Accepting or Integrating the Full Energy of the Emotional Body




    Visualize a Crystal city. There are buildings of various heights made out of crystal and there are nice long streets and roadways between them. There are nice long streets and roadways a nice flow of streets and roadways. Now visualize your emotional body as a river and allow it to flow into the crystal city. Let us visualize it as gold and the Crystal City is of course clear. Bring the river in and see how fills up the streets and roadways of your crystal City. Now what occurs? There is great beauty there isn’t there? The clear crystal reflects the gold and gold reflects the clear crystal. There is a good compatibility as the two join together. Now, spend enough time so you sense a good joining, a good coming together of the crystal structure and the Golden flow knowing that one represents the emotional and one the mental. Now when you sense a complete joining of them then go on.

   Utilize a new symbol knowing that it incorporates the Crystal City from both the flow and the crystal structure point of view and let us use the symbol of blue energy. Now, let’s equate it to a blue circle and it is alive with electrical energy. It leaps high. Creatively electrical surges and connections are being made within the blue energy. As you view the circle then, do the following which is point three. 

   You have a magnifying glass and look within it now at the blue circle so that you can enlarge and see the circle magnified ten times. Look at it and what you notice? Well as the power multiplies you will notice and see more clearly electrical nature of the energy. You will see that there are spaces between the electric connections but you will see the electrical surges and flow quite clearly.


   I ask you to again get another magnifying glass and multiply again what has already been multiplied once and you will note that in the second expansion there are very large, large spaces were no activity takes place. It is into these points that I wish you to recycle, if you will, the energy you are seeking to release or as you have termed it “get rid of“ in the areas of loss, anxiety, pain, frustration, anger-whatever emotion is not serving you well. Each of these emotions has a vibratory correspondence and I would like you to do the following;

   Seek to feel particular emotion, in other words-get into that emotion, yes, anger or loss or what ever it is, get into that emotion.  As you wear, then, that emotion it is active enough for you now to take that specific vibration and place it in the spaces within this greatly enlarged perspective of the blue energy. As you do that, if you are embodying that emotion when you do it you will notice an electrical surge that helps to fill up that space that is a part of your potential creativity that you haven’t yet activated. Thus you have included the energy that hasn’t been serving you well into the creative effort to integrate the emotional body. You have released the need to express the “bad“ emotion but allowed its energy to be included in the blue energy which, remember, represents a creative joining of the emotional and mental body areas. You use also the fourth and fifth dimensions which will now be explored third dimensionally by means of this magnification process so you really integrate the third, the fourth and the fifth dimensions and the emotional and mental perspective by means of energy that you thought you just had to get rid of or throw away. 

   As you become more conscious you can purposefully utilize what seem to be waste products in a manner that is consciously invocative of your own evolution and integration of all the bodies expressing in a balanced manner now. 

   Now you might just say to me well if I throw away the bad emotions doesn’t the whole just recycle that energy and use it? In my answer is “yes, of course, but the goal is for you to be consciously aware of your creativity as being able to utilize every energy opportunity that you choose to utilize. You don’t have to utilize every opportunity-I am not saying that but I am saying when you choose to utilize an energy opportunity you can.“ There is then a conscious awareness that you have at the tips of your creative fingertips all of the energy tools that are necessary to expand your awareness through this workshop that has been called physical existence. You need not ever say to self “my, what can I do now?“ Because if you look around you will know that the tools that you need are there for you and you can always keep expanding your creations. 

   Let us say then that you place as much of the “bad“ emotion as you can within this creative space that symbolizes your subconscious mind a space within which to keep connecting that particular emotion. It is not a one time event at all. It shows the creative effort of yourself for a particular creative dumping ground can be and part of the emotional frustration that you sometimes get into is “what do I do now with what is not serving me well?“ You see you may try to shake it off but have you ever tried to shake off something that was magnetically attached you? It is very difficult because it keeps coming back. You keep attracting it back again. You can shake, and shake and it is magnetically pulled to you again. When you cut that magnetic connection in this way you create a magnetic attraction in a more productive way and that allows your creativity to fill up in a manner which will make specific connections and keep the means to expand it further

   You really build a corridor that is important and a permanent means to keep yourself supplied with the means to enlarge the core integration that you have begun to express. You may have a question of “ is it necessary to release the energy tied up in each of these emotions and restructure it into the blue energy?“ I would say yes. Emotions need to be creatively recycled in this manner or included in the creative process and I would include the ones that you consider to be “good“ because you sometimes release those also. You may not wish to, at this point, but if you close off the love center sometimes in an erroneous belief that is necessary, then what happens to that energy? Well how about placing a corridor of energy also for it back into itself you might say or into the point of creativity that the magnification of the blue energy represents as we discussed it before. I would then, spend the time to embody or bring into your conscious awareness each one of these particular emotions. First of all-embody them so that you can feel them-until they vibrate within you and then place that vibratory feeling within the spaces of the magnified blue electrical energy. Now it will work as well for you as you connect into it so it’s probably important not to do all of the emotions at once, to really wait until you get ”the hang of it.“ One must feel it entering the field of blue energy, sense the vibratory connection being made and then it wouldn’t hurt to envision a flow of energy that is permanently being made from that particular point on the circle into the blue field that you are creatively envisioning. You could say it is a penetration through the emotional body into the creative core of self as it is magnified through the emotional and mental bodies functioning on the fourth and fifth dimension and then magnified into the third dimension. 

