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   We have noticed that it has been the pattern for some time, that whereas those who know very little concerning the activity of the Chakras from personal experience say too much, others who know a great deal say very little. We would like to accommodate serious Questers by simplifying the subject without further mystery.


   We will use the Sanskrit term “Chakra“ most of the time, because so many Questers are already familiar with it. Chakra literally means “wheel“ which it resembles as it revolves or spins, but the translation of the Dagon term which we will sometimes use is, “vortex.“ The “whirlpool“ or whirling movement of a vortex is also an accurate description for the centers of consciousness. It might be well that a deeper understanding of the chakras or vortexes, which operate as doorways in your etheric as well as your physical body and through which vital energies are drawn in, will enable you to manage your physical form more efficiently and husband your vitality more intelligently in the future.




   It is impossible to discuss the chakras without speaking of the life-sustaining force which is known to most students by the Sanskrit term, “ prana.“ The equivalent Dagon name for prana when translated means, “Breath of Life,“ a term we have borrowed from the macrocosm, but one which is nevertheless quite accurate as a description.


   Prana is usually defined as “the body’s of vital airs or energies and a principle of vitality,“ which does nothing to describe the sheer beauty of prana when its presence is experienced visually by a seer, as infinitesimally tiny, scintillating, diamond-like droplets of light. You are immediately convinced upon your first clairvoyant experience of prana, that you are literally seeing a true expression of Life itself and it is indeed certain that without it, you cannot remain on the physical plane for very long.


   To those of you who are wondering what is the best way to see prana of for yourself, we can tell you that it is most clearly visible in the pure mountain air at dawn, or in the sunlit breeze beside the ocean waves. Practice your watchfulness in undistracted stillness, a brief deeply and focus your gaze between half closed eyelids upon the rays of light falling across your path of vision.


Ethereal Man


   In the beginning, the initiating life-form of every entity resembled shimmering lights of delicately beautiful colors. Each life-form was energized by a creative spark of Deity and was vitalized, recharged and nourished by supportive influences which were dedicated to the wellbeing of the newly seeded race of man.


   This vitality was received and expressed as energy through seven major chakras or vortices within each individual life-form. The system of chakras included two which are neither awake nor active in most individuals at this time, having atrophied long ago, but excluded two which were brought into manifestation at a much later date, when Man directed his creative imagination, to visualize and to energize thoughtforms dense enough to serve as his vehicles of expression on the physical plane.


   When man first “took on flesh,“ to use a biblical expression with which some of you are familiar, his entrapment in this denser form was so gradual, that he found it neither obvious nor disquieting and did not realize the price which would be extracted from him at a later date.


   Very slowly, two lower chakras developed. They were the direct result of, influenced by and brought into being by man’s own visualized and manifested thought-patterns. This resulted in a descent from a refined and subtle level of consciousness, to a cruder field of expression, which was experienced in a coarser, dense form.




   We have noticed increasingly deliberate efforts down through the millennia, to elaborate upon the science of the chakras, with earnest attempts to relate them to various functions of the physical vehicle. This is really misleading to the unaware Quester. It often happens that a doctrinal error which has been committed in ignorant sincerity, will acquire the respect accorded to erudite tradition if it is repeated often enough over a long enough period of time. It is wise to remember in such instances that:





We must emphasize however, that although the activity of the chakras may influence or effect the Human form, the chakras themselves predate the formation of any of Man’s dense physiology, although the two lowest chakras, the Root Chakra and the Splenic Chakra, developed in response to his desire for extended physical plane involvement.


   As Man’s physical form became denser his physiological needs necessitated the gradual development of the endocrine system which receives its life force via the chakras. The nervous system and the circulatory system, as well as the various organs of the human body formed also, but not before Mans musculature and skeletal strength were developed sufficiently to support and protect him.


   Before Man’s physique became solid, his psychic energy flowed through his form along tracks, now invisible, which perform a similar function for the chakras as the circulatory system does for the various organs of the physical body. These psychic tracks are called “nadis” in Sanskrit, but they are not to be confused with the nervous system, in spite of efforts to rationalize the parallels. No amount of intellectualizing will materialize the chakra system, they serve mankind in a higher capacity.


Location of the Chakras


   Let us consider the Human form from the traditional standpoint with which many of you are already familiar, and look first at the six spinal centers, Coccygeal, Sacral, Lumbar, Dorsal, Cervical and the Medullary. These are the areas or locations of your body within which the major chakras make their influence felt, we will also consider the identity of the areas related to them. I hasten to add that our own physiological system differs somewhat from yours, one reason is that we have been seriously involved with perfecting the system of chakras for thousands of years, which has had a practical influence upon our physical evolution









The above is the correct location of the major chakras as related to Man’s physical form. They predate Man’s physical vehicle, but we must remember that that chakras also mark psychics centers of consciousness that were integral to the normal functioning of the Ethereal Man.


Future Consciousness


   There are also important centers of consciousness, minor as yet, which some Questers are already developing in greater or lesser degree, according to the level of their soul-work. The most important at this time is located between the Heart and Throat chakras. When it is awakened, it expresses itself in the aura is a brilliant translucent turquoises-aqua tint.


   This further functional system of higher vibration which is waiting to be awakened, bears the same relationship to the chakras as the chakras do now to man’s present physiological systems. The activity of this more sensitive system of chakras will eventually supersede the major centers of consciousness as mankind advances towards the spiritual consciousness of the Higher Self, expressed as the norm rather than the exception.


