Training of an Adept
The Ladder Path
by Valerie Bonwick and Jonathan Bigras

 Color and Rays

 Lords of the Rays

One cannot begin to contemplate the complexities which arise from the subject of color or its expression in the questors auric signature without discussing the lords of arrays. 


Each of the seven lights called the great seven and embodies a quality which is synthesized from the great cosmic entities patterns of experience and is cooperatively attuned to provide a psychological backdrop to man's progress on the planet. 


While there is a relationship between thought and life and sound and form, color and the qualities of life, expressions are also related. 


The lords of the Rays channel the energies which are directed from those great entities called The Greater Seven (master spirits), moderating those forces of energy within their own aura's so the man may absorb this life force without its shattering his physical form. 


The lords of the Rays are Mahadevas who are intensely involved expressing the purpose of The Greater Seven.  In contemplation of this purpose, they are diligent in preparing man to receive the higher harmonics of these energies, while he reinstates the authority of this centers of consciousness and develops a more refined system of chakras in readiness to establish the kingdom of spiritual man. 


They channel streams of influence which determine mankinds possible or probable future, from a newborn infant to neophyte nation, which is decided according to the expression of their inner being and related to the blend of energies active at birth. 

The Questors blueprint of available life choices, from following a personal path of least resistance to fulfilling difficult karmic patterns, is provided by a flow of power colored by the behavior puzzles synthesized by each of the seven lights called the Greater Seven.

The Mahadevas  were considered most suitable to moderate the power of the greater seven because of their purity of being, never having dwelt in a dense physical form on Earth.  They also possessed at the great valuable experience of World to world contact which the Angels had not yet acquired, having to evolve from newborn consciousness on the planet.  This precise requirement of absolute purity is essential, so that incoming ray power remains untainted by dross from its moderating channel and it remains so until or unless manipulated, misunderstood or misused by man, but that is his choice. 


The Greater Seven embody energies of life force, without which Man cannot survive, the also personify influences that serve man's Evolutionary goals and further the divine plan within which the original ideology related to the race of man is found. 


When channeling these energies, the Lords of Rays receive and transmit this life force within the protection of their pure thought, it is then relayed via man's system of chakras unadulterated in any way.  It is upon contact with man's physical form, which behaves in a similar manner to a prism through which light is passed, that these energies express themselves as light separated into layers or bands of color, tinted and influenced according to the character of the recipient.

Red Ray--Life-force

It is best to approach the color tints of the Red Ray positively, thereby preserving qualities which are hard-won assets in promoting to the utmost the higher characteristics personified by this ray.  We will examine the purest transfers, remembering that all other tents of the color are subject to impingement of intrusive influences or sometimes influenced by chakra tints of higher vibration, i.e. the influence of the Christ light.

Ruby Red: expressed by freshly oxygenated blood, very naturally stance as the symbol of life force, a physical vitality, strength, courage and stamina. Its to closely allied tints however, digress a little from the simple.

Crimson: for instance, denotes the courage of one's convictions.  Questors with a red beret prominent in their auric signature, sometimes express this influence as service to mankind .   

Scarlet:  encompasses the area of the questors life pattern which is subject to the rule of passion, where Harrison, bravery or love. 

Maroon:  implies a more self-centered deliberation before involving one's self in a project, sometimes expressed as " what's in it for me? " Attitude. 

Rose Red:  is  a calm hue expressing trust and understanding.

Purple Rose: signifies truelove.                                                                                     Dark and murky reds, in contradistinction to the above imply loveless, physical passion, whether of sex or anger . Sex without love, anger without thought or depravity.  Lust expresses itself in the aura as flashes of red and combined with sensuality maintains a muddy red glow, while hate expresses itself as dark clouds swirling in a red aura.  The descriptive statement, " the red haze of anger " is factual. 

Terracotta pink: is an interesting variation of the Red Ray and is closing associated with love of a land.  One perceives it less frequently in aura's now that the majority of mankind live in cities.  However, even the most contented of city dwellers experience a sense of well-being upon seeing red rock canyon in the Mojave Desert or Grand Canyon for the first time in attuned to this color influence by drawing in this tense vitality on their breath.  When the tent expresses more tanned then paint it connotes a possessive, selfish love of the land. 

Coral Pink: implies self centered, manipulative love. 

Pale Rose: signifies unselfish love when expressed in the aura.

