Session 51


May 6, 1964 9:00 p.m. Wednesday


   Good evening.


   ("Good evening, Seth.")


   I spoke in our last session of the cooperation existing between the cells of the body, and of the cooperation existing between the atoms and molecules that make up the cells of the organs.


   There is also a mechanism within the subconscious that allows for the materialization or projection of idea or inner vitality into physical construction. This capacity is inherent even in the atom and molecule and smaller particles.


   You will remember that we said that atoms and molecules contained consciousness, a generalized consciousness first of all, in which data is suspended in condensed mental genetic code, and also a self-consciousness to some limited degree.


   The capacity and mechanism necessary to project idea into physical matter is, therefore, present in the individual atoms and molecules. I mentioned how the atoms and molecules combine to form cells, while each individual atom and molecule does not give up its own uniqueness, but forms rather a gestalt, so a cell is indeed a psychic gestalt given physical construction through the capacity that exists within each individual component.


   The ability to project idea or energy into physical construction is, therefore, generalized throughout the whole physical human body, and throughout the bodies of any living thing. This capacity, being a part of the generalized, consciousness, or what you would call the subconsciousness, therefore performs its function without egotistical awareness or comprehension.


   I have mentioned also that the cells in an arm could just as well have been formed into the cells of another limb or a portion of the body. Here it is the purpose of this mental genetic code system to maintain such purpose and data. There is a difference between the physical chromosome pattern, and the mental gene code, in that the chromosomes' carry translated inner instructions in condensed physical form, for the physical cells to follow.


   However, the mental system that parallels the chromosome system carries in condensed form within the atoms generalized consciousness, data that has been transmitted to it by the entity. That is, before entry into your plane, the main characteristics of a personality have already been determined by the personality itself.


   The inner ego knows what it is about. This inner data is transmitted through the mental genetic system by way of the generalized molecular consciousness to the chromosome system, and the chromosomes system then translate data into a physical code for the cells to follow. You will find this fits in with the material from our previous session.


   As far as Ruburt is concerned, he did correctly received a short message recently from me, and I will go into this now.


   (Yesterday Jane told me of the message she thought she had received from Seth. In it Seth compared our idea of space travel to traveling from the basement of a building to the top floor; and for a building he used it as an example the Ancient Tower of Babel.)


   Your idea of space travel is indeed as ridiculous as trying to build a huge, Tall structure many stories high, and considering this building as a space vehicle. Buildings may be used for many things; as space vehicles you will admit they would be hilarious. For one thing they are attached to your Earth. For another traveling from the basement up to some 60th story hardly would bring you any closer any real manner to the stars.


   Through Rubertís subconscious I picked up the old legend of the Tower of Babel, and yet this is precisely what you are attempting now in space travel. You almost hope, to continue the analogy, that you could construct a building high enough to reach the stars.


   Now, although your space vehicles are not is apparently connected to the ground, they are indeed connected to the ground of your camouflage patterns in a most meaningful manner, since they are themselves camouflage. Later I want to tie this in with some other material, and with some of your recent experiences.


   I will have more to say along these lines, but suggest your first break. I also will make some comments on witnesses in general, which you may find helpful. And my greetings, incidentally, to your guest.


   (Break at 9:27. Jane is fully disassociated--again, more so than usual for the first monologue. She resumed dictation and her rather sedate manner at 9:30.)


   I also mentioned that chemicals alone, in whatever form and with whatever mixtures, will not give you consciousness. The fact is that this statement that I have just given you is true and false, in that chemicals alone will give you consciousness, simply because we know now that every molecule exists on your plane is there as the physical materialization of conscious energy.


   When I say that chemicals alone will not give you consciousness, I am speaking of the theory held that physical matter, chemicals and atoms, that were inert and lifeless, suddenly through some metamorphosis attained the conscious state through an evolutionary development.


   The consciousness always exists before the physical materialization. The God concept, of course, originated from mankind's innate knowledge that consciousness proceeds physical construction.


   When the physical origin of your universe is finally discovered, your scientists will be no better off than they are now. They will immediately be up against the problem that above all others they have avoided for so long, that of the origin behind the origin. The simple fact needs restating. The physical universe, and everything in it, is the result of consciousness. It did not evolve consciousness. To the contrary, consciousness not only created the physical universe, but continues to do so.

   We will, here, avoid a discussion in depth of the God concept. From the material that you have so far you understand, I hope, that this constant creation of the physical universe is carried on by each individual in it, on a subconscious level, through the use of mechanisms which I have that least partially explained.


   Cooperation is always a vibrant and necessary law, and you may add cooperation to our list of laws governing the inner universe.


   Now, this constant creation of the physical universe is not maintained through some localized subconscious that exists somewhere between two ears, behind the forehead. The individual subconscious, as I have explained, is the result of a psychic pooling of resources and abilities. It is a gestalt, maintained and formed by the cooperating, generalized consciousness of each atom in each molecule of which the physical body is composed.


