Steps to Healing and Complete Recovery




   Recognizing your own denial is a first step. Recognize every feeling and thought you would otherwise push away or ignore. I want to point out that positive thinking is based on denial when it focuses on only part of yourself. Part of you gets better and stronger and the other part gets more denied. This is why so many feel that they have to discipline and otherwise pressure themselves. The denied part is trying to get acceptance. You need to accept everything that is there with you and give it release so it can tell you what it needs and wants.


   The next step is reclaiming this denied part of yourself. In doing this, you must not feel it is just a mental exercise. You must accept everything that comes from any place in you and express it emotionally with yourself. When you have expressed everything you can in any one session, determine whether this feels like it is part of you or not. If there is no way you can come to peace with this expression as a part of you, ask Me to put it in its right place. Then let it go, and I will do this for you. If you feel a little ceremony is an order, do that, or ask Me for help in any way you feel is right for you. 


   If the expression does feel like a part of you but very sickened by its state of denial, you need to nurse it back to health in any way you can. Talk to it; accept its responses to you. Explain to its why you felt you had to deny it. Apologize to it, ask its forgiveness. Forgive yourself for denying it. In short, negotiate a new relationship between this part of yourself and the rest of you. Release judgments involved. Then, allow this part of yourself to be a participant in your daily life.  Accept its contributions to what you feel like doing. 


   This is a process that is going to be ongoing for quite some time in your life if you really get into it and find all your own denial. If you feel you cannot spot all of your own denial, let your reality show it to you. This is something that has been a source of much confusion on Earth, but feeling it is going to straighten this out. 


   This is how you can see your own denial in outward reality: look at everything that is happening in the world and let all your feelings about it come up. Express them with yourself at first and find out what they really are. Then allow yourself to take any action you feel will improve your own situation on Earth. Notice everything you feel in relationship to taking action. Express these emotions. Do not push yourself into action before you feel ready. If you need to release emotions in advance of taking any action, do that. Start with something simple that you feel you can do. For example, you might start by telling someone who is talking to you for longer than you wish to listen that you have to end the conversation. Tell them exactly when you feel it should end and do not give them an untrue excuse for ending it. This has not been considered polite in many circles, but I want to point out that manners are based on denial. The acceptance of true feelings does not require any manners at all because the attunement is perfect.  Youíll find this out by trying it. If the ones around you will not accept this from you, you need to move on and find other people that are not interested in denying one another in favor of externalized procedure. This is form that is not aligned with essence.  If manners happen automatically, they are aligned with essence.


    The fear I see in people around this issue is that this sort of behavior is selfish and, if you carry in a step further, that society will revert to chaos if people only do what they want to do. I want to tell you: Its not going to happen. If you are not doing what you want to do, itís not right for you to be doing it. If you turn the tables on something that confuses you, you can see how it feels to you and you can decide whether you want to do it or not. If it would not feel good to you to be the receiver of what you are doing, then do not do it. For example, do you want to have someone listening to you when they do not want to?


   Starting with simple things and going on from there is going to be a process of reclaiming your personal power. Power is such a nasty word on Earth for it now; and yet, who has most of it? Isnít it the ones that are telling you should not have any? They have the denial of your own power to work with. I did not make spirits to overpower one another. You could only be overpowered by another if you give up some of your power so that they then appear to have more.  Personal power on Earth is seriously unbalanced. The imbalance of power took place step-by-step and you need to restore the balance step-by-step. 


   The spirits that have an interest in overpowering others could only increase their power by getting others to abdicate power. It is a powerful illusion, increasing power by diminishing others. This is been happening for such a long time on Earth that many people did not believe they have power over their own lives anymore.  In general, birth to death is regulated. Think of everything you believe you have to do just to be able to go on living on Earth. This is not the way itís meant to be.  Everything on Earth is meant to be free, abundant and hospitable. No one is meant to do anything he does not want to do in order to have food and shelter.  Even though certain religious teachings have said that I changed it so that man had to work for everything, I did not. Man himself changed it. I only informed him of what he had done through his own misunderstandings. Now, if you have had enough of the misunderstandings and the realities reflecting them, you can release all of it step by step and restore yourself to the original Garden of Eden which was Pan. 


