Practice of mindskills
Expansion of Consciousness
Part Two
By Valerie Bonwick  And Jonathon Bigras


Heart Chakra
Practice of Mindshare
Bridging your Consciousness

The most successful practice
Of mindsharing is synonymous with
Bridging your consciousness

    As your Heart Chakra awakens, a new phase of your life awakens also, parallel to what our forefathers had in mind when they named this center of consciousness the Emerald spring. You may be in touch with colleagues who constantly need help in one way or another and calls upon your time are legion.

  The quality expressed by your Heart Chakra when it is awakened is creative Harmony, but it is the harmony of co-operation, collaboration and of true charity of Spirit, not the false harmony which results from the lack of caring or of passive acceptance. 

Life Relationships

   Compassion is the keynote goal for the development and application of Mindshare in your life.  Is also the foundation for truly successful life relationships. Through the practice of mind- share, you know without a doubt whether a partnership will be of lasting compatibility or not. 

   Attunement to the needs of others and the willingness to allow others to attune to you, is a practice which is not expressed to well among humans. Dropping a mental guard allowing another person to sense your private thoughts requires serious consideration, yet is a practice which is misunderstood by most individuals who are prone to consider that, "allowing another person to share one's thoughts" entails the other person listening to one talking endlessly about one's own hopes, dreams, ambitions, qualities, of vices, virtues, disappointments, trials and broken romances, I believe I have covered all the ground and vice versa of course. 

   The reverse is true. If it is necessary for you to proclaim your innermost feelings to receive  understanding from another person, then you to reconsider whether the understanding that you share with that individual will be deep enough to last the rest of your life.  If the answer is "no," then realize that as a serious commitment your relationship will not last the year.  You cannot externalize mindshare. 

     There is an exception to the rule of course, if you are both intensely interested and deeply committed to the same life interests, then you share a common meeting ground from which you can successfully begin the practice of mindshare, even if you have not succeeded in bringing it to fruitation before. 

    All our own people practice mindshare as an integral part of our everyday lives. We do not even contemplate life sharing with another individual without proficiency in that area of potential relationship, neither would one be considered as a suitable life partner. We do not expect mental compatibility to follow physical union automatically as so many humans seem to do. For us, the compatibility of mindshare precedes ultimate physical contact. 

    A particularly creative and artistic channeling of life force through your Heart Chakra when energized, may play of vital part in your life-expression at this time even if not pursued as a career. This will help to balance any drain upon your healing energy by endowing your life with the serenity of its own. 

 Continuity of Bridging Your Consciousness

     Energizing your Heart Chakra provides, when you practice the skills of mindshare, a working out of the quality of bridging consciousness.  Historically related to the tests of the Hyperborean race, it was one of the expansions of awareness, the development of which, contributed to the well-being of those Hyperboreans who survived to form the nucleus of the root race that followed. 

     Bridging your consciousness is closely related to the awakening of your Heart Chakra from whence it gains much of its initiative, stemming from your Heart Chakra's generosity of character. 

    While the practice of mindshare may sometimes be embarked upon for selfish reasons which are self-defeating, this can be avoided by applying the keynote goal of compassion to your field of endeavor. 

    Bridging your consciousness is an expansion of awareness which automatically promotes the practice of mind share to an invaluable asset in your psychological equipment. You become much more sensitive to situations, anticipating their results. When you make the quality of bridging consciousness your own, it enhances compatibility between you and other people if there is any possibility of such, it also helps you to avoid friction between you and people with whom there is no compatibility. 

     Bridging your consciousness is essential to true of understanding on all levels, while it is mindshare that provides the same basic field of expression which leads to deeper personal understanding between individuals. 

    It will be obvious to all Questers that if true understanding is enhanced by the practice of bridging consciousness, how much more valuable it could be it practiced between representatives who negotiates on behalf of the respective governments. 

    Your passage of thought has now traveled from the individual to the governmental level and a query regarding diplomatic participation in a common sense projection of consciousness on an international scale?

    Yet, in all fairness, the Quester must return to responsibility nearer home and begin the practice of bridging consciousness on a personal level, which is as good a starting point as any, rather than wait for others to build bridges for/or to you. 

    You will become much more aware of activity on the inner planes which results in the working out of the law of Cause and Effect expressed on the physical plane. Bringing your consciousness also provides an ideological continuity between events, irrespective of distance and regardless of time. You begin mentally to plot the course that events will take in their own time and in advance of their time. In doing so you not only increase your understanding of the Law of Probabilities, you also initiate your first practice of Farsight skills. 

Dual Consciousness

Mindblend destroys the
Illusion of "near" and "far."
Dual consciousness destroys the
Illusion of "here" and "there."

