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 Here lies the true path of self-discovery. All of the articles within this folder all deal with pieces and history that are you. As you work through these different parts of yourself. Meet them as old friends that perhaps you have not seen or talked to in many years. They know you; they have been with you from the beginning. Come to understand that there is a piece of you that all of these fine friends must learn to express through and not as it has been, not pushing each other aside or which ever puts up the strongest front. There is only one place all of you may come through and that is the heart. Even your ego will find comfort in being brought in from the gap of isolation to find safety of the Heart.


   The true key to moving through all of the coming times and that of ascension (if that is an experience you choose to pass through) is that of anchoring the Christ Consciousness (Heart) into our lower selves. As an example of Christian symbology. Jesus was crucified upon what we know as a cross. What do the crucifixion and the cross symbolize?

   Answer: to sacrifice the outer form (crucify) upon the cross. The cross in the esoteric is the meeting place of all your bodys. Spirit at the head, physical at the base, emotional (soul, feminine) from the left arm, mind (personality/masculine) from the right arm. They all meet at one place: the heart. This is what Jesus/Christ anchored with his crucifixion. He sacrificed his outer form for the coming in of the heart.


   Not with the outside world that you think or feel through, but the truth in the world of the self. Not the self which you use everyday but the higher selves that are you. Some of those within you must slow, some must speed up, others must stop, and others must begin. You will know when you begin to go inside. For many (myself included) there really is nowhere else to go, to find out who we really are, very few people may be called upon to assist us in our inward discovery of our own makeup. Our own motivations and where they come from and how we choose to express through them is all that we have. We think and create through our personality/ mental/mind body. We feel have meaning, feeling and remembering through our souls/emotional body. We connect to this reality and its people as well through our Ego and physical form. When understood and opened, this activation will complete this circuit and synthesize the ego, personality and Soul when we are balanced, we will find that we are where heart is and that its center. 

   With all that has been said, one other important step must be taken. Free will. We the lower embodiment of those higher virtues have a choice. We may as individualized portions of spirit and soul choose to remain separate and continue our everlasting journey. On the other hand, we can recognize that there are two types of service. Service to the self, and that of service to the all. When one is ready to join in the journey of the higher path with ones higher selves, We will seek out service and meld with the soul/personality one will call to themselves out loud in a quiet external voice, in a place that is calm and safe and say to their higher selves that they wish to place their life in the hands of their higher selves to become an instrument of their will. At this point, a door opens and you are beginning a new chapter in a wonderful story. If you have grown weary of this life and its constant repeating of the same experiences for each new generation coming in, much like being stuck in the same bad movie, if you know that there is something else out there, then stay awhile and find renewal here for the next leg of your path.

Good journeys to you always.






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