Practice of Mindskills
Expansion of Consciousness
Crown Chakra  Practice of Mindpower
Planetary Consciousness
Part Three
By Valerie Bonwick  And Jonathon Bigras


That mindpower released to the Quester
When the Crown Chakra is awakened,
Is a key to an Adept's at-one-ment
With the Sense of the planet's purpose.


    For many, many millennia and in deed, it has been a goal of all true Questers no matter to what faith they may belong, to awaken the center of consciousness known as the Crown Chakra. For most of you it represents the end of a long trek, during which perhaps, the envisioned aura of an Adept or the halo of the Master has beckoned you on, metaphorically speaking of course, like a guiding light at the end of a tunnel. 

   Until recently, the awakening of this Chakra signaled alternative choices ahead, indicating preparation to choose one of the paths which would take an initiate off Earth, unless of course, in sacrifice, you choose to remain with the planet until present incarnational cycle of the Indwelling Intelligence is completed. 

   Not so long ago however, the initiatory level related to the choice of paths which led an Initiate off-planet was raised to that of the sixth degree which resulted in Adepts and Masters remaining here on the planet one degree longer.  This will in time, raise the spiritual caliber of the race of man to a higher level of consciousness than has been possible since man first acquired a dense form.  

   The quality expressed by this Chakra when it is energized is mindpower which can be expressed in a myriad of different aspects of life-energy, for all the Chakras express life force in one field of endeavor or another when awakened. As you develop your qualities as an Adept, it is your responsibility regarding how you choose to use your mindpower and your responsibility concerning the priorities  necessitated by the wise command of that power.

   Dual responsibility must be practiced at this time, you become responsible to your colleagues of the hierarchical ashram to which you may belong and who are senior to you in experience, you are also responsibility for Questors Junior to you who look to you for guidance or advice in whatever form it may take. 

   The goal of the Present root race is the perfection of the positive use of mind power and the race is still locked in the throes of battle on the testing ground.  While we are told that the pitfall to be avoided by the race is that of unsound mind, we must remember that this functional description includes decision making in all areas of expertise. The fact that the outcome of this battle has yet to be decided surely must of impress upon us the importance of attaining to Adeptship and the development of the 26th sense, "which prevents anyone who has attained it from ever again making mistakes on the physical plane."

   You express various levels of Adeptship in widely differing areas of expertise before you become a Master although the functions of Adept and Master overlap. An Adept may be more advanced than many Masters who are less experienced and yet not take students, preferring to work as a solitary. 

   You gradually acquire conscious access to the land of the Golden Light while still dwelling on the physical plane or at least direct contact with those who dwell there and are blessed with an overview of any given situation.  It is there that you receive significant support in projecting your farsight skills and practicing the Laws of Probability under the tutelage of the most experienced Masters on the planet. 


Practicing Planetary Consciousness

   Planetary consciousness is an elevated state about which we could write pages filled with descriptive awe.  This is an extension of continuity of consciousness practice at least somewhat rarefied level which enables you to travel in your mental vehicle to any area of the planet and return in full waking consciousness with knowledge of what is happening there. 

   Planetary consciousness is invaluable to any Quester who wishes to work with the Great White Brotherhood.  In times of dire stress, the Sons of Light answer requests for help, by calling on all available workers to blend their positivity in an extreme effort to produce practical results.

   Initiates and disciples who can mind travel and see for themselves what needs to be done, are naturally able to accomplish positive results by working on the spot much more quickly than Questers who are " grounded." They also share in the rewarding experiences of seeing those results at first hand. You are initiated into and become part of, the most exciting and personally rewarding efforts which can be mounted on behalf of those who need your help the most, when you attain planetary consciousness. 

   "Planetary consciousness " sounds important and it is, but the neophyte places emphasis upon "Planetary" and the experienced Quester emphasizes " consciousness." You discover as you extend your horizons of awareness that consciousness becomes all-inclusive and is the opposite of the exclusively orientated, concentration of a selfish intellectual or an occult theorist, both of whom have been dramatized in fascinating fiction from time to time. 

   You cannot become a practitioner of planetary consciousness if you ignore  injustice that lies at your doorstep.  It is at this moment of the invitation to participate in a great work that the initiative must keep in the forefront of his or her consciousness, that the true Ruler, symbolized by the wakening of the Crown Chakra, is the servant of all. 


Universal Consciousness

The Mid-Aura Chakra awakens
And the trained mind of the Quester begins
The magic of transformation
Which follows the laws of the universe.

   Chaitya or Caitya from the Sanskrit, was one of the names by which the Mid-Aura Chakra was known thousands of years ago.  One translation is rendered as, " that which is worthy to be looked upon." Later on this name was given to the most sacred place in the temple.  Many Questors of course, will also be familiar with the tiny figure depicted above the forehead and the Buddhic statuary and painting, which is also sometimes called a "Chaitya."

