Visualization Exercise  #1


   As for all exercises please use a room that is quiet, separated from all loud noise and traffic. Please ask others that are in the household including pets that they not interrupt you for forty five minutes to an hour or, until your return to the normal activity of the household.

   If you are able to, use a room that has a window that faces away from the street and traffic. Use a comfortable chair that supports your back as well as your arms. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable and yet maintain body warmth. Breath easily, begin by taking three or four breaths in through your nose and not pausing between the in and the out breaths just slowly release the breath. This will begin a flow of energy that connects you with other portions of you.

   Feel the tension, energy, pain and body focus begin to slowly slide down your body through your legs into your feet and then slowly into the floor and continue into the Earth. Feel all connections without gently slide down and out. Begin to allow all thoughts and feeling to continue along the same path. If you light incense begin to fill yourself with its essence.

   Now slowly slide your focus to the window and ask aloud softly but with intent that all activity out as well as in cease temporarily. Ask your guides and higher self for connection and peace as well as harmony.... When you are ready please stand up and look down. begin your hands up to waste height, look at them palms up, then turn them over notice the length of your fingers, if you wear any jewelry notice the rings on your fingers, the color, shape, now return them to your sides and look at your feet if they are bare wiggle them and feel them move, if you are wearing socks or shoes wiggle your toes even though they are covered and see them move even though you know that you are wearing something. Now close your eyes and still see your feet as well as your hands even with your eyes closed. Open your eyes again and look at your feet slowly bringing your focus upward. Focus first on your knees, then on your thighs what are you wearing? Slowly take in what you see ever continuing upward. See your waist, your shirt or sweater. Continue to see your chest with your arms and hands in view. 

   Slowly be seated again, look outside at the trees and the yards or the houses. Do this in slow motion carefully taking everything in. Now slowly close your eyes, continue to see the houses and the trees in your mind. Slowly with your eyes closed look down at your feet. What are you wearing? don't force yourself to see what you saw with your eyes open. Connect with the flow of time and see yourself as you were someplace else. Look in detail at the features of your feet, legs, knees. What colors are you wearing? Slowly bring your head up and (with your eyes still closed) what do you see? Notice the buildings, the streets, the people. Do they look at you and acknowledge your presence? Do you sense yourself speaking to them? Do you recognize them?

   Remember that as you focus on the scenes your are recreating an event from another place. Focusing on any one thing brings in motion a number of things; first it creates thought to continue onto what is next. This brings in the intuition which brings the vision of the scene and the sense of being connected to it.

   Sense that you walking  down a street and you pass by shops and people, you smell the fragrance of flowers, food cooking, people tall ,short, thin and large all pass by you, you continue on, your attention is now caught by some one walking towards you. Its your mate you come together and give each other a gentle hug and  a quick kiss. As you separate ,look into their eyes and you are drawn into them and you bond with the love and life that you see in them, you are at peace with your world in this moment.

   Continue on as long as you wish, this may take some practice to finish for a length of time. When you are ready the scene will end and you will return to where you are sitting, if you are able (remember) look at your hands and feet once more and remember.

   Slowly allow yourself to return to the here and now. Allow your eyes to open part way see yourself to slowly come all the way into physical body. Feel the chair your are sitting in. With the same sense of distant vision look at the room you are in  knowing that you are not in your body all the way, remind yourself to return again one day. Now come all of the way out, stretch and move your legs and arms. When you are ready stand up and stretch and move slowly until you feel all the way in and grounded

   It may take you a couple of times to reach out and fully connect,  you will know when you do. Don't pressure yourself for progress, it will come when all of you are ready. The more you practice this lucid visualizing the more you will become interactive with the reality that is going on around you. A few things to remember as you are doing this:

Please don't try and control your interactions with those that you meet. Allow all things to unfold slowly, if you ever encounter anything you are not sure of "blink out" much like you do when you dream. This visualization (almost day dreaming) as is dreaming, are very close in creative reality. Enjoy them.

When you do connect with others and you don't understand all that is going on ask for assistance, your angels and guides are with you where ever you go, they will be there to help.

Travel well.

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