   Each individual atom within its generalized consciousness has the capacity, in some degree, to construct its portion of energy into physical construction. It is extremely important that you understand this fact, and realize that the individual cells, for example, lose no individuality in this process, and gain immeasurably, the whole physical structure of the body being the result of this cooperation of cells which are themselves the result of the cooperation of atoms and molecules.


   This resulting pattern or physical body makes it possible for the cells, atoms and molecules to express themselves, and to fulfill abilities that would be impossible for them in another context. They share to some degree in the perspective reached through the abilities of a physically-large body structure, in a way that would be denied to them in other fashions.


   From their cooperation they achieve a value fulfillment along certain lines. I mentioned the capacity for infinite mobility and transmutation as being one of the laws of the inner universe. The reflection of this law is seen in the latent ability for almost infinite varieties of structures, and endless combinations that can be achieved by the atoms and molecules, and smaller particles of your universe.


   You remember that value fulfillment is also one of our laws of the inner universe, and in this particular instance, the atoms and molecules have the opportunity for value fulfillment along many lines, according to the form that the cooperation and combination may take.


   I am explaining this matter rather thoroughly because we will be getting to matters concerning the entity and its personality developments. The entity, for example, works with the same sort of individual cooperation, and uses building blocks of energy in much the same manner, that the atoms and molecules in the physical world combined to form cells, organs, and the whole structure of the physical body.


   As the various cells maintain their individuality, as they gain in terms of value fulfillment by cooperation and still retain their uniqueness, so also do the various personalities retain their individuality and uniqueness while still cooperating to form the psychic structure of the entity, which in one context also forms them; and with this little problem I will let you take your break. There are more ways to see what is inside an egg than cracking it, as you will discover.


   (Break at 10:00. Jane was disassociated as usual. She smiled broadly as to deliver the last paragraph above. She resumed at 10:10.)


   I hesitate to interrupt your social break. Nonetheless I will continue. It goes without saying that mankind is not alone in maintaining the physical universe, and in giving it continuity as he projects and constructs his own physical image; and as this image is the direct results of his own inner psychic climate, and as it reflects most faithfully his own inner joy and illness, and as this joy and illness shows itself set physically in his image, so do all living things construct their own images, and help to maintain the physical properties of your universe.


   Not only does the physical matter that comprises these images go back into the physical storehouse, to be reused time and time again, but also the physical matter is broken down once again to the state in which it was before its cooperation of parts that formed a particular physical body.


   The cooperation is gone. We have spoken of mental enzymes and of their importance. It would be helpful to read those passages in connection with this material. It is because every atom molecule contains within it condensed comprehension, inner, direct, codified comprehension, of the inner universe as a whole, that these atoms and molecules are capable of such varied combinations and variations. 


   I have said that this condensed comprehension is readily available when it is needed. It is latent within the generalized consciousness of each atom and molecule, and is directly responsible for the combination into cell structure.


   One of Ruberts' little prize perceptions was his realization that you see, or are aware of, only your own idea constructions. Basically each individual inhabits a completely different world. We will carry this further.


   As you are not aware of many so-called realities with which your own cat is familiar, so you are completely unaware of other universes' that coexist with your own. Your outer senses are equipped to perceive your own camouflage patterns. They are not equipped to deal with other camouflage patterns.


   The camouflage patterns within your own physical universe are coherent enough so that all individuals of a given species appear to perceive more or less the same surroundings. There are groupings of perceptions belonging to various species, but all of these perceptions are not inherent in each species. We will cover this more thoroughly later. However, I want to make the statement here.


   The material dealing with the interrelationships and cooperation of the various species in their combined maintenance of your physical universe, will take many sessions. However, I will go into the methods involved. You already have a basic statement concerning the mechanisms involved.


   The fact is, that even in your own universe all of your camouflage forms are not perceived by any one species, your own included. At best your scientists will only discover more of these camouflage patterns, but the entire system will simply not be perceived by any one species, and you will never perceive camouflage patterns outside of your own patterns. You are simply blocked in the pursuit of knowledge beyond a certain point as long as your scientist's persist in the lines of the present development.


   The inner senses can perceive other camouflage patterns, with training. As I mentioned, there are dimensions, there are universes' coexistent with your own, but your camouflage outer senses cannot perceive these. Nor with your limited cause and effect theories will you ever get very far.


   The cause and effect theory, as I have stated, is a result of your idea of time as long as you persist in thinking in terms of past, present and future, then the cause and effect theory is a logical and seemingly infallible result. When you develop your time theory and realize that the present, past and future from merely effects and distortions caused by your own perception, then your scientists will realize that cause and effect is a passť and antiquated, useful only for a short time--I hope you appreciate the pun with the word time--and should be discarded.


   There is more I want to say, bringing in the matter of our spacious present. However by all means take your break.


   (Break at 10:35. Jane was dissociated as usual. During breaks, we had been trying to fill Jim Tennant in some of the basic points of the material. . . .Jane resumed in her deliberated manner at 10:45.)


