Twists and Turns on Judgments’




   Many people make judgments without realizing it. These judgments are thought to be the answer, but these judgments twist the truth. Sometimes the truth is twisted because the people involved don't understand the truth and so twist it without realizing it. Sometimes the truth is twisted because of the ones doing it have intent to twist the truth. Many people have accused Me of judging when they themselves were doing it and in this way have twisted the truth.


   The way to understand the difference between a judgment and the truth is this: The Will must feel the truth for you. There is no way I can or want to delineate for you the truth of every situation you might ever meet. I have instead given you your own Will and your Will is going to evolve if you accept it. The Will is meant to feel the situation and give these feelings to the Spirit. The Spirit then, in fact, is not meant to dismiss these feelings. The Spirit is meant to accept these feelings and seek to understand why the Will feels the way it feels. When feelings seem to judge, you can be sure that they have been told in the past not to respond the way they naturally would, but to respond according to the ways that the Spirit will accept. In these cases, the Will is holding old emotion that should have been released in the past and now needs to release before natural feelings can be experienced. By holding the old emotion and allowing the Will only conditional expression, the true feelings are not accepted and a false Will is created which is then accepted instead. When true feelings are not accepted, the truth cannot be determined because the Will is already being pressured to give false formation.


   I will now point out some examples of twists and turns on judgments so that you can understand what I mean. The twists and turns and judgments are extensive on Earth at present, even to the point of claiming that no judgments are being made. I can see, however, that nearly everyone on Earth is holding judgments.


   For example, in both primitive and technologically-orientates societies, beliefs systems have judgments imbedded in them. These beliefs systems pass themselves off as the voice of authority that has the right answers. I want to point out here that if the answer is right, it does not need pressure to gain acceptance. The truth has enough presence to be recognized by any that have experience enough to recognize it. Those that have not recognized something the others feel is the truth need to be free to seek the truth in their own way.


   Form is needing mention here because form has been misleading people. Some forms have even imposed themselves on people and forced acceptance. Some of these forms know the truth but have intent to twist it for their own power gain. Some of these forms know the truth well enough to know that they should not appear to pressure and they have become very subtle. Recovering your Will is going to show you all of this clearly. You need to trust the feelings you have and allow them to show you what you have not accepted from them earlier.


   The examples I am giving here are, for most of you, a mixture of things you have recognized and things you have not recognized. I want you to see what they all share in common, and I want you to be able to recognize this thread in other situations. The common thread is death-creating denial and the denial of being death-creating denial. Unconditional denial denies everything it possibly can. If this sounds judgmental, you need to realize that I have acceptance for it. I am unconditional acceptance. See that denial has a right to be and trying to accept it is not seeing it for what it really is. It does not seek acceptance; it seeks denial.  When denial that does not want acceptance is offered acceptance, it denies more heavily. The examples offered now are intended to help you see the form these denials have been taking on Earth, but do not imagine by any means that these are all of them.


   A prime example is the media. The media has been interpreting reality by what it omits and what it includes. Not reporting some things focuses the public on a reality that has been selected for it. Even in what it is reported, many of the relevant aspects are omitted. This has been done consciously in many cases, and also unconsciously when the ones doing this hold the same narrow view of reality that they are presenting in their report. This is a twist on judgment because this information is usually presented as an open-minded report on what is happening in the world. The repetitious presentation of this reality has programmed people to expect things to be in a certain way, to remain a certain way and to change according to the ways that have been projected. Making a claim to be open-minded while denying the holding of judgments that limit that openness misleads others. The ones doing this have responsibility here, as no one is to impose a viewpoint on another even if it is supposed to be the view of authority.


   Advertising also has responsibility here because advertising has appeared to be presenting facts and truth about products, but has grossly misrepresented the true situation and been very guilty of omitting information. Even in telling the "facts", advertising has twisted them in many ways so that what is relevant has been overlooked by many people. Many have partially seen this, but few have realized the full implication to the Will. Advertising has been reaching the subconscious where it has access to the denials people hold and even the power to get response from denied parts of the people without people themselves recognizing this.


   Intent is needing mention here. Understand that this is not a simplistic Creation. Intent to understand Me will guide you to understand Me and intent to deny Me will guide you to deny Me. Many well-meaning people that have limits which are not everyone's limits and personal denial that prevents the presence full of understanding present things through the media that have value and intent to communicate. This is not what I am pointing out. You need to feel the difference here and realize that everything that appears to be the same is not necessarily the same. Everything that claims to have good intent does not.


   The reality of young children is especially vulnerable to influence before they have the awareness to understand these influences. Young children have the ability to feel these things however, and this ability should not be denied or overlooked. It can be seen also that the reason television has such a strong grip on many young children is because they do not have enough of any other reality in their lives to counteract this strong influence. Children's television programs, the advertising aimed at them and even the educational shows have programmed responses and realities into young children. The bright flashing colors of television remind them of color and the other planes of existence that they still remember, and so these bright colors attract them. It is known that children’s' minds open and receive the quick succession of projected images without having time to contemplate them. A programmed reality is being presented to them in this way, and this reality is telling them what the world is like and how they should respond before they can find out for themselves.