Apricot Pink: in its Palest and most translucent tint, signifies protective love when expressed in the auric signature.  During meditation, the purest tend of apricot Pink may be used as a bridge to the Orange Ray.

                        Orange Ray--Creative Energy

when the Orange ray is expressed in the aura, his signifies creative energy.  When the color is bright and exuberant, this creativity can lead you into performing Arts or even athletics, such as body building from the standpoint of improving your overall physical condition.  The present day holistic health movement may owe its inception to an incoming influence from other rays, but the impetus to initiates foundation and growth, posed a great deal to the influence of your entree. 

 Vermilion: is one the most vivid tints of the Orange Ray, expressing some of the wonderful qualities signified by the true orange hue. Vermilion denotes a most active aspect of the energy expressed by the Splenic Chakra, yet with a hint of still the forceful drive expressed by the Root Chakra.  This positive tint signifies an impetus to accomplish, the object of that accomplishment is the questors personal decision. 

Flame: in the Questers auric signature expresses a spontaneous energy which is as much subject to the red, as it is to the Orange ray. 

 The expression of sensuality that you might expect from the above combination of color tints, is indicated instead buy a dull, heavy, cloudy shade of Orange.  This often represents a sullen character, who resents his or her own inability to translate any creative expression into a worthwhile achievement. 

Light Orange: when expressed in the aura, signifies successful creativity in the field of physical improvement, dance, athletics or body building. 

 It should be noted  in passing, the bathing in the clear lively light of the Orange ray is particularly effective as a healing tool and some types of mental illnesses, lassitude or lethargy, but is not suitable for nervous afflictions of an excitable nature. 

Deeper Orange Tints: are more concerned with consolidating the results of procreativity and in fashioning a sane stable mental environment for children resulting from this procreation.  Orange Ray parents at their best or those whose vibrations are attuned to this ray at some level, not only sense the overall wise influences of Yellow Ray when making decisions concerning their progeny, the also possess the energy of the Orange ray with which to implement those decisions. 

 Warm peach: pale tints particularly, signifies the alignment of one's physical and mental vehicles with the emotional vehicle.  This tint also provides a bridge to the Yellow Ray during meditation.  


                    Yellow Ray: Intelligence-- Intellect-- Wisdom

 Sometimes, a preponderance of yellow in the auric signature, signifies a reaction to the previous dominance of the lower chakras activity and the disregard for every quality associated with them, including higher qualities which would best be retained by the questor.  This reaction sometimes expresses itself as coldness in the personality although the individual is intellectually bright or fearfulness which is mistaken for cowardice or weakness of character.  This is an incomplete and negative expression of the yellow Ray Qualities. 

Golden Yellow: the most beautiful of the yellow tints expresses wisdom and patience of wisdom stabilized in the questors mentality. 

Dark Yellow: signifies intellectually lazy character traits and resentment towards activity relative to the effort involved. 

Mustard: expressed in the auric signature indicates unscrupulous character traits, it sometimes or lends a mottled appearance to the yellow hue. 

Amber: Cretinous traits, expressed quite rarely the aura.  Mental weakness is usually accompanied by the expression of other auric tints. Whenever muddiness taints the clarity of the Yellow tint, itis indicative of a lazy intellect.

Clear, Bright Yellow: signifies a flexible mentality and rapid thought capable of brilliant insight. It is also expressive of a spontaneous personality. 

Primrose: indicates thoughtfulness for others and patient understanding.

Pale Yellow: an inspirational tint.  Individuals expressing this in the aura or often of poetic  bent although sometimes of impractical. 

Pale Lemon: signifies a sensitivity to impression which can take the form of telepathic reception. 

Celadon: represents a decision forming vaguely as yet in an individual's mind, to investigate spiritual training. The above color may be used as a bridge to the Green Ray during meditation. 


 Green Ray---Creativity---Prosperity---Harmony

 It is quite possible, in attuning yourself to the serenity of the Green Ray, to overlook and perhaps under estimate its qualities of creativity, all though the qualities of serenity and creativity are comparable.  It is certainly easier for instance, to express tranquility in your character if your expression of creativity, which precedes it from the same source as abundant supply, is proceeding smoothly.  

