Your Emotional Body



   I would like to talk to you about your emotions. People relate to life in different ways. They certainly do not approach life in the same manner, do they? When you look around the world, this is very obvious and one of the main reasons for the difficulty of communication. Many more than half of the people around the world to respond to life through an emotional focus. Now, this isn't bad or good--it just is. It is one perspective for viewing life.


   If you know yourself, or are beginning to do so, you may be able to ascertain whether you feel life or whether you think about it. It is very important that you know the difference; that you understand what your particular approach to life is and understand those in your environment and what their approach is; in this way you understand self and those around you more fully. You grow in awareness of such recognition. And emotional focus upon life can be very positive and its higher aspects. It makes you very sensitive to beauty, it makes you appreciate nature, it makes you love the arts and dancing, it makes you recognize many things and really become a part of the feeling side of creation. It can be a wonderful, joyous experience in its most positive aspects. However, my friends, those of you who are so focused, recognize that can be exactly the opposite. When your emotions stirred up, are churning within you, there is such a focus there that you can go to the very pits within self. You can become very depressed, very out of balance, because your beingness gets centered in the emotions within you.


   If you are focused upon the emotional body, life becomes a seesaw. You go to the heights and you also experienced the depths. It is an eternal process that moves you back-and-forth, and you become ever more frustrated by-ever moving at the whims of your emotional body.


   My friends, is it not time to look at this process, to consider some alternatives, some ways to prevent that eternal swing? It is time at least to tone down a little and too gradually learn that you do not need to focus there. You may retain the benefits of your emotional focus without remaining that focused at all--by approaching life through a more balanced perspective now.


   How do you begin this? You begin with your will. Yes, with your will. If you begin to find that you are experiencing the depths too often and if in your desire for a more balanced approach to life, you utilize your will, it will make all of the difference. But you say, when I get in this place, I cannot help it. I try to get out, but I cannot. You cannot because this is a pattern that is well-established--a focus--And when you get into this focus, this pattern, you know not how to escape it. Use your Will. Reach down inside of self with a big hand of will and pull yourself out.  Yes, pull yourself up and out of the situation. Is it easy? No, it is not easy, but it is necessary. It is important to recognize that until you are able to do this, you will keep setting up different emotional traumas. You will keep the experiencing them because it is an established pattern, a way of living, one that you are very comfortable with. Does that surprise you? Yes, you are comfortable there. You know how to function its depths--you have done it often in although you are miserable in a sense, you are comfortable. It is familiar there. Familiarity is important. You are afraid of what you may find in a whole new land of balanced living--not consciously, of course, but with the subconscious mind, which is not directly connected with the conscious mind, has fears from past experiences and, for most people, says the unknown is to be feared because it is not familiar. So keep this in mind. Recognize that with your Will you must go forward.


   Now, it is a good idea, if you are working within your belief structure, to remove the false beliefs of fear of the unknown; to remove the false beliefs of familiarity or to purge the areas, or perhaps both. In some ways it lessens the mountain, if you will, that needs to be climbed. But it is your Will that will bring you over the top. My friends, those of you who are seeking growth, seeking to become greater, know that for each one of you there is a time of crisis, and for those of you focused upon the emotional body, the time of crisis comes when you must utilize the Will to lift you out of this pattern. It will be very difficult to do at first. But if you have confidence in self, knowing how much you want to grow, knowing that ultimately you are to become perfect, that it is toward this potentiality that you must ever move, then do it, my friends, do it! Use the Will, now. Launch yourself by lifting upon a whole different spiral. Get excited about--do it with joy. Do it, my friends, however you wish, but do it!


   When you are in the pits of despair, you view your life with hopelessness, with the feeling that never again will you be able to function, that you will always be immersed in this pit of despair, do you not? But when you begin to experience this,--yes, analyze it. Is that not ridiculous? Have you not been there many times, and if you have, then ask yourself how you could have been there many times if you had not gotten out? Otherwise it would have been just once that you were there. But you have had moments of heights, too, have you not?


   The mere fact that you begin to analyze the situation will aid you. You begin to utilize the logical process and to balance a little this heavy emotional area. Analyze your current situation and see what is really true and what you are just feeling to be true, my friends. If you cannot analyze it, if the pit holds you too tightly, go to a friend or to your teacher and say, "would you please help me? I am in this pit of despair, I cannot get out of. I need an outside opinion." And as you begin to do this, use your Will. You must take the first step, either by willing yourself out or going for help, or both. The deeper the pit, the more you will resist any sort of change. It will hold you, and you will need great Will to make any effort, but you can do it, can you not? And the sooner you begin to do it--to use the Will--the sooner you will be out of your great immersion.


   So pity not self, knowing that self pity's itself enough, and you do not need to add to it now. Pity not self, my friends. Do not allow pity to enter in here. No "poor me" syndrome, please. Use the Will, use the logical process, and pull yourself up, now.


