The Life And Teachings Of The
Masters of The Far East
Baird T Spalding


"Thereís so much being printed at the present time regarding spiritual matters, and there is such a great awakening and seeking for the truth regarding the great teachers of the world, that I am prompted to place before you my experience with the Masters of the Far East.

In this book I am not attempting to expound upon a new cult or religion; Iím only giving a resume of our experience with the masters, in which I am undertaking to show the great fundamental truths of their teaching.

These masters are scattered over a wide territory and, since our metaphysical research covered a large portion of India, Tibet, China, and Persia, no attempt to authenticate these experiences is made.

There were eleven Practical, scientifically trained men in our party. The greater part of our lives have been spent in research work. We had been accustomed to accept nothing unless it was fully verified and we never took anything for granted. We went thoroughly skeptical and came away thoroughly convinced and converted, so much so that three of our number went back determined to stay until they are able to perform the works and live the life, just as these masters are living today."

Life and Teachings Of The Masters of The Far East
Baird T. Spalding
DeVross & Company, Publisher
P.O. Box 550
Marina Del Rey, CA. 90294
ISBN 0-87516-363-7


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