Understanding the Four Bodies Part 1






   In this chapter where going to discuss the four bodies and I will give you exercises to assist you in balancing and communicating with them.


   In the previous chapter, we discussed communication and how communication and relationships are involved in your evolution in a very direct way. This truly is one of the main thrusts at this time of the plan of our Source. As I view it, the Source, in order to evolve itself, differentiated itself into distinct focuses that were able to communicate and form relationships, the evolving each other and, thereby, the whole.


   To me, this means that you can use communication for almost everything. That is really, what we are going to do with the four bodies. We are going to use a communicative patterning this time to balance and aligned them. Now there are other ways to balance and align the four bodies. You can visualize your four bodies in your inner vision and you can get them to line up in a very nice even way, each of them having their Heart centers on the etheric Heart center. This is a very helpful Light exercise, but we really want to go into a deeper level of balancing. I suggest that the communicative of the approach is very good.


   The first point I would like to make is that, in the larger sense, you really have one, whole structure. However, for the purpose of studying and understanding the structure, I believe it is very useful to take it apart notionally. I generally speak in terms of your structure as being compromised of four distinct bodies, but I ask you to keep in mind always that it is more accurate to think of them as four aspects of one complete system which you are utilizing to remain present in physicality. Now let us pause and discuss for a moment why you do appear to have four of these structural aspects or bodies. Well, for one thing, the reason that you have for such bodies is so that you can live comfortably and effectively here on this planet.


   This is a powerfully and intensely physical planet at and that means you have to have an energetic structure that is capable of anchoring you into the deep levels of the planetary electromagnetic field. We could refer to the body or capacity that enables you to do this as thephysical body.One of the things that I would like to say about the physical body, and I think this is a good point, is that it is not quite what you think of as your physical body. When I talk about your physical body you may make reference to the flesh and muscle and bone, but the part that I really see when I look at you is something that is what you would call the “etheric structure proper.”


   I am careful when I use that word “etheric” because when people talk about etheric body work, frequently they are talking about all of the  aura, all the other bodies of your structure that are  generally not so visible to the physical eye. When I talk about the “etheric body”, I really mean the Light structure that underlies physical flesh and bones. It is composed of all lines of force and the major and minor chakras, as I have said.


   This wonderful energetic structure has the ability to create for you your own presence or space to occupy in this world. It permits you to have an electromagnetic field, which vibrates at your own unique frequency and is capable of interfacing with and integrating you into the larger fields of the physical planetary consciousness. Without your etheric physical body, you would not be able to hold yourself present in matter on the planet. Because this body or aspect of you operates at the deep levels of material manifestation, some people have said that it operates in the third dimension. I think that this can be a helpful way to talk about it if you do not fall into the mistake of regarding this marvelous body as being lower or less evolved than the other three. We tend at times of late to refer to the third dimension in an almost negative or pejorative fashion and I do consider this to be a most unhelpful distortion of your reality.


   You also have an emotional capacity. You have feelings. In fact, I think that you have noticed that the more you evolve, the more clear, strong, supportive and enlivening is your emotional life. This is very important to you as well. The emotional structure has an affinity with the flow of the life force within this world and is able to understand and respond well to it. Some people have spoken of this capability of the emotional body has been able to operate in the fourth dimension. I agree that this can be useful way of looking at it. I regard the emotional body has the aspect of self which permits you to experience in an intense and immediate way the physical sensation of your own thoughts. I believe that emotion is merely thought experienced as a tangible flow. This ability you humans have to be in emotion is a function again of the mirroring, magnifying quality of physicality on this planet. To feel emotionally the sensation of your own responses to your thought process is to live with these thoughts, to be immersed in them and, ultimately, to know them intimately. What an incredible evolutionary tool emotion truly is! It is, of course, that aspect of you that we have sometimes called the emotional body that enables you to use this ability.


   As well, you are enjoying very much having a mental life here. The mental qualities are really those that have to do with perceiving the structures of things, the designs information’s that underlie everything, like the skeletal structure that supports the body. When you go to museums in New see the various skeletal structures of beings or animals that have been on the Earth but are no longer here anymore, you only have to look at their structures and you get a very good idea of what they were alike. Your mental body tunes into and is aware of structures, both potential and actual.


