Visualization  #3




   As always, go to your quiet place, prepare the opening with fragrance and light.

Go inward, breath in through your nose and quietly exhale through your mouth. Begin your rhythm of pulling in energy through the opening of your Crown Chakra. Slowly close your eyes.


   Begin the visualization by seeing a winding path through the trees of a mountain landscape. See yourself stepping onto the path and following it through the trees around a number of bends, always going upward, you are amazed at what would be a strenuous climb is so effortless. As you are rounding another bend the trees give way and there before you built into the side of the mountain is a pyramid one with a crystal capstone. It appears to be just a bit larger than a normal house. As you gaze up as well as past the pyramid you look up the valley to see a great number of other pyramids almost the same size as the one in front of you also built into the sides of the same mountain range as the one that stands before you. You are at peace with the thought that there are others coming to find the same experience as you.


   Your eyes move back to your pyramid and you notice that set into the blocks there is a stairway that leads up to almost the top of the structure. As you approach the staircase you look at the recessed entry nearly at the top. With a passing thought of effortless flight, you begin to lift from the ground in perfect balance and begin your ascent gliding over the stairs. You marvel at the workmanship noting that the blocks are a type of pink granite that you are not familiar with.


   As you come to  the entry your feet again make contact with the stone. It vibrates to your touch, a very low signature sensation that tells you this is your place to transform your energetic being. You take a step toward the door and it opens quietly, easily even though it is a large stone portal you understand intellectually as well as intuitively what this door represents. You pass through the opening and the door gently closes behind you.


   You look to the center of the room you see light coming in through the crystal capstone set in the ceiling of the room which fills the room with light. To your left you see a chair with a basin of water off to one side and a towel hanging over one arm. You move towards the chair ,sit comfortably and remove your sandals and begin to wash your feet with the water and them drying them, while doing this you sense that you have done this before. It returns a part of you to a place that is familiar.


   You rise and begin to walk to the center of the room, as you approach you see a wooden chair with intricate carving on the arms and back rest. As you approach you now see the column of violet colored energy surrounding the chairs dais. You then feel its vibration, almost musical and you feel the beckoning of the pulse tugging at your heart center, pulling you forward. The column of energy as you look through it contains sparkling energetic orbs, you step closer to the field to view the sparkling lights you sense a fragrance, not in the normal sense of smell but that of an intuitive remembering and again you are at ease.


   Now you are standing in front of the violet column of light, you feel the energy and flows, it sings to you. You lift your hand up and touch the field. It tingles and you pull your hand away slowly almost drawing the energy out with your hand. Now you slowly and easily move your hand through the field. You see a rainbow of colors swirling as your hand passes through its field, back and forth you move your hand slowly and now your arm. See yourself step through the column, you look down and see your body lighting up like a Christmas tree, spectacular minute flashes of different hues. You feel the energy of the field clean and wipe away all the heaviness attaching itself to your lightbody. You continue to look and you begin to sparkle, you see gold, silver, pink, green as well as blue and the same violet that you passed through. You step back out slowly, only half the way through, and then back in, not all the way through. This rocking motion is breaking up and clearing out many of the old structured beliefs that  have given your body that old heavy feeling and you are now moving your lower physical genetics to increase its vibrational upliftment.


   Finally you pass through completely to the inner circle. You turn to see the energy field slow back down to its original flow. You smile and know that your inner connectedness with the flow of life always moves more quickly as you pass through or near it. Now; as you move to the center of the circle you lower yourself comfortably onto the chair.


   Feel the texture of the wood under your hands it feels solid to your touch. For you it is solid and very pleasing to the touch, there is a warmth, not heat but a reassurance that it and you are friends from another distant time, you know this. Now move your focus to your spine, rest your arms align yourself in the chair and extend your tailbone down through the chair, down through the floor of the pyramid deep into the Earth until you come again to the center when you feel it stop. Move your hips around just a bit and feel it tug because it is anchored in the Earth. As you move your focus upward you sense energy moving along with your focus, now you understand how energy follows thought. As you reach your Crown Chakra you open the portal like the opening of a lense, as you do you,  you physically feel the rush of energy down through the top of your head, down through your heart center down through your legs and out through your feet. Farther down it travels as it follows your extended spine down deeply into the Earth. This energy is clearing the Earth of all the accumulated misdirected emotional charges that have been created by all of us to our Mother. It is almost like a transfusion; you feel the energy passing through you because you have anchored yourself for this reason.


   Now there is another sensation a field of energy coming up from the Earth and it is passing up through you out through the top of your head passing back into the higher energetic fields. You understand, you are an energetic amplifier. You are using your ability to step up the energy that the Earth needs to revitalize and overcome areas where there is too much human energy being scattered about. You are increasing the flow of the Earth energy fields you are part of a larger unseen circuit.


   Focus now on your own body. Feel the energy flowing down as well as up. It creates the most wonderful vibration in your heart and it spreads outward to the violet column. You begin to rock back and forth with the flow of energy, continue to feel it in your heart center. Now feel that energy move upwards into your throat area. You sense the color of the sky a perfect blue. You now feel a speeding up your Throat Chakra. Your throat feels like it has grown to twice the size it normally is. It has a warmth gives you a sense of connection to other places and people you wish to communicate with, you can not see them but you hear them you know they are there waiting for you when you are ready. The vibration now moves upward again to a place just above your eyes.


   You feel it now as a sense of color almost indigo. The wheel that is your Brow Chakra slowly begins to turn very slowly at first. As you feel its presence and as its begins to move more rapidly memories begin to come to you of other places you have been and people that you know begin to show themselves and they are all smiles for they have been waiting for you for some time now. The connection has been established you now know how to return to them now any time you wish.


They begin to fade and the flow of energy begins to slow, your attention returns to the column of light and the column of light is slowing. You sense it is time to leave for now. You rise from the chair and feel the cool stone floor with your bare feet. As you move to the door it opens silently and as you walk through it your eyes open in your room. You still feel the energy moving in your heart and you know you will return again soon.



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