Understandings On Denial




   Different kinds of spirits like different kinds of situations and societies.  There’s no problem here if no force is used to make anyone live in any way that is not compatible with their own nature.  The Lemuria and Atlantis both had problems from the disconnect of Will and Spirit, but they also both had problems because all the different kinds of spirits living in those societies could not approach life in just the same way.  Minorities’ need a place in which they can freely do what they feel is the right thing for themselves. If this immediately brings to mind fear that people will get out of control, you need to realize that you are carrying this judgment. Denial is something upon which society has been built since the beginning on Earth, and people do not yet have the experience of society without denial. 


   Society actually can be based on an aligned Spirit and Will balancing in the Heart.  Society on Earth is going to change in the next few years so that Spirit and Will can express freely from the Heart. Alignment of individuals will align society.  This transformation is just as possible as transforming the entire body with the consciousness. If you have overridden your will and experienced something catastrophic, your Will must have the option to transform in this life or go into the next one. Anything you heal is a transformation; the definition of healing must be expanded to include returning yourself to your full consciousness and healing all the separations within yourself and between yourself and Me. 


   Because I am everywhere and everything, this separation has been thought by many to be simply illusion. In a sense it is illusion but it has been applied in two ways that I want to point out here. One way has been to insist that I am not present at all and act as though there has actually been a successful disconnect from origin and from whatever parts of the self are not accepted. Another approach to this same illusion is to insist that there is no separation going on at all.  Both views have some truth and also some denial. I can be shut out and My presence as light can be reduced to almost nothing and, in some cases, to nothing.  I AM, however, present anyway as dense forms. By not recognizing light in such dense forms, some spirits have convinced themselves that they have gotten away from Me. Others, by the same token, have convinced themselves that they are of with me by recognizing everything as a form of light. 


   There is nothing wrong with any of this unless there is a hidden denial present, the denial being denial of the true feelings. I say there is hidden denial here in most cases. I’ve differentiated My energy into many forms. Different Spirits accept me in different ways, in different forms and in varying intensities. The hidden denial here is either of Me or of the self. Some spirits that have denied My presence on Earth are really not wanting Me to be there and have created the illusion they insist is reality. Some spirits deny My Presence so that they can avoid their feelings about me. This is a way to deny their own fear, anger and other feelings they have toward me. 


   Some Spirits that recognize Me in everything have denied their own feelings about form. Everything is not the same or I would not have differentiated matter into form. Form is not something to be denied either. Many Spirits that say it makes no difference how they receive Me, have denied their own feelings that they would not like to have Me limited to present reality on Earth but would also like me to be present with them in ways that can hear in Words, see as Light, feel as the presence of exquisite unconditional Love, and experience as the power to transform themselves and their lives on Earth. This is not a fantasy that takes place after death; it is very real and can happen now. This is not something too difficult to do either, but it may involve more than you at first thought it would. The journey to your full consciousness and to your full awareness of Me is full of adventure for you and is the most exciting journey you could take. In saying this, I fully realize that everything you do is part of your journey, and yet, some routes are more direct than others. 


   In speaking of this, I want to point out that all differentiation of the energy and to form has been termed illusion by some.  The ones saying this do not fully understand or accept form and, whether they realize it or not, have judged against Me. The judgment that they are holding is that I have only created the illusion of having created anything; that really everything is still just the same and never changes. This is a judgment against experience too. This is not something to take lightly here. Judging against My creation and the experiencing of it is judging against my evolutionary process and your own too for that matter. This is a judgment that you will experience if you hold it instead of experiencing Me.  Rejection of My creation is possible but this then will be your own experience and not the experience of my creation in general. 


   Many Spirits have made these judgments without realizing what they were really doing and often manage, once again, to avoid their true feelings of lack of acceptance for themselves, others and the Creation by hiding their feelings in the belief that, “ All is Illusion.“ I need to comment on this because it is very widespread on Earth. Many people that claim to accept Me do not really accept My forms but only accept Me as light. Others that find themselves out in the world of form claim they do not miss My intense Presence as light because they except me as form. 



