Session 50

May 4, 1964 9:00 p.m. Monday


Good evening. 


(“Good evening Seth.”)


   I see that we will have a quiet session this evening. I understand that Ruburt has been having his difficulties, and as I have said often, patience is not one of his attributes. May I congratulate you, as well as myself, for our 50th session. It takes some doing and all of our parts. Two sessions a week is a very strict and heavy schedule, as you probably know for yourselves by now.


   Whenever you feel that you need a few sessions off, you may of course have them. I did not want to take the chance in the beginning. It is too hard to set up conditioning. Now however, whenever you want time off within reason--my reason--You shall have it.


(Jane laughed.)


   The fifth law of the inner universe is creation, as I have told you. Again this is not necessarily the fifth law in terms of importance. I'm simply giving you the laws in the simplest way.


   This creation involves not merely the juggling of energy units and fields, from one form to another, but also involves the setting up of new fields. This is oftentimes the result of value fulfillment, in which case all the given possibilities are bound to emerge, but each emergence is in the true sense a creation.


   Creation occurs, again, most often through value fulfillment, which exists in a dimension having nothing to do with your space and time; and in the deepest sense creation as a whole, originally, if you'll excuse the term, had nothing to do with either your space or your time, and the so-called birth of your known outer universe came long after in the story of creation and Value fulfillment.


   When your scientists finally decipher the physical realities behind the birth of your known universe, they will only discover that this was an exterior manifestation of a vital psychic reality that existed long before. Creation almost always exists hand in hand with value fulfillment, and by the time that any physical construction appears within your plane, it has already been in existence. An idea on your plane gives birth to physical constructions, but the idea itself is merely a translation of another reality, which gave birth to it.


   Value fulfillment is very much like creation, and yet there is a difference, creation exists first, if we must speak in terms of continuity, and for you we must. There is much here that almost can be given to you only through conceptual patterns, and again this difficulty arises in words strung out one before the other.


   Nevertheless there is within the inner vitality and psychic value of the universe, constant creation, by which I mean the addition of something unique and new, and something that has not existed before. This creation arises from the vitality of the inner universe itself, and this vitality continually renews itself.


   Not only does it renew itself, but it generates more of itself. There is not as you may think some definite, finite amount of energy, from which all things must be created. There is instead, truly, an infinite amount of energy, and of this I am certain. Do not ask me, as yet, where this infinite amount of energy comes from. For one thing, I do not think in terms of cause and effect, and energy does not have a source in the terms of which you are familiar.


   Creation, therefore, constantly continues, and not always all along the lines of old patterns, but by means of completely different patterns. And another small but interesting point: On your own plane, there is a subconscious storehouse of knowledge, whereby it is known in a condensed fashion, by all molecules and atoms, exactly which variant or evolutionary attempts have been made, with what results--and always with an eye out, so to speak, for circumstances that might fit forms once adapted with failure, or to attempt other forms for which present circumstances may not be right. I have said that, first of all, molecules and atoms and even smaller particles, have a condensed consciousness.


   I suggest your break, and we will go into this more deeply.


( Break at 9:28. Jane was more fully disassociated than usual for a first monologue. Since this material was so interesting we decided to wait and see if Seth would take up our own personal experiences with psychological time later in the session.  Jane resumed in the same low-keyed manner and at 9:39.)


   The atoms and molecules that make up all physical cells are not basically bound by your time. They act within the framework of your time, but the condensed knowledge that they contain carries with it its own peculiar and unique consciousness, that is not bound by your physical laws.


   Chemicals themselves will simply not give rise to consciousness or to life. Your scientists will simply have to face the facts that consciousness comes first, and evolves its own form. But this is, and involves, individuality, and also interdependence. The physical body that you imagine consists of some sort of separate consciousness, controlling a framework of completely unconscious parts, is quite far-fetched. 


   All the cells in the body are individual, and have a separate consciousness. There are certainly graduations here, but the fact remains that every cell is a conscious cell. There is conscious cooperation between the cells in all the organs, and between all the organs themselves.


   Now at various times you have questioned what the entity actually was, and wondered how fragments, or fragment personalities, could ever become entities, if they ever did.


   Here in a simple matter is a case in point. The molecules and atoms and even smaller particles, all contain a separate consciousness. They form into cells. Now, although the cells maintain individuality and do not lose any of their abilities, in this formation into cells there is actually a pooling of individual consciousness of atoms and molecules into, and to form, and individual cellular consciousness. Here the consciousness of each individual molecule or atom, by this psychic gestalt, gains immeasurably. The combination of individual consciousness into a combination forms a new, enlarged, more powerful cellular consciousness that is capable of much more experience and fulfillment than would be possible for the isolated atom or molecule.


   Now we carry this even further, as you most probably suspected. You end up with organs composed of literally unnumbered individual cells, in which case the same combination with its resulting benefits for the individual, also results in the formation of a larger consciousness.


   This goes on ad infinitum, and yet even the lowest particle retains its own individuality, and is not stripped of any ability. Indeed, its ability is multiplied a million fold. The cooperative nature of the physical body could be no mere result of your chemicals, and chemical reactions.


   The consciousness forms its own materialization. The physical body is truly a more wondrous phenomenon than is supposed, but here I hope I do not push you too far, for this combination of consciousness continues, and its results can be seen in the consciousness of the physical brain.


   You will note that I said brain rather than mind. All of this will show itself to you in its truly logical perfection, in time and much of this will be important in many seemingly diverse fields.