   As we continue our discussion of the emotional body, it becomes clear that emotions are only difficult when they are not able to access a flow. Now that may seem a difficult subject because isn’t a loss flow? No, it isn’t. It is a stuck perspective that keeps reiterating loss. Just as frustration is a stuck perspective the keeps reiterating there is a sense of being stuck in a connection with those emotions that are not considered productive. In the higher emotions or those that vibrate less the higher emotions or those that vibrate less concretely, there is less reality in connection with them so there’s a whole different means of identifying these higher emotions and therein comes one of the seeming paradoxical statements about emotion that has not yet been fully explored and understood by those of you on the physical plane. Higher emotions are accessing points that allow a flow. They never simply go round in a circle or remain a stuck perspective. They contact the creative core which is expansive. They vibrate in harmony with the pulses, the beat, the rhythm, of the plan. There is compatibility that when one is vibrating with those emotions says “I am a part of all that is-I am all that is-I am aware that all that is vibrates here within me.“ The emotions that are considered “bad“ have, on the third dimension, been magnified but keep signaling limitation by leaping over or not validating these connective points that the “good“ vibrations represent so that the stuckness factor connected or energized through the “bad“ emotions simply are a point that cannot access the alignment process while in this vibratory state . 

   I give you yet another example and in diagram #10 you will note that each emotion has its own rate. I give it to you as a specific line. Now on those emotions that are considered “bad“ there is a line where they end and you will note a wavy line that really represents the creative flow as you are seeking it. Now there is a barrier or gapped effect then between that particular emotion and the creative flow. Now sometimes the emotion will leap the gap and enter the creative flow. That of compatibility as far as the basic flow is concerned. It might also be a vibration that is close vibrationally to the love, joy, happiness and so forth in the circle. Then that is an emotion that is easily released and placed in your creative core. There is usually no difficulty in doing so at the basic level anyway, you may occasionally have this emotion but it is rather easily allowed to become that creative flow. 

   However, let us look now at some of the energy that has a vibratory rate that creates a large gap. In the first place it is very difficult for that emotion to leap the gap and join the flow, if it does however, and occasionally it does, it creates, I’m going to use the word-havoc in your life. Many of the mental hospitals are full of those that have had this occurred without the means to integrate then the heavily energized emotion into the creative flow in a manner that could be used productively. You may have known or seen someone who paced back and forth spouting words that made no sense, very agitated; there was a tremendous amount of energy or flow present. They were moving very much-a lot of energy-but the words don’t make any sense and they are not in contact with a sense of reality at any level. What has happened is a particularly heavily energize emotion that has leapt beyond that barrier that was placed there by their own creativity to keep them from reacting in that isolated and non integrated manner. If the emotion does erroneously leap the barrier then you have energized this creative flow and accessed it by this emotion. You have perhaps, we could say, stuck an electrical probe into the flow but as it flows back to you through that probe you get burned by it;-you begin to burn out creative circuitry and thus creating gaps within that flow and you will see, feel, or experience those points that intersect the gaps and will show you loops of energy, of creative energy, that one gets stuck in between those creative gaps, that create inconsistent behavior as well as conflicting expressions in real life behavior. 

   Now one loops from one gap to the other because the flow is not integrated. There is not any way to access it in a matter that uses any sort of support system. There is no structural sense present within this accessing, the emotion is simply completely expressing itself out of control and has leaped into a creative flow and short circuited that creative flow. This can be very damaging, both to the emotional and to the physical structures, and has been treated by your doctors through shock treatments. What occurs is the shutting down of the loop activity through the shocks to the brain area. You will notice that the loop has gaps in it and thus the pattern of frenzied activity that keeps looping is now has been broken through the shock treatments. After the breaking up of this energy loop, whether it is through the shock treatments or not, and I am not advocating shock treatments, and I am not. But in one sense or another something is needed to stop that looping effect. There are several things that can stop it. One: An intervention on the human level through shock treatments; 2, the death process that allows you to access a new physical structure in a new beginning creatively on the physical plane; 3, the intervention of the soul which attracts an energy mass or plug from the spiritual plane and is literally invoked through one might call spiritual intervention. This is been termed divine grace. To me that means that a stuck perspective on the physical plane can only be mitigated or transforms by a spiritual perspective entering and pulling that stuck physical perspective out of its point of muddle that it has gotten itself into. Thus, in some way, the looping must be released and again in effort to understand the use of the emotional body beyond the shattering or scattered effect that takes the whole circle of the energy and uses it only in one area which energizes it so much that it bursts inappropriately, from the natural guidelines that have been placed there to protect its creative flow. 

