Understanding the Four Bodies Part II



Channeled by Barbara Burns


   Perhaps you think that you know what the physical body does, but I would like to tell you that you only know part of it. You know that it provides you with the ability to stay present in a body on the physical plane. You are quite aware of that and you are quite aware that in order to do this you have to eat and sleep and so forth, but you probably don't know that physical body really is the means whereby you create on this planet. You see, the Earth is, as I have said, a very intensely physical consciousness and even when she takes her next evolutionary step, I believe that she will maintain this rich and vibrant focus. When you ascend from physicality you will not just do as some people when they graduate from university and take all their books and notes and throw them a bonfire and say, ”Well now I can forget everything.When you ascend, you will not do that. You keep all your true knowledge and understanding gained while in physicality. After all, how do you suppose the spiritual teachers are able to incarnate to help out at a particular time? This would not really be available to them if they had forgotten all of what they had learned about how to utilize physical forms. They keep that quality within themselves that allows them to manifest if physical body that can integrate into a planetary structure. You don't really throw it out at all.


   On this planet you have a very dense or, as I prefer to term it, a very intense, physical energetic field or body. Some have called this a “third dimensional body.In the last few years, I have been steering away from speaking of dimensions as though they were separate zones of awareness. This is not quite the way it truly is on this planet, and so I would like to emphasize a bit more whole perspective which focuses upon the variety of ways in which you are able to experience your own presence in this wondrous world. If you aren't truly present in your physical body, you are not able to work and create fully in physicality. The creative plans and ideas that you have been working on may just stay in the Spiritual, mental or emotional mode and never precipitate into the denser world of matter which is visible and tangible to the sense faculties which you are most experience in using. You have had many experiences where in your hopes and ideas seemed as if they were just about actualized. They were so real, so clear, so right and then they didn't happen. Sometimes you look back and say,well it was just as well,but sometimes you feel that some great of event just touched you and missed. You know about your physical structure, the Etheric body proper that I have been talking about. That's the one that brings your creativity through to your daily life. You could say that your First and Second Chakras, the Root and Polarity Chakras, these are the ones that get together and bring into physicality the energy that you have brought in from the higher levels, your inspiration, your idea, your desire that it be so. This really comes into the second Chakras area.


   Now what I am giving you is more a model of the way the second Chakra works on an ideal level. The higher vibrational energy comes in to the second Chakra area and then, through the root Chakra which is really the base of the physical structure, a lot of energy from the planetary structure comes in. It comes into the second Chakra, and it mixes up there. You then have a blending of the higher energies, your inspiration and your passion to create, with the material, the energy of the Earth plane. It is there within the second Chakra, that the energy of invocation truly comes into the physical world. It is not that you are creating only “from the second Chakra” because you are bringing in all the higher energies, but somewhere they have to connect with the planetary energies, don't you think so? Most people think they connect way out in the avoid somewhere. They believe that they bring in their inspiration and then send it out somewhere and that mysteriously, where they no longer have control over it, it connects with the physical, and then something happens.


   Well that's not quite the way, I view it. When you think about our models of creativity and how we have talked about them, it really doesn't make much sense that you're creating would really be sparked some were beyond your area of mastery, does it? Then you would not have complete responsibility over the process, would you? There would be something going on out there that you had no control over and you could hardly say that you were a master of the process. It makes good sense when you think of it that the point of sparking or igniting the creativity that you have brought into the planetary structure must occur somewhere within you. Think about. Where would be a good place? Somewhere where you are going to be able to draw in the energy from the planet, and somewhere where you are going to bring in all the inspiration from the higher self. You might say the Heart center. That is true. Eventually, the energy that is blended in the second Chakra comes up into the Heart area.


  Much of what is expressed actually comes forth from the throat center. That is why we call it the second center of creativity, the center of expression. In the second Chakra area, you are blending energies, which are drawn up to the Heart where balancing, harmonizing, and what we might call “fine-tuning”occurs. Then the energy comes up into the expressive center. At the same time, certain other energies continue to flow in, then heading down from the Soul Star and the mental centers within the head, but truly, the going forth area is the throat. Now isn't that interesting, because that is where you speak from. You know how important sound is. We actually do a lot with sound. Sometimes when an English-speaking channel is working with people whose first language is not English, there is still something in the sound that comes from the throat that has effect for the listener, even though the words themselves are not understood.


   This is really a model, a general outline and there are many details that we could add as to how creativity occurs on the planetary level. If you are not using your physical body to help you with this, truly you are not going to make the final mixing, that final blending that creates something that is substantial in the world where your reality framework is anchored. So, you really need to work with the physical body.


