Chakras of Equilibrium I

 Vortices of Ocean Consciousness


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Chakras of Equilibrium

Vortices of Ocean Consciousness


   The median triad of the chakras sounds the chord of Creative Harmony, Inspiration and Idealism. The Heart Chakra has provided the pivotal median between the lower triad and the three higher chakras since Man’s two highest Chakras atrophied, but it is of some significance that when his Mid-Aura Chakra—Chalice vortex and Edge-of-Aura Chakra —Pinnacle vortex begin to reawaken, the median pivotal center of consciousness, now located at the Heart Chakra, will move on up to the higher center of consciousness at the Throat Chakra.


   When this occurs, every area of Man’s life will be readjusted. His sense of values will soar correspondingly as his attention become centered upon an inspirative reason for being. A more delicate sense of balance will be an influence in everyday life as a result. Harmony will prevail upon the planet as Man’s revitalized sensitivity promotes enhanced communication with the Masters.


   Our people call the three Chakras of Equilibrium, the vortices of Ocean Consciousness and indeed all three are symbolized by water. Symbolically speaking and depending upon the social environment into which you have incarnated, water is associated with the spirit realm and with the astral planes. Without water, man has no future upon the physical plane, but it is with its spiritual significance that we are concerned at this time.


   When water is calm and untroubled, it possesses the quality of reflecting that which is above it. So also by a determined dedication to follow the very highest standards of preparatory skills, you the Quester, calm and prepare your physical, astral, and mental vehicles to receive reflected glimpses of the higher planes, like water reflecting the sky.


   The water bubbling up out of the Earth symbolizes the Heart Chakra—Emerald Spring, a wellspring which need never run dry. When it is sustained by the sure foundation of the three lower chakras of Earth Consciousness, its insures abundant supply.


   The inspiration of the Throat Chakra—Sapphire Pool is also symbolized by water. Pools have always been regarded as sacred, so also should the skills associated with the correct awakening of this chakra of be regarded, not degraded as a form of entertainment, but looked up to it as a fount of solace, reassurance and the thinning of the veil between this plane and the higher planes of consciousness, which the pool reflects.


   Following the energizing of the Throat Chakra, the awakening of the Brow Chakra—Indigo Sea, represents a much greater step than is apparent at first glance. Because of the relationship of the blue tints (indigo and sapphire) one to the other, it is sometimes thought inaccurately, that the higher spiritual level is one of depth only, but that is not so.


   When the Throat Chakra is awakened, you may become clear audient—clear-hearing or even clairvoyant—clear-seeing. The awakened Throat Chakra amplifies what might otherwise be too delicate of timbre for you to capture with normal hearing, it reflects what might otherwise be too sensitive a vision for you to see with normal eyesight, yet you remain the observer.


   When you awaken and become one with the Brow Chakra however, you progress from observer to participant as the center of consciousness increases in activity, you are able to communicate, question and learn. It is by entering into the newly acquired intensity of the Brow Chakra that it becomes possible for you to register conscious contact with Initiates who are Masters of Wisdom, although this does not guarantee that every vision or entity you may catch a glimpse of is from the higher planes. Possibility, probability and actuality differ, they do not respond either to flattery or to command.


Heart Chakra—Anahata—Emerald Spring


   The Heart Chakra is also known to many students by its Sanskrit named, “Anahata,“ but our forefathers chose to call it by the hopeful sounding title, Emerald Spring.


   This center of consciousness is located at the spine, approximately at the same level as the heart. Although the chakra, when it is energized and spinning, can be registered positively on the front of your physical form, it can also be sensed physically under certain conditions at your back, between your shoulder blades. If you are sensitive for instance and negative energy directed towards you is sufficiently vicious you may truly report register it as a stabbing sensation or as a “knife in the back.“ You do not need to be a sensitive or work within the psychic field to experience an attack of negativity that can be registered physically, it occurs fairly often during corrupt business transactions for instance.


Signature of the Green Ray


   A vibrant green is the color note sounded when the Heart Chakra is awake and energized. It is a strong emerald tone charged with vitality. The precious emerald Jewel is an obvious choice as the color tint to meditate upon, but you can also memorize this tint for meditation purposes as a healthy meadow of young grass or the translucent, green tinted sunlight filtering down through the leaves of trees when their branches meet over head.


   There are many wonderful qualities associated with the Green Ray. Creativity, harmony and sympathy are natural beneficent qualities, the skills of healing can also be attributed to its expression and let us not forget the gift of abundant supply.


Hyperborean Man


   Although the Heart Chakra remained in an awakened condition during the Polarian Age, its expression of activity declined. The evolutionary goal of Polarian Man was to express positive empathy with all sentient beings, but this goal underwent transformation when followed by the goal of the Hyperborean Root Race, which was to express compassion for all living things.