   Overpowering does not need to happen between parents and children either.  Children need an opportunity to develop their own response to situations and learn to choose accordingly. Right Use of Will is for all ages. If family is not allowing children to practice Right Use of Will, the children need to realize that they chose this family. They will have to accept this to whatever degree they can make space for themselves until they are able to leave home. If parents are not meaning to interfere with free will of their children but do not really understand it, let Me say this: It is not mean letting the children run over you; do not deny yourself here, but even if the behavior of your children does not make sense to you, support them and let them learn to protect them while theyíre learning. This is Right Use of Will because it means that your not requiring them to see everything your way but are letting them learn from their own experiences. 


   The reason that I say this is because any understanding at all will increase the light and make further understandings possible. Only total refusal to accept anything at all will keep you in darkness. Trying to keep others where you are is not Right Use of Will. If children are seeing things that you are not yet seeing, rest assured that they need to be allowed to see them and to experience what they need to experience in order to learn what they need to learn.  


    Protecting them from danger is necessary, but protecting them from the possible danger you see them as encountering is imposing your reality on them.  This is not Right Use of Will. For example when a child climbs do not tell him to get down or he will fall. Instead, be there to support him in his effort and catch him if he falls. Say nothing about how his climbing leads to falls; just tell him that he needs to notice what made him fall that time.


   This recognition of his growing abilities will increase his confidence and acceptance of himself. As he grows, he will become more and more able to realize his potentials and spot his potential dangers. Then the job of protecting him will be easier and easier and will involve less limitation for all of you. If your fear is too great to allow this approach, you need to work with your own fears and try not to give them to your child. By the time the child could leave home, then, he will not feel forced to because the atmosphere of unlovingness and not non-acceptance urges him. Instead, he will only go if it is in alignment with his chosen destiny path and only at the right time. 


    If the situation has not been as described here, it can always begin. Starting where you are is only the point for beginning. Seeing that the child and the parents are together to learn from one another, and not just the child from the parent, will accelerate the growth. Chances are that the feelings will need some time to reach the understandings needed; just allow time to show you what you really need to see. 


   The process of ending your denial and restoring yourself to your full consciousness and personal power is not simple, but neither is it too hard for you to do. It can happen quite quickly if you really dedicate yourself to it. The first thing youíll notice as you start releasing your emotional blockage is a greater ease with yourself. Then you will begin feeling things you did not know you felt, and you will also have feelings that come up from other lives. Then your seeing and hearing will expand, and youíll get information from feeling, seeing and hearing that you were not getting before. The appearance of your body will start to change. This will be gradual at first but will increase as you can handle it. If you want to, ask Me to help you with all of this. I will speak directly to you when you can accept Me. 


   If you seriously work on this process and it does not work for you, you need to find either fear or denial you have not recognized. Healing yourself has to succeed if you have strong intent, so either fear or denial has to be present if this process seems blocked. What is happening right now on Earth will help you recognize your own denials, and be assured that nothing is going to happen to you unless it is necessary to help you clear out your own denials. Healing is what I have in mind for Earth right now, not doomsday as some people say. If you cannot recognize the process of healing, you may think that it is doomsday. I feel the Wills on Earth calling for release of pain and I am now responding. 


    In processing this, you need to trust your feelings extensively. In doing this, do not judge your feelings any more than they have already been judged.  Accept whatever they have to offer. Try it out and see if it feels better than what you were doing before. Release all the limitations you hold on yourself you can. In releasing denial, you need to realize that denial has many forms, but they all feel denying. If you have someone around you that is denying you, take a look; usually it is a reflection of denial you have that recognized in yourself. For example, if there is someone tells you cannot heal this way, you need to find out what in yourself feels you cannot heal this way or what in you needs this challenge. 


   Healing in the entire sense is going to heal everything in you, and healing yourself entirely is going to have a transformative effect on your reality.



Right Use of Will

Ceanne DeRohan

Four Winds Publishing

Pages 116-120 


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