Soul is Partner of Earth

 Prelude To Ascension

Tools for Transformation

 Janet McClure

Channeling Vywamus




    Gently, then, comeback. But know that this process is something that now that you have begun, is going to work. It is like starting a landslide; it will continue to progress.  Now, what you might do when you go home is to monitor it just before you go to bed. See what is going on. Remember if the chakras, your energy centers, are clear, are seen as transparent this is going to help you. This motion, this sense of connection coming from both directions, is important because your soul is a partner of the year Earth. So why not bring in that divine partnership and acknowledge it.


   One thing that you can also do is to sense that the Earth is spiraling as a heart. That’s kind of fun, isn’t it? And as the Earth spirals as a heart, see what is awakened within you. See the feeling nature, what feelings, up from it for you. Some of you and are not very much in touch with your feelings. You have a tendency to bury them. It’s not so bad to have feelings. They are not just negative, they can be very positive.


   So the mirroring will come in several ways. It will come in spiritually as reflected to your spiritual body. It will come in mentally, it will come in emotionally, it will come in etherically. And I tell you it will come in physically. It can really make a difference.  This kind of process is probably one of the few short cuts available. (I think there are a number of you that like shortcuts. I know I’ve heard that from you, you are in a hurry to go somewhere. I’m not quite sure where, because all there is; is the process. ) So by acknowledging your connection with the Earth and by real accepting it from an energy point of view for Soul, you will create together the type of life that you are looking for. I think your energy approach can be very important in this regard.


   Soulness, then, is simply the level of true identity that is used to create your life purposefully on the Earth. Can you see that identifying it as energy and welcoming it begins to make changes within your physical structure too?


   How do you feel? Can you tell that something is processing within you? I can tell. I invite you to view through your third eye the energies in the room now to see how they have shifted. It’s good practice. The pattern is more regular, more orderly. Perhaps some of you can sense that. There is divine order. In a sense what we are doing is a synchronicity of really feeling in divine order. Can you see how important that this? All of your emotional bodies are trying to understand that, try to understand divine order and feel connected with in it and feel a part of the universe. As you do energy work it can be extremely important.  There are about a million ways to do it, and so I am sure that you will find those areas and those methods that will work for you for a time.


   But let me tell you something: The methods and ways of processing need to be changed from time to time. Now, I am not telling you to run from one person to another, but I am saying that a method should grow and evolve and become responsive to the changes on the Earth. That is why I Vywamus, am changing some of the methods in the foundation. They keep saying to me, “You know, we just get this and now you change. “ Well, it’s kind of fun and they are very good about it, but it is a constant process. It is like riding an elevator. As the elevator goes up it gets lighter and lighter and more responsive to a new level of intensity of light energy. And so your elevator is perhaps three-quarters of the way up, meaning that you still have another quarter as far as a whole Earth association is concerned. Now, that is good news for many of you. Some of you are really anxious to get off the Earth. I’ve noticed that. And so sometimes you individually shoot up the other quarter, you might say. So if you are interested in doing that, exercises such as we are doing today and other energy exercises that you really relate to can be an especially helpful now.


Time warp changes


   Some of you heard about the time warp and the changes that came in last week—and a really did. It’s almost as if all of this came together and you took a big, deep breath upon the Earth. You know the pause—that’s where we are now. It is a pause before a new level of awareness becomes active. All of you are now seeking to understand that new level, but perhaps you haven’t jumped in with both feet yet. Think about this week: For some of you there delays; for others, certain expected activities or certain expected responses didn’t come in; for some others there was kind of scattered effect; and others created a tremendous amount of activity because you felt you had to do a lot, seeing that not much was going on the Earth. Isn’t that interesting? So there are differing responses to this week, and there is a gearing in of a new use of time that has never been here before. Many of you are going to be able to use time much differently. It already is available to you.


   There will be more of these time warps.  There will be a cosmic opportunity to begin to widen your perception of time and of space, to really say that the bridging process of these cosmic realizations (because that’s what this is) has become available to you. We might say it is a bridging between sequential time and the eternal now. You all want to recognize the eternal nowness, right? But bridging it has seemed difficult—there seemed to be time and space, and you could only do one thing yet time, right? Wrong. You will be learning to do many things on many levels and focusing them here on the Earth. Just because our exercise bringing the energy in through the soul star was moving in one direction, doesn’t it mean it was really flowing in space. It wasn’t actually doing that; it was an activation of that Divine Blueprint. That’s what we were doing. And then we were feeling a response from the Earth; this is literally two approaches to activating that Divine Blueprint.


   Now, the good news is that as you learn to function on this new level you’re going to eventually be able to use at least four or five different approaches to a project all at the same time because there will not be the same sort of sequencing. Time stretches, expands, contracts. Space goes from here to there, but you merely need to go here and bring what is there to you.


   You see, there will be a different use of time and space on the Earth. Is that a long way off? No. The indicator of it was this past week. The point is that this is going to be happening on a regular basis. It’s not just a one time occurrence. It is part of the evolution of the planet. This is the doorway of the focus into the fourth dimension, and you are now bringing what? You are bringing all you understand about the third dimension into the fourth dimension as a creative base from which to flow fourth-dimensionally.