   I am both, and Spirits need to accept me as both. The split toward me is the part of the separation illusion on Earth. It is a very real illusion too, since almost no one on Earth now is able to speed up their physical body until it becomes light.  Some spirits believe they have solved the problem of the loss of this ability by saying that it is not appropriate for the physical body to turn to light because it’s physical and meant to be dense. This is also a judgment and not true understanding. All energy is meant to be free. Body is only meant to be physical if it wants to be. Many have made assumptions here that because body is physical, it wants to be. This, in fact, would be true if everything were aligned. 


   Some say it is not possible to be out of alignment anyway. This is actually a way in which many spirits avoid feeling overwhelming fear and panic they actually hold deep within themselves in a state of denial. Lack of alignment with the self and with Me is actually reality for many Spirits on Earth. The illusion is that nothing can really happen to make it different no matter what you do. This is a major way in which Spirits have explained away things otherwise would have been, they felt, too overwhelming to accept. This is called denial. 


   When you cannot accept what is happening to you because it is too overwhelming and you instead tell yourself that it is not really happening, you open the way for judgments, misunderstandings, illusions, emotional blockage in everything else that needs to be cleared on Earth right now. Denial is happening when you cannot accept your own experience. 


   This denial has been increasing over time on Earth. In the beginning, the denial was not thought to be much. It began with the denial of feelings because some feelings were not believed to be as pleasant as other feelings. When these feelings came up, they began to be avoided and not accepted or expressed. In the beginning, this was not even thought to be denial. The feelings were not thoroughly understood and many thought that the feelings were something that could be accepted or not in the same way the other experiences could be accepted or not. Feelings, however, are not something exterior like other experiences. Many spirits were confused on this point and rejected feelings they did not like. This was rejecting a part of themselves. Rejecting a part of the self is not possible without reclaiming it later.


   The increase in denial of his many taken place in this way: rather than rejecting the experiences that did not feel good, many Spirits rejected their feelings towards these experiences instead. Feelings are only responsive; they do not cause an experience to be unpleasant. Feelings are only the Will’s response to what the Spirit is doing. Many spirits that did not like the Will’s response overruled Will and denied the validity of its response. Among all the Spirits, the entire spectrum of possibility exists from no denial to complete denial of the Will, from minimal denial of everything to pass a denial of everything. Experience overwhelmed Spirits because they were not allowing the feelings to remove them from situations that they could not accept. 


   There was another misunderstanding present here among many Spirits and that was that they should ignore their own limits and experience everything because I did. The ones trying this had another misunderstanding about right time. They were not ready. Some denied this by saying, “time is illusion. “  Now this is a pattern of denial. Some have this pattern because of confusion and misunderstanding and some because they feel they can avoid the reality of their own experience this way. Once again, intent is the determining factor and some Spirits even deny that their intent is what it really is. Some deny ever having made any judgments and some deny that they have any misunderstandings.


   Denial is not hard to end once you realize you have it and recognize what your denial is. Denial is usually effective or not. If denial is effective, then you will not know you have it; you will be convinced that your denial is reality. Denial is extensive on Earth right now and I am needing to pointed it out. The reality is that once you connect to some of your own denials, you’ll find it much easier to find the rest of them. 


   Denial on Earth needs to be cleared. Reality on Earth is going to change soon in such a way as to make the retention of denial impossible if you’re going to remain on Earth. If you are not wanting to release denial yet, you can continue it on another planet. A planet has the right to say who can live on it and Earth has chosen to have denial cleared. Earth is needing to return to his own image of itself and that imagery is indeed that of the land of Pan. This cannot happen though if people remain on Earth that are opposed to this imagery. I am needing to have you decide whether Earth is for you or not. I’m not going to wait to remove Spirits that have already indicated to me that they don’t want to be here, but I need a decision from many Spirits that have not yet decided. I can actually see all of this already, but I want responsibility taken by the Spirits involved. I also want everyone that is one to stay on Earth to agree to end personal denial and acceptance of the self completely.


