The Esoteric Study of Numbers III




      The soul number comes from adding the vowels in the name. Always work with the full name at birth. Prefixes and suffixes such as Mr., Mrs., Jr., senior, II, III, Esq. are not considered part of the cosmic name, and not figured in the total name. Place the number value of vowels above the letter in the name. The vowels are A, E, I, O, and U. The letter Y is a vowel one is sounds like E, has in the name Mary. Is not a vowel in the name May. Y is also a vowel when it is the only vowel in the syllable, as in the name Sybil. W is a ball when it follows D or G as in the names Dwight or Gwendolyn, begins it carries the vowel sound.

   We will use our example, Ada Wynn Lunt, born November 12th, 1940. To arrive at Ada’s soul number, we had the vowels in her name:

  1    +   1                + 7              + 3            =12/3

  A   D   A      W   Y   N   N      L   U   N   T

   The Y in Wynn is considered a vowel because it is the only vowel in the name. The 12 is reduced by adding the first digit to the second, or 1 + 2 = 3. The number 12 is then written 12/3.

    Discover your soul number but following the same procedure. Then read the explanation of the basic soul number (single digit) given below. For a finer delineation of the double digit, turn to part 2.

   in our example, Ada has a soul number of 12/3. She would read number three under the basic soul number section, which follows. Should then turn to part 2 and read the number 12/3 personal members vibration, which gives a deeper look into her real self.

   Your soul number is your real personality, the you that is known only to you. If one embraces the philosophy of reincarnation, the soul member also indicates what you have been in previous lifetimes. This part of your personality is not easily recognized by others unless they know you very well. The soul number is what you, in your inner secrets self, desire to be. This urge may be so strong that it can overcome other vibrations of your four basic numbers. Since the soul number reveals something of accumulated growth in past lives, it becomes an underlying force, which influences the actions of your present life. If, however, the soul remains repressed by outer circumstances, or lack by of involvement, the soul fails to accomplish its purpose, it may need to repeat the same vibrational urge in a future life, until it finds its true expression.


1 AS THE SOUL NUMBER: The leadership won in past lives now brings a desire to continue striving for higher consciousness. You are independent regarding your beliefs. Your desire for free and independent thinking continues to occupy your innermost yearning. Do not let this strong drive obstruct your attainment of practical goals in the present life. You are always conscious of your inner strength and would have difficulty taking a secondary position among your contemporaries. If marriage or partnership is considered, investigate the inner yearnings of your prospective partner to safeguard the successful outcome of your relationship. If your individuality is too strong, it could express itself as bossiness and be a detriment to personal happiness. So firm is the intensity of your focus and so strong the memory of self glory from the past that you are apt to stand on your own convictions even though it could disrupt important relationships. Your inner strength gives you something to rely on when the going gets rough, and you can be a tower of an inspiration to others in times of trouble.

2 AS THE SOUL NUMBER: You have a strong desire for peace and harmony. Your are considerate and tactful, adaptable and gentle. You are a follower rather than a leader. Tact is a strong point in your makeup; therefore, you are a go-between for agent, help and to bring peace between opposing forces. You avoid hurting the feelings of others to the point of subordinating yourself to their wills. As a result, you appear shy and lacking confidence. Try to overcome indecision; while you are hesitating, others may forge ahead of you and lay claim to which should be yours. Dare to do what you know is right and do not let emotions deter your purpose. Your Sensitivity can be positive when used to tune into the balance of forces of the universe and bring forth truths, which help all people gain understanding.

3 AS THE SOUL NUMBER: You are very conscientious in regard to duty. You are well aware of law of the trinity, and know that inspiration and imagination will bring the best results when used to help others. This could easily become your philosophy of life. Follow your urge to create and expand the activities that interests you. You seek happiness and find it in making others happy. If a person feels depressed, a visit with you will bring them hope and courage. Expand your ideals by dedicating yourself to the expression of good cheer and optimism. Work to make your dreams come true, but not to the extreme of becoming impractical. Love is important to you--both in giving and receiving--but try to hold true reason in your loving expansiveness. You become happy and well adjusted by making others happy.

4 AS YOUR SOUL NUMBER: You are well organized, a trait, which could bring you material success. Your practicality permeates your entire being. Others could set a pattern after your well-ordered program of living. Your loyalty, balance, and dependability mean much to those around you. They know where you stand in all things and feel that any dealings with you would be handled squarely. You take matters seriously, whether in business or romance, and can therefore make your dreams come true in a planned, practical way.

5 AS YOUR SOUL NUMBER: You claim the right to freedom and will not allow any limitations of your ideals or ways of thinking. Variety of self-expression is essential. You would feel dull and listless without the stimulation of changes and new outlooks. Travel is one of your souls desires since you believe it to be educational and broadening. Narrowness cannot be tolerated. If you feel yourself falling into a rut, a trip, a new outfit or vacation could change the vibrations for the better and open new avenues for continued inner growth.

6 AS THE SOUL NUMBER: You respond to beauty, harmony, and peace. You are affectionate, sympathetic and loyal to those you love. Your mission could be to teach others to maintain peace and harmony in their lives and to spread the idea of the Golden Rule. You work hard to keep domestic harmony as your ideal way of life. Of all the love vibrations in the various numbers, yours is the most likely to be guilty of the smothering love, so deep is your desire to live for your own immediate family. Learn to allow your family members to express their own desires and life, even if you do not agree with their choices.

7 AS THE SOUL NUMBER: You are quiet and reserved, a good thinker, analyzer, and mediator. You need peaceful surroundings and become irritable if your environment is noisy. You are refined, sensitive, secretive, and usually psychic. You may live alone and remain unmarried. You could be celibate and join the higher mystical order of humanity. Your true nature is to be calm, to develop depth of character, and thus to benefit humanity through philosophy.

8 AS YOUR SOUL NUMBER: Ambition is your key word. You believe in accomplishment and let no obstacle deter you in attaining your goal. Your number is not an easy one to handle, but the rewards are worth your effort. You are one who will tackle a big job in order to rise above the crowd and arrive at the pinnacle. You have the ability to organize large groups and undertakings successfully. Psychology will help you understand masses with whom you may work. Others expect more of you than of the average person, so you must rely on your inner self to guide you to stay at the top. This is the number of high-ranking sports figures.

9 AS YOUR SOUL NUMBER: Intuition is strongly active in your life. Your are sensitive and imaginative and can think in abstract terms. Although you may appear Vague at times, you are extremely impressionable, compassionate, and generous. You need to have and to give love. You are kind and forgiving, with expansive consciousness dedicated to the uplifting of humanity. This could be the number of the master or adapt from a previous lifetime.


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