   Let us now consider the purposes of the emotional body. It is a very magical body and it really has so many talents. This is why it is such a sorry thing to see someone who has shut down their emotional body. The emotional body has an affinity for the magnetic functions. It is not so much that it is, in its true nature, solely magnetic because it should, in fact, be fully balanced electromagnetic system, but the manner in which the emotional body functions utilizes the principles of attraction and affinity to a very refined degree. That means it is capable of drawing things to it. As well, it connects. It is a connector that allows you to draw in and hold connections with other people and events of consciousness. It invokes and draws them to you. You know of people about whom you might say, “They don't feel real to me.” now you are not saying that they are imaginary. What you are saying is that you cannot feel anything from them. There is nothing really that connects with you, that gives you the sensation of their beingness. One of the things that you are noticing is that their emotional body is rather shut down, because it does not have that connective quality that allows you to interact with their energy. Remember what we have said about relationships. They are really Communications or the sharing of energy. It is in the emotional body that this ability to interact intimately with another person is actually held. It is focused there. It is not that your other bodies don't connect up because, as I have said, you really communicate from all levels with another person, but let us say that the nuts and bolts of this capability are centered in the emotional body. It is the emotional body’s evolution that the other aspects of self draw upon for their communicative abilities. So, when you shut down the emotional body, this ability to be connected into another being is greatly impaired. The communicative functions of the other aspects of you do not really have much in the way of the intensity in their interactions with others.


   In the creative process, the emotional body does something else. It is somewhat difficult for me to express what that is in your words. I think the statement, “Does it feel real?Expresses what I am trying to say. As an example of this, think of listen to a friend tell you about a theory that they have just discovered. They explain it, " I have just made a new break through. I believe this is the way such and such is.You listen and you say, " well now, isn't that interesting.It has no burning quality of conviction for you and it does not feel like your truth. However, if you should ignite with that so that you deeply and intensely feel the truth of it, it becomes a part of your understanding. There is an event that occurs in which you become connected with this idea on an emotional level and then you have the experience that it feels right to you. Saying, " That feels right " is quite a lot different than saying, " that sounds sensible. " it is a very different quality of experience. You can have something this sounds very sensible and rational that feels right too. When you have that deep, almost gut-level feeling that something is so and it also hangs together very nicely in the conceptual area, you know how hard it is for someone to talk you out of it. It is becoming your truth quite rapidly. It is "real" for you.


   Another thing that this means is that if your emotional body is shut down, nothing feels very real to you. You have the feeling, and most people go through it now and again, that everything seems vague. People talk about a lack of commitment. They get quite disturbed about that sense that they are just floating along and nothing has any reality. That is an emotional situation because feeling, the intensity that comes to you from the emotional level, is what makes everything quite convincing and solid. When you are creating, it is the emotional body that helps you use energy in a special way so that there is an intense and solid quality to what you create.


   The emotional body is also a center for holding onto things. Now that can be a little bit of a problem and I think that is one of the reasons why many people have been rather critical of the emotional body. It functions, as I have said, very much along lines of the magnetic principles. As I view it, it is not your magnetic creative center but is functions similarly. Now what this means is that if you want to hold onto something deeply, it is through the emotional capability that you can magnetize and hold it.


   This works very nicely when you are in a beautiful state and you say, " I always want to remember this. I never want to forget it. I am going to hold it in my Heart forever. " You are calling upon that magnetic quality that the emotional body has to imprint is wonderful experience into your consciousness. You all have had the experience of wanting to remember a loved one's face. You can call upon the emotional body to magnetize and to hold it strongly within you.


   Now there are also many other things that you may want to hold strongly. For example, your ideal sense of who you are and perhaps some of the realizations that you have had in your meditations. You really want to magnetize them in the emotional level and hold them so you don't have that experience of having a flash of illumination and then, when you go look at it again, it is gone. When this happens, it is frequently because you didn't magnetize it. Another thing that the emotional body really helps you to hold is your sense of being real yourself. You know sometimes people go through a stage where they don't feel terribly real. They feel, " Who am I any way? I don't know. " They haven't really magnetized or held deeply within themselves their feelings about who they are, their thoughts about who they are or their sense of their own reality as a being. One of the very most important things to magnetize, I feel, is your sense of your own Divinity. Sometimes you feel very powerful and very bright and very much a divine being, quite unlimited, and then it seems to slip away and all of a sudden you feel very small, unworthy and not particularly divine. Some of the work we do involves and magnetizing of. Deeply and all work for that sense of who we are as a divine being that is unlimited and is merely playing at discovering an adventure that is called physicality. Magnetizing very deeply your unlimitedness is the thing that gives you joy forever in physicality. You can never truly feel limited, unworthy, small and attacked as long is you have held deeply at the core of you this Divinity. So you see there's a great deal that is very wonderful to be said for this ability to hold and magnetize things.


