to be seen flying through the air like some gray-haired eagle. Your journey will simply not be through space, since space is a camouflage.


   When you realize this, then our energy transformation and our change of molecular structure comes into play. There is no barrier of space to be overcome, there is merely a transformation, first of all of psychic energy, and then because you are on your plane bound to many camouflage concepts, there will be a secondary reconstruction of physical image.


   In your dreams, when the conscious ego is stilled you often and continuously work this transformation, and we have gone into this problem. What we are concerned with is this reconstruction, but this reconstruction in durable enough terms so that communication can take place.


   Even in dreams, this communication has taken place, but we, we want much more. We want such a physical reconstruction of the image in a purposeful manner, at a given place and time, on your plane. This is far from impossible, but it requires discipline and training, along with the freedom which more and more Ruburt is able to bring to these sessions.


   In the dream world, you do and perform more than you realize. Secondary personality problems that cannot be taken up by the personality in regular life, for various reasons, are worked out as you know.  What you do not realize, however, is that these images that you all create, have an existence independent of your knowledge, once you have created them.


   No thought or idea is extinguished, and they all follow the laws which I am in the process of giving you. The growth of an idea takes up no space. I have explained that the expanding universe theory contains a gross error, since the universe, the real universe, is expanding; but it is expanding in terms of value fulfillment and has nothing to do with expansion in space.


   So do your dream images exist in the same manner, and you are as unaware of their existence as you are of your own subconscious existence. You do not know how you move across the floor. You are not conscious of each breath you take. You know that your muscles move, without your volition. You know you breathe, and in the same manner that you undertake physiological, biological and mental leaps and functions, so do you also create the reality of the dream world.


   I wanted to cover this because I can prove the existence of this dream world to you, and its continuity, always within the spacious present. You must understand psychological reality, psychological time, psychological experience, and the dream  existence before you can learn to utilize many abilities, since in all the mentioned aspects, you use your abilities, that is your inner senses, on a subconscious level.


   Here you can get the feel of them so that you know what you are working with. You are always and constantly in the process of transforming energy from the Inner senses into physical idea constructions. I want you to become acquainted with the process by which you accomplish this unknowing, so that you can then perform the same feats with your own awareness.


   I suggest your break, and if I seem to be ignoring our guests, I was never much of a party boy, although I have my moments. They are extremely welcome, and I expected them both.


Now before I forget your break entirely, I suggest that you take it.


Break at 10:35.  Jane was disassociated is usual. She resumed at 10:46, still using a good strong voice. 


   I have gone into the reasons behind these sessions, and they can be read. We have a delicate balance here, and in the delicate balance itself lies the outgrowth and release of energy. I have mentioned it earlier that in a dream experience, as far as the senses are concerned you may visit a particular location, experience a certain time duration; and yet the location does not exist and cannot be found in your space, and though you experience, say, five hours time in your dream, this perhaps takes up nearly a flash of clock time, and the physical body does not age during the psychological dream experience in any proportion to the actual psychological reality involved. You are free of space, and to a large degree of time, in the sleeping state, because you are not using your energies to transform ideas into durable physical camouflage patterns.


   You do transform ideas into image patterns, but they do not have durability or continuity on your plane. They do however; possess durability and continuity on another plane with which you are subconsciously familiar. These images are as independent of your conscious control as the inner workings of your own physical body are beyond your conscious control.


   These images continue to work out problems that you have set for them, in the same manner that you work out problems as your present personality in one, incarnation after another. These dream images also have their own free will, within limits. I have explained the reality behind all art. I have explained that the energy contained therein is regenerated, and although held within certain limits is constantly active. The same applies to the dream world, and in our experiments the same will also apply.


   You will be merely doing what you have been doing all along, but with the aid of the ego you will be able to prove the extent of your achievement. If everyone on your plane were suddenly to believe that the physical world with and at a particular time, then so it would, you will simply cease your idea constructions. In our experiments therefore, we will have to begin with a strong belief that what we are sending out to achieve can in fact be achieved.