   You need to start with yourself and make an unconditional acceptance of how reality feels to be you. Instead of feeling you must heal everything immediately, you need not. You must however, have a completely committed intent to end denial and heal all the separations of consciousness that this created. This includes the pain of experiences that the body holds, pains of emotions that the Will holds, loss of Love the Heart holds, misunderstandings and limitations that the mind holds and disconnection from the Spirit that originated all of it.


   The Spirit must have acceptance for its lack of experience and manifestation and the Will must have the acceptance for its emotional response to this. Spirit and Will must accept themselves and each other; then Body, Heart and Mind can receive the balanced energy they need. 


   Suffering is the path of having experiences you do not really want to have. I have not required suffering in order to come to Me. I have not required Spirits to test themselves in this way. I have not asked anyone to find out if courage is sufficient to go past fear. I want to point out that these are all misunderstandings of Me. 


   I Am love. When I describe Original Cause, you will see how all the various images of Me came to be. Suffice it to say for now that I Am a Living Evolving God and all the images of Me are frozen pictures. Even the ones saying they do not worship an image of me are holding limits of one sort or another. For example, some believe I am a human-like Father in Heaven and some believe I am so far beyond humans that I do not even speak to them anymore; some believe I Am terrible, angry and judgmental while some believe I’m impersonal and have no feelings at all; some believe I watch everything they do and some believe I never look at Earth. I could go on and on, but I think that this will suffice to show you the understanding I want to give. All of this imagery; and not the total picture of Me. Even in putting all the pieces together, you still have a picture that has been fractured by all the separations on Earth. This can be healed also.  These fractures need understanding to heal. 


   You need to heal yourself enough with what I am giving you now to be able to accept more, and I want to also point out that this channeling is clear, accurate, what I intend to say and from me without question. If you feel doubts and fears within yourself regarding this, these also can be processed and thus lead you to the understandings that are right for you. 


   In summary, I want to point out that having experiences you cannot fully accept along with the accompanying pain and denial is not leading you to Me in the sense of increasing the Light. I also want to point out that it is possible to take yourself out of existence for all practical purposes this way. Another understanding needed here is that denial is not necessary or even possible if you do not have experiences until you are ready for them. Instead of being able to escape from what you have done already, you must take responsibility for it, clear it and gain the understandings needed. Then in the future you will not have to suffer from pain, fear, denial or anything else happening on Earth that is presently troubling the people there. 


   The question of the past has been raised by many. “That is over, “they have said; “Why pay attention to the past; it is gone. “The idea that it is over with is not true understanding.  If the past were over with, it would not be affecting the present. In this case, the past would be serving as a reservoir of wisdom available to the present. Then why deny it and ignore it?


   If the past is not fully understood and accepted as wisdom, it will repeat in some form until it is accepted. Acceptance is what something seeks to be able to change. Studying the past for what can be gained actually allows the present to become freer and more creative, more abundant and more open to change.  Looking at the past can really change the present and since the present is creating the future, it affects the future too. 


   The past two hundred years are so in America has a lot to teach that has been largely denied it and ignored.  The people originally living there have preserved everything so that the continent had everything to offer when America was discovered. The Indians that met the first explorers had denial of their true feelings or they would not have allowed these explorers' to leave and tell anyone what they had found. This denial of feeling is what allowed the discovery of America to begin with, and this denial is also what needed the experience in order to learn what has had to be learned there. It was necessary to find out how quickly a few unloving beings could take down the entire continent by spearheading a movement in that direction. They have succeeded to the point where I must now intervene. 



   These same beings have the incarnated into America for several lives and have each time further their own viewpoint of denying the feelings and the Earth itself.  They have taken this as far as I can let go because they have developed a technology that can actually kill the Earth itself. I cannot allow it, and I will not allow it. The denial here is extensive. Everything expansive is being denied.  Denial is even going on where you think there has been acceptance. If you study this, you will see what I mean. 