   One suggestion I have given recently that may aid you is to view in front of you a red ladder. It is the Will. Climb up your red ladder, my friends, when you need it. Climb it to a place greater balance. Use your great necessity for growth, your great necessity to become greater, and climb your ladder of Will. It is always there, no matter how deep you are. It will aid you if you let it, so climb now this ladder right here. Reach up to it and climate with your Will.


   Let us suppose that you have done what I have suggested. You have used the red ladder and you are feeling better. You really feel encouraged-"I've done it, I don't need to do that anymore," you have said, and life seems to be flowing a little better, and you are feeling a little more balanced. And about the time you are feeling it ... boom! You are back in it again. And you say, "What is the use, I can't do it. I've worked as hard as I can. I've sought growth and Iíve worked intensely within my frame structure, but nothing works. Take it from me, nothing works." Have you been there my friends? Stop. Don't allow this pattern to reestablish. The minute you get into it, run to your ladder; don't allow one thought of self pity to enter here--not one. If you are purging, purge the area of self pity with every emotion you can think of-"necessity," "repeating pattern"--anything you can think of. Get rid of it. If you are not working within your belief structure, begins to use affirmations. Say to yourself, "I do not need self-pity. I am becoming greater now. "Write that-500 times. And another one: "I'm attaining greater balance all the time. I am utilizing my own Will to remove myself from emotional turmoil, now. Everything is getting better and better, and better and better." And write that one 500 times.


   Do whatever you wish. Work within your belief structure. Use affirmations. Visualize yourself as perfect. Work on imagery, but remember it is a process of Will, in connection with everything else. It is a blending of every type of effort you can think of to get you out of this pattern. The key is the Will; develop it. Use red in a very positive way to attune to the Will of your Higher Self, the Will of the Creator--not the Will in any negative connotation. Know, my friends, the Will of your Higher Self at the spiritual level--the Will of the Creator to create what is positive in life. Yes, using your Will, you can create a better life, a more positive life, like the Creator himself meant for you to have. Yes, a positive life was planned for you, but you have chosen not to experience it fully up to this point. Make another choice. Recognize that you can choose to live more productively. Use your Will, now. Pull yourself from this emotional focus. Blend it, now. Come out of it, my friends. 


   Do you not know what a beautiful opportunity Mankind has now? Positive energies come to us--energies that aid growth. Will you not use it? Will you not take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity? Now, because there is more energy here, it can also immerse you further, if you let it; it intensifies whatever you are. But it can intensify your efforts to free yourself, and this is the way to do it. Do not use more energy to immerse yourself further. Use it to Will yourself from this position, to raise yourself. Climb up your ladder, knowing that this is marvelous--this opportunity that you have now to come into greater balance. It is so marvelous. 


   My friends, I too come from this emotional focus. So I am not speaking theory.  I am speaking from my own experience, and I know what is necessary to free yourself. I too floundered in the emotions for eons. I too enjoyed their familiarities. I too suffered--with a capital S. I could have painted it across my chest:" I suffer now. I was a martyr--I did it very well. I suffered, my friends. One day, as I grew and evolved, I said, I do what? I suffer? I donít want to do that anymore. I choose not to suffer, now." And I stopped. I stopped suffering. Of course, it did not happen immediately, but what did happen immediately was my choice. I decided right then that I was through suffering, that I would do whatever is necessary to free myself, that chose to live with freedom, that I would not remain in that emotional immersion. Whenever I begin to slip into it, I pulled--I yanked--myself up. I did not allow self-pity; I said, "No you don't, no you don't, I do not suffer. I used that statement over and over: I do not suffer, I choose not to. It is my choice, and I make it, now. I do not suffer!"


   I did some Meditation work. I did much clearing.  I also dedicated myself to the Creator and His work. I prayed a lot. I received much help. I asked for it, down on my knees I asked for it, and I asked for the strength to maintain my balance. I studied intensely, learning as much as I could, using the mental faculties consciously to balance this emotional immersion. And very gradually, very gradually, my friends, I begin to come out of it, and whenever I started to slip back(which I did often), I said, pulling myself with my Will, " no, I choose not to suffer, now."


   It worked, my friends, for me it worked. This was a turning point in my growth pattern. Of course I had much work to do. I'm still working. My life did not suddenly just become perfect; of course not. But by my choice, along with my complete dedication to the Creator, to knowing that everything that I was, and am, is for Him in His purposes, I freed myself--completely. I did. I didn't do it all in that same life. I'm not telling you that I did. But I did a great deal in that life. I turned the corner; yes, I did.


   I'm not just telling you this to be talking about myself. I'm trying to give you hope. I am trying to say that it works; I have tried it, I know it, it works. To some of you who think it is impossible to for yourself, I'm trying to give you hope, telling you to try it, that you can learn and grow and become greater, become more balanced, and not suffer. Choose not to, my friends. Choose, now, not to suffer.


Each of you has My Love, and I appreciate your attention now.


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