    The awakening of your Throat Chakra represents a midway point on the stage of the Ladder Path. This implies that you have to some extent overcome the temptation to remain with the hard won success which resulted from the awakening of your lower centers of consciousness. You now register the excitement in the sense of mystery which lures one on to new challenges in awakening the higher Chakras.

    Inspiration is the quality expressed by the energizing of your Throat Chakra--that vortex which our people call the Sapphire Pool. You will feel drawn to meditative practices, to a more reflective state of mind and you become increasingly receptive to impression.

    Your safeguard at this time, your keynote goal, is integrity. Intensify your sense of integrity so that its serves you as a protective shield, creating a very precise dividing line between that imagination which is of your own volition and which originates from your own mind and impression which originates from outside of yourself, although it is registered by your mind.

    Mindblend becomes possible now between you and entities from the higher realms of Spirit who are able to reach you for teaching purposes by direct impression, this sometimes takes the form of Clairaudience.

   Mindblend also becomes possible from time to time, between you and a loved one of similar vibration on the physical plane.

   The Throat Chakra is associated with the Lemurian age, when catastrophe resulted from the destructive power of sound waves and it is well to remember that speech, both positive and negative, are also an instrument of sound.

    The time may arrive in a Questors life when thought will turn to life sharing. As we mentioned previously, satisfactory mindsharing is a prerequisite to life sharing amongst our people and a deeper level of mindshare is then embarked upon, this is mindblend. You may perhaps wonder at the emphasis we place upon the mindblending skills as applied to our personal lives.

   This concern as a great deal to do with our forefathers in entrapment within the caverns and the isolation of our domed cities from the land dwelling freedom of surface dwellers.  Our forefathers could not risk the widespread friction that incompatible relationships could cause in the confusion and uncertainty, common at that time. Therefore, the better part of valor was to develop a system of partnership training to forestall such problems and this was originally included in every disciples "beginner's course."

    Mindblend should be perfected as far as possible before deciding to pair as life Partners, not only to preserve the serenity of the participants nervous system, but to increase that serenity to the optimum. Lifesharing should be embarked upon in the expectation of enriching one's life.

    Mindblend is a practice which you will be able to experience on at least two different levels. On one level it is an intensified telepathic sharing between two people, on another level it takes place between a sensitive on the physical plane and an initiate from a higher plane. There are also various other levels of Mindblend which do not apply in this chapter.

    Your perception on the planes also becomes much clearer in you begin to perceive clairvoyant images. It is best to keep your own counsel at this time, remember that your newly acquired skills are fledgling and an error in your advise to others, can lead to tragic misunderstanding in their lives, perhaps imparting a lasting doubt for the remainder of their present incarnation regarding the truth governing the higher realms of existence or survival after the so-called "death."

    The practice of mindblend dissipates the illusion of loneliness, provided that you do not pursue that illusion under the guise of separativeness, the distinction of superiority or the pretension of holiness.

 Spiritual Support of Dual Consciousness

    Dual consciousness is a sign that your Throat Chakra is active and you begin to retain an abiding consciousness of the higher realms without relinquishing consciousness on the physical plane. Consciousness of the higher planes while pursuing your purpose on the physical plane ensures that your actions are resolved and your problems become solved according to the higher laws, without compromising your integrity. It is an expression of being " in the world, yet not of it" on a higher return of the spiral.

    Dual consciousness very emphatically is not an expression of mindwandering, such as when your attention wanders off in one direction while you supposedly concentrate upon another area of mental effort.

    Dual consciousness is a valuable supportive influence in every aspect of your day to day life, which can help you through all kinds of material oppression, reinforce your faith with the awareness of the reason behind every situation and provide an inner conviction of wondrous change, leading you at last to betterment all levels of your existence. The permanent enrichment of your inner being is perhaps the most notable " signature " of dual consciousness.

   Dual consciousness is the initial expression of that wondrous consciousness which enables the Questor to retain contact with the Spiritual ashram to which he or she may belong.

Brow Chakra
Continuity of Consciousness

Mindmerge eliminates the
Illusion of separation.
Continuity of consciousness restores the
Reflection of Immortality.

   The quality expressed by the awakening of your Brow Chakra is Idealism, therefore expect your idealism to intensify at this time, as well as your opportunity to express it.

    Sometimes the more intensely you express your ideals, the more likely they are to come under attack, your motive sometimes becomes suspect to the materially minded colleagues, your intentions doubted perhaps by your own family and friends, even your mental stability may be questioned at times by self seeking acquaintances.

   Then you must remember that this Chakra's  field of influence is related to the fourth initiation and not for nothing has this initiation been associated with that stage of the path called the Renunciation.

