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   In this exercise, we are going to draw some structures and we are going to use a pen but it is a light pen. It draws lines of light. We can get to draw lines of light in any color we want.


   Let us begin with the physical structure. Draw the physical structure in whatever color of light seems appropriate to you. We will begin with a nice head center. Perhaps you will draw something that is a bit like a skull, or a brain/mind sort of thing. It can be just round if you like. Then let us draw the spinal column and right at the bottom of the spinal column let us make a nice circle for the root chakra. Let us draw in the other chakras: the second chakra, the solar plexus chakra, a nice big heart center chakra and then to the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra the very top of the skull diagram. If you would like you can add to that some lines the will indicate that we have some arms and legs here on this structure. I think that would be appropriate to put some smaller chakras in each of the hands and feet. Know of course that we have many other small lines and circles that we could add. Around all of this, draw an outline now. Draw it all around these lines we have made in shape of the human body. That is quite easy. What color are using for the physical? Something nice and bright suggests the vibrancy of the life force as it pulses into the physical would be appropriate, I think.


   All right now, you may stop drawing. Imagine that there are many colored dots of light. They are the same color as the outline you made. They are dancing throughout the whole of the structure you have drawn. See that the color is very intense is very intense because there are many dots of light. They are very close together and they are moving, because they are alive. Energy always has life, does it not? It is the Divine life force. Now let us fit that structure right over your physical body. See yourself maneuvering that light drawing that you have done inside your head and let's move it right over your physical body. Can you see it? Lineup the Chakras and everything until it fits quite nicely.



   Now let us draw the next body. It is going to be the emotional body. Let us pick an appropriate color. It is a vibrant warm and flowing color. Take up your light pen again and this time draw a figure all around the one that you have already drawn for the physical. Draw this emotional body so that it extends 2 to 3 inches all around the physical one you have drawn. Draw the outline all around, under the feet and around the whole body, around the top of the head. Now, using that same pen with the same color we have used for outlining the emotional body, let us draw circles where all the chakras for the physical body are, but a little bit larger, so that they overlay the ones you have drawn for the physical, just a little bigger. Would you do that with your pen now? We can start with the Crown chakra. Now draw in the third eye Chakra, the throat and heart chakras. Draw in the solar plexus Chakra of, the second chakra, and the root chakra. Circle the ones in the hands and feet as well.


   Put down your pen and see with your imagination that this emotional body structure is filled with more points of light just as the physical was. These points are perhaps a little lighter in intensity of shade than the ones in the physical are and they are a little farther apart. They are moving and vibrating the very nicely. Now see that the interpenetrate right into the physical structure you have chosen. They appear in the spaces between the dots that are part of the physical body. There is room for them but there are less of them than the dots of the physical body. Because the shade is just little lighter in color, you can really see that the physical body is perhaps the most dense and intense, much more solid. Now please insure that this emotional light body structure you have drawn fits well over the physical structure and the superimposed over your actual body as you sit and do this exercise.


   Take up your light pen again and let us make another drawing. This time it will be the mental body. What color of light will you choose to come from your pen? Pick a color of light that seems precise and clear, as the mental body loves to be. Now begin to draw your outline. You all align all around about three to 5 in. out from where the emotional body was drawn to, all around, under the feet right around to the top of the head. You will see that it is roughly human shaped but it is getting a little less so as you expand it. Now draw some more circles with the same color of pen for the mental body all around this chakra centers. Start with the Crown chakra. This time, it is even a little bigger than the circle drawn for the emotional body so it really goes around it, but it is still centered from the same point in the center of circle, and the same with the third eye chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the second chakra and the root chakra. See that we have a nice series of circles then and that they are coming off from the same center points in three different colors. Encircle the chakras at the hands and feet as well.


   Now put down your pen of light and see that there are tents in points of light of the same color for the mental body as the outline, but again, they are all little farther apart than the ones for the emotional body and they are perhaps unless intense in shades. Now see these wonderful little points of moving light that are all part of the mental body and how they are interpenetrating the emotional body, and yes, the physical body as well.  Of course there arenít as many of them as there are in the emotional body and certainly there are a great many more in the physical body. You see that in the spaces between these other wonderful little points of light those from the mental body can fit in quite nicely. See now what you have. Isnít that lovely? Very colorful, I would say. 


   Now let us get out our light pen again and, using another color, we will draw the spiritual body. For the spiritual body pick a lovely color that is really has an embracing, clear and high quality.  It is a color with a lot of light and really very whole. Now begin with your light pen and draw an outline. I would say that this one can be quite a bit farther out beyond the mental body. You might draw it out about 6 in. but some people it gets out quite far, about two or 3 ft.  Draw it wherever it seems appropriate to you.  Draw it all around, under the feet, all around the whole outline, right to the top of the head. See that it is surrounding the mental, emotional and physical structures quite nicely. 