   This change is a bridge built so that you could bring the third dimension-which says, “This is the way it is: there’s 24 hours in a day, twelve inches in a foot,“ those seeming absolutes—into a focus in the fourth dimension, which is much more fluid and flexible. But you do bring in the basis of the third dimension, all that you’ve learned about living, into the fourth dimension.


   You brought that in, and the two of them came together at that point about a week ago. They touched each other, and as they did there was a sorting-out process about is time and space. Now, if you had something you have been trying to fit together, they may have bounced back and forth. But eventually if you keep fitting them together, they are going to get locked together. So for the next few years—it might be held low as one year, and might be as long as five, depending upon all of you—you will be doing this. There will be those times when the third and the fourth dimensions come together and you will get an opportunity to begin to reassess the energy, how you used it, how you created before, into the nowness


   Now, I have a system—doesn’t everybody? I have a system of teaching and I’ve done a book about dimensions. In it I divide the dimensions into nine pieces like a pie. We could look at it in 12 or 16 to 24 pieces, but my pie fit for me in nine pieces. I am attempting to tell you that you are literally multidimensional. We could say that the third dimension was your creative base, while the fourth dimension is your creative base now. That’s important in the blueprinting system, because this new blueprint is a more flexible, movable one that flows more completely. The system you had before was rather dense and inflexible. This one has a fluidity and a movement that allows you to adjust.


   I want to get into that a little, because I think that gives us an opportunity to have this crown chakra and all of these connections that we have built from it clean up cells in a very special way. If we had built this in the third dimension when the Earth was still in the third dimension, well, I could say what you have built here is much larger. Let us look at it as this wide, representing the area that fits over the crown-but what you are building is actually much larger. If we look at it as this size, then there are fine lines of that blue energy that drip down, forming a particular pattern centered in the heart, where other lines of energy come up and meet. They radiate out, having created a radiating center in the heart. Now the cells of your physical structure are within that radiating field. If we had built its when the earth was still in the third dimension, it wouldn’t have reached all the cells in your physical body. But now it does—not only reaching your physical body, but extending beyond that into the etheric body, into your emotional body’s energy, and a little further out into your mental body’s energy.  Most of you are now reaching even beyond your spiritual body’s energy. So the complete energy and flow can be cleansed, but we are going to focus now into the physical body.


Your Organs are Changing


   One thing that is happening to each of you is that whole endocrine system is readjusting. That means all the glands—the major ones that your recognize: the pineal, the pituitary, the thyroid and the parathyroid, the thymus near the heart, your adrenal glands, sexual glands, the spleen, also perhaps the liver—all of these major organs are readjusting. We talked about growing new ones. What we didn’t talk about is that they are speaking to each other; because of your entering the fourth dimension, there is now communication between these organs. Your liver might say to your kidneys, “How are you doing today? I’ve really come through something! I don’t know what’s going on out there, but there’s a tremendous amount happening.“ And the kidneys may say, “I know, I’ve been eliminating and eliminating and eliminating.“ The point is that they are communicating in a way that would not have been possible in the third dimension. Now that there is a communicative change and flow, it affects your physical body too, and that is very important.


   For one thing (we are going to get back to the physical body in a moment) , it means that if something isn’t working in your life, communication about it is going to help you in a way it wouldn’t have before. Why? Because it is easier now to communicate. The Earth is supporting the communicative effort. Does that mean it will always be easy to say to someone, “I don’t like what you are doing” No, it may not always be easy, but it may be important to do that—not in the sense of criticizing, but in the sense of recognizing that as a divine being you are connected to them through the heart, and you don’t have to like their behavior. Probably what you are going to get back is that they don’t like your behavior. So you begin to process, to communicate, to change the mirror, because that this mirroring something to you just as you are mirroring something to them. It is important to recognize that communication is not only important—it is essential now. There is no way to avoid it.


   Some of you are going to get unhappy. Is your goal perhaps to be happy? I am not sure that I identify with that, but I do think that some of you who are still in the main stream of consciousness have a goal to be happy. But no one on the planet will be happy now without communicating. Berlin is an excellent example; the West wants to talk to the East, the East wants to talk to the West, and they will not be happy until that occurs. Another area where we are going to see that it is China; look for deep changes in China. It is going to boil up out of the need for communication, which is freedom. Communication is freedom, the freedom to communicate fully in a very basic avenue.


Meditation on Cells


   Let’s get back to your physical bodies. I would like to have you visualize again.  If you look through a microscope or through your imagination, you might not see the cells. But for our purpose I would like you to imagine your cells, simply knowing you have a nearly endless number of them; they are always being and recreated and there are, especially now, more and more being created and recreated, which means that some that would have died in the third dimension are doing so now.


   Part of the problem that you are having with your physical body is that you have too many cells for a while. You have to let in more energy now; you already have the physical ingredients, because you are literally part of the Earth’s expression. The cells are waiting for more energy so that they can be used more completely. I think that is important, because some of the illnesses that are present exist simply because there are ten people (if you are a cell you call them people) for every job. Isn’t that interesting? It indicates you are already prepared. All you need to do is to let in the level of energy, let in that higher creativity. Put all the cells to work—that is what they are looking for. They are looking to do their job.







Mirroring From the Galactic Core









   All right, gently began to come back. I will give you a moment or two and then we will ask if you have some questions.  Comeback slowly, you all look very bright. You have brightened yourself up.


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