    This center of consciousness is associated with the Atlantean Age of or rather with its period of testing and in its fall. For some Questers, this stage of the path is a working out of a karmic debt that you may owe from an incarnation during that period or because of your still active interest in companions who have returned to the physical plane, you may have chosen to reincarnate to help them bring dreams to fruitation that were shattered before attaining realization during the latter days of Atlantis.

    Your keynote goal at this time is purity. Purity shines as a light to illumine your Path, for there may be many tempting offers to trade in your ideals for compromising values, but who among you really wants to miss an opportunity to achieve your goal when it is made possible by an enlightened incarnation.

   You may receive first hand experience of clairvoyance during this phase of your progress and if the exercise of the " Chakra-leap" is kept in mind, you will begin to see clairvoyant out- lines of your teachers and fellow disciples of the spiritual ashram to which you are affiliated.  They will appear to be outlined as if in silver thread, with energy borrowed from your Mid-Aura Chakra's activity which is already beginning to make its influence felt.

    Mindmerge becomes possible now. It is a combination of generalized mindshare and intensified mindblend, provides a solid foundation upon which your ashramic colleagues can build, anticipating your future participation in that portion of the Divine Plan initiated by the hierarchical ashram from which you may be affiliated.

   There is a very personal application of mindmerge which our own people have practiced ever since the deluge. It is preceded by the satisfactory practice of mindshare and mindblend  and is the practice of mindmerge between life Partners. The flowering of mindmerge is the resulting combination of mindshare practiced unselfishly, mindblend practiced positively and deep mutual love . 

   We consider mindmerge to be essential between partners before deciding to conceive a child. It guarantees that the young born to us will be physically sound, with a strong nervous system and be psychologically secure.  Moral poise is one of the outstanding marks of a child born to a couple who practice Mindmerge, with attunement of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Without it, the resulting entity may but be a product of an exercise in sexual opportunism. 

Reawakening Continuity of Consciousness

   Continuity of consciousness will have begun reinstating itself gradually since you began to experience expansions of awareness. First, the influence of higher consciousness makes its presence felt, particularly during periods of meditative reflection, followed by a practical influence which resolves itself in an expression of bridging consciousness. Afterwards, awareness of dual consciousness provides full consciousness on the physical plane while you register contact with the higher planes.

   Mindmerge skills will sometimes, if the Quester agrees, produce overshadowing of contact with entities from a higher plane if they themselves wish it or less likely, a genuine transfer-like state of consciousness which provides direct communication with higher entities. Mindmerge can also be extended to retain memory of travel in your sleep state, as well as travel in your mental vehicle in full working consciousness,, although your memories upon your return are sometimes so fleeting that it is wise to keep pad and pencil near you to write down the memory of your experience before they are forgotten.

   Rescue work of earthbound entities is an important service in which continuity of consciousness proves to be an invaluable tool. We will explain more about this area of service later, but in the meantime, please do not attempt  rescue work under any circumstances, for requires Advanced Training to accomplish its successfully without harmful aftereffects to yourself, as well as a supersensitive field of awareness supported by a strong physical vehicle.

    Continuity of consciousness, as we stated earlier, is one of the attributes which is integral to mankinds recovery of near-immortality on the physical plane. It is of some interest I believe to Questors, that our own people, who practice continuity of consciousness, also enjoy extended life spans which may not be completely due to our forbearers escaping the radiation-like effects of the Deluge.

    It is an interesting fact that experienced Masters who have recaptured the practice of continuity of consciousness, are also able to govern their life spans.

    Nevertheless, the elders question why it is that the Questors who are most persistent in their inquiries regarding the reasons why they do not recall the past incarnations, are those who do not even remember what they ate for breakfast?

    Relinquishment of painful memories was decided upon when the trilogy of karmic Doctrine was structured for man's benefit and guidance. It is true that happy memories were also relegated to the Akashic storehouse of records by that decision, but while the temporary loss of happy memories did not incapacity human life on the physical plane, the ever present memory of pain did.

    Therefore, the memory of so many hurts, as regrets and separation from loved ones, was considered too devastating a burden to carry until an individual's continuity of consciousness returned naturally, the through battles won and debts repaid and thus, balanced by a requisite strength of character.


    Your attainment of Adeptship when you pass the fourth initiation is related to your Brow Chakras Awakening and energizing. Yet, this is similar to receiving a license to practice medicine, but with the experience required from the internships still ahead of you. You remain under the supervision of a Master for a while and receive opportunity to study with many other initiates of high degree. This supervision is welcome to all aspiring Adepts, because there are usually complex matters on the physical plane this still demand your attention before you are truly free to exercise your hard-won wisdom at the awakening of your Crown Chakra.

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