Session 96


October 12th, 196 4:09 p.m. Monday



   Good evening


   "Good evening, Seth."


   A few remarks here, tying in with our previous session.


   There is no one reality. There are many, in fact infinite, realities. There is no beginning and end. When beginnings and endings are spoken of, the implication is always there, that there must be but one reality, and that it must have a beginning in time and an ending in time.


   I have tried to explain the distortions which make such questions seem intrinsically valid, but it is only from your own perspective that you think in terms of beginning and end, and only because of yourself-adopted limitations that you continue along these lines.


   Realities merge, one into the other.  Personalities, or any type individualized energy may pass through various realities. The appearance of energy in one form could be said to end in that form were it not for the existence of the spacious present, in which all realities are simultaneous.


   I could therefore with some justification let you continue to believe in beginnings and endings, and leave the more complicated explanations out, but this is not my way. And unless I am forced to do so, I do not like to water down information to make it more palatable.


   It is true that the pyramid gestalts of which I have spoken can be said to merge into what you may refer to as a unitary and even sublime being, but this is grossly simplified.


   We shall have a session dealing almost entirely with the nature of energy gestalts, and you will see that while these pyramid energy gestalts do, on the one hand achieve a unitary character and sublime intelligence, on the other hand they form only an approximations of humanity's concept of a God. This unitary gestalt which we may call, and I refer to the word God, the primary energy gestalt.


   This primary energy gestalt may be thought of as straddling all realities, or existing in the infinite realities of which we have spoken. Yet in this Prime gestalt that is unitary, there is again an infinite diversity and literally numberless personalities. Nor are these personalities that compose the Prime psychic gestalt dependent or submissive to any one dominating personality within the gestalt.


   This material will take some studying. You will perhaps recognizing certain similarity between this concept and the Christian concept of the Trinity, except that the Trinity concept, while hinting at a diversity within Prime unity was never the less distorted by man's own sense of his own adopted and unfortunate delusion of duality.


   The Trinity concept in your terms was a masculine one, projecting to the one God concept the duality which all mankind feels, but because of the theory originated with the male the duality is expressed in terms of the male viewpoint.


   You have in the Trinity Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Here man attempts to externalize a division he feels within himself, individually. He is a son, and then a father, and always within him he feels that part or inner self which cannot be seen by another, which is neither father nor son but which is within him while he is father, and while he a son.


   This of course being the Holy Ghost, or rather that which he thought of it in such terms. When he attempted to further formulates his God concept he then projected upon it those mysteries of self.


   As you know, inner data must be perceived through the inner senses. In formulating a theory concerning the primary gestalt, the date is distorted by the peculiar set of outer sensory equipment characteristic of any given plane of reality. This is known, that man forms his God in his own image.


   The irony is that in part this image will be true. That is, it will represent one facet of the primary gestalt, but a facet so infinitesimal in the overall reality of the primary gestalt that it distorts beyond all recognition. Only by escaping momentarily from the camouflage data get any larger concept be obtained.


   A personality in the primary gestalt is indeed focused upon your present plane of reality, but to suppose that the whole primary gestalt so focused represent mankind's Ego playing with one of its most preposterous proposals.


   The primary energy gestalt did not have a beginning in time, nor will it end in time. It is a result of an expansion, again, in terms of value fulfillment, an expansion that has nothing to do with the either time or space as men conceive them.


   The expansion resulted from a contraction of energy, but because of the unique attributes inherent in both value fulfillment and in the spacious present, this simply was not an initial or first contraction or expression.


   I will not say that there was, simply in order to make material appear more logical, since only appearances can be made logical because they deal with, that is appearances deal with, data that you are physically equipped to handle.


   You create appearances. You create outer senses to perceive the appearances, and so what you perceive through the outer senses seems logical indeed. But again, there are infinite realities, as vivid, and some indescribable we more vivid than your own, but presently you are not focused upon them.


   And since you are not, you do not have the peculiar sets of camouflage preceptors necessary to experience existence within them. Now. Within the same space and time that you at this moment occupy, there are numberless planes of reality. You simply do not have the camouflage equipment to perceive them.


   They, or the inhabitants of such realities, do not perceive your plane of existence for the same reason. This does not mean that any one plane is more valid than another. The closest field or plane is that one that you create, that you call the dream world, and that you imagine to be unsubstantial, impermanent, fleeting, having no reality except during your own contact with it.


   It may be thought of in an analogy, as a shadow, in that you create it or project it, but without conscious knowledge. It is a natural consequence of your own existence. But it does not vanish when the ego blots out the inner light from the whole self. Its existence is as permanent as your own.


   A note here. If Ruburt would resume his back exercises the sinuses will improve. The exercises should be done very slowly, however, and without strain. At times he did them too quickly.


   There is more, but he is up to his tricks again, blocking me. I will get the material through for his own benefit in the near future.  That will be all then for the subject now. 


   You know then from past discussions that the dream world as you know it is the result of your awareness of a plane of existence which you help create, and in which you manipulate. In other words, on an unconscious level you here manipulate in another plane of existence entirely, one in which your conscious camouflage ego may not enter.


   It is not part of the particular camouflage necessities on that plane. Now. At other levels you exist and manipulate on other planes, which are consciously unknown to you, planes which are as valid as your own, and in which your existence is also a natural result of your own psychic makeup. I am referring here of course to all individuals.


   This has nothing to do with reincarnation, but involves levels of experience, manipulations in other realities, that are a natural result of the psychological gestalt of the human individual.


   The chemical and electrical construction of the human individual opens other pathways, and requires other activities and other fields than those with which the conscious ego is familiar. The mechanics are not important, but as dreaming is partially caused by chemical poisons that make dreaming a necessity for physical survival, so there are other mechanisms of this kind that are actual doorways, built within and natural to the physical mechanism, that at the same time necessitate experience upon other fields of reality.


   Many purposes are thereby served. You have a focus in many more worlds than you know. One is a conceptual energy force reality which is much more than some theoretical world of ideas, but a reality in which individual energy is used in a constant manipulation of idea or concepts into constructions that, while not physical in your terms, is nevertheless a vivid and actual, concrete field of manipulated and applied force in which matter may be, but is not always, an end result.


   This matter does not appear however in your universe, but is outside of it.


   I am going to end the session somewhat earlier, as I am initiating you into new material.


   An effort is involved here, as concepts of rather complicated nature must be broken into words between us for the first-time, and this involves a discrimination most difficult, in order that the most evocative phrases can be used while taking care that as many distortions as possible be avoided in word translation.


   My best and fondest wishes to you both. As always I disliked leaving, but I am extremely pleased with this material.


   "Good night, Seth."



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