Your Spiritual Body




   Let us explore together what we will term your spiritual body. The vehicle that enables you to experience at a very high level. Although I refer to it as a single body, it is not. It is really a compilation of several different levels. But for the sake of our discussion, we do not need to differentiate any further now.


   The reason I say this is that this is the fourth in a series addressing the vehicles; we have already discussed the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and this is what I am calling the spiritual body. On further examination of this fourth area we will see the balance that is necessary on all levels and we will be able to tell, a little bit anyway, what is necessary to understand in relation to what we have already discussed. I am not defining any specific body within the spiritual area. I have already done so extensively in the Alice Bailey works and I refer you to them for those definitions.


   We are seeking to clarify, then, methods for obtaining balance on all four levels. We have increased our awareness in the first three areas, so what do we need to understand about spiritual vehicle (no matter what level it is at) in order to obtain a more balanced approach, to go forth on the evolutionary path in as balanced a manner as possible now?


   First let us say that the spiritual area is the most important. You know why that is, my friends? It is because the spiritual area is the origination point occupied by the Creator when the Creator began to create. Since it is the origination point and it contains the Creator, it is really what existence is. There is, in a very special sense, nothing else except the Creator and his experiencing. Everything else is illusion. So we are getting down to basics when enter the spiritual area and discuss it now.


   The spiritual vehicle, then, no matter what level we are talking about--it matters not--is the means by which we experience as individualized portions of the Creator. It is our means of traveling and learning and becoming greater in the basic area of creation. It gets us down to basics. It is the vehicle in which we begin our experience and in which we are destined to complete it, and anything in between is only the means to attaining that goal.


   As we learn and grow and evolve we drop first the physical, then the emotional, then eventually the mental and we return to the spiritual vehicle; we drop them one by one until we reach again the essence of self--the self realized spark that is truly one with the Source and yet forever individualized as a co creator. This is the goal, and we must see it that way. All of the other vehicles are the means to achieving that goal, and in order to achieve it all must be completely balanced, completely merged and completely in line with the Creator's plan. We do this very gradually, over eons of time, we do. For the most part, through most of this experiencing, we do not know that this is what we're doing--balancing, becoming more aware of the Creator and his purposes--but we certainly are, my friends, we certainly are.


   A spiritual vehicle is chosen to contain the Divine spark. This Divine spark chooses to experience, mostly by projection of itself in to denser areas--first as a Soul; and then the Soul, which is part of the spiritual area chooses to work and to learn and to grow by expressing itself in a physical type of existence, at least during a part of its learning experience. You, my friends are such expressions or experiences of your Soul--which, remember, is a reflection or an extension of the spiritual spark. Thus, the spiritual vehicle extends itself in many directions, some of which we have not even gone into.


   The spiritual vehicle, then, must learn a great deal to be a co creator. Is this not logical? It is, when you see what is created and how wonderful, how complex it is--but not complex in a negative sense, for complexity really is the key to simplicity. Does that sound like an oxymoron? It is not. This simply means that existence happens on many levels, that the Creator understands all of these levels and puts them together in a completely appropriate way that makes creation seems simple, though it is not; it is very complex but it fits together perfectly.


   Is it not logical, then, that as potential cocreators, we must learn all of these levels? How can we be the new chairman of the board, my friends, if we do not understand each layer of the corporate entity, if we are not familiar with each layer and can take it apart, in a sense, and put it back together completely and with ease? If we cannot see exactly how all of this fits together we cannot create, can we? And this is what we are meant to do. We will serve the Creator as cocreators. We will begin again these processes for Him in other areas that he wishes to expand into, so we must know every detail, everything and how all fits together.


   We learn that now, hopefully, with joy, but at certain points we do not. We learn how feels to be immersed, how it feels to be in a physical existence, to be learning how to fit it all together. Yes, and we learn how to balance all of this against our potential greatness, to literally absorb all of these lessons back into the spiritual vehicle or body and then thrust forward from that into a higher level that is their awaiting us when we can learn enough to fulfill its requirements.


   There are specific requirements that we must meet in order to reach our goal of cocreator. Each one of us has in the past (at a higher level, granted, but we do know it) been told exactly what we must do to reach this level. It was given to each of us at the time the Creator sent us forth. Do you not think this is logical?        When you join a new corporation and management as great hopes for you, and see that your potential is great, and they mean for you to be very influential, to be a very important part of that corporation, they give you an indoctrination course. They tell you exactly what the corporation is and what it is doing; they tell you areas that are available; they tell you to seek what you would like to do. And then this corporation, my friends, goes a step beyond that and tells you where you are fitted to serve and the path that you need to tread to reach that particular goal to serve and the path that you need to tread to reach that particular goal--and individual one, you see, in each case. How marvelous! The Creator has set it all up for us.


