Your Mental Body




   Now we will discuss your mental body. Yes, that aspect of self which is in the spotlight of attention, which is considered by advanced humanity to be the most desired and sought after aspect of self.


   We will talk about its attributes, the advantages of fully developing it, and then we will discuss the disadvantage of being focused upon this aspect, the pitfalls that must be avoided, the need to move beyond the intense focus as one seeks further development, as one seeks to clear and balance ones’ life completely.


   What is the mental process? Have you thought about it? One knows that the brain is a very complex organ, that it contains many things whose purposes science is just beginning to discover. They have not yet fully identified the human brain. Is the mental faculty the human brain? Well, not exactly. It is an aspect of the consciousness that functions through the human brain, that is true, but the mental process is an aspect of your consciousness. If you can remember that this is true, it will aid you in your understanding why, although most human brains are physically the same, some people utilize them much more productively than others. So the brain is just the vehicle within which that particular aspect known as the mental process operates now.


   Why then do some people have the ability to compute very difficult problems, to logically deduce certain aspects that others are not capable of doing, to consider the rationale of a situation and come to some very concrete decisions regarding it while others do not? Some people pretty much avoid this level of thought unless they are forced to do it. They are not able to utilize their brains, which are probably as good as anyone else's. Why is this true?


   Well, from an evolutionary point of view, the aspect of self that contains the mental abilities has developed over eons of time. It does not necessarily have anything to do with the particular vehicle through which it is currently operates. If the mental process has been very traumatized, very affected, then perhaps the vehicle in which it functions is not perfect. This is from its own doing; remember, we are products of many experiences, and thus, the mental abilities within the brain area, if they are not perfect, are also a product of what we have been and what we have experienced. Those who have mental dysfunctions and are within institutions may occasionally be products of this process. Usually, however, it is an emotional disorder. Sometimes it is a misalignment between the mental and emotional bodies that is so forceful, so extreme, that serious mental disorders are seen, forcing these people into the care of others because they are not able to function and care for themselves. In these cases, the brain itself is not affected, but the alignment with the mental faculties and the other bodies is greatly off and causes very severe problems.


   While confined to institutions such people usually are not able to pull this alignment back to the extent required for several lifetimes. The fact that they are in body can resolve some of these problems a little bit. Thus, they may have to spend perhaps 10 lifetimes confined to institutions before they can balance the mental processes sufficiently to function as an independent consciousness upon the earth plane. Know that such severe handicaps have resulted from severe misuse of the mental abilities.


   Occasionally there is an exception here. A great one may choose to aid the Earth and come to Earth in such a misaligned manner, knowing that because of his much greater abilities he aids the Earth itself in achieving mental balance so that others who are unbalanced do not have to work quite as hard to resolve their balances. The great one does this with much love. Great ones come to resolve many problems. They do it in many areas, but we are talking now of the misalignment of the mental body, and many in the history of the world have done this. The numbers are not great when you consider the numbers of people who have lived, but just one great ones consciousness accomplishes a great deal towards easing immersion in any particular area. They give this with love, knowing that it is their part in the Creator's plan as with grace He allows humankind to approach Him again with greater ease than perhaps they deserve, for the Creator certainly is not vindictive. He aids His children many times when perhaps they do not deserve it. Is it not marvelous, the Creator's love that aids us now?


   The Earth is currently in the process of complete development of the mental body. That is, the bulk of humankind is; advanced humanity has already developed this body to a great degree, but the bulk of human consciousness is engaged in this activity in the present age. Thus the emphasis on developing the mental faculty upon the Earth. Thus the need for so many to be educated mentally, the emphasis upon the complete understanding of the mind with not as great an emphasis upon the emotional needs. Humanity gets in a little bit of trouble here.


   Humanity seeks to develop one aspect without seeking to develop the aspect that balances it. This is one reason for current problems, for world turmoil. The emotions churn within humanity because they are not as balanced most of the time as those who have begun to balance the mental faculty. This may sound like a contradiction, for I have said before to use the mental faculty to develop and balance the emotional body. That's very true, and when you can do it, it brings about a balanced condition. However, I am talking now about those of humankind upon this Earth who do not yet recognized the need for balance. Their thoughts pursue the mental activities and pay no attention to the emotional ones. I am talking about mentally focused human beings. Perhaps you might equate what I'm saying to college professors, those who pursue the intellectual in great depth, not even recognizing that the emotional body is important--they do not find it so. They simply, in generalizing, fence off the emotional area and allow it to fester, and when it has festered enough, it bursts forth in some unexpected way, and suddenly one who's been very mentally focused collapses from a lack of balance.