   Psychosomatic medicine is in its infancy, but in this material, and in some future material along these lines, there will be found much that will apply. When the overall consciousness, for example, makes the decision to bring about the destruction or near destruction of a portion of the body, permission is asked for, and received or not received. This may seem a far cry from a discussion of entities. Nevertheless I am tying many subjects together for your edification.


  I suggest you take your break.  I had some indecision, myself as to whether or not to discuss with you matters dealing with the new witnesses that might want to sit in on our sessions, and still may do so. Nevertheless at this point you seem to be holding your own. By all means take a break, and if it seems I'm shoving a lot at you this evening, it is only because I want to make the best of the time we have.


(Jane resumed in her quiet manner at 10:14.)


   It would seem, therefore, that what you call consciousness might be the result of this combination. That is, it would seem that self-consciousness was the result of this combination.  Each cell, however, has its own consciousness, and when I speak of consciousness as being an attribute of cellular life, I speak only for convenience, since actually cellular life is an attribute of consciousness.


   The physical body is therefore an attribute of consciousness. The atoms and molecules possess a self consciousness to some degree, as well as a generalized consciousness. The self awareness of a human being is partially composed of the combination of the self-aware individual atoms and molecules that compose it. The generalized consciousness which you call the subconscious, is composed of the combination of generalized consciousness from the individual cells and molecules, but now we come down to the source of the self-aware conscious individual behind or within an each molecule. Where did it, come from to begin with?


   It is of course from the inner universe. This becomes extremely difficult to explain until you learn to feel conceptual patterns directly. I will try to make it as simple as possible, and I hope that I am not giving you material before you can grasp it.


   (Now Jane’s delivery became quite slow and measured.)


   The energy personality who desires to be materialized upon your plane, himself must become part of this plane through the use of the inner senses. Through a process of diffusion--and this incidentally is our ninth inner sense--the energy personality first diffuses himself into many parts. Since entry into this plane, as a member of this plane cannot be made in any other manner, it must be made in the simplest terms and be built up upon your plane, your sperm being of course an entry in this respect.


   The energy of the Personality must then be recombined and brought together, as is done in the matter which I have specified. The inner sense of disentanglement, which I have mentioned briefly in the past, represents almost an opposing movement to the initial diffusion, and must be carried out to achieve any independence from your plane.


   I suggest your break and hope you are following me, and I will try to get to other matters that concern you later in the discussion. But I wanted to carry this thought this as far as I could this evening.


   (Break it 10:30.  Jane and was now fully disassociated, she said, more so than usual. During this last material, she felt Seth was trying to break the concept of it down into terms understandable to us. She also felt that at times it would not be possible to break concepts down to words.  She resumed a 10:40.) 


   Our next rule, or law, of the inner universe is of course consciousness. Everything that exists on any plane and under any circumstances contains consciousness, condensed knowledge, and even self-awareness to some degree.


   There is no case where this is not so.


   Our next law of the inner universe is the capacity for infinite mobility, this occurring within the spacious present, which is an infinite spacious present.


   Our next Law is the law of infinite changeability and transmutation. That is, any given portion of energy has within it the capacity to take on any pattern or to form an infinite number of energy fields, each one giving forth a truly infinite variety of result.


   As you know, the cells or atoms in an arm could just well form an ear, as far as innate ability is concerned. This is a very simple example. I trust I am giving you enough tonight to keep you busy for a while.


   While it might sound impossible to you, this generalized molecular consciousness, which you would call subconscious, contains within it, in condensed genetic fashion, all knowledge of the inner workings of the universe, this knowledge being acted upon and instantly accessible when it is needed.


   Your personal egotistical awareness has to do with your own camouflage universe, and with manipulation within it. Nevertheless, the condensed code-like comprehension of what I refer to call the mental genes is at all times available, though not necessarily to the egotistic "I am.”


   When you realize that you are much more than the egotistical "I am," and that your true personality contains a much larger and really more powerful inner ego, then this relative unavailability of inner comprehension to the outer ego will not annoy you.


   Now, you will see that the inner ego of which we have spoken many times is the projector of energy upon your plane. The inner ego, representing the basic personality, through diffusion makes the materialization of itself and enters your plane.


   The inner ego therefore is your counterpart. It breaks energy down into simple components, but it must still operate within the given laws of the inner universe. It therefore forms the separate molecules and atoms that will compose the individual. Its own knowledge is put into condensed form, and the molecules are therefore able to combine and recombine, according to the material properties inherent in your universe.


   You will see why this is an important point when you reread this material. You will see why, although the conscious human being may seem to be the result of this combination and recombination, he is, nevertheless, more than that result. He is a particular personality formed purposely, and not in a random fashion, the inner ego creating a replica of itself to function within a definite, peculiar set of circumstances. This is extremely important.


   The whole is more than the sum of its parts, but this is because it you do not see the whole. The whole is never apparent in your universe. There is so much that you do not know, and so much to be filled in merely in this sort of outline form, that I am appalled, completely. There are so many matters still not hinted at.


   I suggest that you take your break.


   (Break at 11:06.  Jane was disassociated as usual. Jane resumed at 11:14.)


   We will cover your experiences at another session. I'm sorry to put you off, but tonight was an excellent night to give you the material we have covered; and I wanted to explain your experiences rather thoroughly and also use them to delve further into our study of the inner senses. You have been doing particularly well, however. I told you that direct experience through the inner senses would be extremely vivid, and now you can realize this for yourself. 


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