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   We now turn to your physical body and its position in the complex, overall pattern of self. To begin with, the physical body is that part of self that functions here upon the Earth, the vehicle that allows one aspect of the totality of the divine spark to function in a specific manner. It is the means by which a spiritual spark gains knowledge despite much resistance. Here upon the Earth, lessons are learned, most of the time, with difficulty and against resistance. The physical body allows this type of experience to take place; it is the means by which it takes place. For many, the lessons that are learned are learned because the body is really a battle ground for those lessons. Many choose to experience their lessons through the physical body in the form of illnesses and other types of dysfunction that presents some resistance. Some do not do this, do not use the physical body as a battle ground, but most do it at least at some point in their earthly lives.


   The way of experiencing is not as important as what is learned, but it doesn't seem terribly appropriate to me to dramatize the physical vehicle to the extent that it limits your experience and makes you less versatile in your Earthly experience. Thus, when one recognizes that one is using the physical vehicle as a battleground, it seems appropriate to seek the causes and remove them. In our work within the belief structure we are doing this, and it is a very definite step forward in freeing the physical vehicle from its pain and trauma.


   A vehicle performs only as well as it is allowed to under the care of its owner, and you are the owner, the proprietor of your own physical body. It is up to you to maintain it in a state that makes it usable. That is why human bodies only last for a limited time--because the owner or proprietor does not yet understand how to utilize the vehicle in the most appropriate manner. When one obtains such knowledge completely, then the vehicle will simply last forever; there is no need to get another one; you can keep the one you have; it does not wear out. Thus anyone within the hierarchy usually just keeps one vehicle which uses whenever it is necessary to assume a physical vehicle. It does not wear out. The reason, my friends? It is because there's no resistance to utilizing it in a completely appropriate manner.


   If you are working within your belief structure, you can purge in the area of running trauma through your physical structure. The emotions would be: necessity for, appropriateness, no other way to solve, happens automatically, and whatever other emotions you can relate to in understanding the area from the point of self.


   If you are not working within your belief structure, you can use affirmations--ones that say your body is perfect and not suffering. The wording can be whatever you wish. One that I think is very appropriate and which I would use if I were you and needed to become free from physical pain and suffering, might be worded as follows: My body is free of pain and stress. It functions perfectly, and clearly reflects the Creator's pure state of consciousness.


   What happens when you begin to do this to self? Why does your subconscious use the physical body or physical vehicle as a battleground? Let us now begin to analyze the situation and discover together the reasons, and how, besides purging, we may understand and avoid trauma such as this within the physical structure.


   One of the most important things you can learn is the symbolic meaning attached to every portion of the vehicle or physical body. Do you understand that when your throat hurts it is often an obstruction of your Will? Do you understand that when your head hurts there's something in the area of control that is frustrating? Is your life out of control? Are other people seeking to control you? Are you frustrated because you can't control others? A headache indicates that control is involved. Do your eyes hurt? This usually indicates that there is something you don't want to look at. Are you having repeated ear problems? What is it you don't want to hear?


   Are your teeth, and particularly the root area, involved? Are painful? If so, perhaps in your belief-structure work you are getting to the root of the problem, and as you do, your subconscious becomes more and more frightened and anxious and the pain is being reflected in the physical structure. Are there problems with the feet? This usually is related to understanding in some manner. There's a very good book by Alice T. Steadman called Who’s the Matter With Me? that talks about this extensively is very worthwhile reading.


   Some complex problems within the body structure, such as cancer, have to do with life force or energy. You must learn to recognize what area is involved in what it is saying to you symbolically. Then you will know where to look within the belief structure, or if you are affirming, to make your affirmations so that you can remove or overcome the area involved. In a sense, you must know self very well--then you can see what is involved.


   Working with the Chakra's of the physical area of (you know they are not in the dense physical body but in the etheric body), view them as open and flowing with a lot of energy, in a continuous flow, from the top or Crown Chakra to the next one, the third eye area, to the throat, then the heart, the solar plexus, the polarity area and the base chakra, and then a return flow. See these as being as open as possible; this will aid you in any area of the body that is affected by an energy problem, whether it is specifically the life force or a trauma that has "bunched" your energy or perhaps is missing in specific areas. But learn to utilize the visualization of energy within the body to aid it, because it is the means by which the body is run.