   Now, of course, one of the problems is that you magnetize all the unpleasant things too if you want to hold on to them. There are many experiences that you have had on the physical plane that you have magnetized very strongly. Death situations seem to spring to mind or situations in which you have been so unhappy that you have said, " I shall never forget this for the rest of my life. I shall never forgive. I shall never let this go." You magnetize when you say that, the experience, and your responses to it at all levels come along with you for lives and lives. That is one of the things we have to do when we use a past life regression exercise. You go back and let go material that is magnetized to you but is no longer serving you. Isn't that interesting that we use the words, " let go." It does seem to be what you do when you are not wanting to magnetize or hold anything any longer. This is one of the main reasons why the emotional body has received such a bad reputation for many people. It is most often in the emotional body that you store the painful impact of these things. It is not necessarily the emotional body that has made the decision never to forgive and forget and yet it is the one that gets blamed for everything because that is where you put things. It is really the center for holding and magnetizing. So you might want to take another look at some of the judgments that you have made against the emotional body and realize that, although it is sometimes hard to release things out of the emotional body, it is not because the emotional body chose on its own to store them in the first place.


   Let us go back to our example of the children and you being the parent with a child that has a certain kind of quality that you perhaps invoked at one time. However, you do not particularly like that part of yourself that is responsible for this invocation, so you blame that child who has really come in with that quality because it has been drawn by your energy. Like attracts like, and sometimes you get very annoyed at a child of yours that is too much like you in a way that you have been unable to accept and embrace. That is the way you treat your emotional body at times. It is just following your basic lead in storing things that you had decided to store. Then, when you see what you are holding, you may get sense of the state you must have been in to store the things the way you did. You get very disgusted and sometimes you reject the emotional body.


   Yet the emotional body is really only holding a very small percentage of undesirable things. It is also keeping present for you all the glory of all the things that you have learned and seen in this wondrous Creation and your adventures through it. It has stored pictures of Divinity, pictures of other planets and planes and wondrous events at all levels.


   You certainly have encountered points in the physical body where you have been storing things, but nevertheless, the central focus or headquarters for magnetizing really is the emotional body. So it is the emotional body that can help you a great deal in your processing if you ask for it. It will surely tell you what you have stored and what, therefore, is still part of your consciousness that you are creating from, perhaps in a way that you do not like. Also, of course, the emotional body can assist you to magnetize all of those glorious things that you keep your sense of Divinity and connection to “All That Is” bright and fresh before you as you continue through your evolutionary journey.


   Next, let us look at the mental. What do you suppose the mental body does? You already know a lot about what I like to call the everyday mental, which represents a lower vibrational level of the mental. That is not to say that we will throw it out as you expand. No, indeed you will retain all the wonderful things that the lower mental does, the analyzing,the logic and common sense and the conceptualizing. Surely you would want to retain these wonderful capabilities.


   There is, however, a higher level of the mental bodies function which we often call ”knowingness.This is a kind of understanding that transcends knowledge and really goes into beingness. It is a place wherein a great deal of knowledge or information is worked through. This information comes from the physical body, from the emotional body, from the Lower mental faculties, from the Spiritual body, and yes, even from the Soul and other higher levels of consciousness. It is in the higher level of the mental body that you really blend all of those ways of knowing and you reach a state which is really a " beingness. "  you become that which you seek to know and understand and therefore your knowledge in that way is very multi focused, very holistic and complete.


   Now that sounds very wonderful. How do we get into that capability, that higher mental? Well, of course, it is an evolutionary process, but I like to say that the bridge really is the imagination. I think that it is the imagination that helps you move from that which is known and ordinary and truly a part of your way of looking at things to the unknown, to the new, to the exciting, to the unmapped and, for you, to your next step. For you, imagination is like an explorer or a pioneer. It goes forth into unmapped territory and lights it up, perhaps not in the careful, thorough and structured way that you think of as mental, but in a wonderful, inspirational fashion that allows you to see the path before you. Of course, as you travel that path, that which you pass through then becomes the known territory. You map that and you analyze it and you understand it. As you move forward with the imagination, the imagination really takes you into the higher levels of knowledge, into the higher ways of knowing things because it takes you to places you really haven't been before, wondrous places where everything is quite connected.


