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   Greetings to all that have found this site and its sharing. Our presence here is to give to all that choose, insights and upliftment of what is considered the individual personality. The relationship between what we consider our conscious selves to those aspects of a much higher self non physical self (personality/ soul).

   We are indeed a much more layered and complex entity than we are aware. Our potential and future much grander in scale than is believable by current standards. We have been given a task by ourselves as well as by our parents who by the way have meaning and life throughout a great expanse beyond our ability to understand at the moment to evolve and expand through experience to fulfill a desire to create a much  greater sense of life. It does seem as though everything is just beyond our senses, much like when we were young and first having to navigate the task of moving from crawling to that of walking, or from being a passive observer in a miniature physical form to that of moving through graduated cycles of mental, emotional, physical maturing and being a mature adult capable of great feats and complex creative endeavors. This growth reflects itself in all stages of this life as well as all other stages of life we take part in throughout all of creation. Not merely in this physical appearing one but all that we are able to connect to or have a sense of being a part of.

   As we expand and develop the interactive components of our personalities through creative experiences, we gather more discerning experiences in which to participate in as well as share with others who with their own creative abilities build upon a simple idea. To know and experience ourselves first hand, with the benefit of changing and redirecting our creations for the benefit of ourselves as well as others.

   The Personality is exquisitely empowered to expand itself to be enlightened through untold layers of reality or dimensional life. We are at a particular gathering point now and are awaiting another expansion which will direct our creative abilities into many unforeseen venues.

   We are more than mere physical creatures occupying a space for a time. We operate outside of space and time as well as within it. If you desire proof of this investigate the many different realms of sleep when we slip in as well as out of the physical/creature form to continue with the many other lives we lead simultaneously. During our daily consciousness when we believe there is only one focus to our consciousness, we are able to develop and expand our abilities to perceive those many in between layers of our conscious intellect our magnetic ability to attract and participate in all those other experiences that we have called for. There is indeed magic throughout all of life and it is waiting to be discovered and used by all of us together as well as individuals. We believe you will discover that all is possible when you discover the true ability of your Divine inspired personality and all the things endowed within its potential.

   Our purpose is to provide you with the discerning personality which will allow you to live a well intentioned life no matter which field of endeavor you might choose to live or to serve in. For it is a spiritual truism; that as you serve, so shall you be served.

   Welcome to a place that is safe and with only one obvious agenda, your upliftment.


At your service.

Avalon Pacifica/Mike Macklin


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