   This in many instances will be distasteful to many, but all physical constructions are transformations of energy made manifest as idea, and then constructed into physical reality. Without the idea you have no physical reality, and without belief that our aims are possible, there will be no achievement. The achievement gained, however, will then provide its own physical proofs.


   I have begun to go into the laws of the universe of inner reality. However at this time I will not add to them further, since your visitors will only be confused until there are up to date. Nevertheless, I have said that these laws are reflected and followed through all camouflage planes, and in all manifestations, and this also applies to your dream world. I have spoken about fragments, both personality fragments and others, and these also follow the same laws.


   Your animals possess a closer bond by means of the inner senses. Remember our analogy of the spider and its web. The Web exists both in time and space, as all physical constructions do. That is why I have said that your universe does not exist in the same fashion as the web, simply because it is not bound by space or time. The universe expands, again, in terms of value fulfillment, and in ways which your outer senses cannot comprehend.


   Your scientistsí instruments are themselves distortive, and will only allow you to probe further into camouflage. What you need are tools and instruments that are free from camouflage. The scientists think in terms of getting beyond Earth's atmosphere, and thus avoiding the distortions involved.


   They do not realize that beyond that distortion lies another, and it is within that you must travel and it is with inner tools that you must work. I will have more to say on this at a later date. 


   As far as witnesses are concerned, and as far as the wife is concerned, I would suggest that you meet upon another evening, when a session is not due to begin with, and leave the matter Ruburt. As far as I'm concerned, I would quite welcome another young women. Nevertheless, the overall personality is what matters, and since Ruburt delivers the sessions I will leave the matter to him.


   It is much better in the long run to quietly and cautiously advance. I am not the Holy Ghost. I do not request or demand the vows of poverty, obedience, and certainly not chastity. I will at all times demand integrity, and perhaps when all is said and done that is my only requirement.


   It is much better if you proceed surely, fairly confidently. But excess enthusiasm can lead to fanaticism, and this at all costs must be avoided. The two witnesses this evening have worked out very well. It is possible of the wife in question may work out well also, but the approach to her should not be overly impassioned, as it would be a mistake.


Break at 11:18. Jane resumed her vigorous delivery at 11:25


   This whole matter is to be determined through training and through discipline. I will not give you signs, nor will I perform tricks in order to convince anyone. The method is in the text. Such signs as I give in the sessions will be for my own purposes, and they will never be purely for display, but for their value as teaching demonstrations.


   There is no easy way that is effective in the long run, and if I seem heavy-handed in this respect, it is because I would rather have slow and certain results than flashy displays that cannot be maintained. This is a lifetime project, and I mean Rubert and Joseph are getting their effects now through previous hard work and discipline. I will simply not have Rubert levitate 6 ft. into the air, nor give any clairvoyant displays, unless there is a deep purpose served. Our guest should not be impatient.  Nothing will be gained that way.


   Those who prove interested in the sessions, and who become part of a group, will be sustained; but always I will work with you in the development of your inner senses, without the display of fireworks for the displays sake alone.


   I will go into our guests background more fully at another session and also into the enthusiasm which is so refreshing and yet so in need of discipline. This enthusiasm has caused difficulties past, and I will not be, I simply will not be, the means of allowing you to let it operate without using discipline and discretion.


Here, Jane pointed at Jim T.


   I would be doing you a disservice if I did. The enthusiasm is excellent. However, it should be channeled, and to some degree held within bounds for your own benefit. I do not mean to sound harsh. My feelings are not harsh. I had the advantage of knowing the background of your previous personalities.


   Within the boundaries of discipline we shall have, here, freedoms that are relatively unknown in your world today. But we must avoid psychic avalanches, because the possibilities are so unlimited, that we must be sure of ourselves at every point along the way. The material must be read.  The experiments in the material must be tried.


   A means will be worked out in this respect.


   My dear friends, I hesitate as always to end the session; and again, I could go on for hours. I promised you our party session and we will have it before long. I enjoy your rainy night. My regards are with you both, and with my usual deep regret I will end the session. Ruburt came through for me very well. My best regards also to your visitor and my heartiest good evening to you all.


   One note. Your experiments, Joseph, are coming along extraordinarily well, and when you hear the voice that you hear in your experience, then you will recognize it.


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