   I always like to encourage everyone to use their imagination. People say to me, "well, I really want to activate my third eye. How ever am I going to do that? " I suggest using the imagination. That is because what you understand is the third eye capability is really the higher knowingness that I have been talking about. It is not just a seeing at all. It is a complete understanding that transcends knowledge into beingness, and, as I have already suggested, the imagination is the path. So when in our meditations' I ask you to see this or that, please use the imagination like the pioneer, the explorer that is going to map or open up a pathway to that which you do not yet know. We use the imagination to go into this new realm of understanding.


   One of the things we sometimes notice when we are working with the mental body is that the mental body is really so delighted with what it can do, and you as self are so delighted with what it can do, that you imagine that it really is the place that you are going to, the state of consciousness that you are seeking, and that all that has come before perhaps should be discarded. Well of course, we know that this really is not the way evolution works at all, each level builds upon the previous level. You may discard that which is a distortion or that which is incomplete or inadequate, but you really do not discard that which forms a firm foundation for your next step. At times, when you deal with the four bodies, you may find that the mental sees itself as perhaps the zenith or the height of your evolution and is perhaps not as interested as some of the other bodies in cooperating and hearing from other points of view. you can help your mental body understand that it is really very important special focus, but that it is not the only one, that it is not the only point from which to experience your understanding and your growth. You evolve as the Source does in a complete way, from all the focuses that you are able to understand and view as self.


   Now let us consider the Spiritual body. The Spiritual body is a capability that you activate as your evolution through physicality advances, because the Spiritual body has the wonderful ability to bring through from the higher levels, and particularly from Soul Level, the essence of Divine ideas. The potentiality that is the light of the Divine ideas comes through to you from the Soul level through this focus. The Spiritual body has a way of reaching into the essence of things and of expressing them in their complete potentiality. Then they are brought into the Mental where the structure begins to be put in place, and the creative process continues into physicality as essence becomes actualized through the support and work of all the bodies or focuses of Self.


   The Spiritual body does have another very important quality as well. It is very much there to remind you of the connectedness of All That Is. It has an embracing or completing quality and of course it is the  outer most layer, if you want to look at it that way, of your auric field. It embraces and interpenetrates and really gives a completeness to the whole of your structure. It is usually the first part of you that makes contact with the Soul level and it is very supportive of you as you move in your development towards complete connection with the Soul. I do not wish you to think that I am saying that the Spiritual body, because of its overview or its connectedness to the Soul level, is better or more advanced than the other three aspects or bodies. This is not so. The Spiritual body does indeed give you, if you let it, an expanded view of your cosmic reality framework, as you have been able to formulate it as a Soul at this point in your evolutionary journey. This does not mean that its vision is " perfect " or whole. It simply means that it is able to hold before you the fullest understanding the you have been able to achieve to date on the " spiritual " or comprehensive level. Many of you are coming to understand in these last few years that your ideas of what it is to be human and Earthly are very distorted and negative and do not truly give you a picture of the glory of your place within creation. These distortions have been held in the Spiritual body focus from the very earliest of your experiences of this plant. They have continuously been presented to you by the Spiritual body as intrinsic and key cosmic truths which have formed a substantial portion of the foundation of human mass consciousness from the beginning of time as you have known it on this planet. It is only now as you begin to value and to listen to the input of your other body focuses, particularly the Emotional and the Physical, that you are able to see through and let go of these ancient distortions of your reality. No one body focus is capable of grasping the whole. You can only succeed in this when you operate from a fully integrated and balance to wholeness within yourself.


   As we have already said, it is important that all of your bodies and the whole of Self come to understand the quality of these four focus. They are unique. They have very special role to play and none is more important than the other. Together they allow you to be all that you can be and anchor you very effectively into your experience of physicality, while keeping you connected with all that is. Now of course that is the ideal arrangement that I have given you. That is what you have when you have full balance and alignment. “How do we keep these things in balance?” you might ask. As I have said before, it is really only a matter of intention and truly it is something that is within your control. Eventually, you will reach the stage in your understanding and your knowingness when you really feel and understand the quality of each of those bodies and the special uniqueness of each focus. You will see that the Creator has designed your ideal structure so that all the bodies work together and support each other as each one works in it's fully empowered form. That is the ideal. It is really not so very difficult for you once you have grasped the basic universal principle of the Divine equality of all things, all points of consciousness. The matter of balance comes with the understanding of this principle and with giving it loving effect within your life rather than playing favorites among the expressions of Self. I also wish at this time to remind you once again that the concept of the four body system is merely a tool, a way of talking about reality. It is not the reality itself. Do not become so wedded to the idea that you have a distinct four body structure that you cannot let this idea go as well when your greater Self calls upon you to do so. I also believe this will happen fairly soon in this fast-moving life that you are now living, cosmically speaking. Use the tool we are providing in love and in wholeness and be prepared to lay it down gently when the appropriate time comes.


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