   It is fear that has been allowing this, and this fear has its roots and Original Cause and its first reenactment on Earth in the land of pan. Denial of expansion has been increasing since it originated, and yet the form of this denial represents itself as expansion. It is, however, expansion of denial and compression. I want to mention here that this is not the intent of the ones conceiving the Constitution of the United States.  Form is only all would shapes of inner essence. Form has received so much denial in My Creation that it has been allowed to misrepresent itself. This is in appearance only. If you let yourself feel something first, you could tell when it is.


   The feelings give the Spirit the information needed to gain the understandings.  Denial of feelings is therefore an effective way to short circuit the Spirit also.  Many people have tried to deny this problem by saying it is not possible for the Spirit to have any problem, but I want to say that it is entirely possible. It is even possible for a Spirit to get itself so entangled in denial that it cannot continue to exist. 


   Since I have not wanted any of my Spirits to do this without knowing what they’re doing, I have decided that intervention is necessary. I am offering the understandings needed and taking the action necessary to straighten things out on Earth. Part of the action is going to take the form of removing Spirits from the Earth. This needs to be a accepted by the ones remaining on Earth. I have tried to clear the Earth before of Spirits that deny Me, the Earth and the feelings. Each time the ones remaining have drawn back to Earth the ones removed. This happened because of misunderstanding about right place and denial of true feelings. 


   Acceptance of true feelings would have allowed me to put Spirits in their right place. Denial of true feelings in favor of an image of Loving acceptance did not allow it then. Right place and true feelings must be accepted on Earth now. It can be seen on Earth that many things are not in their right place. True feelings must be accepted in order for things to go to the right place. Think about this and see how it works in your own life. Denial cannot see what is really happening and cannot feel it either. Things can then be out of place and you do not let yourself recognize it or express yourself in the way that would put things in their right place in relationship to you. 


   Right place is tied in with Loving acceptance also. Loving acceptance means that everything has a right to be. Right place means it does not have to be where it is not accepted. Denial of right place has allowed everything to mix together on Earth in the belief that this was Loving acceptance.  Loving acceptance does not deny anything, this is true, and yet there was hidden denial here even though many loving Spirits thought there was not. These Spirits pressured themselves, trying to make themselves accept other Spirits and experiences that they did not like. True feelings were denied here, and in this denial, the denial Spirits could operate.  If you have no denial, you have no denial Spirits around you to reflect it to you. Without denial, you are no longer right place for them and they are no longer right place for you. Expression of true feelings is going to let the ones around you know whether you want them there or not and likewise, you will find out if you are in your right place or not. 


   There is dread on Earth of having everything come out in the open. This dread of seeing a reality for what it really is has deep roots in the Original Cause and was first reenacted on Earth in the land of Pan. Denial is the way many have avoided their dread, fear and even panic. Spirits need to be ready for the experiences they have. Emotions are not to be denied in favor of the experience that is triggering them. This is how many Spirits got themselves overwhelmed to the point of feeling they had to deny. Denial is now so much a part of everyone and everything that almost no one realizes anymore that they are doing it. 


   In Pan, many Spirits felt overwhelmed by the reality they saw before them. These Spirits felt they could not leave Earth. These Spirits could not make the ones upsetting them leave Earth because of their confusions about Loving acceptance.  These Spirits then felt they had no way to go other than to denial. Some denied the reality in front of them and some denied their feelings about the reality in front of them. Denial compounded the problem it attempted to solve by allowing the situation to get much more out of hand than it would have otherwise. 


   Experience is still overwhelming many on Earth today. The situation has gotten so out of hand that many feel they cannot do anything but deny it.  Many have held in denial everything they feel about the world in general and have had tried to live their own lives as best they can, yet this is no longer the way they want their to lives to be. Denial is having to take place in personal life now also in order to avoid what would otherwise make life unpleasant and frightening. 


   In short, you have been pushed to the wall on Earth. The denial now has to move; this is the only out available. Recognition and removal of denial is going to open the way to reclamation of power. Overpowering has taken place because of denial and individual power is lost when parts of the self are placed in denial.  When denial ends, the overpowering will and also.



Right Use of Will

Ceanne DeRohan

Four Winds Publications

Pages 108 to 116



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