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" The hour is at hand when the humanity of this Earth must give more recognition to the activity of the Great Ascended Masters and Angelic Host who are constantly pouring out their transcendent light and assistance to mankind. There must come more conscious cooperation between the outer physical life of humanity and these great beings who are the protectors and teachers of the human beings of this world.

They pour out their rays of light through the consciousness of all individuals who will accept them, harmonize their feelings, and turn their attention unto the "MIGHTY I AM Presence. "If the people would acknowledge this Great Host of Perfected Beings and call Their Ascended Master consciousness into the hearts and minds of mankind, they can give assistance and protection without limit to those who make the call, and through them reach the rest of humanity.

The Ascended Master always points each one to two things: First, the individual must look into his own divinity, God, the " Mighty I AM Presence, " for all good, keeping his attention upon it and giving it his first and greatest love; second, he must harmonizes feelings by pouring out divine love as a force to bless everyone. To the person who will do so, these great beings will give assistance without limit, for they work only and always through the divine self of the individual. "

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