   There are those so mentally focused that if they would pay just little attention to their emotional bodies, they would achieve good balance. That is just wonderful. We are not talking about those rather rare individuals but about the ones who love to focus upon the mental abilities to take precedence over everything else, and thus block any sort of balance that may be needed with the emotional body. Great danger is here because it leads to submersion of the areas within the subconscious mind which need attention. They rest there, and when they reach the point where it triggers a very immersed area, then you have this great explosion.


   Please think about it. Those of you who go into the world every day need to understand the situation very thoroughly. As teachers you need to know how to understand the ones you encounter. If one who is so mentally focused that he has developed the mental body to a high level recognizes the need to integrate all of the learning process--as many of you are doing now, recognizing that you have physical, spiritual, emotional and mental needs, that you must learn to work with all four bodies--then he can do some very wonderful things. In fact, this is the ideal way to begin the clearing process. It is an ideal focus from which to clear because the mental focus and enables you to see that you can do many things. You can rationalize and logically discern many needs that you have--but only after you become advanced enough, if you will, experienced enough, to see beyond self, to begin to understand the Creator's Plan for Earth and to begin to seek your own part in it. This is most important. So, if we have one who is mentally focused and see beyond self, then we have the beginning of a very good disciple, who will probably, in one lifetime, complete much work. It is wonderful and it is the most effective place to begin your esoteric work.


   However, for a long period of time, one who is mentally focused, after developing these great faculties, thinks that this is all there is this. In a sense he develops great moral superiority, looking at those who are not so focused and saying, "Look at what they are doing there. They churn emotionally. I do not do that. I am focused within my mental body and that is a very good place to be. I am much superior to them now. Why don't they just quit churning like that. Look it that immersion. How unusual. They are not very advanced--I am certainly much superior to them now.” He also seeks to study everything, and finding life so interesting, and he seeks greater and greater knowledge, never getting enough. This is not bad, my friends, as long as it is done with it little bit of balance--recognizing that seeking knowledge for Knowledge sake concern can be overdone. What it does is waste time. Yes, it does waste precious time that might be used to serve the Creator.


   Now, I am not saying the Creator judges anyone for this--He does not, nor do we, your teachers. We recognize that everyone who is mentally focused spends a period of time at this activity. We hope that it will be as short a period as possible, that this advanced piece of human consciousness--because that is what it is, at this point--will soon begin to recognize there is so much more, that they are so curious about life that they will begin to see how much they are missing by not going beyond the mental faculty. When this point is reached, the Creator has a very valuable one who will soon be serving him completely, serving him with great intelligence, which is necessary, and in balance, which is also necessary, and in joy and love, which is wonderful!


   Generally speaking, those who are so mentally focused have not allowed great development of either the psychic abilities or the intuitive faculties. This is a generalization, and there can be exceptions to everything. It really depends on the amount mental focus, because in this body it can be complete focus, and it is very intense when it is present and does not allow focus upon any other body. Thus you see great scholars who neglect even their physical needs and practically starve to death unless someone, such as a wife or a student, shoves food in their hands. It can be total


   This mental focus can be all consuming. Many of them see not that there could be a Creator. They see only the mental processes and cannot understand anything of the spiritual area. What they have done, in effect, is block any other aspect completely, and as it begins to dawn on them they begin to seek these other aspects and it is rather slow-going at first. The rational gets in the way. They seek to go beyond it and then realize this process, putting them right back into the mental area. This is a very deep pattern and very difficult to let go. The Will must be utilized in this case, and, as one so focused begins to seek greater development beyond the mental and begins to analyze that, he has to stop and say to himself, "Oh no, I can't do that now. I must let go of these mental processes. I must go beyond that." Do it with the Will and then do it with love, because the love aspect can aid here. Those who are so mentally focused and wish to move beyond it must first surround themselves with the love of the Creator, and more intensely they become involved with this love aspect, the more easily that they will move beyond the mental.


   Now, occasionally you will see one who is mentally focused but allows the intuition to develop to a great degree without losing his mental focus. What has happened here? Think about it very carefully. Another aspect of the Personality has entered here: the Ego, which says, "I have great mental capabilities, and now I must not let go of them." But why does he allow the intuition to develop? Because it is recognized by the Ego that if he extends these mental capabilities into the intuitional area he can really extend his own effectiveness, his own abilities. The mental area can recognize this. However, he is not yet like the will of his mental focus. One who begins with this great a focus will always be so focused, but he must allow it to lighten, allowing it to come under the direction of the Soul. This, my friends, is the key! Yes, it is the key! The Personality must come under the direction of the Soul for one such as this who has allowed great intuitional abilities to form, but nothing else. You can surely see that when the Personality is directed by the Soul that says, "I do not have to be so important. I do not have to extend my own abilities now.  What I have to do is balance all four aspects--the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual--and thus I will find my own proper point here now in the Creator's plan for the Earth. I am not meant to seek this unbalanced mental condition. I am meant to serve."


