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Welcome to Avalon Pacifica’s Preferred Readings Page. Most of what you will find here, are books that we have found that give great amounts of information on a mid-level sense of difficulty. If you would like to submit books or articles, please fax (928-649-2164) or E-Mail us with the information. Much like a curriculum in any structured learning system, so are we faced with the same set of lessons. Unlike our typical learning systems we find ourselves needing to directly implement these through trial and error, the most difficult of lesson structures I know of.

As most of us have come to appreciate and understand our lives and the intricate values and lessons we manage to glean from day to day living, let alone through any one life. We are slowly coming to the realization that we do indeed have and live concurrently within many (life expressions) and that what we do and how we feel at any given time affects other lives in sometimes dramatic fashions not only within our own life streams but those that surround us here, as well as other realms. By understanding the many hints of value we are sometimes given in allegorical terms as well as experiences we may often times need to consult many different sources to actually receive a holographic representation of who and what we really are as well as how to positively change our many facets. 

Please accept for your review and use the following books. They are not in any order of priority or importance since each in their own way provide information that can be used in conjunction with the others or stand on their own.

With some of the publications there are, support organizations that offer more assistance and support, as well as being able to order the books directly from them, those can be found in our Links section. 

Good reading to you all.


Conversations with God

Exploring Atlantis

Evolutionary Exercises for Channels

Journeys out of the Body

Mahatma I & II

Medical Assistance Program

Prelude to Ascension

Right Use of Will

The Essene Gospel of Peace I

The Essene Gospel of Peace II

The Life & Teachings of Masters of the Far East

The Magic Presence Books

The Sea Gods after Atlantis

The Urantia Book

The Way of the Wizard

Conscious Evolution