The importance of expressing the Green Ray in your surroundings at this time cannot be over estimated, if it is only to compensate for its decrease in the lives of so many questors because of colorless environmental substitution, such as the gray of concrete where sweet smelling grass once grew.  Many shades of gray indicate negative influences such as fear when present in the auric signature. Therefore, counteract the effects of black and mistrust in your environment, by the positive expression of the Green Ray. 

 Emerald green: is a warm and vibrant tint, expressing all the best of the Green Rays qualities. 

Light Green: indicates a versatile creativity which seeks fulfillment in the arts or music. 

Bright Green: is a positive expression which implies or foretells prosperity and abundant supply. 

Dark green: reveals a capacity for kindness which is given grudgingly. 

Sea Green: is a complex shade which denotes an aloof attitude move towards the world.

Sage Green: reveals a deceitful nature, due either to deliberate intent which is expressed by the shading of black in the green or to the material selfishness  which is exposed by a muddy tinge to the Green hue. 

Olive green: denotes a lack of integrity which may express itself as a treacherous trait of character, It is sometimes expressed in other hues as an olive green blurring or clouding.  Murkiness in an expression of the Green Ray always signifies grasping character traits. 

Apple green: Expressed in the auric signature, implies that the questors emotional and mental attitudes are well balanced. 

Aqua: Indicates the dynamic drive of the artist one expressed in the questors aura.  It is one of the color tints, the higher Harmonic of which, is related to a more refined system of chakras  now being developed by some questors. It is noteworthy that this tint has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

 The Green Rays creativity is thus accelerated by the inspiration of the Blue Rays influence. 

Turquoise: a less dynamic partner of aqua, is somewhat muted in drive by the softening of the Blue Ray and may be used as a meditative bridge to the Blue Ray .  


Blue Ray---Inspiration and Spirituality

 The Blue Ray in its palest, most translucent tint, expresses innocence. The qualities expressed by this Ray are obvious to anyone who seen representations of the Madonna and Child. The quality of Idealism is sometimes reinforced by an artist's use of a pure blue in the apparel of the Madonna or the Angels. 

Given the definition of the qualities associated with the Blue Ray and how they express themselves in the aura, it is possible for you to apply similar interpretations by studying variations in sky tints when predicting the weather.  

Sky Blue: when present in the questors auric signature  it indicates the reception of inspiration in its most intense form. 

Pale Blue: bright and translucent, reveals a healing nature and a dedication to the spiritual interests. 

Palest Blue: signifies innocence. 

Dark Grayish Blue: signifies  disillusionment and depression. 

Saxe Blue: symbolizes idealistic love and religious aspiration. 

Cobalt Blue: expresses religious aspiration and inclined to self satisfaction. 

Prussian Blue: denotes a precise sense of religious duty. 

Electric Blue: reveals Magnetic traits in the individual's personality, sometimes indicating that temperament of a charismatic religious reformer.  It may express itself only as bright flecks of color in your of. The many healing qualities associated with the use of the blue Ray cannot be over estimated.  

A grayish shading to light Blue signifies a sensitive nature whose owner suffers from an inferiority complex. 

Deep blue: expressed in the aura indicates sincerity of purpose, a devotee. 

The above that may be used effectively as the meditative bridge to the Indigo Ray. 


Indigo Ray---Truth--- Spiritual Attainment

 There is an essential difference between the expression of the Blue and the Indigo Rays in the auric signature,, the tints of the latter are deeper and much more intense, there's also richer quality to the tint. 

Indigo: in its truest tint signifies an intense the idealistic nature, it also represents mastery over the self, but when it is so deep that it is almost indistinguishable from black, it denotes religious intensity tainted by superstition or fanaticism. 

Lazuli: represents truth and saintliness. 

Midnight Blue: signifies a contemplated attitude and union with the divine when it appears in the aura. 

Navy Blue: represents a philosophical nature influence by rational thinking when the color appears as a haze. When the navy blue shades towards black, it represents thought fouled by ambition and clouds the aura. 

Peacock Blue: expressed as flashes and the auric signature, untainted by black or tinged  with green, signifies guidance from a high source. 

Lavender Blue: a pale tint which already anticipates the influence of the violet ray and signifies self realization. 

The above may also be used in meditation as a bridge to the Violet Ray. 


                 Violet Ray--- Power--- Cosmic Consciousness

 The natural warmth of the pure Violet tint is extremely difficult to duplicate, but one should not confuse the warmth of this hue with a weaker shade of Violet that has been reinforced with red.  The true violet tint is unique in and separate from the artificially reproduced colored tint.

