Some Understandings on the Role of

Sex In Fragmentation




   Healing needs this fragmentation to end. To end it, sexual relations must become a wholly acceptable in the sight of God, no matter what form they take, and self-acceptance must replace denial. To do this, you need to recognize the denials involved which are not recognized, or the outward manifestations of opposition to your purpose could not be happening. 


   It is important to understand the orgasm can manifest fragments, whether you have a child or not. The energy involved can go to another fragment who already has an affinity for the denials involved. If you’re not fragmenting into your own children or giving birth to fragments you have already created, you are still losing essence if you have denial involved in orgasm, and everyone does. This essence has to find a home and it will go to the magnetic energy that draws it in. This essence may go to a stranger who has a magnetic draw for what you are denying. 


   Rage has frequently done this, when it breaks loose, if guilt is not strongly present enough to keep from moving. There is a particular kind of self righteous rage, which has denied guilt, that often goes out this way to punish the ones it holds responsible for it feels. This is a blaming rage does not feel guilty at the time it is expressing the rage side of the cycle. Because this rage is going out in a denied state, it has no acceptance from the ones denying it.  Rage of this sort is accompanied by an entire set of instructions in the form of judgments, but the one I want to mention right now is a judgment present in one form or another that says “this rage is not really me; I am someone else when I rage like this. “ Many spiritual leaders have cautioned against allowing yourself to feel rage, but this gives it an even more serious denial than if you allow yourself to know you have it. Rage needs to gain acceptance with the ones who are really feeling it, and be healed there. 


   When denials stay closer to home, they often continue to empower fragments around you. Many of these fragments could not even have children if they weren’t receiving denied essence from the parental part of the spirit involved. 


   The Hippies had orgasm in the presence of denial, and the use of drugs, particularly when drugs were used to go past feelings that would have held them back when they were not drugged, often caused more fragmentation than if they had not used them. The Hippies had a generation of guilt for parents and the Hippies had a desire to throw off guilt and act out everything their parents had not allowed in themselves and everything they themselves had not done in their earlier lives. The Hippies actually had essence their parents had denied which was actually their own essence returning to empower them to “try it one more time.”  The Hippies later got caught in many of the same guilts their parents had when their reactionary phase lost its steam. The children conceived during the reactionary phase of the Hippies have been reflecting the feelings the Hippies were denying. 


   Whether or not Hippies are the biological parents of these children, the offspring of their generation is growing up now as the New Wave, Punkers, and also the right wing conservatives that have even gone into fundamentalism under the leadership of the guilt generation. The Punkers and the New Wavers have the rage and under current blame of the hippies that is too guilty to move, but wants to make a statement, nevertheless. While the anger pretends it has no fear or guilt, the right wing has denied fear which holds the guilt present. The breadth of the split in the manifested forms here reflects the split in the parental part of the spirits involved between their own rage and fear. This gap, or split, is filled in by guilt and blame that attacks both the self and others in recognizable phases. 


   You need to understand that your rage and fear must come together for the place of true power to be found. As long as there and is imbalance here, power is imbalanced. The way to bring balance here is to allow yourself to feel fear and terror until the fear and terror breaks into anger and rage of its own accord. Let the grief that needs to surface here surface in an atmosphere of acceptance also.  It has something to say about your feelings toward power. If you have rage first, allow the same process in reverse. Rage until you feel fear and terror and allow the grief. 


    A word of caution is needed here. I do not regarded as wise to go forth and unleash these emotions on the ones that are triggering you unless you have full understanding of what you are doing, which you do not have yet. The role played by fragmentation is just being introduced to you, and there is much more that must be understood. I have also told you not to hold back emotions that gets triggered in you, and this is not wrong advice either. For the time being, you need to allow these emotions at home, or in a place that feels safe to you. 


   Here are a few more understandings on the examples I have just given. Not only were the Hippies, and those who sympathized with what they were trying to accomplish, the same people as the first generation I mentioned, but they had fragments that wanted to hold back and fragments that wanted to go ahead of them incarnating in the intervening generations. The amount of contact these fragments have retained with one another will determine whether the parental part of the spirit is able to recall and feel these lives of fragments, as though the parental spirit had lived them also. Hippies, and those who sympathize with them, are not unilaterally the parental parts of the spirits involved, but they have a higher percentage of parental parts than do other generations I have mentioned.  As long as the fear and rage is denied, judged against, and laden with guilt and blame, the parental part of the spirits always appears to be victimized by the fragments that want to hold back and overshadowed by the fragments that want to rush ahead of it.


The parental part of the spirit is exhausted but the struggle and has the choice now of giving up and declaring guilt in the manifestation of their own denials the winner, or to understand how they have created this struggle for themselves, and take the necessary steps to heal it. 