   This is the key word here--to serve. The Soul knows that the Personality must let go and allow the Soul to function as it was meant to function on the Earth. Do you not see my friends, that the purpose of our living is to serve the Creator, not our own individual growth? Our own growth is a part of the Creator's purpose, but it is not the main part. Our main purpose here is to implement the plan of the Creator, and each individual consciousness knows that at Soul level. We must allow the Soul to function here--not just these great developmental faculties or intuitional faculties, or any other faculties from a separate aspect. It must all be integrated into the soul, for it knows how to serve the Creator.


Techniques for Balancing the Four Bodies


   Mental faculties are wonderful and develop over great lengths of time, but they need to be brought into line with other aspects of self. As you begin to do this, there are several valuable exercises that can help to overcome this pattern of involvement with the mental faculties. 


   First, decide that you are going to seek and practice other means of identifying solutions to life besides the mental abilities, which are already developed. At first there will be resistance to this because your present method is familiar and easier than learning a new one. But if you truly wish to grow, to evolve, to become greater, then seek this way.


   Let go completely of the mental faculties. Choose a specific situation and give yourself an area to work in.  If you are seeking to know more about the area of your particular part in the New Age, then do not analyze it, do not consider logic. First, see what you know about it.  Then launch yourself into it in a state of meditation. Take part in it and see what happens. Do this in a very balanced way, not when you're having an emotional problem or being engaged by a mental exercise or problem. Try to be as balanced as possible when beginning the exercise and then let go of everything. In a sense, erase as much as possible in the mental patterns, emotional trauma, physical trauma or needs. Become open to possibilities. This is very important.


   Visualize the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual bodies in a perfect line, a vertical pattern in which they all fit together very well using the Blue-string exercise that follows.


   See all four bodies superimposed upon each other and then see centered right between your eyebrows a blue string that is balancing you now. Then launch yourself forward to the new age. Experience it in this completely balanced condition. Do not rationalize, do not conceptualize it mentally, but experience it from a complete point of balance this may aid you, and if you find yourself going back into a whole pattern of mental analysis, then pull yourself out of it with your Will. Do not allow to happen.  Will yourself back into a completely integrated state.  Remember: the four bodies vertically placed with your blue string center within self. Experience from a centered condition now.


   After completing the exercise, analyze it and look at it logically. Decide how well you did in freeing yourself and this intense mental focus, if that's for you operate from. It will aid you now.


   Another exercise that will be very helpful is to begin a step by step progression toward your integrated state. Of course that's what you are doing already but undertake a conscious one now. Take a little step forward; in a state of meditation, see yourself stepping forward. Now feel around self. Are you balanced or are you completely mentally focused? If you are mentally focused, regroup--see that your bodies are balanced as stated before and then take another step. Are you balanced? Look and see and then take another step. Continue this, rebalancing when necessary, and then begin to experience within self, in an inner state, what is happening.


   Be sure you look at all four bodies, because one or another may fall out of balance. Look at your string in your physical body. Is it centered? Look at it in your emotional body. Is it centered? Look at it in your mental body. Is it centered? Look at it in your spiritual body. Is it centered? Then look at your string. Is it smart itself? Is it one continuous vertical line through all four bodies? If not, realign it.


   Then consider a subject--whatever you wish. Is it spiritual growth? Then consider spiritual growth. Look at the four bodies. Are they centered? If one comes out of line now, then there's something in the spiritual growth area that is out of line. Which body is it? Look and see. This will give you a clue as to what area needs to be worked upon.


   If you wish to step forward in the area of the New Age, take that step, then check the four bodies. Is one out of balance? Perhaps the mental? If so, perhaps you are intellectualizing about the new age and not understanding it spiritually or emotionally or physically. Bring the four bodies in line now and keep in that way.  Experiment with whatever subject you wish.  This is a very valid technique for aiding self now.


   Another helpful technique is to sit down and blank your mind--blank it. I know it is difficult, but you can do it for an instant at least. As the thoughts begin to flow, what are they? What area do they relate to? What thoughts within your mental body are influencing your need to be completely balanced? See if you can identify some of these thoughts. Write them down and become aware of what they mean.


   Let me give you an example here. After clearing the mind, perhaps the first thing that comes back in is "I must prepare for this social event I'm going to have." Well, I would say then that the physical body is affecting the balanced condition, perhaps the mental also, because of worry enters here; in fact, with this emotion of worry you could say that all of the bodies are affecting the balance. What to do? You look for the beliefs and you remove them, you look at the physical involvement, seeing if there is a reason it intruded on your need for balance; you begin to will the mind to do as you wish; you, in a sense, to put it all together and--not just a sub conscious mind were the beliefs are stored, but the physical body in the mental body also in line with the emotional body, which will accomplish the balancing of all four bodies. 


   Many techniques such as these will aid you in balancing. These have been specifically designed for those of you are focused in the mental area.


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