Stones Introduction Page

 Welcome to the stones introduction page. For those of you who have some experience with the crystal and the mineral realm have fun finding your next creation from the list.

 If you have a few minutes to spend beginners and experts alike may enjoy the weaving of a new type of fabric which when worn creates new outlooks as well states of being.

 The definitions found in the Avalon glossary are from " Melodies  Love is in the Earth a Kaleidoscope of Crystals. " to be the most complete study of our parallel realms evolution. The mineral world has much to show as well as exchange with us.

 Melody's offering of the numerical as well as the astrological present us with concise interpretations of each mineral particularly the strengths, attributes in relation to one's own expressive systems.

 The complete set of books is something everyone should have as part of their working doctrine. I say this honestly; I may not use it daily but the week does not go by without my using it constantly. Every aspect of mineral use is covered in her books. As part of networking and sharing with the all, I would suggest purchasing one or more books; she truly has opened a new world for all us. At the bottom of this page will find a button link to a site that sells for material. If you have not yet experienced work, he would be well worth purchasing a copy for yourself.

  In the following glossary, you will find each mineral broken down by astrological sign and description and by its vibratory rate. If you have visited our tutorial-section, you have found the tables for finding your own personal numbers to help you in your use with the Minerals. In our astrological charts section  you will be able to find your solar, ascending(soul), emotional, mental as well as your physical Rays which interpreted will lead you to which sign each of them vibrates through. And come back to individual stones that will bring you into the appropriate vibrations. We also offer numerology and astrological charts for those whose desire more detailed information on their personal expressive paths.

 Once you are somewhat familiar with the meanings of your numbers and your astrological signs of which is just first finding the stones for your astrology signs solar as well ascending, if you will find either from the site or through LOVE IS IN THE EARTH Minerals that will match those to signs and what the Minerals provide. You may also cross-index to Numerology interpretations, compare the numbers of the minerals, and find out where the energy is leading.

 I have worked with this integrative system for a couple years and it has given me a foundation to base all my clearing of the four bodies and Chakras as well as balancing of my aspects and to enhance my own talents, abilities as well as diminish many of my shortcomings  that needed to be worked on.

 I purchased many of the minerals that a part of my working collection and it works. If you do not have a source for the stones and minerals I have included a couple dozen dealers in our links section so feel free to browse and find a source that appeals to you.

 By holding the mineral in your left hand or your right hand  or by placing them under your Pillow  at night, or by a number of ways suggested by MELODY in her books you will after some effort to get to feel or recognize each minerals unique vibration or presence. Talk with the deva that holds its name and see what returns to you. When are able, open your internal spirit system to allow them to join in with you and discover your own unique journey.

 I believe that after some practice you will either acquire or release all the potential that you wish to experience with or through a life and on the next adjoining planes emotional and mental.

  If you have the questions or concerns about handling, programming cleaning or just plain using minerals just e-mail us or post a message on our message board. There may be others out there that have the same types of questions and by posting you are probably providing a service for the person next to you on the list. After all we are all here to serve each other and provide a connection for all of us. Networking is the highest form of service we can provide each other  as we travel through this life, or any other realm we maintain a presence in.

 Enjoy your adventure. Share with others and with us and return often.


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