   To me, energy is the way the Creator creates. So your physical vehicle is propelled, in a sense, by energy, by the way the Creator creates. If you visualize energy as free-flowing in the body as having an unlimited supply, this will aid your life to be free-flowing, with an unlimited supply of everything that you need. It is an aid to do this for self now. One thing I've been telling people that is very important is to make sure that your "energy intake valve", you might say, is always completely open. At the top of your head you could visualize a funnel into which energy pours and comes into you and is appropriately utilized. Make sure that the door that allows this funnel to enter and to send the energy through you is always open and unblocked. Look often and keep your energy door open now.


   Use the stress within your physical body to help you see areas in which you need to work, and at the same time, remove the necessity for experiencing the stresses within the physical body. You don't have to experience a lesson through pain, though most upon the Earth chose to do so. The sooner you to remove all of the inclination to utilize the physical structure or the physical vehicle as a battleground, the sooner you will be able to keep it in optimism repair, and it will not even age; it will remain as it is now forever. Yes, it will! It is entirely possible--in fact, it is necessary, eventually--to learn how to do this. The first step to this condition in which it will be completely free from duress is to look within self and remove all resistances to keeping it in optimum running condition.


   The next area I wish to discuss in regard to the physical body is its position in your learning experience. It is focused here upon the Earth. Your consciousness resides within the physical vehicle, it occupies it, and thus it has a means by which to learn and to grow, as I stated earlier, against great resistance--the resistance of the Earth even if you do not run all of these resistances through the physical vehicle, you still need them in life and must overcome them. Because upon the Earth you are but a reflection of what you are about, you are a part of your own totality: the divine spark exists on a higher level and you are rare reflected image of it. Then you work in the areas that need focus, which need identification, that need resolution, and you make more progress here, my friends, then does the higher level, because of the greater resistance. The divine spark chooses to work in the physical incarnation in order to make as much progress is possible.


   Those of you who have had a spiritual the valuation have heard me talk about the Monad or the spiritual spark sending down extensions, which are souls, and the soul's then sending down expressions, which are what you are: an expression of your soul. So it is a reflected condition upon the Earth that allows growth to take place within your totality. Some of you have said, "but I cannot see how one that is so wonderful as a Monad could need my input. Why does it? "It is the method of learning, my friends, that the Creator and your Monad have selected.  Your Earth experience is the method of learning.


   It is important to recognize that, as the Earth reflection of your Monad, you have set up specific lessons to learn in this lifetime, and it is through your physical body, your physical vehicle, that you must now learn them. What does that mean? It means that there is even more separation within consciousness than there is at a higher level.  The sense of separateness begins from the time of the monads emergence from the Source. He feels cut off from the Source, no longer a part of it, although he probably still identifies with it very closely. But on the Earth, or wherever there is a heavy vibration similar to the Earth's, a physical incarnation within a physical body means there is even more separation felt and experienced by the consciousness within a physical body. This makes it even more difficult to identify with the Creator, to identify with the Cosmic Plan. For a long time there is a sense of turning into the Personality--that the Personality is the center of that particular person's consciousness contained within the vehicle. This is reflected into the physical vehicle, making its needs very important. Thus, if there is confusion in some areas of the consciousness, the person becomes very addicted to certain types of activity, whether it be eating, drinking, smoking, or something else. The confusion in a specific area of the consciousness is reflected into the physical vehicle, which is affected by this confusion. Now, these addictions, if you will, are difficult to find and work with in the belief structure. Many of you who have worked out problems have noticed that they resist resolution very well, and the reason is that they are really buried in the physical vehicle. The subconscious contains the beliefs, yes, but it has, in a sense, transferred the storage into the physical vehicle. You must, in a sense, free the physical vehicle of all its addictions before freeing the belief structure--And yet you must free the belief structure before freeing the physical addictions.