   Using our light pen again, let us encircle all the chakras starting with the crown chakra, making a little bigger circle than with the mental body in the same color as that with which you outlined the spiritual body. Then circle the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra and the root chakra. Again, all four of the circles and each chakra are radiating out from the same center point in four different colors. These colors represent four different rates of vibration of energy. Encircle the chakras in the hands and feet as well. This is getting to be quite an interesting diagram of light. See it all around you because you have drawn it that way. See that there are moving points of light, little dots again of the same color of light in which you drew the outline of the spiritual body. Theyíre moving too. Again, they are just a little less intense than the shade of color that was used in the mental body.  They are also farther apart than the mental body points of light.  See now that they interpenetrate the dots in the mental body, the emotional body in the physical body.  They fit very nicely into the spaces that are left.  Look at why we have now, a beautifully drawn, aligned diagram of your aura. Isnít it beautiful and intricate? We can see different colors and vibrational rates of these interconnected parts of your structure. 


   Do you notice something else, my friend? The structure is really empty. There is no one home.  We are waiting for someone to move into this wonderful structure.  I think that it would be you.  So now reference or draw with a wonderful white blue Light, very clear and intense. The Soul Star which is right above the head of this diagram, at least three or four inches higher up from the top of the spiritual body. Now we are going to occupy from the Soul Level this wonderful auric structure that we have created, this four body system.  To me, the structure itself looks very nicely aligned and balanced in everything is ready and waiting.  


   From the Soul star with your pen of light youíre going to draw three lines of lovely blue white Light. There are really going to flow down from the Soul star.  The first one is going to go into the middle of the head, right into the radiant third eye center point. The next line flows directly to the heart center. I would say we will pinpoint that center point from which all the heart chakra circles radiate.  Anchor it nicely in there. Then we are going to put a third line right down into the central point from which the root chakra circles emanate. Now we have three good solid lines of life force energy coming down from this Soul level. 


   Now letís activate our structures. You could see a switch on the wall that says ďOnĒ.  Pull it now and see the energy began to pump into the structures from the three lines of force, pumping Light in a very unlimited way from the Soul level.  Fill up all the bodies until everything is well lit with this wonderful blue white light. Feel how this light is all around you now. We have drawn this structure all around you, so bring the Light into you.  See all the Light and pumping in from the Soul level. Look around. Are there any parts that perhaps have more of this light than others? Look again.  I think you will see that perhaps one or two of the bodies will have more of this Light, and one or two donít seem to be very well lit and all. That doesnít seem quite balanced, does it? Well, we know that we have unlimited amount of energy to bring in from the Soul level. What are we going to do then is to pull in more energy from the Soul star. Thatís right-through those three lines of force. Draw in strongly with the force of your intentions and of your love for self. 


   Now we want to get some dynamic movement here. Letís get it moving. Letís move all the energy through the structures, quickly and flowingly, bringing it in around and around, through the physical, through the emotional, through the mental, through the spiritual, back into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, a round and around and around, physical, emotional, mental spiritual, are around and around and around.  This image is very dynamic.  Use it to fill in any parts of your structure that arenít bright. 


   See now that you have a glowing structure, full of light. The light is moving around and around. The energy isnít stuck at all. First it is in the spiritual and then it becomes mental and then it becomes emotional and then it becomes physical, around and around, flowing and moving in any direction that it wants. You see that the energy is all just one kind of energy, Source Light energy, life force energy. It is all the same. It is only the focus in which you happen to be utilizing it that makes any difference. 


    See that each body is just as intense and will lit as the others. You can see the currents of energy swirling from body to body, around and around with joy.  No separation here, no boundaries, no barriers. You can move the energy from one to the other, back and forth; around and around, utilizing it fully in any way you want. See what a wondrous structure you have now, a fully bright and flowing auric field with all the bodies utilizing all the energy they need in a completely balanced manner. See how the chakras are lined up perfectly around a central point, vibrating in radiating. Look how the energy is swirling and all those chakra circles you have drawn, pumping energy through and swirling around and around to the Crown chakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the root chakra, the hand chakras and the feet chakras. See the large, circling chakras of force and Light moving around, distributing the energy, filling and energizing the whole structure. 


   Now my friends, you feel very balanced I would say, and you look vary balanced from here. I think you will find that this exercise will aid you greatly. I would suggest that you use it as often as you wish.  More and more you will feel that you are a whole being with the number of different points of view, rather than a fractured collection of separated aspects.




Evolutionary Exercises for Channels


Channeled by Barbara Burns

Light Technology Publishing

Flagstaff, Az.



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