Most of the hippies have realized that the forms they gave themselves during their use or forms from our own reincarnation past when it was in its positive swing.  Many hoped that invoking the power of these forms all once would somehow invoke the power to prevail this time. ,


The strength of the denials here is immense and cannot be put aside this easily.  Many who still want life only wanted if they can have without reversals they have struggled with so far so long.  Many who took the spiritual path told themselves they just needed to do more work on the Spirit and then they would find the happiness they sought.  The panel’s most of taken have been fraught with the same misunderstandings the seekers already had.  These paths fade the will presence because their intent is to do this. 


Lucifer has control of these paths and, even if many are only misunderstanding rather than of evil intent, he’s still able to gain tremendous power by using the denied Will essence the paths of discipline and the Nile hand to him.  Economists understanding here is that the Nile and affirmation will increase power.  You cannot their reverse something that is yours and expected heal with missing parts. 


I have been repeatedly mentioning Lucifer to many who want to tell me they don’t believe a naval.  Recognizing your own fundamentalists fragments will let you know that part of you lives in fear of the power of evil and the rest of you has rationalized this fear away, because another way to handle it was not known.  You have to learn who your fragments are and how they fit into your life patterns to know how much denial you really have.  You need to understand denial and stages.  It cannot all be taken in that once.  In 18 you have the ability to recognize and he studied the reflection around you is something you have the ability to use now to further the healing, but you’re going to have to learn to do more then just recognize it.  If you have to get it wrong first in order to get it right, that is not wrong either.  If it had not needed to happen, it would not have happened, but this does not mean it is beneficial to continue allowing it to happen once she began to realize how to have some power in the situation.  If you did not allow yourself to redeem personal power over your destiny, Lucifer will take you to place a complete personal powerlessness. 


Lucifer loves making people feel that they have no power over their destiny and that anything other than the willess surrender is a travesty against God.  If he could can love anything, it loves the power to punish others.  The surrender to what ever happens that denies the personal Will, is Lucifer supreme opportunity to punish others, because a brings death sooner or later to everything that gives up its will in the mistaken belief that God requires this.  This is a place of no self-love and I cannot help you there.


xI appeared not to except the will of First, but this is not a full enough picture of me to understand why I appeared to be this weapon.  There are some who want to say to me that I have overstated the situation with the will, and that they have intent to heal and that intent to heal is all they need.  His true that intent to heal makes the difference, but healing cannot manifest until you understand how to heal yourself.  No one else can do for you. 


God is not clear to magically bring down to were changes in heal everyone on Earth, thus ushering in the golden age.  No. Do you enter into the golden age but is putting in your time so speak, until the golden age somehow appears.  The golden age cannot be expressed by you unless you have the vibrational power with which to beat present their.  If you think the golden age is a state of mind, you have given it manifestation and only part of yourself. 


Many people were not ready to accept this information until they “ gave it one more try “ with the approaches they have tried in the past.  You have done it now.  Yet gathered all the forms you thought  would help, you have gathered all the spiritual power you could, you have used many techniques and many drugs that you thought would help you empower your lower levels of vibration.  You have given speeches to your lost will, you besieged it, you prayed for, you have shined a light upon it, you have tried to be living a sample for it, you have gotten enraged at it and left behind, you have denied it affirmed yourself to be built along the troubled by it.  He of tried everything you have known to try, including the rationalization that you no longer need to try because there is no place and nothing to do when you get there.  You have said that heaven is here and now; you have said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The matter what approach you have taken, you have died, and even if you read this, you are aging.  You must get the lost will to vibrate so they can receive people. 


If you do not want to go into oblivion, bit by bit, you were going to have to give it to me now and realize that I have something to teach you did you do not already know.  If you still want to insist that you already know what, then you were going to go on outside of me and find out whether you know everything you no or not. 


Earth has reversed herself for the last time.  Healing either comes now or Earth will be lost forever.  I have not exaggerated the situation here, so do not dismiss me and later realize you’re sorry you didn’t listen to me once again.  There’s something in the will spirits on Earth that has opposed me for as long as they have had existence in me.  The apposition to me has been caused by the same thing that has greeted the reversals in your own lives.  The most recent reversals have been mellow compared to reversals in the past.  This is because it is time to feel well, but you also need to understand the fatigue has played more of a role here the new realize.  If this period of Lange back does not bring real resolution, there will be another skirmish between the spirits and their own denials the will and resistance the spirits. 


On the other hand, if I said there was nothing to worry about, you have a feeling that that was not right either.  Lost will give you the feelings of reversals so that you never get awfully positive or fully negative reading on anything.  You’re going to have to go through all of this essence and help to align with you so that you can go ahead with the reversals. 


If you think there reversals happen because you’re not sure of yourself, you’re not wrong, but you are going to have to understand why the Lost will feels as it does to know how to heal it.  More needs to be done the just allowing the will to blow off steam and then proceeding until the will builds up its next charge.  Guilt and death also play a role here that needs more understanding if you’re going to heal the damage they have done.  I am going to give you some understandings on deaf now the you have not already had.


Original Cause

The Unseen Role Of Denial

Ceanne DeRohan

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