   All of this amounts to presenting a judgmental picture of the world while claiming it is the reality of the world, the way in which the world works, and how the world has been all long and how is going to continue to be. This undermines the children's creative imagination, through which they create their reality as children and which is meant to evolve and remain an active part of them as adults. This program has been sidetracking the energy field of many people on the Earth. Instead of projecting their own reality, these people are now helping to hold the pattern being given out by a few people. These few people have thus used the media to protect the continuance of their own version of reality and have done this while denying they are doing it.


   Many parents do the same thing to their own children without realizing it. The creative imagination of childhood is meant to be given freedom and encouragement to develop. The child is not meant to have a programmed reality conditioned into its being. The child is meant to contact the world in its own life and absorb what feels good to it and let the rest go.


   Each Spirit when it incarnates on the Earth is meant to be given in every life another chance to create its reality according to its own Heart's desire. If this, in fact, were happening, reality on Earth would already have much more variety and many more possibilities open to individuals and even many more levels of reality available to those that felt attracted to experience them. These realities could even exist side by side and not bother one another at all. The grip of mass programming has severely reduced this evolutionary process to a very linear and limited progression of near sameness for every Spirit incarnating, especially in America and countries following her lead. This, in fact, is not appropriate anymore and will not be allowed to continue on Earth.


   Government has participated in this also. One of the ways to pressure for conformity is the passing laws that force participation in mass consciousness and impede the freedom to experience with other ways of living. Governments have revealed intent by choosing to enforce or overlook their own laws according to the situation and the influence it will have on their system. It is been to the benefit of those in power to have the people programmed in such a way that they believe their personal freedom and strength are not sufficient to overcome the oppression. Instead of oppressing, the government is meant to study, advise and hold the balance points in order to provide an atmosphere of the most balanced personal freedom.


   Twists and turns on judgments are very prevalent in Earth's reality at this time. Judgment is limiting enough, but judgment take a more serious turn when it is twisted by claim that there is no judgment. The medical and scientific professions have been doing just this. They have been acting on the assumptions that all people are just about alike. In reality people are not so like.


   Medicine and science, for example, have established the minimum daily requirements for certain nutrients without realizing that different people vibrating at different rates and receiving different amounts of light and varying colors need different nutrients in different amounts. The lifestyle, the background pollution and every other variable is a factor to be taken into account here too.


   Every time a factor is rendered irrelevant, it is a form of judgment and denial. Reality is not something that should be delineated and defined in such a limited way. Reality is supposed to be fluid and evolving. Everything has consciousness and nothing can be denied its role in creation. Alchemists tried to include everything relevant in their science and showed that scientific delineation and experimentation is irrelevant to actual reality. Denial of this realization is powering science right now.


   With few exceptions, the schools are also reinforcing and further programming the mass view of reality. Even telling children that fairyland exists only in stories is giving them an image of reality based on many judgments. This denial does something worse than just disappointing the children; it teaches them from an early age to deny what they see right in front of them. They have become convinced that this denial is true, when in fact it is not true. In this way, they are taught to disconnect from their own awareness and perceptions. One of the most direct ways to reverse this influence and regain full consciousness is to start noticing everything you usually ignore. Give it acceptance and any expression you can.  By starting with whatever you can notice first that would have otherwise been denied by you, and by cultivating the listening, receiving and noticing aspects of your nature and expanding their expressive possibilities, you will be amazed at how your consciousness can expand and unfold into wider awareness. Everyday reality at present on Earth is both limiting possibilities and having its possibilities limited through patterns which are being held within rigid forms that are not really reality but only the image that people are holding of reality, and there is little consciousness of the difference.


   Churches and world religions that hold the image of themselves as having the best belief system have responsibility here as well. The images that they promote are not the full picture, but are based in judgments which they project as fact. These churches and world religions hold images of Me which limit my ability to approach the people involved because they are wanting to fit Me within a limited image of Me which they have accepting as real.


   I am much more than what has been received on Earth so far. I am a Living, Expanding, Evolving God; My word has always been the right teaching for the time, place and situation in which it has been given. As the consciousness grows and expands I can give more understanding. There is not in a limit to this process; images can join each other and more forms of truth can be recognized. The judgment that I am the same now as I was long ago, and that I have nothing more than that which I revealed long ago to reveal now are two of the main underlying judgments being held that are tied into the core of what has been slowing down the Earth's evolutionary process of much. This matter of judging without acknowledging that judgment is taking place is needing attention and understanding in order to open space for more change and growth on Earth.


   A major way through which many have attempted to avoid their judgments has been to externalize them in the ways described here and then try to control everything in the hope that they can succeed in confining reality. Externalizing judgments and claiming that they are not judgments but reality, and claiming further that nothing therefore can be done about it, is a heavy denial not only of personal responsibility but also of personal creative power. This denial carries deeper-running currents that wash away and erode a person's ability to create his own reality. Denial of this sort is extensive and is very harmful to the ones doing it because in doing it, they have also externalized parts of themselves which will have to be recovered.


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