Session 890

December 19th, 1979




   Now: Good Evening.


   (Good evening, Seth. “)


   Dictation: this inner universe (pause) is the gestalt formed by the fields of awareized energy that contains what we will call “information“ for now --but we will have some comments later, for this is not the kind of information you are used to.


   Each unit of consciousness inherently processes within itself all of the information available to a whole, and it specific nature when it operates as a particle rests upon that great “body“of the inner knowledge. Any one such particle can be where it “is,“ be what it is, and be when it is only because the positions, relative positions, and situations of all other such particles are known.


   (Long pause at 9:23) In the deepest terms, again, your physical world is beginning at each point at which these units of consciousness assert themselves to form physical reality. Otherwise, life would not be “handed down” through the generations. Each unit of consciousness (or CU) intensifies, magnifies its own intent to be---and, you might say, works up from within itself an explosive spark of primal desire that “explodes“ into a process that causes physical materialization. It turns into what I have called [an] EE unit, in which case it is embarked upon its own kind of physical experience.


   These EE units also operate as fields, as waves, or as particles, as the units of consciousness do; but in your terms they are closer to physical orientation.  Their die is cast, so speak: They have already begun the special kind of screening process necessary that will bring about physical form. They begin to deal with the kinds of the information that will help form your world. There are literally numberless steps taken before each EE units combined in their own fashion to form the most microscopic physical particles, and even here the greatest, gentlest sorting-out process takes place as these units disentangle themselves at certain operational levels from their own greater fields of “information” to specialize in the various elements that will allow for the production of atoms and molecules impeccably suited to your kind of world.


   First, again, you have various stages of, say, pseudomatter, of dream images, that only gradually-in those terms-coalesce in become physically viable, for there are endless varieties of “matter“ between the matter that you recognize and the antimatter of physicists theories.


   Form exists at many other levels than those you recognize, in other words. Your dream forms are quite as real as your physical ones. They simply fit into their own environments at another level of activity, and they are quite reminiscent of the kinds of forms that you had in the beginning of [your] world.


   While you and all of the other species were what I have called sleepwalkers, your bodies by then were physically capable. In a matter of speaking, you did not know how the use them properly as yet. Now, from a waking state, you do not understand how your dream bodies can seem to fly through the air, defy space and even time, converse with strangers and so forth. In the same way, however, once, you had  to learn to deal with gravity, to deal with space and time, to manipulate in the world of objects, to simply breath, to digest your food, and to perform all of the biological manipulations that now you take for granted (all most emphatically).


   You could not afford to identify too completely with such bodies until you learned how to survive within them, so in the dream state (pause) the true process of life began as these new bodies and Earth-tuned consciousnesses saw themselves mentally exercising all the portions of the body. Behind all that was the brilliant comprehension and cooperation of all of the units of consciousness that go to compose the body, each adding its own information and specific knowledge to the overall bodily organizations, and each involved in the most intricate fields of relationships, for the miracle of the bodies efficiency is the result of the relationships that exist among all of its parts, connecting it to other levels of existence that do not physically appear.


   Units of consciousness (CU”s), transforming themselves into EE units, formed the environment and all of its inhabitants in the same process, in what you might call a circular manner rather than the serial one. And in those terms, of course, there are only various physical manifestations of consciousness, not a planet and its inhabitants, but an entire gestalt of awareized consciousness. In those terms, each portion of the physically orientated consciousness sees reality and experience from its own privileges viewpoint, about which it seems all else revolves, even though this may involve a larger generalized field than your own, or a smaller one.


   So to rocks, say, you can be considered a portion of their environment, while you may consider them merely a portion of your environment. You simply do not tune in to the range of rock consciousness. Actually (pause), many other kinds of consciousness, while focused in their own specific ways, are more aware than man is of Earth’s unified nature-but man, in following his own ways, also adds to the value fulfillment of all other consciousnesses in ways that are quite outside the usual systems of knowledge.


   If you remember that beneath all, each unit of consciousness is aware of the position of each other unit, and that these units form all physical matter, then perhaps you can intuitively follow what I mean, for what ever knowledge man attains, whatever experience any one person accumulates, what ever arts and sciences you produce, all such information is instantly perceived at other levels of activity by each of the other units of consciousness that compose physical reality—whether those units form the shape of the rock, a raindrop, an apple, a cat, a frog or a shoe. Manufactured products are also composed of atoms and molecules that ride upon the units conscious transformed into EE units, and hence into physical elements.


   What you have, really, is a manifested and an unmanifested consciousness, but only relatively speaking. You do not perceive the consciousness of objects. It is not manifest to you because your range of activities requires boundaries to frame your picture of reality.


   All of your manufactured objects also originated in the realm of dreams, first obviously being conceived of mentally, and in the same way men produced his first tools. He was born with (long pause) all those abilities—abilities by which he is now characterized—and with other abilities that in your terms still wait for development. Now that he has not used them so far, but that he has not focused upon them in what you consider the main lines of civilized continuity. Hints of those abilities are always present in the dream state, and in the arts, in the religions, and even in the sciences. They appear in politics and business, but as the largely unmanifest intuitive background, which is largely ignored. We will return to these later in the book.


   Man’s dreams have always provided him with a sense of impetus, purpose, meaning, and given him the raw material from which to form his civilizations. The true history of the world is the history of man dreams, for they have been responsible in one way or another for all historic developments.


   They were responsible for the birth of agriculture, as well as industry, the rise and fall nations, the “glory“that was Rome, and Rome’s destruction. (Pause) Your present technological advances can almost be dated from the [invention of] the printing press, to Edison’s inventions, which were flashes of intuition, dream inspired. But if what I am telling you is true, then it is obvious that when I say that your physical world originated in the world of dreams I must mean something far different from the usual definitions of dream reality. Again I could choose another term, but I want to emphasize each person’s intimate contact with that other reality that does occur in what you think of as the state of dreaming (all very intently).


   That analogy will help you at least intuitively understand the existence of situations such as suffering, and poverty, that otherwise seem to have no adequate explanations (as Jane and I were discussing today). I hope also to account for behavior on the part of nature that certainly seems to apply the survival of the fittest in a tooth-and claw-fashion, or the punishing acts of a vengeful God on the one hand and the triumph of an evil force on the other.


   For now in our tale of beginnings, however, we still have a spasmodic universe that appears and disappears—that gradually, in those terms, manifests for longer periods of time. What you really had in the beginning were images without forms, slowly adapting form, blinking on and off, then stabilizing into forms that were as yet not complete the physical. These then took on all the characteristics that you now consider formed physical matter.


   As all of this occurred, consciousness took on more and more specific orientations, greater organizations at your end. At the “other end, “it disentangled itself from vaster fields of activity to allow for this specific behavior. All of these units of consciousness, again, operate as entities (or particles, or as waves or forces). In those terms, consciousness formed the experience of time—and not, of course, the other way around.


   End of dictation. I bid you find good evening. And we will have a session on anything you want, anytime.


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