I have rushed in one manner, giving you some excellent material to follow that last session, and yet the quality did not suffer, though I pushed Rupert rather far. He was somewhat concerned since you have been having witnesses, and you will see the material speaks for itself. This is a process of education. When you are asked about these sessions; that is your answer. On my part, I am an educator. Any results or so-called demonstrations will be the result of training, study, discipline and exercises.


   The material will always be the basic tool for study. The suggestions given in the material, the exercises in psychological time and so forth are to be approached as you approach them, after a thorough knowledge of the material, and familiarity with the purposes behind the experiments.


   I have often told you of the possible dangers involved in approaching experiments without the safeguards of discipline and study. After attendance at an initial session, those interested should then begin a study of the material. In no instance should the experiments be tried by witnesses in the beginning.


   As matters come up such as this, I will deal with them. I cannot say too strongly that I welcome those interested. However, this evening I did not attempt to answer your guests two questions, not because I disapproved, merely because at this point the material is the important thing and I didn't want to be sidetracked.


   There is another reason. I did not want these sessions to get the reputation of giving demonstrations, for reasons that are rather complicated. The way in which I have given you the material results in a steady progression, and this is important. At later times my attitude may change. However, because of the attitude in the scientific world at large, the sessions should have a more sober climate, in that I do not want either of you to be thought of, in Ruburt words, as a pair of nuts.


   And I am just the boy to give the sessions a sobriety, as you well know.


   Now returning briefly, I would like again to mention our spacious present, in which all things have their existence. When the spacious present is understood, with its attributes of spontaneity, then the cause and effect theory will fall. The cause and effect theory being the result of continuity holds no water. Basically, the spacious present as you know does have durability, because of the existence of value fulfillment.


   It does not have continuity, in the manner in which the term continuity is usually used. Continuity usually implies one thing happening before or after another. The spacious present contains instead spontaneity, and within it all happenings are simultaneous, and yet there is stability.


   The durability is achieved because of constant expansion in terms of value fulfillment. Your camouflage physical universe does, necessarily; lead you suppose that time exists in terms of past present and future, because the idea or energy constructed into physical reality therefore operates under physical properties.


   There is so much of which you are not aware. You have taken certain arbitrary points of beginning and departure for practical purposes, as for example the birth of a child used to be considered the actual entry of consciousness. Now your scientists realize that the living human being is indeed alive in the womb. Centuries ago this was not admitted.


   Any physical image brings up this problem. When does it actually attain life? You know of course that the consciousness is the first; the image is the second resulting phenomenon.


   The physical body image that seems to die at a particular point, and seems to enter your physical universe any particular point, does neither. There is no particular minute or hour for the materialization or de materialization of the physical body. Only your perspective makes it seem so.


   (Jane smiled.)


   Your life, believe it or not, basically, is a simultaneous happening. You merely see it in slow motion.


   The true meaning and the true happening in your life occurs along the lines of value fulfillment, in terms of comprehension's, psychological experiences, and fulfillments that do not take up space, and that are independent of time as you know it.


   You cannot perceive either the consciousness or the comprehension, condensed and latent, in the sperm, and then in the fetus, before the human body's complete construction; nor can you see or perceive the comprehension or the consciousness that is still there, when the so-called death occurs.


   This does not mean that a human being contains no consciousness before the moment, or the arbitrary point of birth. You merely say life begins here, your saying so, however, does not preclude the fact the consciousness begins long before.


   Your arbitrary decision that Consciousness ends with the change of physical properties at the arbitrary point you call death, does not preclude the fact the consciousness does not end here. There is a metamorphosis that occurs with the change of the fetus from a fetus into a full blown, miniature human being at birth. This change is not much looked into, because it occurs beyond the reach of your outer senses. Nevertheless this metamorphosis involves, in appearance, such a change as to seem impossible.


   At the other end, so speak, there is also a change which you do not perceive, and you do not perceive it because as the consciousness constructs the fetus from the inner plane, so then the consciousness is now beginning to enter another plane, where it is equally beyond your perception.


   It merely ceases to construct the physical image. There is no great mystery here. What seems a mystery is merely the result of ignorance. I always hesitate when we approach this subject, since your so-called spiritualists, while possessing some knowledge, usually cloak whatever knowledge they have in the gaudy robes of pseudo occultism. They are fully as idiotic as Frank Watts in his Mason's robes.


   (Here, as though for my benefit, since I'm so interested in Frank Watts, Jane pounded upon the table I use as a writing desk.)


   I suggest we end the session, though I still have much to say. Nevertheless a brief discussion with your guest will be beneficial and is in order. And we will still get your experiences, Joseph, and Rupert will hear himself discuss his own.


   I bid you all the most fond evening. Some evening soon I will be more playful, but much of this material must be laid on with the heavy hand. 


   Goodnight, tootsies. I look forward to our next session.  And we will still have our party session, Joseph.


   ("Good night, Seth.")


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