The Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood
Translated and edited by: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely


The Essenes were what was referred to as the mystical part of Christianity. The Essene brotherhood was active for close to three hundred years until the 2nd century as the Romans put an end to their teachings, as part of Jewish rebellion and domination of the culture which 300 years later it would assimilate as part of the council of Nicene. What is interesting (and itís not part of the Essene material) is that another mystical brotherhood showed up in the Northwest part of the Roman empire just a little latter and they continued to flourish until medieval Christianity put an end to them once more. Some of you may be familiar with these druids.

The Essenes believed that as was symbolically connected in the spirit it was made manifest through the fathers love to the mothers realm of the physical through the integrated system of Angelic hosts, masters and teachers that taught a joined integrated balance between spirit and nature. The understanding of divinity, angels, earth life forces created living food for us to enliven our living bodies.

Jesus was said to have studied with the Essenes for seven years prior to starting his ministry. Also this was said to be the true beginnings of Christianity and that the books of the Essenes were removed by Constantine from the Bible as a gesture of reconciliation for his renouncement of Paganism.

Their meditations and daily invocations are a good source of connecting with the angels of the father and angels of the mother. Which we depend on every day for not only pranic energy but living physical energy we assimilate through our food and drink.

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