Wisteria: signifies spiritual inspiration and the upliftment of true faith when it is expressed in the questors auric signature. 

Mauve: signifies and Idealism supported by the expression of religious ritual. 

Amethyst: represents the natural mystic when it is expressed in the aura. 

Pale Cyclamen: indicates that the Quester has contact with or receives impressions from the higher spheres. 

Purple: expressed in the auric signature, indicates an adept. 

Deep purple: expressed in the aura, signifies a master. 

 Although it is possible for the two degrees of attainment mentioned above to be of the same level, the difference signified by the depth of the tint is due to differing expressions of the path that they may be treading.  An adept normally works as a solitary, while the master usually accepts disciples. 


                 White Ray--- Pure Expression of the Divine

 The light of the White Ray is brilliant, almost blinding in it's intensity. It is probably expressed least in the auric signatures observed on the physical plane.  It signifies pristine perception, purity of intent and altruistic purpose in action.  It is sometimes called the Christ Light. 

 Any initiate who expresses the White ray in his or her auric signatures is in contact with the Great White Lodge of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is a custodian of some segment of the Divine Plan. Sometimes one may see flashes of white influence illuminating an aura, signifying an overshadowing of the individual concerned by an initiate who receives direction from the Hierarchy or Shamballa. 

 Irrespective of initiatory status, the White Light sometimes shines forth in the aura of a Quester who is pure in heart just prior to transition from the physical plane, bestowing a radiant beauty that already indicates to an aware observer, the Spiritual status of the individual about to depart for the higher planes. 


     Significance of Other Colors Expressed in the Auric Signature



 Black: represents the pit, the abyss and is really not a color, rather a in negation of color.  Even space, miscalled the void is not completely black, for it is lit by stars. 

 A word in passing.  We're discussing color in the aura, not the complexions expressed by various races of man.  

Entities of black complexion who return from the next dimension to materialize on the physical plane, whether in spontaneous communication to friends, family or in a more structured environment such as at a materialization sťance, automatically express their degree of spiritual attainment in exactly the same way as in the lighter complexioned races-by the quality and the brilliance of a light they may or may not radiate or project. 

 When black expresses itself in flashes or streaks in the aura, it always indicates a problem.  Perhaps it expresses an extremely negative response to someone or something, involvement in a situation expressed negatively as hate or as a vicious desire for revenge, but it is also at the same time inflicting damage upon the nervous system of the person experiencing or expressing such emotions. 

 Another example black expressing itself in the aura occurs when an intrusive thought form of negative origin impinges itself. An obsessing entity or an earthbound entity that has attached itself to an unsuspecting individuals may also be detected by a seer who can read auric Patterns. 

There is a further expression of black in the aura however expressed either by shadow or by blurred patches in the auric signature.  This occurs when someone who is suffering from an imbalance in his or her health pattern and would normally express gray in the aura, is verging on the crisis which will bring the situation to a head. 


Bright Brown: flecks expressed in the aura, signify compatibility with members of other parallel evolutions rarely observed these days.                                                            One should be on one's guard against any sour tinge shading the expression of brown in the aura, this denotes an unhealthy, sadistic nature. 


Charcoal Grey: a negative attitude. 

Battleship Grey: a deep depression, hopelessness. 

Gunmetal Grey: negativity which is activated by group pressure. 

Greenish Grey: indicates bad health affecting incoming vitality and expression of positivity. 

Flat Grey: weakness, fear or dread. 

Silver gray: indicates an optimistic outlook blocked by nervousness or timidity which gives the impression of a mercurial or unreliable nature. 

Dove Grey: inhibitions


                                               Silver and Gold

 These two most beautiful visual expressions of energy when encountered in auric signatures, are rare indeed.  Those who express the qualities symbolized by either Silver or Gold, are even more rarely encountered as individuals.

 Silver: signifies an initiate who is on call for Hierarchy work or consciously in contact with Outer Shamballa or even involved in a project blessed by the Lords of Shamballa.  Usually expressed as flashes of Silver Light in your aura.

Gold: is sometimes expressed this slim rim of purest gold at the outer edge of the aura, from which it radiates widely in brilliance. It signifies an initiate is in communication with the lodge of the Spiritual Sun and cosmic Initiation about which more may not be said at this time.

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