   Perhaps the above two near-definitions will impart some hint as to the spiritual stature accorded to this center of consciousness when manifested and active, because it is indeed located above the Crown chakra although still within the initiates aura and is certainly worthy to be looked upon by those who possess the Spiritual eye to see.

   The Mid-Aura Chakra is uniquely different from the lower Chakras, because the vitality which is indrawn via this center of consciousness, remains unadulterated by any flaw or weakness in the Spiritual field of endeavor expressed by the Quester.  Although its energy is to some extent distinguish by the Ray qualities which are expressed personally by the recipient, it is an untainted by dross, for none remains within the aura of the Adept or Master, comparatively speaking, as far as this planet is concerned. 

   The Initiate who has awakened and energized the Mid Aura Chakra-Chalice Vortex, is deeply concerned with perfecting a spiritual, but not necessarily a religious foundation for mankind and in readying a nucleus of  preparedness, designed to further the evolution of the race of man during the age to come.  Great effort to achieve this goal is involved and precaution to avoid if at all possible, the destruction which has, until now, negated previous efforts to create a lasting Golden Age. 

   Alignment of Matter, Spirit and Soul is the goal of the coming race, this is reflected in the Initiate who has achieved the Awakening and energizing of the Mid-Aura Chakra and who is noteworthy for expressing an aligned integrity of purpose, devoid of gimmickry or theatricality.

   When you, as an Adept or Master take your place in the world of men, you do so as a standard bearer, whether as one of the silence servers of the race of Man or not, for the quality expressed by your Mid-Aura Chakra is inspirative  aspiration on a higher turn of the spiral.  This is not easy to accomplish in the world of today, nor has it ever been a simple task.  Therefore, the keynote goal to strive towards is courage, courage to aspire, courage to do and courage to be. 

   Magic is the mindskill possible for an initiate to practice now.  This can take many forms, according to the needs which are registered by the Initiate.  The Adept or the Master must also bear in mind that reclamation is the goal of the coming race, while the pitfall to be avoided is waste.  Therefore, great care must be taken to ensure that the use to which you apply your mindmagic is needful and not wasteful. 

   One of the Mindmagic skills which is sometimes exercised by the Master or the Adept is that of perfected manifestation.  The biblical story of the "miracle of  the loaves and fishes," illustrates this mindskill perfectly. 

   It is noteworthy that the Master who practices perfected manifestation expressing a higher level of consciousness than the Crown Chakras power provides for.  It is your realization of love made possible by the awakening of the Chalice that insures the absence of greed. 

                                          Greed is grasping--Love is giving


Practicing Universal Consciousness

   The Quester who has attained universal consciousness has access at all times to the realm of the Nirmanakayas, sharing in the aura of their great wisdom and therefore, sharing in the understanding to some extent of solving problems which have a bearing upon the future facing mankind.  This is work which entails great responsibility, for it must be accomplished without interfering in any way with man's Karma and one could just as well substitute the word " increasing" for interfering. 

   Before you have attained this level of wisdom, it is almost a reflex action to ask, " why not, mankind could use some beneficent interference? " But once you have attained to the level where it would be possible to interfere, you become only too aware that the consequences of doing so would perhaps precipitate even further karmic causation for Man.  Remember, you still belong to the race of Man and therefore, cannot practice total objectivity until you have visited worlds off-Planet in full waking consciousness. 

   Because the Nirmanakayas realm of thought encompasses between them not only the highest spheres of planet Earth but the planes of wisdom on worlds more spiritually evolved than Earth, it is possible to partake, even though in small measure, of the overall picture of the Divine Plan for the planet and comprehend Earth's karmic law more  perfectly. 

   The practice of universal consciousness is the norm for the Quester who has awakened and energized this center of consciousness.  Our name for this vortex is well chosen, for while the Chalice holds--it also provides for those who drink from it, to paraphrase one of your psalms, " a cup that floweth over."


 Edge-of-Aura Chakra-Mind Goes Forth
Cosmic Consciousness

When this chakra awakens,
Your mind goes forth
Sustained by cosmic consciousness

   The awakening of your Edge-of Aura Chakra which we call the pinnacle vortex is not the end of your journey on the Path, for although it represents the welcome achievement of a long sought goal, it also brings you to the threshold of fresh realization and a new beginning. 

   For some time you a been involved in service to mankind in one way or another and in doing so, you have registered expansions of consciousness and gained valuable insights through invaluable experience. 

   Perhaps you have been invited to serve in an ashram within the Hierarchy after coming to the notice of the senior disciple.  The stage of your training at which this invitation is proffered varies according to Questors readiness, it also depends upon the needs of the ashram.  Those needs are foreseen long before the Questors potential is put to the test and then, you undergo special training to accustom you to harmonizing your vibration with those of your future ashram colleagues whose work is already in progress. 