   Does that sound like the circle, my friends? It is. What must you do then? You must do both at the same time. That is why, when people are trying to work on a weight problem, for instance, they must approach it in every way. They use physical exercise, which helps the body overcome a problem, they work within the belief structure, and some people use affirmations or programming technique such as sleep teaching. There must be several approaches in order to break that circle that loops forever between the physical body and the subconscious mind.


   There is one very good approach that can also be done to get the Soul involved here. The Soul does not take part in any sort of addiction, and thus, as you bring it into line with the personality and it begins to take greater and greater control, you break the circle. No longer does the subconscious connected to the Personality hold as great a sway or partake of the circular approach within the physical body. The Soul is not addicted to anything except the Creator's work and the Creator's Cosmic Plan. It does not considered it appropriate that the physical body be addicted to anything, and thus, those who are functioning here as Souls have no addictions. It is simply broken--the pattern just dissolves.


   What to do until it is completed? Keep up your work, but call upon the Soul for aid. It can aid you by strengthening the Will to work with this circular pattern, because you approach it, as I said, from your belief structure and affirmations and from the physical side of that as well as from the Will. Ask your Soul to aid you in this important and necessary pattern removal. Remember, your Soul wants the physical body to be very usable when it is functioning here upon the Earth because the Soul knows that for most of you it will be functioning within this lifetime here upon the Earth. That's why it pushes you to learn and to study and to grow. It wants that vehicle to be as usable as possible and it will aid you when you ask.


   You may also ask the teacher such as me or any teacher you care to choose. But all of these approaches are necessary if you are to break these very severe and difficult addictions.


   I haven't really addressed drug or alcohol addiction. They are the same thing but more severe; when one is completely under their control, and this pattern is very deep and very strong, it can be carried from one physical vehicle to another. Many of you don't know this, but if it is not resolved, it leads to a propensity for this type of addiction in the next life. Also, particularly in the misuse of drugs, it leads to the shredding of the etheric body, which requires much time in an "inner" hospital and much suffering there in order to rebuild it; it is a difficult problem to resolve. Many who begin innocently to play with some of these dangers areas do not understand what they're doing to self. Certainly they have Free Will to choose these problems if they wish, but they know not what they are choosing, my friends, they really don't.


   Remember what I told you earlier, that the Creator gives us Free Will. Yes. But he also gives us each an individual path, and if we adhere exactly to this path there is no trauma. There's no pain. There is just experiencing and growing and becoming greater, whether we are in a physical body or in the spiritual aspect. It matters not. If we adhere to our own paths we do not experience pain. It is when we need these little diversions, when we choose to experiment, when we deviate from our own true paths, that we begin to suffer, that we begin to experience trauma, that we begin to forget to we really are.


   Now the Source, the Creator, doesn't mind. He gave us Free Will. He knows that eventually we will come back. He also has unconditional love for us. He allows us to experience whatever we wish, and so we do. If we choose to run pain and trauma through the physical body, then we may do so. He knows that eventually we will decide and will learn that this was not the way the physical body was meant to function, that we were given the appropriate material for perfection and we must make it work--and we will, eventually, my friends, yes, we will! Most of you are doing very well. One step at a time you learn about self, do you not? Each time you identify an area within the physical that is not properly maintained, and change your beliefs and allow freedom in that area, you are making a step toward your own true path again, and that is very pleasurable for the Creator. He wants you back on it. Yes, He does but He knows that if you choose to leave it, it is all right. He allows you that freedom, my friends.


   All right. So the physical body is a reflection of your totality. It is your means of experiencing here upon the Earth. Utilize it well. Analyze what it is you would like to reflect here in your physical body upon the Earth. For most of you I think that it would be perfection, would it not? Would you not like to be perfect upon the Earth? Certainly! And yes, you can. No, I didn't say you can do it in five minutes, but you can eventually. It will help you to become aware in whatever area you wish, and all that we do together will lead toward this perfection.


   Thank you for your attention, my friends, and my love to all of you. 


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