Visualization Exercise #2


Connecting the Spirit to the Self


    Begin as in all your meditations/visualizations by going to your quiet place (room). Use light to create an opening and incense to vibrate with.


    Sit comfortably with lose fitting clothing and without shoes (preferably without socks or hose too). Position yourself as upright as you are comfortable with. Arms in your lap and feet flat on the floor. Ever so lightly move your feet back and forth in a shuffling motion until you feel heat from the friction. Bring them back to the flat position.


   Breathe now in through your nose, exhaling through your mouth, gently without pausing between the in breath and the exhale. Continue enough deep enough breathing to satisfy your needs but concentrate on the rhythm of the slow but steady intake of energy. The energy of air, the energy of light as your entire system responds to the flow.


   When you become relaxed enough to move your attention to your physical form in the chair please do so. With this move, feel the air passing out of your lungs to all parts of your body. Notice how the fresh air tingles and sparkles. See the particles as they appear to be Gold as well as Silver; watch how they dance and move in and out of each other, how they light up the shadows of your own body and create a glowing of such brilliance that you light up the room with your own glow as well as energizing the fields and the room around you.


   When you are sufficiently energized, refocus with your sitting form once more. As you breathe feel yourself both within the frame work of your physical form but also somewhat outside and to the rear of yourself. Now visualize your spinal cord as it fits within your body. From your head down to your tail bone see how all of your vertebrates are connected so seamlessly. See and feel your tailbone begin to move and extend itself through the bottom of the chair, through the floor and into the Earth feel it continuing downward moving this way and that until it comes to the center of the Earth where it stops. Move you pelvis around enough to feel the tug that it is anchored securely.


    Travel back up your spinal column until you reach the top of your head and come to a stop. If you would now visualize the top of you head opening like that of a camera lens opening to create a pathway for the energy of your higher energies to come forth. Feel and see the energy coming in the colors of the rainbow, all seven colors. Feel the energy of all seven of the basic rays connecting with your chakras as it moves down your spinal column.


    See and feel they energy as it passes through you down through your spinal column deep into the Earth. See the passage way being energized with the seven colors of sparkling light going deep into the center of the planet. Watch in wonder how all of the areas that were once dark and shrouded now burst with light and life as all heaviness is released.


   All of this is connected to your breath. As you breathe in through your nose see energy being drawn up from the Earth through your connection and allow it to pass up through the top of your head through the lens and back to the universe for recharging. As you breathe out, feel the brilliance of the seven colors passing down through your open Crown Chakra through your Heart Center as it passes out down into the Earth through your anchored tail bone. Look closely as life passes through your body. See the violets, the indigos, the blues, the greens, the yellows, the oranges as well as the reds as they pass into the Earth. See the light begin to spread through out the planet, feel the sense of joy as the energy passes back through you.


  There is something else that draws your attention. Within the colors you again see the Gold and the Silver as well as the color Pink. Now you wonder; just what are these other colors coming into and through you? As you see these brighter colors separate from the rest and come to where you are floating outside of your physical/astral bodies. They surround you in a tube of sparkling light that is charged with an energy that brings connection and remembering. Within the Gold you sense the mother of all life, the feeling that you are not separated from your loving parents that they are always as near as your thoughts. The Silver now comes forward and you know that itís your father encouraging you to continue with your life knowing that your strength will never fail you and that you consciously are always connected to him. At last Pink comes forward, as you look most carefully the energy fades ever so slightly and as face raises its eyes to you. Instantly you know that face, those contours, and those lines. Itís you, your face, your Soul and your Heart reflecting back to you your connection to ďAll That Is.Ē It is there always within you, always ready to guide and be with you.


   You, without hesitation, reach out and touch the energy and are calmed and brought to a place of knowing (intellectually as well as intuitively) where you energize your Heart center and take residence there in this realm of life for this passing, being ever centered and enlivened by this touch. See the color, sense the smell and taste the light. Remember that remembering these will always bring to this connection consciously.


   As the connection is made, you begin to merge again in your physical form. Your eyes open slowly and you return to the here and now secure in the connection you have made is always there waiting for you.


   This is the email you look for in the middle of the night. This is letter you look for in your mail box everyday. The phone call you always wait for. The mate connection that holds your breath in anticipation for. This reconnection is what you forever are in search of throughout all of your lives and personal contacts. The subconscious separation between yourself and that which you believe to be denied.


Welcome Home.


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