   Do not fear that you will fail to attract your teacher's attention.  This is not a haphazard contact which relies upon chance.  You have already made various karmic ties during your incarnations, with exposure to many philosophies, religious sects and institutes of learning.  You may not have registered the subtle vibration of your Teacher in response to your pleas for ashramic contact, but that doesn't mean that your Teacher has not made note of the anticipated time to come, when you will be ready to mount fresh efforts to reach your goal.  All this becomes clear to you as you approach the awakening of your Pinnacle Vortex at the edge of the aura. 

   The quality expressed by the activity of the center of consciousness is says, "contribution qualified by experience." " What " you may ask " is there left to contribute? " Obviously, all your major virtues have been offered up in the service of mankind at this level of understanding and you trust that if there are any flaws of character remaining, at least you have them under control. 

   The contribution that you can offer at this time is very possibly the most valuable and rare, the most talked-about and least understood attributes, keynote goal of " love beyond our understanding." 

   You acquire a wealth of experience through your work with the ashram and your Teacher.  You may possibly be entrusted with the responsibility of various projects if you have not already had occasion to wield the rod of power and take center stage in your life, you may receive the opportunity to exemplify patterns of living intended to reinforce spiritual values and clarify social issues with in your community or beyond. 

   Therefore, any limitations involved at this phase of your evolutionary progress are self- imposed. You may after all decide to work in secret, unknown to all except your fellow Questers, performing important service that requires a reclusive environment.  This involves Questers who have achieved conscious working knowledge of all that is involved in the final stages of the Ladder Path.  While still dwelling in the physical form on the physical plane. 

   The edge of Aura Chakra is closely  associated with race of spiritual man yet to come.  The goal of that race will be liaison.  Therefore, liaison is an activity which will be related to the most perfect race that has lived on the Earth since Ethereal man and is a goal that could be practiced now. 

   The opportunity which will be afforded to that race to achieve and which is possible for us to practice now will be, "oneness with All creatures in the cosmos."

   The pitfall to avoid will be separativeness, which as you probably have witnessed for yourselves, is being practiced now, to the detriment of all sentient beings on the planet Earth.

   The mind skill which becomes one with all your faculties  as normal and usual at this stage of your training is that of the "mind goes forth." All barriers are down, you are free to cross the ring-pass-not in travel off-planet, safely and unobstructed, the authority of your spiritual presence is its own passport. 


Practicing Cosmic Consciousness

   The key which unlocks the doors to any secrets still unsolved, to which you may have sought answers during the many, many millennia you have traveled on the way, is yours to claim now. 

   Cosmic consciousness provides a well containing unfathomable depths of wisdom which never runs dry or fails to refresh those who drink of its waters.  It is a well which is constantly replenished by the referent efforts of all Initiates, Adepts and Masters in the cosmos and blessed by loving contribution of the Avatars of the past and the Avatars who are yet to come.  All are welcome, only your own limitations can deny you entry, therefore, press on words towards  your goal. 

   Opportunities to progress on the Path are often presented to Questers in a form not always recognized as such. Remember, your sum of experience is galvanized into action by any cataclysmic phenomenon which demands all your levels of consciousness respond to that call and combine as an integrated unit.  Therefore, nurture your conscious mind so that it is ready for opportunities to expand when they present themselves. 

   Manifesting and awakening your center of consciousness at the visible edge of the aura we call the Pinnacle, opens the door of Initiation called "the ascent." By attaining cosmic consciousness liberated from the physical form, your mind is free to go forth, beyond the planets aura and past the ring-pass-not. 

   The following chart provides some slight guidance as to those mind skills that can be expected as you achieve proficiency in welding the energies released to you on your personal path. 

   These skills require their own practice, for awakening a particular Chakra does not automatically provide you with the full benefit which can result from the associated mind skills, only the opportunity. 

   In achieving full proficiency, a great deal depends upon your personal characteristics and the intended goals that you decide upon before reincarnating.  Your karmic history also has some influence upon which of the skills you will develop with the greatest ease, but there is no reason for you to postpone working towards a successful acquirement of the skills, at any stage of your studies. 

                                        Practice of Mindskills
                                       Expansions of Consciousness

Chakra                        Mindskill               Expansion of Consciousness
9.  Root                      Open Mind                 Expanding Consciousness
8.  Splenic                     Flexible Mind               Practice of Consciousness
7.  Solar Plexus                 Mind touch                 Higher Consciousness
6.  Heart                      Mindshare                  Bridging Consciousness
5.  Throat                     Mindblend                  Dual Consciousness
4.  Brow                      Mindmerge                 Continuity of Consciousness
3.  Crown                     Mindpower                 Planetary Consciousness
2.  Mid-Aura                   Mindmagic                 Universal Consciousness
1. Edge-of-Aura                 Mind goes forth              Cosmic  Consciousness

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