   Still suffering from shock following the catastrophe that decimated the Polarian race, Hyperborean man lacked emotional flexibility and was somewhat rigid in attitude as a result. This was due in part to a reaction against flaws in judgment which contributed to the Polarians’ downfall when they failed to practice their empathic skills free of attachment. In their own efforts to remain non-attached, the Hyperboreans responded harshly to demands on their sympathy, they were even harshly judgmental regarding themselves and each other.


   As the Hyperborean Age progressed, the world climate deteriorated because of intense volcanic activity, the atmosphere became thick with dust and fumes choked the air. Man, animal and plant life alike suffered almost to the point of extinction.


   Members of clan groups, who expressed caring compassion amongst themselves, recognized that neither a military type, self-imposed discipline, nor an iron will could provide a workable antidote to toxic fumes. They prepare themselves for the worst by working towards restoring that vitality to the Heart Chakra which had been diverted to the two lower chakras. By doing this, they increased the strength of the physical heart.


   Many of these groups survived and while expressing compassion as a goal may have eluded the majority of the Hyperborean Root Race, the groups that survived crisis after crisis, living under almost impossible conditions, did so partly by reason of their compassionate attitude to each other, which reflected itself positively in their physical vehicles.


Task of the Power Houses


   To ease the way of life for Hyperborean survivors, the Lords of Shamballa decided to establish seven more Power Houses of Transmutation. This was an essential step in cleansing the planet’s atmosphere in preparing Earth for the next root race.


   To that end, a well-prepared and positive plan was implemented which combined all the energies of transmutation available, including the directed beneficence of Shamballa and the dedication of the Deva Evolution in cleansing the planet of toxic fumes.


   This ambitious plan involved introducing and nurturing a plant life which included giant ferns and new species of trees especially adapted to increase the supply of oxygen in the atmosphere. It is important to all life on planet Earth, that this plan which resulted in the restoration of a more hospitable and pleasurable world for all of its creatures, should not be reversed by Man, because in doing so, he may precipitate not only his own destruction, but that of his world also.


Naming the Emerald Spring


   Our forefathers chose the name, Emerald Spring, for somewhat nostalgic reasons. Whenever a catastrophe of major proportion has occurred on planet Earth, it has been accompanied by ecological disruption which has dealt harshly with plant, animal life and man also, in his turn. Therefore, a green season of growth has always symbolized peace, harmony and abundance. “Spring“ was chosen for reasons other than the season of the year, it symbolizes the giving heart as “a wellspring which never runs dry.”


Keynote of the Emerald Spring


   Creative Harmony is the quality expressed by this center of consciousness, but not the harmony typified by a “peace at any price“ attitude, the sought-after goal is the harmony which promotes creativity. Perhaps it does not sound too riveting a concept when you are advised to practice the keynote of compassion in your daily life, but it is not such a simple suggestion as it appears at first glance.


   Compassion without sentimentality is difficult to extend to intruders who are intent upon disturbing the harmony of your family life for instance, mischief makers who deliberately disrupt the tranquility of your work environment or despoilers who savaged the serenity of the Nature Kingdom. Taking the humorous approach, it is not always easy to maintain a compassionate outlook when the peace of your meditation is thoughtlessly interrupted.


   You may find it helpful to restore a sense of harmony and balance to your life by relaxing with in the light of the Green Ray at such times. It is a good idea, if you are under stress, to create a small retreat for yourself in a green lit corner of a quiet room if at all possible, where you can reassert your good humor with greater ease.


Quest for Attainment—Saint


   The perfection of the positive qualities associated with the energizing of this chakra has been known to lead the Quester to sainthood. It is as well that we explain immediately, that saintly behavior does not imply that one is a saint, but that statement does demand further expansion.


   In our definition, one of the necessary qualifications for sainthood is the in mutability of the flesh after the spirit has departed from the physical form and the silver cord is broken. This is a physical state that is the result of unselfconsciousness purity of thought, word and deed, which is sometimes supported by specific spiritual exercises


   This elevated state of consciousness automatically awakens and energizes higher chakras and at times, it also releases the psychic powers associated with each awakened chakra to the individual who achieves this level of purity. Then it becomes necessary, even for a saint, to acquire the judicious experience of expressing the positive qualities associated with each chakra on its own level, although the skills and attainment of adeptship may already have evolved within the Questers life-pattern of sanctity, achieved by intensifying the positive qualities of the Heart Chakra.


   We are humorously cautioned by our Elders while we are at this stage of the Path, to avoid becoming attached to our charities, to ensure that our charities don’t do not become our future karmic burdens.


   To awaken the Heart Chakra is comparatively easy for many Questers; because it represents the path of least resistance for those of you who already express service to others in your lives.





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