   You say now, don't you, "But what about Free Will?" Yes, what about Free Will, my friends? The Creator knows what's best for each of us. He really does, but we must discover this ourselves. So he gives us Free Will. Yes, He does, and we may deviate, we may loiter, we may choose to experience in any way we wish—but He knows that each of us will eventually come back to Him. What does that mean? It means we will, each one of us, choose by Free Will that path that we knew about originally and decided to leave so that we could see for ourselves if we could find a better one, for we all learn that we can't.


   Does that upset you a little? Does this say to you there really is no Free Will? Of course there is. Certainly there is. If you choose to, you can reject the Creator's offer to become a cocreator. You can and you can stay at one point in your growth for as long as you wish. But, my friends, you defeat the purpose of creation when you do. You defeat the evolutionary spiral. Whom do you defeat? You just defeat self. The Creator allows you to do this if you wish. But as you grow and evolve and become greater, you will not wish to do it. You will see the necessity to serve the Creator in your own unique, appropriate way. Just because he has already defined this way does not mean that there is no Free Will. It simply means the Creator knows more than you--And what's the matter with that? How could he not? He would not be the Creator if He didn’t know more than you, my friends.


   Also, He doesn't view you from the time-tied point of view. By that time I mean He can see all of existence. He knows what you will choose, so if you choose to view it this way, you can simply say that He looks into your future and sees what you will choose. That is valid also. Does that help in understanding Free Will? I hope so, my friends; because I know that some of you have questions about it. Work in this area until you understand it fully, because it really does exist. It really does and it really works just as you think it works, but more! Yes, there are areas of Free Will you don't understand yet. Imagine that. Did you think you understood everything? Of course not. So just allow yourself your present understanding and recognize that it will enlarge, it will grow, and it will change as you enlarge and grow and change. How marvelous! Yes, it's certainly is.


   The spiritual vehicle, then, on whatever level you view it, is very much involved with the Creator's work, whether from an individual growth pattern which is part of it, or more importantly, seeking to serve the Creator--because both are done at the spiritual level, my friends, both simultaneously. They always fit together perfectly; no conflict there. As the spiritual vehicle enables you to do the Creator's work, it also enables you to grow and to move along your individual path. On the spiritual plane there is no conflict. One does not block the other. There are simply parallel paths that always go together.


   The spiritual plane is forever expanding, and the means for its expansion are the workers, the light workers, and the spiritual sparks that do the Creator's work. Each one of the sparks works within a Spiritual vehicle one of which we're talking about now, the spiritual body--on some level or another. But remember, the spiritual sparks that are within these spiritual bodies are concerned with the Creator's work. That is what the spiritual plane is: the area in which the Creator is primarily concerned. Certainly all the rest is a reflection of this area, as there is nothing but the Creator and His experiencing, but I wish to emphasize that it is the primary area.


   Why is it so important to recognize this? Because we spend most of our existence there. These comparatively short sojourns that we take in physical incarnation are but specific learning experiences of the spiritual spark, and the relative importance of them is not very great. Does this sound like a contradiction of what I have been telling you? It is not. It is analogous to saying that you have gone to school for, let's say, a twelve year period, grades 1 to 12. Each time enter a classroom and are involved with a specific class. And on that day you know a specific lesson is important, don't you? You know that lesson will aid your overall growth. But if you look at the twelve year picture, then that one particular lesson on that one particular day assumes a new perspective, doesn't? Your Earth experiences, from the sense of your own totality, are only a one-day chapter within a specific area that you are learning about and within. Does that give you greater perspective on it? Each lesson and each area is valid, but in the context of your totality, it is only that: one specific area. Keep that in mind, my friends, to gain a truer objective understanding of Earth living.


   I do not mean to negate Earth living. It is as we have said: If you have a test on a specific area in school that you have studied, you must get a passing grade to go on, to graduate--or in the case of just one subject, to integrate it into the areas that you are learning that year. Is that not right? Similarly, your Earth experiences must be mastered, they must be learned. You must reach a point of proficiency that allows you to graduate and go on to other types of lessons and learning experiences.


   Many of you are perhaps in grade eleven of a twelve year curriculum upon the Earth. Some of you are in the grade twelve but some are not. That tells you a little bit about the work that lies ahead, does it not? You may remember that in your senior year perhaps your work was more intense. It really was a focus, in a sense, for all of the other work you had done, and it was the gateway by which you went forth on whatever path you chose, with either to another learning institution with specific lessons or to a broader experiencing in Earth living itself.