   Now it has been said that your mental body has an affinity for the fifth dimension. This also can be helpful way of talking about the role of the mental self in your life. You could say that its nature is really aligned with the dimension or energetic of conceptual form and structure. By this, I mean the underlying creative ideas of things as the Creator envisions them. In this modality or dimension, you are connecting with the structure that supports everything in physicality. It also connects you through the higher conceptual levels into the essential order or blueprints of all creation. It is the mental body then that enables you to innately grasp the ideal format of things even though they may at first seem obscured from your vision. You notice that you all do have a sense when you look at things whether they are balanced and symmetrical or whether they appear to be distorted, lopsided or somehow not structured in a way that looks as though it would work well. Through your mental level, you have the sense then of the ideal patterning. This is the general purpose for which you have the mental body.


   Here upon the Earth plane another level of awareness has been developing for some time. You have been very involved in helping humanity to evolve to the point where they can use their fourth body effectively. This is the Spiritual body. The Spiritual body is a very embracing energy. When I look at it, I tend to see that your spiritual body seems to surround everything else that is part of your structure. It brings up point of beginning to a point of completion for you here on the physical plane. The spiritual body also interpenetrates all the other bodies. It has a kind of embracing or completing energy that helps you feel that you are whole. In this physical world, it is the Spiritual body which, in the early stages of your evolution, truly anchors the Souls energy into your structure and provides a bridge for it to connect with the Personality Ego. As you progress in your development as a divine being in the physical world, the Soul bridge becomes broader and more comprehensive until the Soul consciousness interpenetrates and merges with all aspects of the Earthly self. It is the Spiritual body, which facilitates this process. Sometimes it is said that the Spiritual body operates in the sixth dimensional or “essential” modality.


   As I have already said, these four bodies are in fact a way of talking about one physical design structure, which is completely whole and fully integrated. For this reason you will almost never discover a problem with one body or aspect of yourself which is not also present in one form or another in all the other bodies. Each body or aspect of you is expressing in its own unique fashion something about you as a being, something that is significant for you to see and understand in the course of your evolutionary journey. This is of one of the reasons why the physical world is so helpful to you in your progression to full self-realization. it magnifies and mirrors to you in a very concrete and tangible way the truths of about your own state of being which you might find to subtle to comprehend and in a less intense energetic environment. A healer who understands this will certainly be working on all the bodies to bring the whole of your structure into harmony and balance. Your journey in physicality involves evolving, developing, expanding and balancing of those four aspects with your manifested presence.


   What this discussion about your four bodies really means is that you are present and experiencing your physical existence simultaneously from the perspectives of all of these aspects of the self and you are doing it in an essentially integrated manner moment to moment in your life. When we want to talk about balancing your four bodies, one of the things we do is to give you an understanding that chronic imbalance in your energy structure most often come from giving more focus, more importance, more direction, more energy to one body in preference to the others. This puts you out of balance because you are not fully presence in the other bodies. You know of some people who seem to be extremely mental but they also can seem very scattered physically. Sometimes they appear rather emotionally and not there either, rather vague, and you don't feel alot of depth and sincerity in their emotional level. Well, that has a great deal to do with the fact that they are not balanced. Balancing really isn't that difficult when you understand it more clearly.


   Let us use an example to illustrate it. Let us say that you have a gallon of energy and you have these four bodies or containers to put in. It seems to me that you should ideally have one quart in each of the four focuses, unless you were engaged in a particular activity or even a particular life such that you deliberately set up an energy imbalance for an important reason. Some of the work that you have to do requires that you exert a lot of effort from one of your focuses temporarily. You have had experiences in which you have had to do something very very difficult, say physically, perhaps to keep going beyond your point of personal comfort. What you have done is to draw out energy of the emotional, out of the mental and perhaps out of the Spiritual focuses. You have brought everything into the physical for that last burst of effort. That is why sometimes when you are making these tremendous physical comforts, you feel like you have a narrow tunnel like awareness, as if the whole of you is suddenly present in the physical body, giving it the last possible drop of energy that you have. Now that is an example of the useful imbalance if you had to complete the physical task and it was important. Sometimes when you're studying or reading something that is very, very important to you, you'll find that you draw a lot of energy out of the physical, the emotional and even out of the Spiritual focuses in order to do this very conceptual work. When you finish, you sometimes feel peculiar, as though you have been in a little box and you haven't seen the outside world for some time. Perhaps the physical body is very stuff in it feels as though it is the sleeping in your emotional life feels like it has been narrowed to a little, tiny focus. This happens because you are out of balance, but you did this for reason and as long as you understand that, you can then rebalance yourself by allowing that whole gallon of the energy to be redistributed in a more even way. This has been a bit of oversimplification but it illustrates the point quite well, I think.