   A dynamic expression of energies which are as yet little known to man, is involved with the Way ahead for the Quester who seeks the sought-after authority of the Adept at this time, because we are now on the threshold of treading that curve in Time, which will permit Man to swing clear of his previous historical spiral and plot an upward evolutionary curve that will ensure the return of the Golden Age.


Chakras—Not Confined to Man Alone


   The chakras revolve or spin, drawing in and separating for their own use the vitality directed to them from without, rather like a fan drawing fresh air into a room. The rate of speed at which these chakras or vortices revolve, is directly related to the activity initiated by the individual’s own level of spiritual progress. This vibration is in its turn, attuned to the timbre of energy patterns transmitted by the motivations which influence the life of the individual.


   Many Human children, particularly as infants, receive visual representation of their awakened and active chakras by way of their inner vision, but they lose this encouraging manifestation of spiritual progress when they try to explain the content of their vision to those around them. They are often misunderstood or ignored, or worse still they are laughed at. Then they very quickly begin, as an automatic reflex action, to reject and block what their elders cannot see.


   We, both Human and Dagon, possess the same potential number of chakras because we share common ancestry. Members of parallel evolutions also possess these centers of consciousness, although the number varies from evolution to evolution.


   The Deva evolution, the Hybrids, the Mer and members of the animal kingdom each possess a different number of chakras according to which of the evolutions they belong, while the Angels possess and express the seven highest major chakras, fully awakened and active, never having developed the two lowest chakras which are now accepted as normal within Man’s dense physical form. They also express the higher system of chakra energy which man has yet to develop.


Development—Lower Chakras


   The first of the two lower chakras to form and develop in response to the needs of man’s dense form, was the chakra near the spleen. When it came into being, it served to amplify a Man’s creative imagination and was capable of co-operating more efficiently with its developing, dense physical form.


   Later on, the chakras at the base of the spine developed. When it became active, it served to focus physical drive and energy within Man’s form. This was a necessary response to manifest procreation of dense physical forms, thought into being by the stimulation of the Splenic Chakra.


   At the present time, the two lower chakras which came into being to serve as supply-centers of vitality for increasingly coarsened life-forms, are now so active that they are somewhat  out of humanity’s control on the physical plane.


Relinquishment—Higher Chakras


   When mankind was young, seven major chakras were awake, excluding the two lowest ones which had not yet been formed, but including two higher chakras which are as yet unknown to most Questers. After Man “took on flesh,“ the two highest chakras not only became redundant, but the treasures, I do not choose to use this word lightly, by which their awakened and energized state rewarded Man were relinquished. Gradually and sadly, as mankind in general allowed his desires, or perhaps encouraged his desires to gratify his appetite for new sensation, the five remaining of the original chakras ceased to function as efficiently or quite as freely as they once had done.


   After the division of the sexes, man’s higher chakras atrophied and his instinctual response to the loss of his continuity of consciousness, was to substitute a continuity of dynasty and perpetuate a form of immortality on the physical plane through the survival of his children.


Man’s Spiritual Signature


   In the beginning, man was subject to neither heat nor cold, he could not drown and did not burn, he drew in his nourishment from the atmosphere and needing no solid food, he mixed freely with the animals and plant life around him without harm and to trap him would be as difficult as it is to catch the mist in one’s hands at dawn.


   Before Man acquired a dense physical form, there were no inherent negative modes to disturb the pattern of harmony which composed his personal world. Over a long period of time however, because of his empathy with lower forms of life on the planet, mankind became increasingly involved in pursuits which were detrimental to his spiritual progress and yet, even after acquiring a dense physical body, Man’s inherent nature remained in harmony with his environment until surrendering to the physical drive provided by his two lower chakras.


   After the initial defining of Man’s dense physical form, the radiant light work or aura which had been previously served as an individual’s spiritual “signature“ dimmed as a result of “taking on flesh.“ Man’s aura decreased in brilliance as the significance of each of his seven original Chakras diminished in turn and involvement with the two newly formed lower chakras increased.




   The chakras of average man are normally sleeping, waiting to be awakened—the higher the vibration of a chakra—the deeper the chakras sleep before reawakening. All seven of the Ethereal Man’s chakras were initially awake, although they were not all necessarily active at one and the same time.


For instance:







   Eventually, Man’s psychic centers of consciousness succumb to the lower traits of character, due to his emphasis upon gratifying the negative side of his two lowest chakras, while positive aspects of his highest chakras deteriorated or atrophied. Thus, the positive, rather simplistic qualities expressed by each of the chakras, were supplanted by a complex pairs of opposing expressions of challenge, offering every degree of choice in between. This is a situation which is becoming even more complex in the western world, as mankind’s level of awareness increases in response to the challenge of this accelerated life style.


   Ever since Man realized in the distant past that he had lost his near-immortality, it has been his inherent and subconscious goal to reclaim his original spiritual heritage. One of the first steps in that direction is to overcome subjection to negativity, because if you are its subject, you are also its slave, therefore freedom from negativity is a priority. But that goal will not be reached if each of you waits for someone else to raise mankind’s level of consciousness, you must contribute responsibly yourself and begin by raising your own level of awareness. 


   The chakras or vortices which are located in your etheric and physical vehicles are located in both human and Dagon form alike. Slight but important changes have occurred in the interpretation of the function of the chakras since humankind’s first schools of study were founded after the Atlantean Deluge, but we will attempt to clarify any differences as they arise, for they are pertinent and important to the Quester of today.


   The names given to the vortices by our own people are self-explanatory, for they provide hints which symbolize attainment of there immediate awakening when registered upon one’s inner vision. We will try when translating from our tongue to yours, to remain as close possible to the essential visual description of the awakened chakra, rather than limit ourselves to a purely literal translation.



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