   Your experience is now similar. You may choose to graduate from Earth experience and go out onto a broader application in spiritual work doing specific assignments for the Creator, but not as specialized as if you choose another area--for you may choose, if you wish, to have specialized training in specific areas, and many of you do. Or you may choose to do what I did--to remain near the Earth, to in a sense become a teacher who teaches those were seeking to do what I did: graduate from Earthly living. I received special instruction before returning as a teacher, certainly. Everyone is trained as a teacher before teaching, and you may choose to do the same if you wish.


   But look upon the spiritual area now, and the spiritual vehicle in which you individually experience it, as the main area of existence; from it you go forth to experience in many other ways, among which is earthly living my friends.


   The spiritual vehicle, on whatever level we look at it, is marvelous. Do you know why? Because it is forever attuned to the Creator! Is that not marvelous? When you reach that level, there is no more pain because there is no deviation from the Creator. That is what gives you the pain: the sense of separation. Now, it is true that for a while after your return to the spiritual vehicle you will still sense some separation, but gradually even this little bit will be dissolved, and then you will reach the cocreator state, which is not separate, and you will not experience a sense of separation. This is to be looked forward to. It is to be sought with eagerness and with joy, my friends. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. I long for it now--not from an emotional trauma but from a knowingness that it lies in my future and from eagerness to participate now in an ever-growing sense of more responsibility, serving with more appropriateness, knowing that Creator sees what I must do and acknowledging and attuning more and more and with greater and greater joy in that service area within my need to be a greater and greater participant within the Creator's Cosmic Plan!


   It is very exciting my friends. Get excited about it! Work hard to learn those things that need to be learned--and then participate in it.  You will have earned it, and it is wonderful.



Merging the Four Bodies


   To complete the series of the four bodies, I like to discuss the merging process in greater detail. What do I mean by this? I simply mean that all four bodies must be integrated—that this really is the purpose for experiencing here upon the Earth. Yes, to merge now the four areas, if you will, and then have them all function together on the Earth. This would be what we term the Soul experience.


   The foregoing material gave some details on each of the four bodies and ways to overcome the particular areas involved. I also gave some techniques for balancing. Now I wish to discuss more completely the integration of four areas.


   Know that the Creator in His wisdom has given us awareness, when we can recognize it that may be used specifically to aid our growth by various means. The vehicles that we have been talking about are these various needs, and by compiling now the different aspects of self--In a sense, putting it all together--we blend self in the appropriate way and lead self back towards its totality.


   It is a little confusing the first when you begin to work from an integrated point of view. Yes, it is. You have been used to thinking of your existence from either an emotional focus, or a mental focus, perhaps a physical focus, or for some even from the spiritual focus that does not look at the other three. But as you begin to seek the blending of all four, it can become a little confusing. You begin to be aware of the necessity to blend, to balance, to integrate, and then because of this new awareness, you get an input into each of the areas of the self all at the same time. Now, certainly you have been doing this but you have not recognized that you have been gaining information from each of these areas; or perhaps you have blocked information regarding a specific area--perhaps the spiritual here on the Earth; in many cases this is true. Or perhaps you have not yet functioned very much mentally; perhaps you have blocked off your emotions; perhaps the physical has been negated--You have said it isn't important in contributing to spiritual growth. These are but examples, and it matters not where you as an individual are--all of you will be a different points--but know that as you become aware of the need to integrate and to work out blocks, if there are any blocks in specific areas, then the information comes in to self in a fourfold manner. It can be a little confusing.


   What to do? It begins to function from a higher level of totality. Yes, when you can function in the vehicle that allows totality to become its means of sustenance, then no matter how many individual points of reference come into this totality, it doesn't matter, does it? It will just become part of the totality, and it is not confusing. 


   Here upon the Earth the first reflection of totality that you will encounter is at Soul level. The Soul is not yet your true totality, but it is a reflection of it, and certainly much closer to it than your personality is. So what you must attempt to do in integrating all four aspects is to become your Soul. Merge with it. First do it in a state of meditation: consciously merge with your Soul. See yourself and your Soul becoming one, and then do some inner balancing work. Look and see what the physical is doing, then the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.  Do these exercises that I have  given you in this series. Utilize them to aid your growth. If you can do it at Soul level it will work for you, but you must consciously attune to the Soul often. Do it daily. Do it in the morning, and then if you become out of balance, do it again at noon, and if come out of balance, do it again in the evening. But make sure a conscious effort now in your integration work to remain at Soul level. You will get to know when you are at Soul level and when you are remaining there. Once you have experienced from that level you will want to remain there and you will forever seek to do so. It works, my friends. I hope that you will try it.


   Thank you very much. It iis a privilege to be here and to work with you now.



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