   What that means then is the Creator has literally set up some guidelines for learning and as long is you know what they are and work within them it is rather easy to learn and grow. You only get yourself into predicaments or stuck when you go against the flow as it has been set up for you. Now I am not saying that you consciously choose to use the emotional body in a manner that is unproductive but in one sense you do because you perhaps choose not to validate the natural balancer of the emotional body which is the mental body. If you persistently ignore the balancing tools available then you get yourself into predicaments or stuck points that create a need to take it all back to the drawing board and begin again in the creative sense.

   These are very important points where one feels very, very, very stuck are usually where you have in one body or another reached a point where a particular non-productive perspective has been so heavily energized that it has leaped natural boundaries and is trespassing in your creative flow in a way that can no longer flow. It gets into a loop and spins around in that loop until it is pulled out by the clearer perspective on the spiritual plane and must begin again to sort out the process and see more clearly certain available choices the been made available to it but have been ignored.

   There has been a conscious, and I repeat, a conscious choice not to take advantage of the opportunities that have been given to it. One does not always say “I want to stay here stuck in this perspective.“ I am not saying that-many of you have not worked a great deal to release the perspective that your emotional body currently occupies but you have not yet seen that there are many tools available and that, perhaps, your divine responsibility is to seek to use them. If one method doesn’t work for you find another and another until you do find what works for you in transcending the perspective of the emotional body that shatters its integrated flow. The integrative flow will access that creative flow of the Whole; of all your creativity without burning out its contact point in a way that creates these gapped effects in the creative flow. Can you see then that the integration of the emotional body which is your accessing tool to the creative flow is extremely important point and key for you now. 



Releasing the destructive focus


   We will continue with many more techniques in this part of our journey but it is the basic ability to see that you must choose now to use these tools or some tools that will allow the changes you wish. There is sometimes a belief that to be balanced you need to remain in an emotional isolated state. The excitement of existence is what is attractive to-you; you are excited by it and this is the emphasis that you wish on the physical plane. Now I am not telling you that life can not be exciting-it can-in a creative sense. What I am saying is that there are stuck points such as you see in your modern-day newspapers. The sensationalism then that is expressed-the crashes of airplanes, the deaths, the murders, the massacres, the shootings-all of the slayings, the sensational acts are points of excitability that for an instant allow the mind through the emotional body to sense a creative point and it is seeking to experience itself through this creative point. However, that habit pattern that is formed to sense that creative point of sensation through a destructive focus is something that needs to be released rather than expressed.  

   Can you see that this is part of what we talked about earlier? There is a habit of energizing the points that are not serving you well. Earlier we were talking about an emotion that was not serving you well; now we are going to talk about acts on the physical plane that are not serving you well. Plane crashes, murders, sensationalism of all kinds are being energized and then you erroneously seek to leap into that creative flow and you believe that it is the only accessing tool or point that you have into the creative flow. I would say this is important point in the mass consciousness of humanity and keeps being emphasized over and over again; and this certainly is a loops effect. Can you see that? That as the planet, the Earth, seeks to create a new age it is focusing on those nonproductive, excitable points that I am calling sensationalism that flow as well as grow on those emotions that are not serving you well and if they are heavily enough energized and they have been on this planet long enough, then they will leap into the creative flow. They create then, because of the very nature of them, an interruption or a gap-an interruptive point of the creative flow and then the Earth’s creativity loops around it and cannot get out of that loop that the sensationalism is always energizing.  

   What needs to occur to release that loop that is distressed and distorted is the specific energy of an event such as the harmonic convergence that makes available a light energy and remember-the light is a connective factor that then smoothes out this loop and although the loop may still be there, it still has less disruption within it.  Eventually the looping will be gone through the acceptance of this light energy but it is necessary to see that the sensationalism is an irritant that must be consciously released also.

   The mass consciousness must be willing to give up this excitability factor that activated these loops and disruptive portions of the creative flow on your Earth. The productive connections of your mass media can be helpful as soon as this sensationalism is released. Now I know that the answer-the response from the newspapers will be “that’s what sells newspapers“ but it is a loop. Until the Earth is willing to help one point or another to break that loop it will continue. The key, it seems to me, are those that have the spiritual side to see such a loop. By energizing of a clear point of view and making it available to the public they will then began to energize a whole different way of relating and creating on the Earth.

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Channeled by Janet McClure

Edited by Lillian Harben


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