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" The goal of meditation is to bring about the free play of all the incoming forces so that there is no impediment offered at any point to the incoming energy of the Soul; so that no obstruction or congestion is permitted and no lack of power-physical-psychic, mental and spiritual- is to be found in any part of the [bodies] body. This will mean not only good health and the full and free use of all the faculties (higher and lower) but direct contact with the Soul. It will produce that constant renewing of the body which is characteristic of the initiate and the Master, as well as of the disciple, only in a lesser degree. It will produce rhythmic expression of the divine life in form"....

Alice Bailey "Esoteric Psychology II" page 593

  " At present meditation is associated in the minds of men with religious matters. But that only relates only to theme. The science can be applied to every possible life process. In reality, this science is a subsidiary branch, preparatory to the science of the Antahkarana [rainbow bridge]. It is really the true science  of occult bridge building or bridging in consciousness. By its means, particularly in the early stages, the building process is facilitated. It is one of the major ways of spiritual functioning; it is one of the many ways to God; it relates the individual eventually to the higher mind and later to the Universal Mind. It is one of the major building techniques and will eventually dominate the new educational methods in schools and colleges. It is intended primarily to;

a. Produce sensitivity to the higher impressions.

b. Build the first half of the Antahkarana, that between the Personality and the Soul.

c. Produce an eventual continuity of consciousness . Meditation is essentially the science of light, because it works in the substance of light. One branch of it is concerned with the science of visualization because, as the light continues to bring revelation, the power to visualize can grow with the aid of the illumined mind, and the later work of training the disciple to create is then made possible. It might be added here that the building of the second half of the Antahkarana (that which bridges the gap in consciousness between the Soul and the spiritual triad) is called the science of vision, because just as the first half of the bridge is built through the use of mental substance, so the second half is built through the use of light substance."...

Alice Bailey "Education in The New Age" pages 96/7

   The foundation for creating in the material world is through the process of energy following thought, visualization manifesting magnetically by attracting it into the physical realms. Meditation is essential to this process of manifesting ourselves back into the higher realms.

   Within this section you will find different techniques for meditating as well as for visualizing, Chakra upliftment and activations. In addition there are body/aspect balancing which when practiced in conjunction with the other practices will bring you the happiness and balance you will need to develop your higher ranges of discernment as well as developing that field of continuity of consciousness.


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