   Another interesting thing is that you are not really limited to a gallon. You could always just say,please may I have some more?”
 Many people who work on the Spiritual level do ask for more energy. They connect with Soul Level and draw that energy in, but sometimes they think that this is only spiritual plane energy and that they cannot use it in any other way or in any other body. They do not realize that it is just the same energy from the Source and that they could bring it in for the use of their other bodies quite nicely. In many cases, I think that they should really do that, because many people have spent a lot of time looking at spiritual matters, when I view them, have large functioning Spiritual bodies, but there structure thins down very quickly from there. I am really looking at the intensity and the effective use of energy. When we look at it this way, balancing isn't that difficult at all. It is really a question of taking a look at your life choices and also at your belief that perhaps you really only have a limited amount of energy available. You can ask your Soul for as much energy as you need, so you don't have to worry about dividing your limited amount up so anxiously. As well, it is time to realize that balance is just a question of how important you think each of your focuses or bodies are in a relative sense. Are you utilizing your energies from the perspective of equality?


   It is time to start thinking of yourself not as a physical person or an emotional person or a mental person or a spiritual person. It is time to take more responsibility than that. You know some people just say, “that is the way I am. There is not much I can do about that. I'm just a certain type of person.The truth of the matter is that you really have mastery over where you put your energy, particularly when you get to the evolutionary level at which you have four good structural aspects that are ready to serve you if you will allow them. It is a responsibility issue from my perspective and I sometimes laugh just a little when people come to me and say,” you know, Vywamus, I am such a mental person. I just really am not comfortable with all this emotional clearing that you like to talk about. I really feel that it is not my path.Well, I have to chuckle, because I can see that they do have four bodies all right. I can see that the mental might be rather inflated but this is just a matter of their decision-making. If you take responsibility for your four body structure and responsibility for your connected nest into the Source level, then you have all the energy you need and you can deploy it in a balanced way.


   In my view, this brings us to the area of self-love. I would like to tell you that one of the reasons you don't give a particular body much attention or energy is because sometimes you don't feel as comfortable or as loving with its nature. Sometimes, it is like having four children and three of them are very difficult for you relate to but you have the one that seems just right to you. You really approve of this one. It is very hard for you not to give more of your attention and more of your affection to the one that really fits your idea of the way it should be.


   In lot of ways the Personality Ego is like that parent. Sometimes it feels,” Oh well, I like that mental one. He does everything properly. He never causes a fuss, screams or yells and every time I asked him to do something he just goes and does it; but that naughty little emotional one is always throwing fits and I just have a really hard time relating to it.Perhaps it is like a very physically focused parent who has four quite interesting children, one of which is very physically orientated while the others are not. You know very well that the parent is going to have a hard time giving equally to the other three. The parent unintentionally may give a lot of secret attention to the one that they can understand and feel comfortable with. Is it is a matter of self-Love. If when you begin to connect with all of your bodies and you see that one is quiet and tired and has no voice at all, it is not usually because it is being uncooperative with you. It is more often because you have not given it that much value. You have not loved it very much. Perhaps you have not appreciated what it can do, and so that is why it appears to you as rather frail.


   The matter of being balanced is truly a responsibility issue. Sometimes when I say these things, people grown and say” Oh no, not more responsibility.It is true that very often when I talk to you I tell you that you are responsible for this or responsible for that, but think about it. It means more freedom. It means that you do not have to be a certain kind of unbalanced person just because that is the way it is and that you can not do anything about it. It is very easy when you begin to understand that it is really only a question of your decision as to how to allocate your particular resources.


   Sometimes it is not always easy to tell how and when you may have made decisions or judgments, which resulted in these preferences for one body, one focus, over the others that are part of you. Quite frequently, past life experiences are causal here. For example perhaps you had a life in which you were very mental and you found that at some point your emotional focus began to surface but that it was perhaps a bit repressed and even a little angry for being sat on for so long. It came forth in a very explosive way and shattered what you thought of as your calm and rational life. You might at that time have made some very serious judgments against the emotional aspect of Self which would then have been piled on top of the ones you must have already been holding to have such an imbalanced life in the first place.


   Some people, as they travel along their evolutionary paths, made judgments against the way they used to be or they look at a particular faculty such as the emotional body and, because they have only seen its unhappy and repressed states of being, judged against the whole of it without trying to find out what it does when it is in a healthy condition. It is liberating to understand that the Source has carefully designed these wonderful four bodies and that they are all intended to support you where you actually are now in your evolution, where you have been in the past and where you will be in your next physical expression on the planet. It is important to remember that each is a part of a fully integrated, intelligent whole and that your physical totality can only operate at its optimum capacity if each body is allowed to function according to its true nature, without repression, without judgment. Our next step is to get to know what all the bodies do, so that you don't make judgments against them through lack of understanding about their role in your life and evolution. 






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